Posted by: beckery | May 17, 2010

Super Junior 4th Jib Comeback Performances

I was waiting for the HD glory before I watched the performances and boy was Hyuk’s abs it worth it :D I’m so happy they decided to perform Boom Boom as part of their comeback performances. I LOVE THAT SONG SO MUCH!! Something about the awesome beat and “twinkle twinkle little star” just gets me lol. And if you guys were wondering, the “twinkle twinkle little star” was actually part of the original English version by Ray Lavender too so it’s not that random…but still pretty random haha. Bonamana is pretty win when it’s live and when the camera man gets the recording right. I initially thought the choreo was a bit lulzy but when you see it on stage, it is soooo much better. And all that charisma *__*

100514 Music Bank Comeback
Boom Boom was way too short in this performance, I was craving for more! Heechul doing the twinkle twinkle part is SO MUCH WIN. I was waiting for him to bust out “nice weather” rofl. The boys (Shindong, Eunhyuk?) apparently whipped the choreo up last minute? That is impressive, ok. It’s nothing fancy but I love the boom boom parts. All that punching and jumping and bopping lol. AND OFC HIPS THRUST!!! Sorry but no one really compares to Suju when it comes to hip thrust haha. It might be the quantity of sexy boys or it might be cuz they look like they’re thrusting so much they might dislocate their hips!! AND UM HYUK’S SOLO GIVES ME A CORONARY. HIS SMUG LOOK? DID YOU GUYS SEE IT? HAHAHAHAHA. And the zip up part is cool XD

Energy, charisma, I see itzzzz. I think this set of clothes was the best out of all 3 comebacks. You can’t really do much wrong with leather and black lol. I’m a bit :/ and a bit :D at Teuk doing this whole shirtless thing for every performance though. Hahaha I’m such a granny XD Anyways they were totally pumping adrenaline full force throughout the performance!! I had my doubts about lives cuz of the autotune but they sounded great and lakjfkjkljd just wow.I was also worried that being one of the main dancers would take a toll on Kyu’s vocals but the boy HIT IT and will defs continue to do so. I AM IMPRESSED. Wook and Yesung gets special mention cuz I love their parts. And just IT’S SO GREAT TO HAVE THEM BACK ;____;

100515 Music Core Comeback
YAY FOR A LONGER BOOM BOOM. Hyuk even got to do his rap :D:D:D:D Love the “if I ain’t got youu” part <3 I felt this performance was lacking the energy from yesterday though? They sorta looked like they were just going through the motions D: And the cameraman totally sucked. The camera was moving all over the place T__T I don’t really like Wook’s hair in his face but I love how he flicks it, especially after his part in Boom Boom haha. And while we’re on the topic of dislike, I also think Sungmin offended his stylist cuz both his outfits were gross lool. Oh and the head mics made the boys sound really breathy. Especially Kyu and Yesung :/ But but but Donghae did his rose trick which is all sorts of win!!! Hahah I watched it so many times I figured where he hid his rose and everything XDD And did anyone notice Yesung tying up his shoe lace during the dance interlude? HAHAHA LOL. Cute.

100516 Inkigayo Comeback
Inki always has the nicest stages and their camera work is good job :D I promise I’ll stop bitching about their clothes soon but um WHAT IS HEECHUL WEARING IN BONAMANA? And they colour coordinated the boys’ clothes and while I don’t mind some colour, I don’t get what half of them are wearing lol /end of rant.

Wookie’s part in Boom Boom is slowly becoming my favourite, the hair thing he did was awesome and the fans’ cheers proved my point lol. Also really liking the leg work they do after Heechul’s part. I think Hyuk had a time taking off his jacket cuz he missed life half of his dance haha. But the grin at the end? Priceless.

We got to see a clear shot of the hip thrusts in Bonamana and just *_____* We also got to see Kyu’s slide!! :DDD Oh and of course, Teuk’s back shoulder baring. WHAT A TEASE LOL. Take the jacket off already! :P I don’t think I’ve mentioned it, but I thought they would have a hard time coordinating the bounce bit on stage but how in synch are they when they jump?!?!! It’s pretty amazing and it looks really cool on stage. I can feel the energy again and I love love love it. Keep it up boys!!!!


