Posted by: lovediaries | June 11, 2010

Danson Tang – I’m Back MV feat. Amber

(I was going to post this a couple of hours ago but the JaeChunSu performance distracted me for a long time.)

{credit: heartfx2 @ youtube}

I didn’t really like the song when I first heard it but for some reason I reeeeeeeeally liked it while watching the MV – it sounded different? Maybe I wasn’t paying attention first time round lol. I’m so glad Amber is in the MV because featured artists aren’t necessarily in the MV. It was a shame they didn’t style her hair or even give her a proper outfit. Pretty sure she was just wearing one of her NU ABO outfits ~_~.

There actually is a plot to the MV and I didn’t understand it til I went to make gifs and had to watch it frame by frame. And only then was it suddenly really simple and easy to understand! Amber and Danson are partners (lovers?) and once on a mission or w/e Danson gets hurt. Amber brings him back, connects him up, and tries to fix him. The part where she strokes his face? Ugh, so beautiful ;_;. So he comes back ~new and transformed~ (actually what the lyrics say). And then that scene where they were playing around!!! Omgggg it was cute.

I hope Amber gets married in the future. LOL okay that came from nowhere but she’s really cute and playful (well, can be) when she’s around boys. And her and Danson had quite a bit of chemistry keke. What a lucky bum~


  1. I agree that they should have styled her up some more. How hot would Amber be as a femme fatale? But I think since they have similar haircuts, they styled it so they have almost couple hair ^^

    • I just think new clothes wouldn’t have been too much to ask for XD.

  2. he drinks milk. like taemin. ;d

    n amber wit blue contacts. she looks like a cat :D

  3. he drinks milk. like taemin. ;d

    n amber wit blue contacts. she looks like a cat :D i love the closeups on her lips. she’s got pouty kissable lips ;D

    they shouldve put more amber at the end thou. its a bit weird just to have one bit of rap in the entire song.


      I agree~ I get really annoyed when they randomly throw in a rap in a song :|. But at least she had a decent role in the MV so I can’t complain too much keke. And her lips are amazing *O*.

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