Posted by: lovediaries | June 17, 2010

Orange Caramel – Magic Girl MV feat. Minhyuk

{credit: yunakimdaebak @ youtube}

For those of you who don’t know, Orange Caramel is the trio formed by After School’s Lizzy, Raina and Nana. I have no idea why they bothered putting them into After School if they were going to do this, or why they did this so soon after putting them in After School. Anyway~ (Edit: Sorry, I wasn’t too clear, but yep this is just After School’s sub-unit/subgroup. Like how SJ have K.R.Y, SJT, SJM, SJH etc. etc. but I was just questioning because it would’ve been like adding Zhou Mi and Henry to the 13 and then going off and making SJM. Which just seems a little odd to me lol.)

The song is really bubbly and cute. I’m a little disappointed but I think this was to be expected from the album photos. The choreography is extreeeeeeeeeeeemely cute, like I have never seen choreo cuter than this T_T (probably because I would avoid it). But I still gave it a try because I really like these girls (especially Raina!) and I had to watch this MV for Minhyuk !! He appears for maybe 5 seconds in total but SQUEEE it was a great 5 seconds *O*.


  1. OMG He’s just tooooo cute *o* *cantstopwatchingthegifs* <3

    it's such a cute mv ^o^ though i just don't like cutesy-raina-voice XD her voice is just too awesome for that kind of song ^^;; but oh well~ the boys will like it XD

    maybe they did it to promote the three? i mean raina is already pretty famous but that doesnt go for lizzy i guess ^^;; (dunno about nana though :3 i like her XD)

    • Haha isn’t his smile so mesmerising? *O*.

      Nana is so pretty, just like a doll. I guess they’re just trying to branch out? Hmm…

  2. Actually, Orange Caramel is just a sub-unit, so it’s not like they’re actually being separated from After School. Gahee’s making a solo debut, and the other 3 (not including UEE since she’s filming) will be making their own sub-unit as well.

    • Yeah I know, but the point I was trying to make was, why not have these three debut as their own group, why put them in AS and then go and make this sub-unit? :|.

  3. the girls are so gorgeous *O* and minhyuk’s smile is precious <33 *rightclick/saves gifs(:*

    • I know right, how pretty do they look !!!!

  4. WHOA WHOAA WHOAAA. I knew AS was going to have sub-units but I didn’t know it would be so soon and that they’ll start with these girls… or that they’d be called Orange Caramel for that matter.

    I never cared much for the other AS girls who isn’t Gahee so I still can’t recognize them very quickly /fail

    I saw the gifs you posted on Tumblr and they kind of reminded me of the newly-debuted Cpop group iMe (i think?). Xiao Wu was featured in their MV too, which strengthens the connection for me. o___o

    Their outfits are much more decent-looking than iMe’s so yeah. XD

    Sadly this song and the choreography are just far too cutesy for me. Not that I have a problem with cute but I think it’s my general dislike for girl groups that remind me of Morning Musume kicking in XD;; It’s not bad, though. It’s okay, although I’m kind of o__O at their decision to put Raina there. I always thought of her voice as more of the ballad type.

    • Exactly, it’s really soon :/. Oh I haven’t been following Cpop so I’m not sure who that group is alskdjf /fail but LOL I can see why you knew about them :P.

      I’ve hardly listened to the song since I watched the MV and I haven’t seen any performances .It’s too cute for me too ~_~.

  5. I don’t like this song though. The cutesy stuff I can handle but the song should have been different.

    And I don’t really like Raina altering her voice.
    She sounds so much better normally.

    But they look so pretty and cute :D. Nana is so tall and gorgeous<333.

    • Lol everyone’s been complaining about Raina’s voice. I agree, she’s suited for something a lot more mature than this :/.

  6. I’ve had this song stuck in my head for a few days!

    • HAHA I haven’t listened to this song lately~ XD.

  7. So…you can see that their idols are morning musume! :) I like it!

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