Posted by: lovediaries | June 10, 2010

JaeChunSu – W Live Fancam

{credit: AngelDBSK3 @ youtube}

*hands out tissues*. You will all need them ;___;. The song is beautiful and the performance absolutely heartbreaking :(.


  1. This is so sad~!
    Was it for Yunho and Changmin?

    Poor junsu….

  2. all the symbolisms just make it so wonderful and sad. and all the sincere emotions. W

    i can’t stop watching… and i can’t stop crying too. ;~;

    • I know right, I had it on repeat last night :'((.

  3. This is such a pretty song~ I was reading some Japanese blogs and it seems “W” means Cassiopeia.

    I wish they release this song though. Why couldn’t Jun Su come up with some soothing ballad like this instead of that…intoxication song.

    • Yep, if you join up the constellation, it spells out a ‘W’ ;_;. So meaningful.

      AND LOL YES I only watched the MV once and haven’t heard the song since. All I remember is too much bronzer.

      • Yup T_T sigh I miss the boys together.

        lol yes it was so much bronzer. And the lyrics were so…r rated XD. Mirotic was so much cuter compared to that song. Korea just complained about under my skin, while intoxication had some ‘foreplay’ and ‘stroke you like a arpeggio (Which made me go WTF)’.

  4. W means cassiopeia… but i also think it means DBSK because the five stars in the sky will outline W.

    really really hope that DBSK will stand together again on stage. it’s not the same without yunho n changmin.

    the song, if it weren’t for the translations, would be quite boring… the melody goes on n on without variations.

    • Yeah I read it and then I understood why ;___;. I hope so too. Without the translations, it still would’ve been sad but probably less so :(.

  5. this was really beautiful <3 i can't even imagine what it must have been like to be there with all the emotions rising

    i'm just trying to think of this as a mini hiatus for the boys. everyone's being saying they need a vacation for years and so i'm going to imagine that this is their well-deserved break with some sibling rivalry mixed up that will eventually be solved because in the end they're a family. there's no way they won't stand together one day again in the future…i just need to worry about how i'll get tickets to their amazing reunion concert ._.

    • I think that’s a good way of looking at it. So many people keep saying they’re done, no more OT5 but…I honestly believe they’ll be back together again. It might be another few mths, another year…a bit more, but we’ll have all 5 of them back on stage together again ;__;.

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