  1. ahhhh i think i love SJ more and more now! haha really good performances =)

    side note: i noticed siwon isn’t in the boom boom performances. do you know why?

    • Like jeann said below, I think it’s also cuz Siwon was too busy with Oh My Lady filming? At least he’s part of Bonamana right? :D

  2. ^ there isn’t anything official on it but probably cos he was really busy with OML filming and didn’t have enough time to learn the choreo for it or smth? at least that’s what i think. :)

    heh heh heh. and seriously, i could write essays and essays on their performances. i caught all 3 live (hooray for cable tv and the internet!) and i really should learn that besides feeling proud of myself and wasting my weekend it doesn’t really achieve anything though, cos i can’t pick apart EVERY detail and pause and rewind and think, DID HYUK JUST SLAP HAE’S BUTT. xD but i love how all the live perfs have really really made me like the song now, and HOW AWESOME IS BOOM BOOM?! why is it not the title song??? actually i just really like boom boom. when they do that strange knee-knocking thing, why do i like it soooo much? :DD

    and just so i won’t write an essay, i’ll keep it short as possible. :P yeah, what DID sungmin do to his stylist noona? i really liked the white/bronze/black look on mucore but THOSE PANTS. i mean, poor bb is already well, not the tallest of the lot and those pants do not help at all! DD: but i really really like watching ming perform. all his expressions are so smokin’ hot.

    i’m really so happy with hyuk’s little solo thing at the end of boom boom too. I WENT AND GLUED myself to the tv when i realised he was gonna do a solo. ahhh, everytime he flashes THOSE ABS i die at least once! and i was SO amused by inki’s solo when yeah, he couldn’t get off his jacket in time and just wisely flashed us abs and grin. xDD i tried to screep cap that smile but failed. damnnn. i need faster fingers.

    i bet i could say loads more things but i’ll stop at my biases else i’ll never end. :D oohh, having the boys on twitter just makes everything SO MUCH MORE FUN! it’s so cute how everyone who has it tweeted something backstage. :))))

    • DD: i totally wrote alot more than i thought i did. sorry for spamming with so much incoherent spazzing! :| the boys do this to me everywhere i talk about them. D:

      • Awwwwwwww <33333333 You really my essays don't you?! Lol I thought I was rambling too much and everyone would just ignore me hahaha.

        I wanted to catch them live too but I was either out or busy so I had to wait a bit for HD videos. Haha I love live streaming but I don't have time and so can only do it when it comes to awards shows/end of year shows etc. Just the big stuff, not the every week music shows :( And yea the great thing with downloading the HD performance is you can rewatch it as many times as you want haha. I SAW THE EUNHAE BUTT SLAP AND GIGGLED. They're my OTP so I'm always happy when they give us some fanservice XD

        I think Boom Boom would have been great as the title track too, I sorta like it a bit more than Bonamana. And I like the simple choreo for it. All the punching and jumping is sorta cool? ;D

        His clothes for Mucore was like a mix between tracksuits/harem pants/overalls/gym clothes which was gross. AND THEY WERE SHINY BLING BLING DDDDDDDDD:

        LOL. Capping is so much easier when you download the performance :P but yes how awesome was Hyuk's solo. Such a shame they probably won't be performing Boom Boom anymore since its not comeback specials anymore :(

        ROFl LOOK AT MY ESSAY REPLY!!! XDDD I'm just as bad as you, seriously.

