Posted by: beckery | April 22, 2010

100422 Mnet Mcountdown

Haven’t done one of these for ages but 2PM had their comebacks and Rain, Hyori, 2AM, ZE:A, Beast and U-Kiss were all performing so I thought I’d do this. Oh and Hyori won today :DD

2PM – Without You Sorry but what exactly is their concept? They’re just wearing black tank tops and pants and some of them are wearing headbands. So….body trainers? dance trainers? gym boys? :S Unfortunately the choreo is still pretty bleh when on stage. I really wanted to like it and I did try really hard to like it, but this is quite disappointing.

I’m starting to really like Khun’s rap here (not so much the hair though). Junsu and Junho sounded amazing. Wooyoung was lipsynching cuz of his throat condition, I think. And Chansung needs a few more vocal lessons but there is some improvement? Taec is looking good and very beastly but hair clip needs to go. Hahaha overall? Glad to have you back, 2PM <33

2PM – Don’t Stop, Can’t Stop I really didn’t think they’d perform this song at all. And I think everyone knows why :P. Beginning was kinda hot though. I’m watching Cinderella’s Sister atm and omg Taec is the biggest dork there, whereas, he’s so fierce in his performances. SO WEIRD!! I know this song probably doesn’t sit very well with most people, but I’m one of those who really dig this song. Them taking off their hoodies and being all bad-ass is an extra XDD And I get why they didn’t include Khun’s rap, but man I was totally looking forward to that!!!! Lolol.

Lee Hyori – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Quality isn’t that great so I can’t really tell what Hyori is wearing haha. But I don’t think I really like her hairstyle. Not too sure about the clothes. Hyori is always so charismatic on stage though and I love her for it. How confident and awesome is she? Song isn’t really my favourite but it does get stuck in your head after a few listens. And that whole dance interlude with the engine revving etc is AWESOME WITH A CAPITAL A. I love it and how she lifts her top, omg <333

Rain – Love Song I like this song. I don’t really love it and I was surprised Rain chose a ballad-ish song as his comeback song. The only thing I think about when I hear this song is his dance moves, well mainly the major hip thrusts/swivels in slow motion hahahaha. I am a perve ok. The eyelashes are really annoying though :/ Still, it’s good to have Rain back in Korea. Him and Hyori should go on shows together, how awesome would that be? :DDD

2AM – I Did Wrong How long has 2AM been promoting for? It’s sad that now that Hyori, Rain and 2PM are back, I don’t think 2AM will be winning more awards. :( I actually like this song more than “Without U”. Oh well, they’ve won quite a few already and I’m really happy for them!!! Random but Jinwoon bb needs a haircut lol.

Beast – Shock Hello my darlings, how I have missed you so. Lol. I haven’t been watching anything Beast lately but their songs are still being pumped in my car so that’s ok :D These guys are ones who I can always trust to have great vocals. And they don’t disappoint do they? :)

ZE:A – All Day I love this song. I don’t know anyone’s names or faces except Junyoung because he is a hottie /is shallow. So I’m pretty useless haha. I’ve been meaning to learn their names but I’m having terrible difficulty doing so. I need them to do a variety show. This is how I learnt Suju’s names and if I can learn Suju like that, I can learn anyones haha. Oh and the video isn’t in synch, but I can’t find one that is. So sorry!

U-Kiss – What I didn’t know they were promoting this song now? I actually don’t know alot of what is happening in Kpop XD. I like Bingeul Bingeul more than this. Though, I feel like U-Kiss songs are starting to sound the same aswell HAHAHA. What is wrong with me?!?! And that head movement looks familiar XD Ok, I’ll shut up.


  1. hahha… ukiss’ songs are more dance/techno beats so they always sound more electro. i wanna see beast perform say no live! n i love their ‘sincere’ remix of Easy.

    ukiss r coming to msia. i wonder if i should go see them?

  2. i’ve started to really love u-kiss! i enjoyed watching their shows so much hahaha and im glad they’re coming back to our country for a bigger concert. so there…im watching!

    jay…you should go see them. they’re so nice to fans =)

  3. hey may i know why isnt suju performing on mnet countdown?

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