Posted by: lovediaries | July 13, 2010

Teen Top – Clap MV

THESE BOYS ARE FETUSES. I was meant to resist but then for a while I forgot I’m no longer 16 and gave in and now I might just be a little in love. JUST A LITTLE.

{credit: TeenzOnTop @ youtube}

It was Niel’s voice that pulled me in (it’s really pretty and sounds very mature for his age – he’s 15) and L.Joe’s violin playing. You guys should know I have a weakness for that :(. Lizzy from After School is in the MV. She doesn’t do much and I don’t understand the plot either but it’s not bad, just give it a try~

Chunji. Is. Really. Pretty.


  1. I really like this song ;___; how old are they? Younger than me?

    • How come you always appear out of nowhere to declare your love for prepubescent boy groups?

      One is ’92, two ’93, one ’94 and two ’95. Which one is your favourite, eh eh~?

      • lol ‘appear out of nowhere to declare your love for prepubescent boy groups’, just like you

        umm i looked at pics and i think like the rapper and the short haired one who sings part of the chorus

        • Well then you are slowly becoming more and more like me. That’s what you’ve always wanted though, isn’t it?

          Lol I knew it, the rapper is all beastly~ The way you like your men ;D. Cough. “Men”. Hehe.


    What is with you and small boys, bb. You always like the little ones.

    Pedobear is watching you.


      Pedobear is me.

  3. the moment i looked at them, i feel like ;__; sob.
    why are they so young?!

    I dont think I’ll like them, as much as I think they got a lot of potential. I cant bring myself to like them :( haha. I shall let nature takes its course LOL.

    Their voices are nice but its the song that I find pretty :/

    I keep on hearing crab man.

    I hope they will be given a better song next time round, heh (:

    • You can always tells because they have really soft features.

      AND LOL YES I thought it was crab/crap man too but it’s clap man lol.

  4. i like l.joe. he kinda reminds me of chunhee. they’re wayyy too young. n im not happy that only 2 sings. the leader’s rapping isnt that great either…

    • L.Joe is blonde now 8D.

  5. Changjo! <3
    He's only a year older than me. :D

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