Posted by: lovediaries | May 29, 2010

Listen to … Hwayobi feat. Outsider – Baby Gone Baby Gone

So sorry for the lack of updates guys, we’ve missed out on so much due to end of semester assessments. Thank you to those who still consistently check our site! Drop us anything important? Keke. And have a song to make up for it? ;___;.

{credit: urnobody9119 @ youtube}

I had a listen to Hwayobi’s new album and I love it. This one has to be my favourite though. It sounds so sad but her voice suits it perfectly. And does anyone know what the instrument playing is? It sounds like a xylophone lol but I…can’t be too sure ^^;;.

Enjoy! :).


  1. isn’t that a harp lol… although later it starts sounding like a xylophone (when she starts singing)

    • Is it..? I’m not sure if they’re two different instruments or not but I just pictured a xylophone in my head when I heard it ^^.

  2. love this song! also like Bye Bye Bye :D

    • I do too!!! I love Booty Call too :).

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