        • hahaha. xD hooray for essay replies! this is so late because uni is killing me. :((( i can’t believe it’s been one week since they had their comeback already! SO HAPPY THEY WON! :):) hooray for our boys!

          i’m actually much much more of a eunmin fan so i feel a bit >:( when i see all the eunhae on twitter. i’m like, HYUK, don’t neglect your first loveee!! :(:( and why was today’s perf. cut short? :( i’m guessing cos of the 5 million comeback stages there were today right. rawrr, everyone’s trying to beat the world cup! i’m really so worried the boys won’t be able to stay on top with so much competition, esp with the wonder girls. sigh.

          heehee. talking about mucore clothes, apparently teuk’s pants were too loose and kept slipping? ROFL, he KEPT surreptitiously pulling them up! and now that i’ve been alerted to it, i can NEVER enjoy that performance the same way again. hahah. my eyes just keep being drawn to him pulling at his pants. xD poor bb!

          rawrrrr, SM is just sucking me dry. have you seen the scans for version B yet? SO PRECIOUS all of them. and more eunhae. >:( eunmin eunmin eunmin!! but i like hyuk topless. :B more please!

          • I’m procastinating so thought I should reply to your essay…reply? lol. But I can’t guarantee all my replies will be essays so don’t be disappointed if I get lazy and write like 2 sentences. Just know that your comment was still read and loved <33

            OH? You're a EunMin fan? Well Hyuk, Hae and Sungmin are my top 3..just not really my ot3. I'm really not sure who my ot3 are cuz it keeps changing haha. Usually its EunHae + someone else. Either Siwon, Sungmin or Teuk? But yea I LOVE EUNHAE and can't get enough of them. :ppp

            I realised their performances keeps getting shorter and shorter and it sucks cuz they're only performing one song as it is :( No more BOOM BOOM DD: But as long as they're still winning some awards and Teuk is still crying lol. He is such a osm leader.

            And no, I didn't realise about Teuk's pants things. Man fans have such intense eyes. I can't spot half the things they can lol. And yea version B is niceee. But I'm expecting a Version C and D so hold on tight and wait until they're all out before you decided!! There's defs going to be a repackaged too cuz its SM so yea HOLD ON TIGHT hahaha. Unless money grows from trees for you and you can afford all versions and all repackaged versions. I definitely can't haha.

            • nahhh, no worries. chances are i’ll eventually stop essay replying when i run out of things to say too. which will happen soon if their performances get any shorter! >:( and i’m getting so worried now that ss501 and wonder girls are back. the ss501 songs are actually pretty good. :( i hope suju continues to dominate but i feel like they have loads of influence overseas, but about the same as the rest in korea?

              and OH GOSH. the fanmeeting audios and fan accounts and news about heechul’s depression with hankyung leaving etcetc has just made my suju fandom a very depressing place. i cannot believe how affected i am by people i don’t even know personally. :|:| i really wish they’ll be together one day again at least once. i think by the time kangin gets out of army though, i’ll probably have outgrown them. it’s so depressing. :(:(

              i love eunmin so muchhh. they are so cute together. and i like it that it’s not so much fanservice when they pat each other’s backs or are close and stuff cos it’s not the hyped up eunhae but they are just really close. xD the 4jib comeback concept totally ousted kyu from 3rd place and bumped teuk up to that position for me lah. they’re all so smokin’ hot this comeback i can’t choose. :|:| even yesung looks good and i’ve just never really found him attractive besides his voice (on which note i think kyu’s is nicer anyway. xD)

              and uh oh. i pre-ordered both version A and B together, so i’ll be getting those two. but yeah, i don’t think i can afford anymore. ESPECIALLY WITH SUJU COMING TO SINGAPORE. and i have to buy a DAMN PHONE and a two year contract to get tickets to see them?! it’s so damn ridiculous. *angry* i don’t know if i’ll have the energy to fight with all the young fans at the airport. :(:(:(

  3. i wish the stylists would stop thinking up funky OTT outfits for them idols. just go with sleek suits. u know 99.9% of idols look good in well tailored suits… *flashback to 3jib promos*

    then again… there will still be stylists like 2pm’s that gave them fail suits… ~_~

    • This week’s sets of clothes have been really decent actually. I love what they were wearing today. All the leather and black was quite hot. They should just stick to that haha. And I agree on the suits thing. Maybe next album’s concept will be suits? haha.

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