Posted by: lovediaries | July 20, 2010

SHINee – Lucifer MV

{credit: sment @ youtube}

I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO SAY *___________*. I’m just really really impressed and I think their lives will blow me away. This song is so hard to sing and their choreography is pretty damn intense this time round. Usually I say choreography is amazing and I love it…but this time, amazing would be the ultimate understatement. There are SO many parts I’m in love with, I just, alskjfd cannot form coherent sentences right now. And how good does everyone look? I would not want to run into Key on the streets at night but aklsjdf everyone looks great. Taemin. TAEMIN!!!!!!! He’s just so gorgeous, beautiful, stunning, amazing, flawless, I’m just shaking in my seat watching him have eye sex with the camera :(.

I know I seem pretty calm (this is calm, right?) but that’s only because I’ve spent an hour watching and screencapping the MV and I’m already really exhausted ~_~. Yah, I have no life BUT OH WELL :D ♥!!

Lots more screencaps HERE.


  1. I stayed up just for this mv… and I am loving it :D
    And their hair isn’t that bad :)

    • MY HEAD HURTS. Lol so many people haven’t slept in like 30 hours, idek :(.

  2. Dance is epic as expected. I thought Juliette’s choreo. was pretty good and RDD was a step down but this is back to Shinee level awesome.

    “Eye-sex with the camera?” lol During the MV I was just thinking to myself “I hope he doesn’t go all freaky now b/c that’s too much for a 15… O.o;…I mean 17 year old.”

    • I think RDD was mostly about looking good and sexy but this … there’s a lot of technique. I LOVE that part near the end where JongYu face one side and the other face another and they do the same moves over and over but at different times. Omg I’m so sad to be seeing 4 on stage though. I really wish they wait til Minho recovers. Or maybe he will recover by Friday !!

  3. The song is really nice. It’s disappointing that I actually like this better than Bonamana. Really nice choreography (although some parts remind me of RDD). I’m kind of :\ since they’re… kind of too young for this image, like little boys trying hard to grow up but I guess this is better than getting stuck in cutesy stuff because boys grow up so fast and eventually they’ll reach that stage anyway.

    Onew wears eyeliner better than me. :| And OMGNINJAKIKI. Onew is more manly now but lol Key, I’m sorry. You’ll always look like a diva to me.


    • Well, Bonamana wasn’t SJ’s greatest song so I think it’s okay. Actually, tbh, I’m not yet feeling much for the song. I think if I listened to it before watching the MV, I’d be able to form a separate opinion. But now everything is just sorta jumbled together.

      LOL it’s okay bb not everyone looks good with eyeliner? But I’ll admit, Onew looks better than I imagined 8D.

  4. Lol everyone’s so hyped hahaha.
    The mv’s very nicely done, and i agree, the song is gonna be SO HARD to sing live!
    But oh well, its SHINee hahaha so we dont need to worry :D :D :D
    Im really quite freaked out by key’s hair. =/
    Im okay with the other 4 of them….but just not key’s hair.
    Taemin is too pretty ;__;

    • I like how they styled Key’s hair during the group dance scenes to look like he never even shaved XD.

  5. I was in school when THE best mv of the century was revealed and I swear from that moment onwards I didn’t care what my lecturer was talking about.
    I was just *_* and taemin-ing throughout the whole lecture my friends seriously thought I was bogus or something =.=
    TBH, idek how many times I’ve watched the MV, too many times to count :O Taemin is so prettaye he makes me cry over my face filled with pimples ;_;
    I LOVE the “dance break” around the 0:20 to 0:27 mark, the choreo was so cute! But other than that, the other choreo made me go oohlala, :3

    When I saw Onew I went, “Oh we all know Onew’s too nice to be evil and dark hees :333” but nonetheless, ONEW YOU LOOK DELICIOUS (:

    Last and finally… TAEMIN TAEMIN TAEMIN TAEMIN! *_* (continues chanting) I swear I worship that boy even though he’s the same age as me. (:

    • LOL that’s like when I tried watching the MV teaser, I used my dad’s phone but the quality was so low and I was just like LAKSDJFLKSDJFLK NOOO but the sound was so clear x_x.

      I watched t he MV for two days. I don’t think I’ve ever watched an MV that many times lmao.

      • Hahaha! I kept watching it for 2 days straight too! I’m so glad it was out because it was like my only entertainment during lectures that could kill me :O

        I watched it so many times I’ve already memorized the lyrics after 3 watches and the dance in half a day. My friends gave up on talking to me on the day itself ;////

  6. badass is badass. ♥
    i think key’s hair is starting to grow on me!

    lol. i’m so sleepy, i’ll be back for a more decent comment. :3

    • Hehe poor bb, sleep more :( ♥

  7. lol! when i saw the screencaps, i was wondering why are there only 4 members and why is there a girl in there, lol! XD

    Taemin is so beautiful! he loooks so much like Heechul! ~^.^~

    • LMAO yeah my friend asked on facebook which SHINee member got a sex change ~_~.

  8. u screencapped key’s shy smile! :D i really like that shot of him… such a sweet smile but sporting such fierce hair!

    their whole album is good. its been on repeat n the tracks which i thought i dint like at first, i liked them after a few listens.

    the chorus is actually just 1 note the entire time. typical of kpop… so i cant say it’s hard to sing.

    • I LOVE THAT SCREENCAP !!!! Omg, Key just looked amazing there.

      Nah it is hard to sing because there is absolutely no break, and Onew and Jonghyun have quite a few high notes.

      • hahha.. im sure it’d be no prob for onew n jonghyun :D

        cant wait for today’s comeback!!!

        • Hehe yeah~ I’m sad Minho won’t be dancing with them though :(. The choreography is best with 5.

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