Posted by: lovediaries | April 16, 2010

2PM – Without U MV Teaser

{credit: wooyoungitis @ youtube}

The piano melody is sooo pretty *_*. Please don’t let it be ruined by a whole lot of autotune :(((. This looks like one tragic MV…it better have a good plot~


  1. Why so emo?!?! :S What is it with 2PM and lying around looking emo…this is almost just the same as the Heartbeat MV, except this time they’re covered in dirt!


    I haven’t been keeping up with 2pm news lately, but I did hope that they’d come up with something a bit more different this time *sigh* I shall wait for the whole thing before judging!

  2. I’m a little offput by the dark theme since it resembles Heartbeat. I’m craving happy 2PM, even if that means Coca Cola cf part 2!-.-
    My ray of hope is that 1. JYP’s teasers are never accurate(Nobody and Tired of Waiting for example) and 2. Some dark themed songs are pretty upbeat like Shock<3 or just awesome like It's You.
    Yay comebacks! 2pm fighting!

    PS-What do you think about Hype Nation? Interesting huh?

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