Posted by: lovediaries | June 9, 2010

Infinite – Come Back Again MV

{credit: woolliment @ youtube}

So we haven’t posted anything about these boys since Epik High’s Run MV keke. I listened to their mini-album this morning and I wasn’t all that interested in “Come Back Again” but there are a couple of other songs I really like :). I just watched the MV and it’s quite interesting actually. I don’t quite understand it but … it was nice to watch? LOL.

And I created a (hopefully useful) guide for you guys to learn their names!

Click to enlarge! I’ve only watched the MV twice so I don’t know if it’s just me and my noob eyes or what but I hardly saw Sungjong (magnae) until that very last scene where I managed to cap his lovely face :D. I think Sunggyu, Dongwoo, L and Hoya have pretty distinctive faces. Woohyun is a bit of a tricky one because I couldn’t see his face much BUT HE’S REALLY CUTE ALSKJFKSLD I loved his spinning around in the kitchen and stuff *_*.  And Sungyeol is a very pretty boy but he looks different sometimes. I think I just have to get more familiar with their faces :).


  1. the mv looks cute..somehow..haha..
    its like a mash up of looking sleek (with all black) and cute (colors, lots of ’em!).
    err.. a mixed reaction? haha!

    • Haha it is! There are some pretty neat effects in here but the boys are just looking cute :3.

  2. first thing off.. TOO MANY FACES XDD~ but oh well.. I think after learning the Suju Boys and So Nyeo Shi Dae names.. I can learn ANY name XD will take some time though *lol*
    The mv is..nice hahah XDDD just like you i don’t really understand it..but it has some nice effects XD (i especially don’t understand the cat part thingy.. but well. I’m not the kind of person who understands MVs anyways haha)
    short Pants ftw ^^;; I can handle them with Minho.. I can handle them with Chunnie.. with Changmin…with Yunho..EVEN with Teukkie.. but literally EVERY male korean wears it nowadays -.-;; soon this trend will be here in europe.. *lol*

    oh and btw~ THANKS for the screencaps + names! owe you one! *lol* XD

    • If you think about it, they’re only half of SJ but then idk, I watched their debut perf last night and thought LOL ISN’T 7 A BIT TOO MUCH? XDDD.

      Keke no problem, I hope you get to learn their names soon :).

      • LOL, do you mean too much as in one of the guys sings half the song whereas the others are just there to look pretty :O

  3. i think the mv was them looking for their dog? they all get different tips (the email and paper airplane etc.) and go off in search and the whole time they’re singing to the dog to come back? that’s how i’m interpreting it as lol

    and you should watch their reality show^^ it’s helping me learn their names and the boys are hilarious (plus tablo and mithra show up on occasion!) i usually don’t like watching variety shows until i’ve gotten to know the group a bit but the infinite boys have gotten me sucked in…if for nothing else you should watch so you can see mithra give them a class on sex education^^ i guess that’s important for idol training…


      And yeah Bec was just talking about it on twitter this morning. I probably will start it after my finals, everyone’s been talking about how great their reality show is lol so I will definitely try it when I’m less busy :).

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