Posted by: lovediaries | July 7, 2010

LAEC is now on Tumblr!

As many of our readers would have noticed by now, the three of us have been very busy this year and have been spending less time here on our blog (and on wordpress in general). After some discussion, we’ve decided to set up a tumblr account for LAEC. Although it will be less interactive, there are still replying (but there is a character limit, unfortunately) and reblogging options for readers who are happy to spazz with us :). Our tumblr will be used for quick posting: pictures, videos, etc.; for when us authors don’t have time to watch variety shows, for example, but still want to share!! It is for convenience, really, especially if you have a tumblr account too! But just like with wordpress, having an account isn’t necessary to ~experience~ the benefits of our blog hehe.

We will still be posting here for stuff that we want to comment on and/or posts of “importance” (e.g when SHINee have a comeback !!!!!). Don’t worry about missing out on anything though because we will have weekly posts summarising what we’ve been putting over on tumblr here, and we’ll be linking on tumblr anything we have here. Confused? Hope not!

We’re hoping by doing this, our readers who rely on us for fandom updates will remain updated (via tumblr), and for readers who enjoy spazzing with us, they will still have a chance to do so (here on wordpress).

Problems? Queries? Other inconveniences which need to be solved? Leave us a comment and we shall think of a solution :)!


  1. no confusion on my part.

    lol. and i was missing the imop trio :3♥

    • I’ve missed talking to you on twitter ;_; ♥.

      I really should go reply to my other comments :3.

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