Posted by: lovediaries | June 13, 2010

Infinite – Come Back Again Debut Performances

100610 MNet Countdown

100611 Music Bank

100612 Music Core

100613 Inkigayo

I LOVE their choreography & dancing, especially their special Intro stage in their Mnet/Inki Debut performances. Their singing is decent but I actually don’t think the song requires much singing lol. I just think they sound like they’re shouting a lot haha.

Unfortunately, the cameramen are really biased :(. You mostly only see Sunggyu, Dongwoo and Hoya. Every time I watch a performance, I’m complaining about the lack of screentime Sungjong gets. So Inki is probably the best one to watch because you get to see more of everyone :). The outfits are also the best :D!

If you guys still need help with identifying members for the Inki perf, Sunggyu = black & white blazer, Woohyun = pink shirt & white tie, L = red pants, Hoya = white pants & white vest, Dongwoo = black outfit, Sungyeol = red & white shirt with black pants, Sungjong (who you see for 0.2 seconds) = black & white shirt with red collar.

And in these past couple of days, I’ve come to realise that Sungyeol and Eunjung are related and Sunggyu reminds me so badly of Henry ;__;. Sweet, sweet Henry.


  1. Hi! Silent reader for years but never posted before. This new boy band is making me come out of my shell :) Infinite is the most synchronized boy band I have ever seen. I really hope they continue like this and don’t start to lose it when their schedules become more busy and they become more worn out. I think their dancing is what is getting them a lot of fans lately.
    I like the leader and all, but I wish he didn’t have so many lines. I want to hear the others sing more…
    This group has a lot of members that start with Sung. Kind of confusing and funny at the same time.
    On a different related topic, I have been really addicted to “Y” lately as well (in response to your previous article), it has been on repeat for the past couple of days

    • FOR YEARS? WOW I’M IMPRESSED. Wait, really?? YEARS? LOL. I don’t think any of our readers have stuck around for that long. I can’t believe you managed to contain your spazzing too haha if I followed a blog for this long I’d have to say a few words or two :).

      It can get a bit confusing with all the ‘Sung’s’ haha but it can also make learning names easier? ^_^.

      AND YAY! Lol I’m glad someone else is seeing the addiction in ‘Y’.

      • I think I started following the site since 2008, so I have stuck with you guys for awhile. You guys have some of the funniest commentary about kpop so I love coming to this site. I’ll try to post more in the future :)

        • Wow, we really have to thank you for sticking around. So far this year, we’ve been doing a terrible job of updating this blog, so sorry :((. But thank you for still coming back and checking this site ;~;.

          Yes, we’d love to see you comment more in the future keke <3

  2. im really happy that u have a post about Infinite. they definitely got me hooked wit their strong debut. i quickly learned their names too… :D

    now i know who sunggyu looks like.. i was thinking a mix of wooyoung+JJ lin… but now that u’ve mentioned henry! yesss… that is right! henry!

    i like dongwoo :D

    koreans with their weird pronunciation again. isnt infinite supposed to be “in fai night”. they romanize as “in pi ni te” n if i hear correctly, the boy pronounce it as “inpinit”

    • Lol it’s not really that they have weird pronounciation, but there’s no ‘f’ in Korean, so they use ‘p’ to sound out any ‘ph’ sounds. Like with 4Minute, they’re pronounced as ‘po’, f(x) is ‘e pu’ etc. etc.

      Some say Woohyun look like Wooyoung lol basically all these members are lovechilds of an idol or another keke ~~.

      • ya i know f is always a p. i meant as in INFINITE should be inFAInight. not inFInit.

        woohyun actually looks like that guy from jpop group news? i think its news…

        • Er..actually we pronounce it as ‘in-fi-nit’ here lol…

          • really? i thought it’s either infainight or infuhnuht… but doesnt matter. they should name the fanclub infinitee, as in infinity but using ee like interviewee.. if that makes sense..

            • LOL oh okay we say in-fuh-nit. That sounds better XDD.

              Lmao I see double ee and just think of SHINee ~_~.

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