Posted by: lovediaries | May 7, 2010

Super Junior – Beauty MV Teaser

{credit: sment @ youtube}

NGL, I AM SORTA CREEPED OUT. The music is so eerie and they’re all lurking in the shadows~~~ But actually, I approve of this teaser because we don’t really hear much of anything so we still don’t know what to expect. They all look good, as usual. I swear I saw Hankyung in a few of those shots but of course my eyes were only deceiving me. I SAW A LOT OF SIWON AND BARE TEUK LOL.

A few caps under the cut~ I didn’t get every member, I got impatient adslkfd ;_;.


  1. I thought I saw geng too!! but i realised it was hyuk after about the 2469th time i watched it. I don’t know if i like it, but i know i’m going to force myself to. haha. but ahhh, teuk tweeted that he thinks it’s even better than sorry sorry (and i mean, i hope he’s not lying. cos sorry sorry was epic and i don’t know what could top it), but i’m keeping my expectations low anyway so i won’t be disappointed.

    I. Cannot. Wait. I wish there was more of hyuk. and his arms. why was there so much siwon anyway! i mean, i like him, but they could’ve swapped a few of his shots for hyuk right? :( heehee. i’m smiling to myself and going to rewatch it again. i’m really so excited. this will be my first super junior comeback! it’s so sad i’m so late on this.

  2. this is so bitter sweet.

    you know i’m all hardcore on suju. :)/:( idk what to feel. so not used to not seeing geng in the center being up front with his charisma. and oh, the sihanchul center poses are… :'(((( gone… for a while i hope.

    and i wish they’d do a lot for the rest of the year cos uhmm… the army enlistment thing. D:

    anyway, enough of my emo. :)) i really hope this’ll be daebak! :D and was it only me that saw ryeowook baring his skin? XD well… that was… new. :D

    • and yeah, as i guessed so. wook’s wearing an undershirt. DX lol what am i seeing?

  3. I feel… kind of cheated. :| I was hoping to hear more of the song. But I guess this is better? They’re not giving away too much. Although omg they’re literally teasing wtf.


  4. Maybe I’m not true but I see only….10 members of SJ in this teaser o.O

  5. ^Unfortunately true.

    I’m excited but still lingering on the whole “Kangin is never coming back” deal. Let’s face it…Teuk and Heechul are *old*! XD They’ll be gone by the time Kangin comes back so…idk I try not to dwell on it.

    Bare Teuk? I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me the first time. I’m so used to him being a scrawny chicken, y’know? <3

  6. 0:28 I thought that was Jaebeom.

    Yeah I only saw 10 members. I don’t follow them personally, only their music. Exactly what happened to the other 3? o.O

  7. all I see was Teuk and Teuk and Teuk o_O

  8. teukie being the one showing off his body this time… ahhahha.. i find it funny but heck he’s my fav so im not complaining! every one of them looks really good. sungmin :DDD

    • p/s. i really like wookie’s hair this time around. n for those who thinks their eyes r playing tricks on them… SuJu is making their comeback this time with ONLY 10 members. kangin is going to the army. kibum will be focusing on his acting (dont come back) n hangeng is no longer a member.

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