Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 31, 2010

SS501 “Love Ya” MV

Credit: BigBangSHINeeWorld3 @ Youtube


The choreoraphy they normally get for their songs are always so cute-ish and a little nauseating, but yay, this one actually looks really good

I’m really happy that this mv isn’t Hyunjoong-focused :) HJ’s my bias, but all the other boys are just as amazing and deserve more screentime ~

Is it just me or does Baby look heaps more mature in this mv? When I saw him in the opening, I was like “woah, what happened :O” XD. Youngsaeng looked really ~~charismatic~~ and Jungmin looked fierce. Kyujong was his normal hot self and Hyunjoong’s hair makes me weep :(

The outfits….yea…um….backless suits are always no.


  1. Yaaaahhh alhaeshfshggjsr!!!!!
    So fierce! YoungSaeng sounds almost unrecognizable during the verses though. I thought most of those were Kyu’s lines.

    No auto tune+good choreo+no “questionable” hairstyles=a fighting chance to beat SM Town. Not that I have anything against SM Town, it’s just that they tend to win everything. ;P

    I like how the others got lots of exposure, but I almost feel like HJL wasn’t in the MV enough now. He got a dance break, but how many lines did he actually sing? Anyhow…*happy spazz*

  2. <3 Jungmin ^__^

    • right? sooo hot.

      everything for this song and in this mv is WIN.

  3. The backsuit is fail but ohh my, they’re amazingly hot.
    If I can see Jung Min oh so manly, it means the song and mv is good quality.

    But yay~ I like how this song shows their vocal skills. Something needed in kpop.

  4. so after the skin toned tshirts we get the backless suits. XD

    /privated video. DD: youtubing the mv. XD

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