Posted by: lovediaries | May 7, 2010

SHINee – New Logo Song for Shim Shim Ta Pa

{credit: dirah9302 @ youtube}

This is only 46 seconds long but it’s still worth posting because it’s a really nice logo song ;___;. So nice, they ought to record a full length version and release it on their next album. Gosh, Onew’s voice ♥____♥.

Oh and, Hello Baby Ep 12 has been subbed already but I’ve been 1) busy 2) putting off watching it alkdsjfd. Lol I’ll try watch and cap some time before this weekend is over!


  1. oh, i’m glad dat u’ll post it soon! Thanks in advance, pls b quick:( i’m waiting….

    • i posted it and i watched it but so sorry i haven’t had time to cap it :(.

  2. Very nice…. I miss SHINee!!!

    They’ve just announced Noh Hung Chul as the permanent Chin Chin radio DJ. *sobs* I was hoping it would be Onew. But he’s already so busy these days so I guess the timing is off. SM Ent, let Jinki get some rest…

    • Omg Onew would need a time turner or something if he took up DJing as well. But to be honest I wouldn’t mind him DJing over MCing. His voice *_*.

  3. This sounds really nice!

    • doesn’t it just? *_*

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