Posted by: lovediaries | May 17, 2010

Super Junior – Victory Korea MV Teaser

{credit: sment @ youtube}

Their song for the World Cup!? :o. Ngaww, the Sorry Sorry part is cute~ ♥.


  1. Korean’s are such world cup fans ! lol – not a single group hasnt made a song for the world cup – anyway i love this song and i think also think that the sorry sorry part was incredibly cute !! ♥

  2. Omg… is it just me… or does hyukkie looks more and more handsome? *o*
    His performances of Banamana and Boom are AWESOME <3 absssss ftw XD
    and he looks so cute yet gorgeous in this mv <3333333333

    there are so many mv releases *dies*
    have you seen mblaq's Y already?


  3. omg love suju soo much their so cute hope they come up with a new song soon

  4. korean….must be hwaiting right???

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