Posted by: lovediaries | May 21, 2010

2PM & SNSD – Caribbean Bay CF

{credit: MsOnlybobo2 @ youtube}

So by CF, I really mean a 4+ minute MV lol. I listened to the song a couple of days ago but it didn’t really stick out to me so I didn’t watch the MV til just now and alskdjfdks I REALLY LIKED IT ;__;. The plot is nothing original but it’s the type of love story I love watching HAHA. You know, where there is teasing, a whole lot jealousy, a build up of tension and then  SWEET ASS ENDING? Yeah, you get exactly that in here.

I’m not usually a fan of half nakedness running around but I think all the skin bearing added to the sexual tension between the Yoona/Taec, Yuri/Khun stories … and maybe even Seohyun/Chansung keke. Omg that little scene where they got “caught” by the instructor was so cute.

But damn, I really want to go to this place now :(. The water slides look so fun!!


  1. call me old fashioned…but am I the only one who though the mv was sometimes inappropriate? like the scene of yoona’s butt grinding? idk…meh..and the whole thing was ridiculous to me..but that’s my opinion…

  2. I’d just like to say that, when I went to Wet ‘n Wild this year, the life guards did not look like that. They all wore long-sleeved shirts with those weird beekeeper hats and huge sunglasses :/ Not so attractive.

    So yea, don’t go to the Gold Coast, go to Caribbean Bay instead :P

    • LOOOOOL. Were most of them wearing zinc all over their faces and noses? I’ve never really seen a hot life guard in my life and I’ve been to the coast and Wet n Wild plenty of times hahaha. I guess the sun in Korea just isn’t as cancerous as our sun because “slip slop slap”? Nahhhhh XDD

    • and the life guards at sydney beaches wear unflattering tight long sleeved shirts and weird skull caps (I think, it’s been a while since I went to the beach… or outside)

  3. haha too blatantly fanservice-y. yuri’s boobs? really? but that was for the fanboys. i have to admit that i was oogling at the guys, too.

    the makers came out with a ‘cleaner’ version without the cleavage and oil rub XD XD

    btw, hellooo blog author(s)! new reader here ::waves::

  4. Twas hot indeed *.* The guys!

    The girls look gorgeous too, I really like their outfits! They could’ve shown more of the waterpark if it was meant to be a CF but hey, who’s complaining ;) I like that korean idols are (finally) starting to move away from the ‘cute’ concept. I like this kind of thing better :D

  5. Haha all those “lifeguard” training exercise were so blatantly showing off their …assets.

    And one thing that bugged me the entire time was why would taec need a lifeguard job when he drives a Mercedes? And Seohyun had a driver? Did I miss something in the plot?

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