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Woot, I made a picture, I rock.

I’ll come back later and write a proper intro to this page XD


  1. Oooooh, this post’ll be nonsensical nonsense (XD), but I just wanted to be the first to post on this page. They’re quirks to living on the other side of the world, where it’s currently 10:51 am. XD

    Um, I should be studying (LOL), but I’m currently writing up my post on the Anycall CFs. Candytrain’ll probably hate me after she reads them. XD

  2. LOL, I love how the first comment on this new page really embodies what this page is about – random thoughts xPPP

    I think it’s 1:something am here XD I should be sleeping….but pffffft, who needs sleep :P

    Ooo, I really want to read your post, I bet it’s really pro-SNSD .____.

  3. yeah!
    a new TALK.SHARE page. yeeepie! at least i don’t have to wait for it to load and SCROLL all the way down. mind you, i’m not using any mouse. kekez

    fine. i’ll be the 3rd to comment here then. kekez

  4. FOURTH = LAME. There is gold, silver, and bronze, which makes me… copper? dung? Oh man and I was last before to. T-T FAILAGE.
    Unbelievable Outing is SO funny. It was kind of dry at first but it gets better. Episode 4 has the funniest game where they have to like.. hard to explain… but they are blindfolded and get a foam stick to hit the person if they find them. Everyone did terrible!! And Donghae in episode 7 had to let fans kick him while wearing a “free kick” sign. AND YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE SLAPPING FLOWER IN EPISODE SEVEN! Oh my, okay there are some awesome moments.
    LMAO Jaeho is enough of a couple there was no need for a girl really. :P And Yoochun already has a coupling with… SEXY. It is caled Yoosex or Sexchun. Let me know how the extracting goes!! I am doing a movie fiesta this weekend. Harold & Kumar 2, Iron Man & Forgetting Sarah Marshall all in one trip. Productive day~~ nevermind I need to find a summer jobb! T-T
    Ah you didn’t like Romantic Princess. I was considering watching that. Ya I am not that picky at all in dramas but movies I am criticize to the end of time. I knew I recognized Erika Toda when I googled her. From Death Note right? SOO pretty.
    I try to check Baidu alot but the majority of time I am pretty confused. Organization is SO key <33, gives more time for spazzing. I will admit some comments are too funny to pass on in a ramble. The boys do something funny to the mind at times. LOL
    I tried a little something. Was not sure for collage just like graphics or boys? I don’t know but this one is too dark I think…

    and this is just simple…

    Those were just small though so I can do something else. =)

    Damn, I need to make my doll…BUT I STILL SUCK XDDD

    *is heading over to your blog*

    OMG I’m the 5th to comment…and we all know what 5 represents — DONG BANG SHIN KI!!!! And the 5th (youngest) member is…CHANGMIN BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    *chants CHANGDICE + marches around house* :D

    Oh and today is also Friday :D Em…and it’s now MAY! And…it’s going to be 5.00pm soon? :S

    Okay, I think I should have a nap xDDDDDD

  6. Because I am a wordpress user too. haha. I had found two widget fantastic. One is the Box file and the other is the video embedding thing. Hold on, I will give you a wordpress blog which had such function. maybe then, we can share the music we really like and embed video from veoh or youtube.

  7. OMIGOD, I just noticed the massive typos in my first entry (i.e. They’re should be There are). I’m cooler than a refrigerator, sweeter than a now-n-later (song: Feelin’ Myself, artist: Dolla, movie: Step Up!). XDDDD

    And you know what’s even cooler?! I was staring at my comment for AT LEAST five minutes, going: “Something looks wrong. I KNOW something’s wrong. OMG, WHAT’S WRONG WITH MY COMMENT.”

    *runs off to study so she can feel smart again* XD

  8. Erv:
    Yea, I got sick of scrolling XD
    Hmm, technically you’re second, cos I don’t count :P

    You’re third *hands you bronze medal*

    Slapping flower???? WTH XD Lol, I must watch those soon……I have waaayyy too many shows that I “must watch” XD

    I haven’t done the extracting yet :( Lol, I did that Talk.Share picture ^^^^ then got sick of photoshop and off to go watch Gossip Girl XD Btw, how’s my picture? Good? :DDDD Lol, I’m not modest at allllll XD But it’s my first time making anything like that, so I’m really proud of it XD Thank you for taking the time to make those two pictures, though! I thought I’d have a go at photoshopping something myself (for once XD)

    My mum said that the ending of Romantic Princess is really bad, so if you don’t like weird endings, then don’t watch it ^–^ I haven’t seen Death Note yet! AAaaa, must add that to my must watch list (is it worth watching?)

    Sushi Train:
    Omg, I can SOOOOOO see you marching around your house while chanting “Changdice” XDD WITH A FLAG! LOLOLOLOL

    I had a look at both those widgets. I really like the video one; I’ll have to have a play around with that sometime. Not really sure about the Box file one….cos we normally upload content in our posts, and we never upload proper studio recordings, so I’m not sure if we need it..

