Posted by: beckery | April 19, 2010

2PM – Without U MV

Credit 2PM @ youtube

Lol sorry about the sudden influx of 2PM posts XD

Have I mentioned I love the piano bit at the beginning, cuz I truly do. But, no storyline? .__. Though wet boys in tank tops and nice arms are pretty nice too lol. Black rain is sorta gross though. Was that really necessary? And OIC the compulsory stripping at 3.47. You are too obvious JYP, too obvious lol.

Their choreo is a bit funny…? THERE’S LIKE A WIPING TABLE MOVE at 1.41 rofl. So after seeing that, I can’t take their choreo seriously anymore. And the MV is too dark to see anything properly so I need to see it in action on stage to judge.

But the song is starting to sound better to me. I hope their lives have improved, cuz good lives would make me love the song even more!


  1. WIPING TABLE LMFAO. I thought it was shaking their hand at the girl move, but okay. I read your last post, totally agree with the songs sounding the same. Taec starting with a rap then Chansung coming out from behind him…now where have I seen/heard that before? :o

    It’s a nice track but as a title one, I think it is rather weak. Nothing about it particularly stands out…Wooyoung got like two lines :|.

    Anyway, I feel like 2PM’s talent are wasted on choreography like this. I swear I’ve seen half those moves done already. And wtf was that “i’m okay” move where they cross their arms over with the okay sign under their armpit!?!??!?!

    Sry for the long comment, I was watching the MV before with the intention of writing the post so I had all these comments noted in my head haha.

    • Lool whatever it is, it looks sorta ridiculous. Most of the boys have dance backgrounds and they’re totally in sync with eachother, so JYP should put in more effort or get them a new choreographer. Suju/Shinee are always getting awesome choreos and it sucks to see 2PM’s so lacking :(

      I’m still having mixed thoughts about the album. They should give the boys other genres instead of sticking with their usual “JYP style”, as I would call it now. If you put all of 2AM and 2PM’s songs on a playlist and listened to that on repeat, I guarantee you, you’ll go nuts after awhile cuz THEY ALL SOUND THE LIKE THE SAME LOL

      The song is decent though, just nothing new or exceptional :) Lol sorry I shot gunned the post, thought it was time I did some XD

      • No it’s fine~ But honestly, was it necessary to spam with 2PM? Do you see me doing that with SHINee? Sheesh, could you be anymore biased?


        lol jk.

        • Don’t think I don’t know you’re just trying to procastinate but feels guilty going on twitter/tumblr. So please, gtfo of my post and study for your exams :)

    • Omgod… the Wooyoung comment..
      I know what you mean! He really did only have like 2 lines… makes me sad.. =/

  2. im outside rite now so i cant watch the mv properly. i kinda watched the first min of it in mime form thou. i do agree that the moves look the same. will give my comments after i listen to the song properly…

    • im back wit my opinion on the song/MV after watching it. i don’t like it. dont like the song nor the MV nor the dance nor the outfits. my cousin, who’s the bigger 2pm fan, says other songs on the album r better thou… as for me, im gonna just focus on beast n wait for shinee to comeback.

      • Maybe listening to it a few more times will make you like it more? I don’t love the MV or dance or song but I find it’s not that bad. I sorta like the song haha. The MV is a bit boring and dark and the dance is nothing fantastic, but overall, its not horrible. You might like the other songs on the album if you give them a try? I can’t wait for shinee and suju to comeback :D

  3. I feel like the song doesn’t have enough backup vocals? It makes the everything sound kinda empty and less exciting which is pretty wierd considering how they have 6 members and could fill it out if they wanted.=/ I’ve listend twice already and it’s striking me as…okay. Their acrobatics training is wasted on choreo like this though.

    Lol Taec’s screaming slow-mo made me think “See everyone? My teeth are normal size!” XD I heart him and his teeth kthnx<3

    I don't know what JYP is getting at but of all titles/subject matters to come back with… -.- Many Hottests are master conspiracy theorists by now and the last thing 2PM needed was a song with a plausible double meaning. Real smooth JY.=.=

    • Its a bit weak for a title track, yes? Everything seems a bit…under whelming haha. I’m sure they could have done better with the MV and the choreo, but they didnt and it is a bit disappointing. The guys could pull of a pretty intense choreo yet they’re not given the chance for us to see their skills shine.

      Lol, the whole single/album sorta screams “IN YOUR FACE ANTIS”. Especially “Don’t stop, can’t stop”, the meaning can’t be any clearer haha. And although, I’m not sure thats the best way to go about the situation, you gotta admit they have some guts haha

  4. I gotta agree with all y’all…The song is nice and all..but it’s not wow-ing…

    I do feel that their talents were a little bit wasted…and after all the hard work they put into their work… I feel that this music video isn’t doing them justice…

    oh well…

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