Posted by: beckery | April 19, 2010

2PM “Don’t Stop, Can’t Stop” Album Photos

Oh guys, we’ve been totally horrible with our updates haven’t we? I alone haven’t done a post for weeks!!! Uni has been a pain and kpop has been terribly bland and unappetizing for me these days. But maybe with 2PM, SHINee and Suju (soon?) returning, I’d feel more enthused /fingers cross. :)

So 2PM’s single “Don’t Stop, Can’t Stop” was released today. I haven’t had time to listen to all the songs yet but from the songs that I have heard, its very…2PMish haha. I haven’t decided if that’s good or bad yet but I’ll do a review post on it soon.

The photos are very emo and angst and IS THAT TEARS I SEE?!?! HAHAHA. I feel like 2PM has been doing the whole emo thing for a tad too long and wish they’d change their concept a bit. Guy liner is all sorts of hot on them, but it seems like they’re on borderline of overdoing it. Chansung still looks totally delicious though!! And so do the rest of the guys, just minus the overload of eyeliner and tears <3

Credit: soompi; Jerry @ w2d

Click for HQ


  1. junho looks good wit that hair. n my fav wooy always looks fine. im not that into 2PM now as before… well… i was never really THAT into them. things just kinda went downhill for me wit that whole jaybeom fiasco.

    • I think I prefer Wooyoung without a fringe, so of course he is looking mighty fine here. Lol, I’ve lost interest in kpop in general but I still love 2PM. Jay seems happy where he is now and so I’m happy for all of them :)

  2. I feel the sudden need to attack Junsu’s stylist. Why must they put such ugly hairdos on a beautiful boy? Why?

    • YEA! Junsu ALWAYS gets the worst hair. Either bowl cuts or…bowl cuts haha. Poor boy

  3. Taecyeon crying??? oppa…don’t cry…anwy, wooyoung looks great… <3<3<3

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