Posted by: lovediaries | July 29, 2010

100728 SHINee @ Sukira

Lucifer – I listened to the whole file (dl’d off SFI and then ripped the audio T_T) before watching the clips off youtube and I didn’t even know they were singing it live HEHE. FLAWLESS ♥!!

Replay – Loool look at them sing/half-dance to Replay with those big guns of theirs HAHA.

Quasimodo – This is how I survive on new SHINee songs until I get my album! Everyone has been going on and on about Quasimodo, so I’m so glad they performed it *_*. I saved this til last because I figured it’d be my favourite performance hehe and I was right. This song is definitely tmth for my heart. HOW BEAUTIFUL IS IT? It’s so sad, I need to go read up on lyrics after this. And everyone’s adlibs at the end omg. SOBBING :(((((.

Electric Heart – The intro reminded me of a song but … I can’t think of it right now. This is a very sexual song HAHA or is it just me? I like the way Onew sings “Electric Heart~” /dead. And then the way Key looked while singing was too much to handle!! Taemin’s voice sounds really pretty here though :).

Jonghyun: Live 1, Live 2 – I am not kidding when I tell you to turn your volume down for the first clip. Jonghyun sings two lines of Obsession and it will burst your eardrums, when he hits those high notes.

Taemin Live – Omg, I am so proud of Taemin!! Haha, his little solo didn’t end up as embarrassing as it did the last time he asked to sing. He’s more confident now, I think (even though he said he was nervous at the start?). And omg his engrish sounds just like Junsu’s !!


  1. Hmm~ Onew’s hair looks good there. Still not digging it, though, Key. :\

    • Not even when it looks like this ? I love it when they styled it up in all the Up & Down performances though *____*.

  2. i wanna know who says “u gotta leave me or drive me crazy” in electric heart. they dint show it apart from key’s. i dont think he said all of them. sounded so sexy… electric heart is one of my fav songs on the album.

    actually not very fond of quasimodo. its like “Y.O.U” n i dint like that song much either. prefer “Life”, the only other ballad on the album.

    all the fast numbers r good thou!

    SHINee pls have a world tour!!!

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