Posted by: lovediaries | May 10, 2010

f(x) – NU ABO Comeback Stages

Music Bank – Really solid comeback performance, imo, though near the end there was some heavy breathing. I had headphones in while I watched this and the sound quality wasn’t that great so I could be wrong. Still, I was definitely impressed :). After having the mini-album on repeat for the past few hours, I’ve definitely grown fond of every song on their mini-album. That’s great, right? :D.

Music Core – Amber had to be careful of her head flicks in this performance…I was worried her hair would flop XD. I think her eye make up is great ~ It looks good on her :). Can’t say the same for their outfits though. I don’t like fluro lol :(. And I can’t decide if Sulli is wearing one top…or three. It’s one, right? O_O. Another really good performance. I’m really starting to think they should give Victoria more lines though. Pretty sure she’s capable of more than just ‘YEAH :D YEAH :D’. Camera work was not too good in this.

Inkigayo – Ugh, can I just say I love Luna’s opening “Hey~” !? Her voice is so nice *_*. And I really love the choreography. There’s so much happening, I seem to spot a new move with every performance I watch. I think every performance is worth watching for Luna. She blows me away every time with her high note~ I think I’m starting to like this song even more than Chu~♥ LOLWHAT!? I don’t know :(. Okay, maybe not the song, but the performances.

I’m disappointed in Inki though. I thought their cameramen would be able to capture better shots, but they kept doing random closeups and having like this special blurry/dazed type effect. Not sure what was going on there lol.


  1. did you see krystal’s bra? XDDD
    first was black then hot pink then neon green. :))
    the make up choreo is really cute to meee.

    • LOL OKAY everyone keeps talking about her bra but tbh I really haven’t been looking THERE XD.

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