Posted by: beckery | July 16, 2010

SHINee – Lucifer MV Teaser

Credit sment @ youtube

Ok so I had this massive rant about not really digging SHINee’s hair but I’m going to save that for myself because EVERYONE seems to like their hair…even Key’s :/ hahaha.

Anyways, the song sounds sort of like Ring Ding Dong and I LOVE RDD, so I’m sort of loving this song so far from the teaser. But like we all know how SM are with their teasers haha T_T.



  1. lol….me too, his back’s hot^^ hahah:) dis mv’s so cool, can’t wait for the full one!!!

  2. uhm.. I agree with you with the hair XDDD I only really dig.. jonghyuns hair ^^;; taemin’s style is WEIRD but well~ i guess I’d get use to it XD
    but key’s.. oh my key.. what did they do to my diva? ToT *cries*
    but jonghyun’s back! hmmhh SMEXY *o*
    I’m really curious bout the full song already! ^o^

  3. Onew’s hair is so retro, I just loled when I saw it.
    It’s because the teaser’s soo…nice but his hair looks so 90s XD.

    I hope SM doesn’t disappoint me with their new song.

  4. I don’t care about their hair now. I just want the title song and album. LOL they’re all very good looking anyway hair withstanding.

    I expect SM to knock my socks off bec they set the bar very high with the first album. Plus wow – 13 new songs with some of them written or co-written by the boys. This was worth the wait. I thought I was gonna get an RDD re-mix and others from the previous mini-albums.

    Onew, I have missed you! (hehe). Plus the rest of the boys, of course!

    *fell off chair*

    Ok so lol everyone jumping in the begining!
    There wasn’t enough for me to make a judgement of the MV but has Jonghyun been working out SO MUCH?!?!?!

    I can’t wait!

  6. I CAN’T WAIT!

    i’m glad minho cut off his long hair. i always felt he looked better with short hair. he looks 10x manlier now.

    onew.. sighs. he always get the worst hair! i love all the rest. so funky!

    im just excited about their album cos i really like their songs, most of the time :D

    i’m like seeing sungmin back in don’t don on key. T______T

    but the song sounds okay, actually good to me
    a bit genie-ish/sorry sorry-ish. TO ME. lol.

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