Posted by: lovediaries | April 22, 2010

Listen to … 4Minute – Making Love

(Note: It’s making love as in to create it and not in the other sense…)

{credit: 119urnobody @ youtube}

This is from the Personal Taste OST!

Cannot put this song off repeat. It’s the prettiest song I’ve heard from 4Minute. It’s got a really relaxing feel to it, but there’s also something catchy about the chorus.

I love it :)♥.


  1. Rofl I hear that all the time in Kpop songs and it’s so funny. You’d think that as much English music as they listen to they’d figure out what it really means. I remember being all 8/ when Jonghyun said it in Shinee World. XD

    This a cute and sweet song, definitely good on an OST. I don’t know if I’d put it on repeat just yet though.

    • LMFAO I LOVE THAT LINE OKAY. Ngl, when I first heard it I was like ‘oh Jonghyun, do you really mean that ;)?’ kekeke.

  2. I’ve had this song on repeat for the past 2 days :). I think I’m getting bored of current American music atm and getting back into kpop lol. The lyrics are so pretty though! I love the line that’s like if I kissed you, would its light bring light to all darkness or something like that haha.

    • Hehe, something in kpop always pulls us back in~ Ah I haven’t read the translation of the song yet, but I love it even without knowing what they’re singing. It just sounds so pretty :3.

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