Posted by: pinkandsparkly | September 27, 2010

F.T Island on KJE’s Chocolate


I think this is my first time posting anything in…..two/three months? I haven’t posted anything on our tumblr…mainly cos I’m lazy and I don’t really use tumblr XD ANYWAY, Miy left us a comment saying that she preferred our wordpress posts to our tumblr posts, so for Miy and all the other people who are still checking (our stats tell me that people are!) I’m going to try post more on here from now on :))

I think I’ve voiced my undying love for FTI on this blog many times, so I will just say that you should watch these cuts if you’re an FTI fan (or if you have time to Youtube :D) cos alkfsj these boys are so freaking adorable and talented <3

Embedding the video of their Love Love Love performance cos it’s one of my favourite kpop releases this year, AND THEY PERFORMED IT LIVE :DDD WITH INSTRUMENT PLAYING AND EVERYTHING.

Other cuts you should watch:

Introduction – Hongki introduced each member and they each had a little (like, 5 seconds) solo. Jonghun’s guitar solo was SO ATTRACTIVE <3333 and Seunghyun’s train imitation was…cute :D? Hahaha.

Can I just say that while everyone else has grown up (Minhwan, I’m looking at you) Jaejin still looks like he’s fifteen O_O

Poker Face Cover – Ok so I cringed through this XD But if you ignore the engrish, it actually sounds pretty awesome :)) Though I keep laughing cos I hear ‘poker feet’ XD

Gah, I haven’t posted in so long I’ve forgotten how to do the tags and everything T_T



  2. omg my dear ur back!!!! =)

    I kept on refreshing ur blog to see if you had any new posts and =( u disappeared for a while!!!! BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!DID YOU SEEE TODAY!?!?!?! JYJ is going to have an english album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Have you listened to the album yet?? DDDDDDD: CRYING.

  3. Glad to see there is a new post! I am always following this website lol! I check it almost every day!

  4. glad to see u guys back. ive not checked ur site in a while… but pls do continue updating cos u’re my fav site for kpop news :)

    • awww /squeezes you

      Btw, do you have a tumblr account?

  5. aw you guys updated!

    I think the last post on July is right at the time I started hiatus-ing from kpop too. And I agree that posting on wordpress is better mainly because we can spazz in indefinite length lol

    • You went on a hiatus too?? Yea, I sorta did too cos there just wasn’t anything good anymore :( I’m kinda semi back now, though…kinda

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