Posted by: lovediaries | May 12, 2010

Super Junior – Bonamana MV

{credit: sment @ youtube}

Watching the teaser, I was excited, but now watching the MV and counting only 10 members, the “situation” seems to have finally hit me. It’s so weird, Hankyung was always up the front or in the center, so now the choreography seems to have something missing…? In fact, it’s sort of lulzy. Especially that part where Sungmin and Ryeowook are surrounded by the others and they all walk to one side. LOL WHAT IS THAT!? But then there are some formations, I REALLY like. Like at 3.00 when it’s Teuk and Heechul’s part, six of them are in the back on the ground, and then at 3.38 when they’re in a sort of V shape. The dance break at 3.45 is awesome too. Look at Kyu up there with the other top dancers of the group ;_; ♥.  Probably the only good thing to happen as a result of Hankyung not being here. I’m surprised it’s Kyu and not Teuk or Sungmin though, but then Kyu did take over Hyuk’s solo part in other “Sorry Sorry” performances, so it’s not that surprising I guess. (edit: akdjfds okay re-watched it to make caps and I noticed in the dance break, Teuk and Sungmin are behind the other four :D!!)

The set is so similar to “Sorry Sorry”. It makes me all nostalgic :(. I felt sort of sad while watching, but then that feeling got pushed to the back of my head when it was Kyu’s part *_*. (Gosh, I’m biased.) His make up in the group shots is kinda scary (actually, no one looks particularly good in the dancing scenes – is Hyuk wearing goggles??); but I love how everyone looks in the solo shots, when they’re half hidden in the shadows. Yum, face parts~ Why is Teuk dancing without a shirt, though? I’m really distracted by it and not necessarily in a good way lool. AND OH OH, was Donghae doing ~magic~? Yesung’s frizzy hair reminds me of french fries. I like Sungmin’s guyliner and hair when it’s down over his face. I only like Ryeowook’s hair when it’s down too. I don’t really like Shindong’s hair D; Heechul didn’t seem to get much screentime but his hair makes him look really emo. And finally, Siwon is greasy as usual lol.

Overall, the music video wasn’t that exciting. I think “It’s You” is still their best MV. I am looking forward to a dance version, which I hope SM release. Sorry I wrote an essay…I’m just both sad and happy with their Comeback haha :).


  1. i didn’t even notice sungmin and leeteuk behind the main four during the dance break!

    (wow i haven’t commented here in a whlie ;________;)

    but yeah, the mv made me actually LIKE the song. the song before was kind of :/ and it wasn’t great, i only listened to it once, but the choreo (besides being very LOL and WTF) is awesome during the dance break. :D the swinging lamp part (reminds me of an interrogation room) looks better than the sorrysorry set, imo :(

    also what’s with eunhyuk’s eyeliner! sungmin looks really good. :) ryeowook’s short hair makes his ears look MASSIVE. yesung looks surprisingly good even if it looks like the curler/crimper had a bit too much fun on his head *______*

    /that’s enough from me~

    • Then you didn’t watch the MV enough times :(.

      Lol a lot of people didn’t like the song, so when I went to listen to it, I was expecting something bad but came out happy :). People are comparing it to RDD and Sorry x2 but … I think there’s something unique about it too~

      HEY I LIKE HYUK’S EYELINER ;_;. I’m sure bec would go crazy when she sees it too … hopefully in a good way lol.

  2. i loveeeeee hyuk’s eyeliner!! i dunno, it fits him somehow. but those pants. DD: sungmin though, looks uber fabulous in the floppy hair style. <333 actually sorry, sungmin just looks uber fabulous. xD

    AHHHH. i'm actually really depressed because they were SO. HOT. but still it just wasn't… up to expectations. i don't know what i was expecting thought. T__T but okay, the MV made the song about 1,304,583,098,645,084 times better. i really didn't like the song much until the MV came out. i really really really wanted this song to be SUPER EPIC because they first had to top sorry, sorry, and i know they really really want this to be a hit for those that are missing. 0.o the stage seems empty without kangin and geng at least. i miss geng like crazyyyyy at the dance parts and keep seeing him in hyuk with the goggles.

    i noticed they were behind!!! :) i felt like a proud mom cos kyu is finally stepping up more besides just singing, but i don't know, felt like a proud mom who feels sad that i need to choose between sungmin and kyu and who gets to stand in front. 0.o i hate it that towards the end min gets pushed to the back and you can't see him in the ending pose. on the other hand, i was SO HAPPY to see heenim take part in most of the dance now. :))) and it's particularly special since he admitted that sorry, sorry was at first gonna be the last album for him.

    okay i'm sorry for the essay. DD: i should go and start on my school one now. ahhh, sujuu, why 4jib so bittersweet. :|

    • I LIKE IT TOO. There’s something about Hyuk…he just pulls off everything. Like he can be a total dork but when performing, he’s shining with charisma ~~~ keke.

      Oh and I completely agree with you about not knowing what to expect but still being disappointed. Like I said, the video by itself wasn’t that great, and I only liked it because THE BOYS LOOKED GOOD … but I’m glad I didn’t like skip school or anything for it haha!

