Posted by: lovediaries | July 9, 2010

Super Junior “No Other” MV, C.N Blue @ Sukira, 2PM Coca Cola Promo Shots etc.

Just to clear things up, since we created our tumblr account, you guys now have a choice to follow EITHER our wordpress blog or our tumblelog. Of course you can follow both but it won’t be necessary. It just depends on which one better meets your needs :).

This is an example of the summary posts I mentioned in our other post. These will be posted either weekly or whenever necessary and is just basically a list of the posts over on tumblr that have not been cross-posted here. Because you can’t really spazz or discuss things properly on tumblr, you can still do so this way! I won’t be updating our directory with posts from our tumblr though, sorry :(. BUT there is a tags page on our tumblr which was also set up for your convenience; at least, I hope it is of some use :).

Super Junior “No Other” MV – 4+ MINUTES OF BIG BUNDLES OF CUTE ♥♥

100707 C.N Blue @ Sukira – Two cuts of Jonghyun and Jungshin singing  “Lucky” and “Magic Girl”. Jonghyun’s voice is loooove and Jungshin is very awkward haha.

ZE:A “Level Up” MV Teaser – Need MV nowww.

2PM Coca Cola Summer Promo Shots – There’s a link for more photos on the post :).

G.Na “I’ll back off so you can live better” MV Teaser feat. Doojoon & Junhyung – The plot actually reminds me of MBLAQ’s “Y”. Watch it and you’ll definitely notice the similarities.

100709 f(x) K-Swiss News Pictures – These aren’t official pictures from the photoshoot, just news article ones of the photoshoot :).

Se7en New Album Teaser The album will be released on the 21st this month!

ANNNNNNNNNNNNND for those unaware, SHINee are making their Comeback soon!! Their Comeback has been postponed due to Minho’s injury but teaser pictures are being released, with one of each member a day. Minho’s and Taemin’s have been released so far and then tomorrow is Onew, then Jonghyun and finally Key is last. I’ll post them when all 5 are up :).


  1. doojoon!!! oh my gahsss…. no wonder he’s the most wanted celebrity bf ya? that tear rolling down his cheek just makes me wanna give him a hug n tell him it’s ok!

    • I KNOW RIGHT ALKSJDFSAF. Watching it made my heart race and I could feel myself blushing LMAO.

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