Posted by: lovediaries | July 28, 2010

SHINee – Up & Down & Lucifer Comeback Performances

Ah, sorry this took so long. Uni started this week for me and I just got a chance to watch their Inki performance last night.

100723 Music Bank – Minho got a heck of a lot of screentime considering he’s just rapping on a chair lmao. But it was definitely a great performance. I read the rehearsal perf was better than the broadcasted one though. And Jonghyun and Onew did seem to be dying near the end but this is seriously a really hard song to sing D; However~ I listened to the MR ver. of this and MuCore’s performance and they were singing throughout the whole song and weren’t off key or anything :D/. So proud of them~

100724 Music Core – MINHO HAS LIKE, A THRONE. Sort of. I think MuCore was my favourite performance. Yes, even better than Inki. But I might have to rewatch again to decide. The choreo was best shown in this performance. Inki, had too many low angles. I like Jonghyun’s back :Q_____.

100725 Inkigayo Comeback – Nggggggh, Onew with eyeliner *_*. After watching their Comeback perfs, I’m wondering when we’ll see all 5 perform this song :(. It looks incomplete, to be honest.

I’ll be sad we won’t see “Up & Down” anymore. I loved Onew’s opening lines *_*. They made my ears very happy.

100727 Traffic Safety Song – I LOVE INKI CAMPAIGN SONGS. Jonghyun as a cop is A+, too.


  1. inki’s comeback perf was my fav! camera shots were sooo good. im kinda happy that they shot minho only during his rap n a bit after… it looked weird in mubank n mucore.

    did u see the clip of onew losing his mic n falling on the floor when he tried to save it? sooo cute!

    • Haha yeah me too. Another reason why I want Minho to be able to perform soon again. I need to see the choreo in full and not half of the four boys then half of Minho on a chair :(.

      AND YES! That was so cute, he’s so fail omg T__T.

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