Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 17, 2010

Big Bang – Tell Me Goodbye

Credit: YGEntertainment @ Youtube


This song is so beautiful. Probably my favourite Big Bang Jap. ballad

Tbh, I didn’t really get the plot (lol, when do I ever XD) but I really, really like all the costumes and the props and shtuff :D. I’m guessing that either TOP or Seungri is the sheriff…? Seungri makes a really hot sheriff  (or thug, whatever he is XD) though I refuse to belive that he’s younger than me :/ He looks 25 in the mv XD

TOP’s hair is really cool, and I really like his glasses :DD The eye makeup nearly made him look like a woman, but whatever, TOP can always rock the guyliner <3 Angsty!GD impressed me; it was also nice to see him wearing something normal :P Taeyang looked great, as usual, and Daesung, omg, THE BOY CAN DO NO WRONG. I liked the clothes they made him wear :D


  1. BIG BANG = ♥
    i’m so in love with this song !!!!!!
    and yah ddnt know BB was releasing something new omgggggggg LOVE ITTTTTTT

  2. hey girl! long time no talk XD
    i don’t think ANYONE knew this mv/song was coming out. TAIN’T IT HOT? i was really attracted to GD’s normal look… he doesn’t need to do all that shirley temple stuff! he looks great as it is :D
    TOP’s red streaks were win. that’s all.

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