Posted by: lovediaries | July 20, 2010

SHINee – Lucifer Album Art

The past two days have been so stressful haha. Constantly refreshing shakizi, baidu, naver and tumblr for album scans :D. More and more are being leaked so I guess I’ll add to this post? :).

I think after looking at everyone’s hair for so long, I’m 100% used to it all already~ Some pictures are a bit :/ but most make me very happy. Especially a lot of Key’s shots. He’s such an amazing model *_*. Also, Taemin is so gorgeous!!!!! And I really love the art in these pictures. The splattering paint and all the layering and effects used are A+!

I uploaded these onto imageshack and we all know how ugly those frogs are so PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK :).


  1. Taemin is prettier than me *hides in shame at one corner*
    idek, key’s hair still makes me :|
    Onew and jonghyun is <3 <3 <3

    • Don’t hide~ Taemin is prettier than like 90% of the population T_T.

  2. ahh… i still love key no matter what

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