Posted by: pinkandsparkly | July 9, 2010

HanGeng – Wings of Love

Youtube:  GengFans @ Youtube

Just posted this on our Tumblr (how exciting :D!) but thought I’d post it here too cos I want to comment on it.

Ok, so when I first heard that Geng was going solo, I was like “OMG HE’S GOING TO FAIL COS HE CAN’T SING FOR COOKIES”, but um yea, after hearing this song I think I need to take that back XD He’s improved a lot.

I love this song. The melody is nice and simple, Geng sounds good, and this song was a present from his fans. The fans wrote the song together and “gave” it to him, singing it at events that Geng attended. Now Geng’s changed the lyrics up and is giving the song back to them. For those who don’t understand Chinese, the lyrics now say:

你们的爱是我的翅膀 给我穿越风雨的力量

感动微笑是我们的信仰 快乐忧伤有你们和我分享

Your(his fans’) love is my wings, giving me the strength to get through the tough times; Touching smiles are our belief; happy times and sad times, I have you guys to share them with me.

Awwww ;_; I love how at the end of the song, his fans sing the original version back to him. I think the last bits of the song are my favourite <3

I hope he wins his case with SME. Imo, this boy is one of the nicest, most down-to-earth boys in the business and I hope everything will work out for him :)


  1. <3 I love this song omg.
    I almost teared while listening to it :(
    He's so sweet to give this song back to the fans.

    I love the chorus too, especially the first 2 lines!
    This song is just so……
    relates so much to his situation now :(
    I miss him together with suju, sigh.

    But I still hope that all will work out for him in the end.
    Hwaiting Hankyung!~

    P.S. I love your tumblr :D

    • Have you seen Geng’s interview on 鲁豫有约? His fans sang that song to him and omg, it was so touching ;__;

      I wish he’d work everything out and participate in Suju events with a different company. It’s not like he does that much anyway. He could always just go to SK a few times during the comeback period and record his one line XD I miss seeing him at the front for their dances :(

      My personal Tumblr? Or LAEC’s?

      • 鲁豫有约?
        I tried searching for that, but I got those suju clips instead omg :(
        they make me wanna cry. seeing him so close with the members, esp. heechul!!! :(

        yeah I would love to see him with the suju boys again!
        Oh uhm, i mean LAEC tumblr.
        I dont know your personal one :p
        Tumblr is indeed very convenient! :)

        • This is the one I was talking about

          You should watch it. It’s super long (9 parts, omg) but soooo worth watching :) Let me know when you’ve watched it!

          Haha, if you click on my name on tumblr it should take you to my Tumblr (I think). There’s nothing on it, though XD

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