Posted by: lovediaries | July 2, 2010

100702 Super Junior – No Other @ Music Bank

{credit: luvdbsk5 @ youtube}

I was a bit :/ when I first heard the leaked version of the song and didn’t go back to listen for a second time (I haven’t heard the repackaged songs either, going to wait until I get my album :DD). Fortunately, it’s not as corny haha as Marry U and not as happy as Happiness; rather, it’s very sweet :). Everyone gets about the same amount of lines/screen time. The choreography isn’t anything too intense.

I don’t know, it was just a very lovely performance (are we going to get an MV for this?). Fierce is good and hot and attractive, but sometimes all we need are smiling faces ;~~~; /cheeeeese. Teuk looked really happy in this performance, he had me smiling right along with him. Seriously, how precious does he look??


  1. *o* My mood went up immediately when I saw the vid of them in the waiting room and while watching the performance I totally felt like one of the happiest girls XD~
    Teukkie’s smile is seriously contagious *o*
    Seing their happy faces makes me teary :’)
    Donghae got me with his voice *o* Wookie’s live performance was awesome as always!
    HYUKKIE! sooooo adorable! I want him to have more singing lines *o* (and please give shindong lines as well! òó)
    Glad i’ve watched the vid before I go to sleep ^o^ now I can sleep soundly kekeke~

    • ah forget the shindong thingy XD I just watched it again and he actually HAS a line *rofl* I think I was just too excited flailing over the perf with my friends that i didnt recognized it XD
      And omo~ sungmin *o* he’s so happy about the fact that his kyu is back xP haaha! and I love sungwook (ryeomin?) at 3:16 (naega michyeo michyeo baby part XD )
      aahhh~ smiling SuJu boys are precious <3

      • OMG YOU WILL FLAIL SO HARD OVER THE MV ASLDKJFSD. It was so SO cute, I was just smiling and squealing to myself while watching ;~~~;.

        • Oh you dont have ANY IDEA HOW HAPPY I WAS when i watched the MV ;^; I really was about to cry because I felt so happy seeing them all like that *.* I just wished they would be so happy in real life >o<

          • LMAO ME TOO. I had just eaten before watching the MV and so I got heart burn because I was SO excited fffffffff T___T.

  2. ah i wasn’t in love with ‘no other’ at first but it is definitely growing on me ^^ good perf. definitely awesome to see them really SINGING, no auto-tune ane just really sweet and happy.

    the repackaged album is so nice – i love ‘a short journey’ in particular. kangin TT we’ll wait. well done eunhae <3 such a beautiful song.

    • It’s not a song I’ll put on repeat but for the MV, I can definitely listen to it 100+ times haha!

  3. the song is okay when u listen to it. but as a performance, it doesn’t stand out much. but im really glad they’re wearing proper clothes. so happy to see teuk buttoning up. they look really chic today on mucore too.

    i havent listened to the new songs either… but my frend says the song written by teuk is really nice.

    • OMG I AM SO SORRY, I missed your comment lkasjdf. Definitely glad to see the boys performing fully clothed keke 8D.

  4. I LUUVVV kyuhyun’s pose at the end! hahaha :D i actually like this song better than bonamana and shake it up remix ver woohoo~

    • A lot of people prefer this to Bonamana. I think I prefer this concept, too :).

  5. this is the kind of song that i can listen to and feel relaxed. lol.

    and i agree with the marry u / happiness comparison. :))

    you got the repackaged? o, i want it too. D;

    • Ah no I haven’t ordered it yet. I am convinced another will come out with the MVs! After all this time, I have learnt to be patient :).

      • yeah. that’s the thing i still have not learned to learn. D:< i should've waited for the repackaged and the repackage of the repackaged and so on. lol.

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