Posted by: lovediaries | May 6, 2010

f(x) – NU ABO MV

{credit sment @ youtube}

I listened to the full track when it was released and was very disappointed ;____;. The song is so messy I really can’t tell what is the chorus and which are the verses. My favourite part is still what was heard in the teaser so I’m glad they left that in. It just sounds like several different songs and they’ve cut and pasted and moved all the parts around to produce this song ;___;. I like Amber’s rap and then Luna’s singing near the end but overall, I’m not loving it :(. I had trouble focusing on the choreography too cause I was just trying to make out the song, so I’ll definitely need to watch it a few more times~ I LOVE THEIR NAILS THOUGH, OKAY? SCREAMING AT ALL THE COLOURS *______*.

TO BE HONEST, I’m most excited about Mr. Boogie studio version :DDD!!!!!!


  1. So I already said this on Twitter but. After a few listens, I finally cracked the mystery behind this song.

    TRUFAX: f(x)’s NU ABO is a song about your hysterical body odor. Also teaches you how to put deodorant on properly. “This is how we do it.” And the weird cheering in the background is, like, people agreeing with the girls, that you smell bad. It’s like, “NUUUU, YOU HAS B.O.” Luna (omg I know their names now!) is so upset she’s screaming her head off, see.

    Anyway… the MV is nothing much diff from Chu and Lachata? Uh. They dance well, I guess. And. I think irl if I saw a group of girls meeting up just to dance and walk away after like nothing happened, I’d be all o___O but this is an MV so I guess that’s forgivable. Rejection of disbelief. Yeah.

    Something tells me Amber is in the wrong group. With that bowl cut she looks like someone who could be in ZE:A… -___-;;

    • I lol’ed.

      • ‘Cause I’m so smart, right? :D

    • I must’ve missed it~ I don’t know where you got the deodorant idea from bb but I’m proud you’ve learnt their names! You know NU ABO (NU 예삐오) is actually a play on words right? I think it’s really clever~

      • I dunno kr so I have no idea wtf NU ABO actually means, play on words or not. :P

        Well, it’s kind of easy. Amber’s the misplaced ZE:A member, Sulli’s the one who seems to be everywhere, Victoria is the freaky bendy thing, Luna is the healthy one (well, she’s the only one who isn’t dangerously skinny at least), and whoever is left must be the girl whose name I can never remember. And have really no plans to remember.

        It’s hard to pretend they don’t exist when they’re always on my dash lol. -___-;

  2. Oh the hair T___T. The song is addicting in its own way.

    I only like Sulli’s brown hair moments and Luna’s hair…what the hell were they thinking for Krystal? And Amber is overly manlified with her new do. Luckily, she pulls it off somehow.

    • I thought Sulli pulled off the blonde with yellow bits hehe but Krystal and Victoria’s hair is just strange ;___;.

      I think Amber pulls it off too. It’s her cool aura keke.

      • Making hair weird = does not always equal edgy lol.
        I did like sulli’s blonde hair on the promotional pics but not in movement.

        Amber pulls off things well even though she confuses me often lol.

  3. Luna has an incredible voice and should get solos.

    Victoria is gorgeous <3.

    Amber's crotch grab confused me.

    • Luna does have a amazing voice…it’s kind of a waste leaving her in a group. Oh I wish one day Ye Sung or Kyun Hyun duets with Luna. It would be great.

      I like how Victoria is having more presence in this mv compared to before. She’s fabulous<3. Amber confuses me anyway regardless of what she does lol.

      • IA. But SM doesn’t promote its solo artists very well, so idk :/ I wanted to see Victoria debut as a solo artist (cos she’s so much older than the other girls) but I don’t think she’s a very good singer (imo) so this is probably the best choice for her.

        Amber seems like a really nice girl, but I don’t get it….

        • What don’t you get about Amber? Why people like her?

          • I don’t understand what SM’s trying to do with her. When f(x) first debuted, she had this really chic, tomboy image going on, but now it’s like they’re trying to make her into a MAN. Like, an actual male person. It’s like they’re trying to make the poor girl into a boy to get more people to like the group :/

            I also wish SM would give her some actual singing lines. Those speaking lines (no, they don’t even count as “rap” ok) don’t show her full potential. I’m sure she can do more than looking like a boy.

            • LOOOOOOOOOOL it’s not that bad. You make it seem like she’s going to go for a sex change next XD. She’s just more comfortable like that, I guess. I have sort of ~insider~ news that she’s been like this ever since she got a haircut when she was young; so there’s just no point trying to girl-ify her, even though she does look pretty in a dress and with make up.

              And f(x) just haven’t been given the right music. I loved Lachata, Mr. Boogie and Chocolate Love, but they really need something that can blow everyone away.

              • But like, there’s a difference between being a tomboy and a BOY boy. Remember those teaser pics from their debut? That picture of her wearing the blazer with heels? That looked so nice and chic!!

                Not all girls have to wear dresses and skirts, but SM shouldn’t be exaggerating it by putting her in actual boy clothes >( Remember that picture of f(x) in traditional clothes? Amber was given a BOY hanbok :S

                I still haven’t listened to Mr Boogie…I will go try that out now ~

                • Lol they put Amber in a boy’s uniform for Star Golden Bell too AHAHAHAHA. But I guess it also depends on the concept too. They’re not going to put Amber in heels for NU ABO.

                  Mr. Boogie came out at the time of their showcase!

                • IAWTC

  4. I feel like watching an intro with 3 minutes length orz

    • LOL i understand what you mean T_T.

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