      I KNOW ALDSKJFSD I’M SO PROUD OF KYU TOO. Like adlksjf idk, it makes me so happy I can’t really explain it but I hope his stamina has improved now that he’ll be dancing more keke. And he sings about 1/3 of the song, too!

      No problem bb. I should probably go start studying too. I’ve spent the whole night watching the mv/making screencaps/going on tumblr :(.

      • hee, but the screencaps are gorgeous! thank you very muchh! :):) am saving some to drool over.

        hyuk has come an uber long way from their debut days and i’m so proud of him too. :P i was just watching a clip of him being pushed aside by fans in favour of donghae and i’m like, wahhh, poor baby! i bet those fangirls regret it now. :D he’s so popular now when i was in seoul at everysing i tried to buy his merchandise but most of his stuff was sold out?!

        and YEAH! kyu sings so much this time round right! haha, maybe 2010 will be kyu’s year. :)) i’ve realised what it is that’s disappointing me about the mv i think; it’s the lack of a distinctive dance move. i hope this isn’t going to be a problem for them dominating the music shows. but i’m sure they’ll ace the live performances as they ALWAYS do, and hopefully win many many more awards. can’t wait for the variety shows too! strong heart, star king! WHOOHOO. :)))

        • I totally agree! I really miss the lanky Hyuk though alksdjf. I’ll take some time adjusting to the now built and muscle-y Hyuk, I think ;~;.

          BUT YES TO VARIETY SHOW APPEARANCES!! I guess some of them never stopped but it’ll be good to have some exciting stories to share :).

  3. Omg the screencaps are gorgeous *O*

    Overall I’m a little bit disappointed with the mv, cos I was expecting SM to put a little bit more money into it :( But whatever, I still enjoyed watching it :D

    I love LOVE the shadow lighting!! It makes everyone look all ~~mysterious~~ and hot, teehee.

    Teuk without a shirt….that’s something I could’ve lived without seeing O_O I hope they’ll give him a shirt to wear during comeback stage performances, the poor bb’s going to freeze :S

    It feels so odd not seeing Hangeng at the front of the dance formation….I’m so used to him in the middle with Hyuk and Shindong at the side…

    Shindong’s hair – DNW. Same with Hyuk’s tear things, wth :/

    Btw, what do you think of the song?? I haven’t talked to you in a loooong time :’)

    • Of course the caps are gorgeous, I made them~ KEKE.

      Hopefully the album photos are really nice and maybe that’s where most of the cost went?

      Teuk won’t freeze lol, Korea is in the Northern Hemisphere, they’re getting warmer now~

      And I know, I miss Hankyung being in the center alksjdf. I mean, I miss Kangin too but Hankyung played a significant role when it came to the visuals since he was almost always in the front center.

      I like the song! I liked it even after listening to it for the first time and had it on repeat for the whole night :D. The only part I dislike is the HAHAHAing part :(. At least the awesome choreo for that part makes up for it~

      And I know, uni is pawning my ass, I’m pretty much going to be “inactive” online up until the end of my exams which is 25th of June D: Only going on tumblr and imop :(.

  4. The MV was kind of a let down. It’s like Sorry Sorry part II. Not really that bad but it could’ve been much better, ya know.

    I like the shadow effect and their clothes, at least. The choreo was funny. The song is nice.

    It’s just… sad. ):

    • I thought about it being Sorry Sorry part II too, but they already have like 3 remixes, so maybe this is …. Sorry Sorry V LOL IDK.

      And yeah bb it is sad :( but I guess all we can do is focus on the good stuff? ;_;.

      • That’s why I just kept on spazzing on Twitter but it’s so hard to keep positive when everyone else on my tlist are like ); at it. So I just shut up and pretended nothing was wrong.

        Except that’s hard too. o___o So I just played Sims and made HenKu hug. /loser

        • Maybe your :))) will be able to turn their frowns upside down?

  5. I need to see the performance with kyu upfront (hehe). oohh n i love his hair XDD (my biased is shown heuhehuheu)
    the setting is all mysterious since the scenes are quite dark and its making me hard to see who’s whos doing what -.- more light please!
    it wasn’t all dat bad,imo :)
    P/s: n yeah, wth were they thinking letting teuk dancing w/o a shirt? its distracting alright haha but only for the first few seconds before kyu started to sing =DD

    • Lmao look at us being all Kyu biased!! I love his hair in the MV too!! I didn’t really like it in the album (?) photos that were released, so I am very happy with how it is here :DD.

      • Heck yess!
        i wasn’t expecting him to be this good-looking in mv frm looking at d teasr or whtevr but he turns out to be goooood even better~
        i am definitely biased abt him, w/o doubts the sole reason y im so into k-pop :)

    Honestly, that’s the only thing that kept me from being depressed when I realized Geng wasn’t in the dance break :\

    Dance!Kyu is just as sexy, though~

    Oh! Is it just me, or do 3 people really make a difference?
    I mean, the group looks so small now T___T


      And yes, you’d think with a big group, minus 2-3 members would be nothing but it is such a noticeable difference :(.

