Posted by: beckery | May 15, 2010

Hyori and Daesung – How Did We Get Performance on Sketchbook

Credit: UnknownCarrot110 @ youtube

I love this song so much!!  Probably one of my favourites from Hyori’s album. I actually heard Jason Derulo’s version before I heard Hyori’s and I love both equally. Ok, maybe Hyori and Daesung’s a bit more XD

The live is beautiful in every way. Hyori sounds amazinggg. Not to mention, absolutely gorgeous. Love the hair and the heels. *__* How cute is Daesung? I have lost contact with Big Bang, anyone want to give me the low down haha? But yea he sounds absolutely great, like always. And they just sound so good together, I say they should start promoting this song on music shows haha. Live > Studio.


  1. <3 <3 <3

    I've been waiting for this!!!!! They're finally on stage together! ^^

    • I KNOW! I’ve been waiting for a live ever since I heard the song. Definitely is not disappointed, they were great ;)

  2. i love this song so much *o* this one was the first song of her album which i couldnt get out of my head *w*
    the live performance was jjaaanggg!! hyori is so wonderful *O* and I’m glad she was finally able to show korea that she’s not just a beauty but a TALENTED beautiful AND down-to-earth lady :3
    I totally 2nd the promoting thing! ò.ó!

    • ps: i love 2:13 XD

      • Same sameeeee. I like it more than Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and wish they could have promoted this more. But I guess it’s a bit hard with Daesung so busy :( Such a shame. Oh well we’ll just have to get all we can from them hahaha. XD

  3. Hyori looked like she aged quite abit!! Maybe its the hair..
    But she’s still pretty!


    • that’s what i thought too, but she’s still pretty though :D

      • She just looks really really tired and fatigued to me. The girl needs some rest, she’s been everywhere lately lol. I don’t know, I quite like the hair haha.

  4. their voices complement each other. great perf! i miss them on FO ~_~

    • I never really watched FO unless I was interested in the guests haha. I guess I was too loyal towards 1N2D hahaha. I’m sure I missed out alot though!

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