Posted by: lovediaries | May 7, 2010

f(x) – NU ABO Mini Album Review

It’s been so long since I’ve written a review which is a shame because it’s not as if I haven’t been listening to good music lately (like 2NISE, for example), I’m just no good at writing them hehe~

01. Icecream – Sweet, upbeat track. It’s fortunately at a bearable level of cuteness. I find that Amber’s rapping always balances out anything too sugary in f(x) songs. I do like this one! It’s nothing terrible exciting but there’s a nice beat throughout.

02. Me + U – This track is sort of like electronic pop? I’m only saying that cause it sounds like a more cuter version of Chocolate Love. It’s fun and upbeat, I like it about as much as “Ice Cream” :).

03. Surprise Party – Mid-tempo bubblegum pop? LOL I DO NOT KNOW MY MUSIC GENRES. It’s a light sort of track~ These songs are all decent, but they don’t really show their vocal capabilities that well.

04. Sorry (Dear Daddy) – Pretty ballad *___*. I think this is another Krystal and Luna duet. I only hear their voices in this. It’s getting ridiculous how the number of their duets are exceeding the number of songs f(x) have as a group. Why do SME do these things lol, the others can sing too~ Otherwise give us a Luna solo please.

05. NU ABO – I already talked about this song in the MV post. The main problem is too much rapping and not enough singing :|. Otherwise, the beat is crazy infectious and I love it.

06. Mr. Boogie – PRETTY SURE THIS IS THE MOST ANTICIPATED F(X) SONG EVER LOL. So happy to finally get a studio version of this song *__*. I hope they perform this song for their Comeback specials or something ;~~~;. Producers need to give more of this type of song to f(x). They can definitely pull off a strong, sexy image and this is definitely more appealing than cute and fluffy to me :(.

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