Posted by: lovediaries | April 24, 2010

Hello f(x) Ep 1 Subbed

This is f(x)’s first Reality show :D!

{credit: heartfx2 @ youtube}

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Okay so I’ve only seen the first part and … wow it was really boring ;_;. I love the girls and I can’t wait for the comeback but this reality show doesn’t really have much point other than “showing a different side of f(x)”. So far, we just see them going to Africa and preparing for that photoshoot by Kim Joong Man but nothing exciting happened except for the narrator (who, by the way is very greasy~~~) making a big deal out of seeing Amber in a dress and the camera panning up her bare leg. She was then put in something else anyway cause the look was too feminine for her xD.

I really want to watch this so I can get to know the girls more and to see them more but for now, I’m going to have to wait for something exciting to happen. I’m really not that motivated to even finish this episode :(.


  1. Yeah the beginning was pretty boring so I didn’t watch most of it but the last half is cute with meeting the locals and dancing and soccer and that guy proposing to Amber. XDD

    On a related note, my girlcrush on Luna is even worse. I am now a pedo!unni as well as a pedo!noona. -_-;;

    • LOL um, isn’t that like me and Amber? :|. I’m like a pedo!noonie LOL.

      And lol maybe I’ll just skip this ep and watch it properly from Ep 2 ~_~.

  2. i agreee ><…i think they need to have a reality show where its' not just anohter "day in the life of" show….they seem like such entertaining girls…this show doesn't really do them justice…

    • Unngh, yes I agree 100%. I watched a bit of Sulli on Idol Army but she seemed so awkward by herself that I couldn’t watch…

      I can’t wait to see them on SGB though! I hope they get enough screentime :3.

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