Posted by: beckery | May 14, 2010

Super Junior 4th Jib Album Scans

::EDIT:: Rofl Imop authors had a miscommunication yesterday and everyone decided to post up the Suju photos! I’ve changed the posts now. Previous one has the photos up on their website and these are album scans. Sorry guys if we confused you, just wanted to overdose you with hot Suju hahaha XD

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PLEASE DON’T HOTLINK! I will seriously cry if you do lol.

I love comebacks, with it comes new songs, new MVs, new performances and new hot pictures *___* There’s so many so I’ll just chuck them all here. Album scans, official website photos, official website profile photos etc.

I hate the whole blurry graphics stuff going, HELLO I WANT TO SEE FACES AND NOT SMUDGES AND OUTLINES!!!! The concept still reminds me of vampires, especially their make up and how some of them have really pale faces and dark eyelined eyes. But they pull it off and well….I’m bias but whatevs haha.

And let me get this out before I explode, OMFG TEUK, SUNGMIN AND EUNHYUK, WHERE DID YOUR ABS COME FROM?!!? I NEARLY DIED CHOKING AND HAD A CORONARY ALL AT THE SAME TIME WHEN I SAW THEIR ABS!!!! Mainly Sungmin’s and Hyuk’s lol. Then I thought they were totally photoshopped but you can’t do that for official photos right? Like seriously, I know Eunhyuk’s been working out alot lately but that looks like a freakin 8 pack ok. They don’t appear over night. I hope they’ve achieved what they want and stop working out. It’s enough as it is, maybe a bit too much and um abs like that don’t go with dorky Hyuk and cute Sungmin lol. Still….unf unf unf rofl.

I can’t pick a favourite yet so don’t make me hahaha. XDD

Image SourceImage Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox ExtensionImage SourceImage Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox ExtensionImage SourceImage SourceImage SourceImage SourceImage SourceImage SourceImage SourceImage SourceImage SourceImage SourceImage SourcePhotobucketImage Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox ExtensionImage SourceImage SourceImage SourceImage SourceImage SourceImage Source


  1. whoaaa… sungmin! he was buffer since neorago. but now we see what’s really there! hahahha love it! i just have some doubts that they ‘enhanced’ the abs thou.. ;d

    cb stage on mubank today! hope its gonna be impressive…

    • They’ve all gone buffer! Especially Donghae and Eunhyuk’s arms. They grew guns over night hahahha. Though I think its time they stopped working out. When you over do it, it just gets…weird :/ haha


    /goes back to studying :|.

  3. heh heh heh. there are two posts cos our suju boys are SO DAMN HOT, they’re worth it. :D

    Sungmin posted on one of his fansites that they’re not photoshopped? hahah. xD such a cutie! i can’t believe he had those all the time and never showed them to us. T__T

    • ROFL. YUP. Cuz we wanted to overload you guys with hotness. Thanks for appreciating it :DDD

      Awwwwwwwwwwwww DID HE REALLY DO THAT? HAHAHA Thats just so cute! I know right, him and Hyuk have done a good time hiding their assets haha

  4. when the 4th album will be released?

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