Posted by: beckery | April 19, 2010

2PM – Don’t Stop, Can’t Stop Single Album Review

I’m still undecided about whether I like this, I love it or I hate it haha. Though, I do know that JYP NEEDS to get new producers cuz all their songs are starting to sound the same for me. It gets a bit annoying when you listen to one song and start singing another half way through because the beat is so similiar haha. Title track is a bit weak but maybe they’ll have an intensely great choreo to make up for it. Speaking of which, JYP needs to get new choreographers too, because all their dances are starting to look the same. LOL, I’m sorry I’m so picky, its just, I want best for the boys .__.

Anyways, what do guys think? You love it? You hate it?

1. Don’t Stop Can’t Stop This song, I don’t even know hahaha. You gotta give it to them that they have the guts. I mean, how more direct can the lyrics be XD I sorta love the song though. Yes, the lyrics aren’t gonna be taken too well and the rap is a bit lol-worthy hardcore but overall, the song actually sounds really good. I’d actually prefer if they use this song for the title track. It’s fierce, hardcore and different from their typical title tracks. Plus, I’d like to see Khun’s hardcore english rap in action haha. ” You wanna see me fall right? (Haters). Like a candle on a windy night, yeah right. Just watch me do this take a breath hold tight. I’m never going down without a fight, a’ight?” ROFL <3

2. Without U For a title track, I’d say its a bit weak. I love the piano at the beginning. It starts off being ballad/rnb-ish and then turns into dance. Lol, you know, the typical 2PM songs? JYP songs are beginning to sound all the same to me now and if he can’t move away from this then he should get new, fresh producers in. I like the song, don’t get me wrong, but after a few listens, I start to hear Heartbeat and their other songs :/

3. 마자 The beat is again totally JYP and I’m pretty sure I hear Tired of Waiting, Again and Again, She Might Come Back, and Heartbeat all in this song rofl. Though I actually really like the verses, its just the chorus that doesn’t work for me.

4. 목숨을 건다 (I’m risking my life) Omg what is this, 2PM actually gets a ballad?!? Hahaha XD Sarcasm aside, this song is total love. Probably my favourite from the album. 2PM should get more ballads because they actually do have some decent singers. Plus, Junsu gets more parts when they do ballads :D

5. Without U (Explorer Mix)

6. Space 마자 Remix of track 3.


  1. I LIKE DON’T STOP CAN’T STOP! Especially the lyrics, lol. But yes, I agree with the whole ‘same’ feeling…they need to stop going down this whole emo, wracked-with-pain concept! At least introduce some freshness into the mix :(

    As if the Jay fiasco wasn’t enough, my doubts on JYP are growing…feels like he wants to take everything for himself and isn’t getting new producers and stuff in…but then again, maybe they just don’t have the money. 0.0

    • I know right, JYP seems to like his seat as producer too much that he’s not letting other people lend their hand. Everything sounds the same and I’m sure thats cuz HE”S BEHIND ALL THE SONGS! T______T Most bands come back with “new concepts”, “new songs” and “awesome choreos” but 2PM and 2AM are always recycling song beats, concepts, choreo moves etc and it annoys me so much!!

  2. i usually have to listen to an album about two times to figure out if i like it or not, but i’ve had this album on repeat and have heard it 4 or 5 times already and i’m in the same boat as you–i can’t tell if i like it or not. i WANT to like it, but i can’t really tell JUST yet.

    • I think thats my problem too. I feel like since I love 2PM, I should be liking this album and I want to like it, but like nothing really stands out enough for me to get hooked. I love the ballad though, but everything else is a bit bland :/ Needs more listen perhaps? hahaha XD

  3. My tumblr dash is being flooded with (hot) 2PM stuff. I should get off my lazy ass and check out this album seriously orz

    *clicks on the links*

    • LOL I like Don’t Stop, Can’t Stop. The lyrics make me giggly :D♥ 마자 is typical JYP.

      Wtf is with the choreo to Without U? XD Not really a bad song. I kind of like it but I like Don’t Stop, Can’t Stop better. O:

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