Posted by: lovediaries | July 13, 2010

SHINee New Concept Photos

I think everyone has seen these photos by now, but I’m putting them all in the one post now that all 5 have been released :). Their new concept is apparently ‘Bad Boy’. There’s nothing original about this concept but I think we still have a lot to anticipate. I really don’t know what happened with Onew’s hair/photo but let’s hope what we get in the MV will be infinitely better. Jonghyun’s photo is definitely my favourite because helllllllo BACK FETISH ANYONE? Design wise though, Minho’s is my favourite. Taemin looks so beautiful in his photo, it’s been my phone wallpaper for a few days :P. And for the record, I find Key really hot in his photo.


  1. Oooo I wonder what the concept is. The photos are giving me a green and murky vibe.


    • I was hoping they’d all represent a God and have a colour each but lsakd clearly I’m more creative than their designers :/.

      LMAO everyone was hoping Key would be a mermaid.

  2. Im not liking this new concept :(
    Very very weird. haha.
    Does this mean that their performance will be of this concept too? :x
    But I cant wait till they come back (:

    • Loool have faith in them! There’s a possibility but I’m sure they’ll have many changes in their outfits when performing. As for the music video and album art……..LET’S JUST HOPE THEY HAVE AT LEAST ONE OTHER OUTFIT/HAIR STYLE (at least, for Onew’s sake).

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