Posted by: lovediaries | April 30, 2010

f(x) – NU ABO MV Teaser & Comeback Photos

{credit: sment @ youtube}

Oh wow *_*.

Okay, when I first saw the clip on youtube, as in the video preview, I thought it was the Lachata MV ;_;. Upon watching the teaser, it looked to me like a combination of the Lachata and CHU~♥ MV sets. BUT, this song definitely has a style of its own and is eyecatching in a different way. First of all, THE CHOREO LOOKS AMAZING. Full MV, do not be a disappointment. Their clothing style is still a bit of everything lol. THEIR HAIR, TOO. When the comeback photos came out, I thought the look was really interesting~~ But when I saw their hair for their endorsement shoot, I thought D;

Here in the MV I’m a bit in between. I think I’m not feeling Victoria or Krystal’s hair (but she looked really cool with the blue contacts). It just looks like a mess; but I’m loving Sulli’s with the wig and I think Luna is pulling off her look very well. Amber looked amazing with her hair styled. Wtf was with the TaeminxShindong bowlcut DDD; Dnw, please style it all the time aldskfjds.

And okay, that’s all I have to say since this is only the teaser ;_;. Their Comeback is on the 3rd, right? Or is the MV being released on the 3rd? Lol idk but I’m getting excited. Like, for real :DD/


  1. whew, you capped the preview!

    • Were you not able to watch the video bb? :o

      • lol no, just random commenting. I havent watch the mv though.

        • oh okay, i hope you’ve watched it by now :(!

  2. OHMYGOSHH. *______*
    i saw the pv yesterday and i replayed it for like, a hundred times. lol.
    i like luna’s hair, and amber looks so pretty with the black eyeliner and hair like that.
    f(x) jjang ~

    • i posted the full mv earlier today. i hope you’ve seen it by now :D!

  3. I fell in love. Their hairstyles, their clothes…can’t wait! :)

    • keke the full mv is out! :D

  4. I think Luna’s hair is nicest but that might be my ultimate bias talking rofl. I’m interested and essited.

    • luna got a trim and everything so it definitely looks better than victoria’s. and luna’s tips have been highlighted better, too.

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