Posted by: lovediaries | June 24, 2010

100623 f(x) & Super Junior on Music Travel LaLaLa

There are more f(x) performances but I can’t find them yet :(.

f(x) : Luna, Krystal (and Sulli) – Don’t Speak – Loved this song back in the day. Sulli is up there with them and holds her mic up at one point but I don’t think she sings at all. She looks really tired too. Luna and Krystal harmonise prettily but whenever I hear Krystal sing right after Luna, I can’t help but think it sounds a little weak?

Super Junior : Bonamana – I have missed Kyu so much ;______;. Especially his “Listen girl…Baby girl”. I love when they perform songs with live instruments. This sounded really good :). Sungmin and Ryeowook were so cute, off in their own little wor.d

Super Junior : You and Me Again –  The best thing about this performance would have to be Ryeowook, sob ♥. He hit those notes perfectly.

Super Junior : Maybe in Love – Ahh the girl who plays the keyboard…is she a singer? She has a really pretty voice and she harmonises well with the boys. She sang in both performances :).


  1. OMG THANKS for the links! i didnt’ even know kyu was back already!!! =) oh sungmin and ryeowook just get hotter and hotter with every performance omg <3!

    • You’re welcome! It’s good to have Kyu back :)).

  2. LOL poor Sulli. Luna and Krystal were good though.
    Sorta off topic but whenever I see them, i match them up with a shinee member :O
    Luna & Jonghyn – both can REALLY sing and similar hair; brown with blonde tips
    Amber & Key – gender? LOL i don’t mean it in a bad way but i’m not sure how to explain it
    Krystal & Taemin – dance/maknae?
    Victoria & Onew – leaderrr
    Sulli & Minho – model materiall

    • ‘GENDER’ LOOOOL OMG I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING HAHAHA. It’s okay, I know what you mean XDD.

  3. *spazzes and dies* the maybe in love song gave me goosebumps SO BAD. they all sound so beautiful in it and park sae byul has such a gorgeous voice! i’m kind of sad my sungmin bb didn’t get to sing for that one, but AWW, he got a nice part for the other song. :)

    the bonamana one wasn’t really a remix though? found it a little strange, but hey, not complaining. xD i’ll take whatever i can get.

    f(x) is really beginning to grow on me ever since nu abo came out. xD these girls are good!

    btw, mp3 rips are up at icepluscoffee already!! :) hooray for efficient ELFs! :)

    • Yeah, no I don’t think it was much of a remix, just having a live band makes it ‘different’? ^^.

      And thank you for the link :)!!

  4. There was also IU there who sang “Slow Motion” and “1994 Old and Wise” with Tomtom (her music teacher). Fucking AMAAAAAZING. Here:

    The second song in which f(x) participated with Guckkasten was “Vitriol” (song by Guckkasten as far as I know), here:

    IMO, it was much better than “Don’t Speak”.
    Sulli was there just to be pretty. No use at all when they sing, so true. I like her, but don’t see necessary for her to stand there during “Don’t Speak”, really.

    • My friend linked me to that performance on facebook haha.

      And thank you for the other f(x) performance :) <3.

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