Posted by: lovediaries | July 1, 2010

Miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl

{credit: vietznamese @ youtube}

I was pretty reluctant to watch this MV because everyone has been talking about it all morning and you guys probably know how I dislike and try to avoid hype ~_~. But I’m glad I did try it out because the song is pretty decent! A little on the repetitive side (though, what JYP song isn’t?), but I like the beat and these girls have obviously trained long and hard. They have strong vocals and they’re all really good at dancing!

Good thing is that these four have different hairstyles so it’ll be easy to learn names :). Someone correct me if I’m wrong but Jia and Fei are the Chinese girls and Min and Suzy are the Korean girls :).

Tagged screencaps under the cut for your convenience~ :).

Sorry, I couldn’t get a good cap of Min. But I really like her voice, it sounds very strong and steady. And if you watch the MV carefully, Fei looks sooooo much like Stephanie ;_;. (They actually make me miss CSJH because they also have four members ._.). And here’s a fun fact! There’s an age gap of 7 years between Fei (the oldest) and Suzy (the youngest).


  1. ahha omg your words echo mine! despite 2AM and 2PM members spamming with their tweets promoting them, i had refused to give it a try. but such a good debut performance! for once, JYP has a group whereby ALL of them can sing (minus 2AM, cos they were initially promoted as a ballad group). they look pro, but i’ve always had a problem with JYP songs so if they were to go by the usual girl/boyband craze, am afraid strong vocals and dancing skills won’t be enough. i need good songs to set my favs apart!

    • I agree! And not meaning to compare them with WG but as a group, these girls sound stronger vocally and I prefer their lower voices, too :).

  2. i really agree – fei looks like steph so much~
    i miss csjh T_T <3
    i didn't want to try miss a because i've been disappointed by so many groups…
    but i always listen to everyone, look them up, and watch them in order to have every right to make judgements
    and i'm so glad i found miss a
    i haven't approved of a girl group almost 100% since csjh and 2ne1 (after school and snsd are pretty close too)
    other girl groups like wondergirls, kara, 4minute, f(x), secret, sistar…i like certain things bout them and certain members but i never loved EVERYTHING about them like i did for csjh and 2ne1 and miss a is pretty close, i just hafta see them on variety programs and other shows to see what else they have to offer but i really love their song, dance, live, and mebe even them if i get to kno them better :)

    • You’re such a dedicated fangirl! ^^ But I definitely agree with everything you said. With those groups, I will love something, but there will be SOMETHING ELSE that will bother me. Either a particular member doesn’t appeal to me, or something about their songs/concept isn’t all that great to me.

  3. Nice. Yep jyp song are repetitive. It funny cause they’re on AQ a subsidary Sam as CUBE.

    • This is how you can tell it’s a JYP song! LOL.

  4. ei. where can i get a korean romanization lyrics for this? :)) thanks btw. loveee miss a!! esp suzy!!!

    • Hmm, maybe try soompi? :).

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