Posted by: beckery | May 18, 2010


Credit: acre210 @ youtube

Joon plays the lead in MV so there’s ALOT of him and his abs, which is great (and very typical hahaha)! But not enough of the other boys, which saddens me a bit. Especially when the others are looking absolutely delicious….I mean hot haha XD That fighting scene was probably my favourite part of the MV, cuz seriously HOW HOT WAS SEUNGHO? HE WAS PIMPIN’ but there wasn’t enough closeups of him /cries. The MV had a storyline but like did he really kill her? Cuz isn’t that a bit…psycho lol. Joon’s a good actor, those fun scenes with the girl was really cute :3

I like the song, mainly the chorus. Could have done without the autotune but Kpop loves its autotune so I really should stop complaining. I wonder how’ll they’ll pull it off on stage. I’m sure it’ll be great. Such a sexy song! But please don’t wear those pants in performances, they really make me weep hahahah D:


  1. This is the first MBLAQ song I can actually tolerate which is great because the guys themselves have grown on me. <3 Is the guy in the shower Joon or Rain because I thought it was Rain for some reason.

    They all look great(won't comment on the clothes) and more mature here. I've always thought of Seungho as a fail!leader, so when he looks hot and swaggerlicious I get confused. XD

    • Lol I’m pretty sure its Joon but Joon and Rain both have great bodies *O* I don’t know, there’s some ok songs from MBLAQ but this is one of the easier to tolerate and like one XDD

      Seungho is still a fail leader, but when he looks delicious like that you tend to forget right?

  2. some bad superhero spandex action going on there… especially when they had that lighting effect n u see triangle undies lookalikes…

    but throwing away the hideous dance outfits, the song is pretty good. much better than oh yeah! i still prefer my Beast boys thou ;D

    • ROFL. I KNOW. The glow in the dark stuff or whatever. At least they’re not wearing them on performances…yet :/

      I’m still hopping between Beast and MBLAQ. Tbh I’m really not into any of them alot. I’m still sticking with my Shinhwa, Suju, Shinee boys more XD

  3. I love the song and the mv. Yeah they really are looking very very good! and lots of charisma. The choreography seems to be really nice but those pants? LOLOLOL. Omg what was the person in charge of that thinking. But I guess they have to have something unique to make the mv more memorable.

    Btw omg you can tell Rain had a lot of say in this MV because of all the Joon shower scenes. If it was up to Rain everyone would be topless XD

    • I bet Rain designed their pants. “Well we’ve shown enough abs for now, lets highlight your bottom half”. LOOOOOOOL. Oh I don’t know, its just too ridic for words really. I would have prepared Joon and Seungho bashing eachother all MV. Only if Seungho looked that hot even after getting beaten into pulp hahaha.

  4. hey beckery!! so i pretty much love this mv to death XDDD joon & seungho look SO fine in suits <3333

    i just wanted to drop by and say that i posted a thing about SJ's "W" photo shoot and i believe there's a screencap i took that you'll greatly, greatly, appreciate :DDD

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