  7. I was excited for a comeback…but yeah. It does feel weird that there are only 10 members :(. As for the MV…I didn’t really like it that much lol. It did feel like Sorry, Sorry minus two members. The song is so catchy though haha. I think I’ll be happier when they give comeback performances :D. And wow. I haven’t commented here in ages D:

    • BB!!! Omg yes it’s been so long since you commented. How have you been? ;~~; ♥♥

  8. not even a minute to the mv, the hip thrusts made me incoherent already 8D
    I’m glad they lean to a more normal outfits, not like what they wore in the early days.
    Love the solo shots, the lighting effect is very cool.
    and their statement/graphic/printed t-shirts, ugh I want them ._. it’s like what they wear in Why I Like You performances, no?

    • THE HIP THRUSTS ARE MY FAVOURITE PART *_*. They always have awesome graphic/printed shirts. And yes, very similar to the Why I Like You perf outfits~

  9. gahh i know what u mean about the lack of Hankyung… makes me so sad, he was my 2nd fave in the group T-T

    lol but other than that i had the total OPPOSITE opinion from u about everything xD
    thought everyone looked great in the group shots but kinda mehh~/creepy in the solo shots
    *loved* shirtless Teuk AND Hyuk’s sunglass/goggles
    the yesung french fries-y hair comment made me LOL
    but i hated the guyliner and especially sungmin and ryeowook’s hair o_0

    agree with u about the mixed feelings on the comeback too actually… both happy and sad
    and tbh everyone’s comparing this to the pile of epic that the sorry sorry mv was, and i rly wasnt expecting anything better than Sorry Sorry or It’s You, i mean 09 pretty much WAS SuJu’s year – they owned it
    …idk if they’re gonna be able to reach that kinda hype again :/

    • BUT THE SHADOW SHOTS WERE HOT LOL. Jawlines and cheekbones omg ♥

      We never know, maybe the repackaged album will have a song as awesome as It’s You??? *crosses fingers*. The repackaged songs are always the favourites, for me. LIKE LOVE DISEASE OMG ALKDSJFA. But yeah, it’s always hard to live up to epic songs :(.

  10. the song is really realllyyyy catchy now that i’ve listened to it a lot more. it reminds me of ring ding dong & sorry sorry at the same time! but the overall song & mv, its okkkkk. :/ is teuk like, the new main muscle/body man in suju now? lololol not enough yesung :/ & 10 friggin members? D: i miss those sorry sorry days…

    i can’t wait for more sujuness in variety & performances though! <3 ;D

    • HAHA I KNOW RIGHT. Maybe Siwon flashed too much in Oh My Lady so they’re now passing it over to Hyuk and Teuk xD.

      Don’t Don days were the only period with all 13…even then, Kyu only had small dance parts :'(.

  11. I love this song!!

    I can’t wait for their live performance!!

    I’m not too sure about the whole members issue, but where is Kanggin?!
    Was he involved?

    • Kangin’s going to the army soon :'(((.

  12. The whole mv/song has a really cool effect to it. I really like it. Iunno I actually found the choreography to be soo cool!

    I wanna see a performance with hopefully less auto-tune =)

    • btw lol:
      someone has a card on their shirt and someone has a money bill XD

    • The moves are either awesome or lulzy XD. The performances look better though~ :D.

  13. The song has a bollywood feel to it..but it’s so addicting.. After hearing it a few times… i’m now obsessed with it.

    • Lmao they edited the song onto a Bollywood MV ;_;.

  14. no signature move. now what are the impostors gonna work on??
    overall, the moves r pretty blahs… but i do love how all of them look. wook is awesome wit his new hair. sungmin is forever sexy! n kyu too… who can forget my fav teukie! in charge of the body-baring now.. hahahahha…
    i’m listening to the rest of the songs n they’re much better than bonamana (thank goodness!)

    • Maybe the signature move is the gorilla arm swinging? ;_;. Or the jump bounce part?

      I haven’t listened to any of the other songs, I want to save it for when I buy the album *_*.

  15. Mind if I use your screencaps as references for a sketchy drawing experiment?

    • OF COURSE YOU ARE WELCOME TO DO THAT! C-can you show me your drawing when you’re done? ;~;.

      • Thanks for the awesome screencaps! Especially since I think if I took my own, they’d come out all blurry and terrible.

        The result of the sketching experiment was this: Some of them didn’t turn out that well, but it was fun!

  16. okay everyone needs to go see the official photos and the scans of the version A booklet NAOOOOO because there is topless sungmin (WHO KNEW THAT BOY HAD ABS?!!? TO DIE FOR ABS?!) and topless hyuk and OTHER HOT HOT HOT THINGS. *spazzes and dies*. i can’t take it anymore. i’m sorry i don’t have a link for the version A scans cos i them on on sj-world. :|:| but topless hyuk can be found at the official site!! AHHHHH.

    • SCREAMING AT ALL THE SKIN ALKSDJFKLSD. If it wasn’t for the performance, I really wouldn’t have known whether to believe Hyuk’s abs were real or not *_*. Omg not sure if I’m a fan of the flashing or not. But ty bb, we have the posts up already :) ♥

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