Posted by: lovediaries | May 19, 2010

4 Minute – Huh MV feat. Beast

{credit: AsianMusicVideoHD @ youtube}

Beast are only here for the beginning. Pretty much everything in the teaser was all they got :(((. And I haven’t heard 4Minute’s mini-album yet but I think the part featuring Beast is “Who’s Next”.

This MV is definitely their best :D. Everything about it is so cool and fierce and I really like their dancing outfits~ Especially the crop tops with the jumpsuits. The choreography is very provocative though. And then there was that shot of Jihyun in the gold dress where the camera was just focused on her chest. LOL IDK but I found that really awkward to look at.

This MV is subbed so check out the lyrics too :). “I do what I want and I do it my way” is my favourite line. I wish I had this type of confidence LOL.


  1. an intro line n they call it a feature by beast… like whaaaatt?!

    anyway, i find the song to be in an awkward place. not very fast nor very slow. neither hard nor soft. n one of them hardly even appears in the mv!

    so many ppl r saying “i like hyuna’s new hair!” exactly wut is new about her hair???

    anyway… maknae is the one that cut off her hair rite? her voice totally does not go wit that face! i just find it really amusing…

    • oh my gosh! u need to see Beast’s shoot for Marie Claire! topless! n they all look SHOOOHOOOTT!!!!

      • I SAW THE PHOTOS ALREADY OMG. My favourite was Hyunseung’s back, sobbbinggg.

    • LOL people are calling it new hair? Isn’t it the same…? Maybe she lightened it. I can’t really tell a difference. And yep Sohyun is the magnae. She looks very Minji-style like that lol.

  2. I think that what I really like about 4Minute (even if I’m not a big fan or anything) is that they can be so fierce and still be, for lack of word, feminine. I don’t know her name–that one member. Unlike Amber she doesn’t dress up completely as a boy to look “tough”. She has that “boyish” charm yet she isn’t entirely boxed in that image. Did I make sense?

    Other than that, the lyrics are really nice, if you ignore the weird Engrish XD And they dance really well. The song is okay, didn’t really strike me as the most awesome thing ever.

    They always seem to have very elaborate MVs, which I like. You know exactly how their company trusts them to rake back all the expenses, see? Unlike other companies I know -___-;

    • Are you talking about Jiyoon? She doesn’t look tomboyish at all here and she’s very pretty regardless, but actually when they first debuted and she was given that image, she talked about how she didn’t want to be like that because she’s in fact very girlish. So that’s different to Amber where she is naturally a tomboy. Jiyoon was given the image but spoke up about not liking it XD. So that’s why she’s not “boxed up” as you’ve described.

      Yeah the lyrics are nice, it would’ve been better if they didn’t try throw in any English lol.

      • I have no idea what their names are. But yeah I like that she spoke up about not liking it. :P

        The Engrish made me cringe T__T Would’ve been a really nice song otherwise. Only SME can pull off the Engrish lulz xD

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