Posted by: lovediaries | July 9, 2010

100709 Music Bank

{credit: UnknownCarrot120 @ youtube}

Congratulations to Suju :D!! Their mexican wave was sooo cute ♥♥.

4Minute & C.N Blue : Backstage – This is the cutest thing I have watched all night T___T. Minhyuk is so smooth, I swear, I honestly think he’s a heartbreaker. I mean, really, was it necessary to put his hand on Sohyun’s shoulder!? No, absolutely not. He definitely seems to be less awkward with the girls than his hyungs keke.

4Minute : I My Me Mine – I watched the MV for this song when it came out and I really liked it :D. Cube make good MVs~ I love the choreography for the Click x 4 part where they interact with their male back up dancers. The cameramen are really Hyuna/Sohyun biased lol. I wanted to see some Gayoon and got like one close up near the end. Boo :(.

C.N Blue : LOVE – Though I haven’t been keeping up with performances, I know they’ve been winning many awards with this song :3. I’m not sure if this will happen in Korea but I would love for them to perform The Way ~One Time~ ;_;. I put that on repeat almost every day. And I know I hardly post about them but my love for these boys have grown so much that my heart literally aches when I see them ;A;. I’m not even exaggerating…LIKE I AM DYING HERE, UNDER JONGHYUN’S SOULFUL GAZE ♥____♥.

Infinite : Come Back Again – What I like about Infinite is that these guys are always so in sync with each other with their dancing (I found ZE:A just a liiiiiiiittle out of time in their performance). I like them all in white, it makes them look even more coordinated. And I feel sorry for Sunggyu HAHA, I swear I pretend I’m watching Henry when I look at him. How horrible am I? XD.

Miss A : Bad Girl Good Girl – This is only the second of their performance I’ve watched but I feel they’ve already improved :). The song is actually very demanding, especially mixed with their choreography so I don’t blame them for running out of breath. They cover it up quite well though, I think. Fei and Min are probably the stronger vocals of the group, judging from the two performances I’ve watched.

Super Junior : No Other – Aw, I love their outfits today. I really like when they wear white and pastel colours. It makes them look so fresh and reminds me of how young they really are hehe~ AND omg *squeeeee*, Teuk screamed “Kangin we miss you” today ;___;. And then Eunhyuk and Heechul share a secret smile right after. So cute my heart is melting :((. Oh and I love Heechul’s ponytail!

ZE:A : Level Up – I only listened to the song once and didn’t feel much for it but I am really excited for their MV because I think the racer concept is really hot LOL. Some of their hair I disapprove of, though. Especially Siwan’s :(. Sorry but what IS THAT? The choreography doesn’t stand out too much, I think the highlight would be Dongjun’s flip. Surprisingly the song and performance isn’t too Dongjun biased keke. I was personally very happy to see Hyungshik and Kwanghee. I thought they looked especially good. Biased? Yes, probably :P.

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