Posted by: lovediaries | June 24, 2010

100624 Infinite @ Mnet Countdown

Aww, too cute to not post! I’m just wondering when idol groups will stop covering songs that aren’t SNSD/WG ^^;;.

Tell Me – OH HAY THERE SUNGJONG, we finally get to see more of his face! He looks so tiny compared to the other boys for some reason lol. And his OMONA! face is the best, okay ;~~;. Hoya, Sungyeol and Woohyun also perform here. Woohyun sang so well :D/.

Gee – All 7 of them are in this performance :). And omg, Sunggyu is just too cute, I need to sew up a pocket on my jacket for him to sit in or something. I’m surprised they gave Sungjong so many lines though! I’m used to having to squint to see him, and now he’s getting all these lines in both performances. They must’ve either felt they were neglecting their magnae or he has a lot of potential in covering girl group songs keke. He’s even up the center front for the chorus!


  1. LOL, that kid is enjoying himself waayyy too much. Reminds me of Key :o

    • Haha who knew Sungjong was such a diva!

  2. SUNGJONG! OMG! this guy is a girl! XD~ i love him! *rofl*
    (omg! i’m still soo grateful about your intro-pic of them! XD i was watching the vids while looking at the pic haha!)
    woohyun has an awesome voice *o* and he looks so good imo ^o^
    they totally should give magnae more lines in their other songs òó eventhough he has a girly voice!><

    • I’m glad it was so useful :)!! And yeah maybe for their next single ^^!

  3. omg lol. i was kinda shocked when i saw these 2 perfs. cause you know their come back again was so manly and all. but aww they’re so cute! i’m amazed with woohyun’s voice here. I’ve come to love infinite bit by bit :D thanks to your intro post previously ! ha. i love sungkyu :D i have a thing for small eyes and hence eye smiles LOL.

    • Ah that makes me very happy to hear, you’re welcome :)!! Sunggyu is so cute alksjdf I love looking at him LOL!

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