    You are MEGA COOL :DDDDD

    OMG, STEP UP <33333! Actually, I hated the first one, but loooooooooooooooved the second one, ROBERT HOFFMAN IS SO HOT, OMG.

  9. I know, me to. I always say, “I need to watch that” and OMFG my list of links is insane right now. Usually I have it organized, but I have been lazy and 20 SECONDS IT TAKES to get to the bottom of my list!! That is only 1 month only worth of collecting stuff to watch to, there is a separate area for the rest. Actually some of it I have seen, but now I forget. T-T
    Super Junior Superstar used to be near the top, but I have read that there is some fan interaction which will make me insanely jealous so it is downgraded. LOL To soon after the CF I think.
    YOUR PIC IS AWESOME! For sure no need to be modest. You are going to be whipping up some mad stuff in no time. Meanwhile, my dad is making a blog and getting my help. I had to explain to him how to extract HIS OWN PICTURE for the blog header. OMFG apparently tomorrow is the button today. Cannot wait. :O *kill me*
    Death note was pretty good, I found alot of it laughable though. Never really got sucked into the fandom, so L being weird was just… weird. And the animated monster guy it in… ROFL just omg. I really did enjoy it overall to be honest. Some of the things it brought up are interesting and it is a guessing game for sure.
    I am seriously getting bored lately though, I don’t understand what is up. Is Super Junior T coming? Yesung is what then? DBSK expanded tour soon? WTH is Kibum missing so much stuff for… not just the drama? And Hollywood Bowl T-T. The spazzing is going to be insane and I am only 3513 km away! That is 1 day, 13 hour drive and only 4 hour plane. Unfortunately, I can do neither. I WOULD START WALKING NOW BUT I AM SO WEAK/LAZY. I WILL DIE OUT THERE! I swear to you, if I hear one fan account about touching Micky when I could have been there, I am going to Japan… and touching him (imagine that not sounding wrong please).
    Oh + DBSK Soompi thread closed for spazzing over the CF = FAIL.

  10. ringy:
    Sorry for abuse of caps but I seriously went insane and had to go blog about it. So you probably won’t want to watch it. I didn’t finish the 2nd ep coz I was already on the verge of tears and I really didn’t want to cry AGAIN lol. Actually part 1 isnt bad bcoz Kyu sexy dancing equals me being very happy. But afterwards just STOP. Don’t be tempted by them going through their hotel rooms because I fell for it and it was too late when I realised something terrible would happen.
    But ahah I have a list of “videos to watch” too. It’s kinda filled up the whole pg lmao xD I havent even finished watching all of suju monologues. FANDOMS DONT SLOW DOWN I TELL YOU!
    Oh and BUAHAHA my friend also told me about DBSK + SNSD thread temporarily closing down. That is SO FUNNY.

  11. Ringy:
    Hiiiiii, sorry for the late reply :S I forgot that I had new comments on this page xD (I’m very awesome, yes)

    Anywaaayz, your list sounds as long as mine~!!!!! I haven’t been watching ANY asian dramas lately, cos I’m still trying to finish Gossip Girl (three more episodes!) It’s SO GOOD, YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY WATCH IT. REALLY. GO WATCH. NOW. :DDD

    Ahaha, I haven’t watched the second half of Super Star XDDDD I’M A BAD FAN, I KNOW. Tbh, I can’t really be bothered :P

    Aaahh, thank you for complimenting my picture!! It’s a lot of fail compared to the headers you make me, but it’s my first time, so I have an excuse :PPPP

    Omg, your dad has a BLOG? HE IS SO COOOOOOL. I doubt my dad even know WHERE to get a blog, despite the fact that his business is actually centred around computers XDD

    I haven’t read the comics for death note, but I think I’ll probably do that first and then watch the drama. Have you ever watched the Detective Conan cartoons? Someone lent me the DVDs, but I er….still haven’t seen it XD (despite having the DVDs in my possession for three months now XD)

    Omg, you’ll be breathing in the same AIR as DBSK!!!! Well….idk, it’ll probably depend on which way the wind blows while they’re over there :P LMAO, YOU WANT TO WALK TO CALIFORNIA FROM CANADA??? XDDDDDD My geography SUCKS, but I still know that Canada is a loooooong way away from California xD Speaking of Canada, I had to write a French assignment on a Canadian uni, it was very exciting ^—^

    I haven’t been on the DBSK soompi thread in aaaaaaaages. But I can just imagine what the comments are like =.=’’’’

    Good luck with your going-to-Japan-and-touching-Micky, plan! :D

    It’s nice to switch it around once in awhile, right? :P
    I know you were talking to Ringy, but, what happened with the DBSK and SNSD soompi threads??? Why did they have to close them down…?

  12. PASSSSSSSSSSSS!! How you DOING? *does weird Joey-styled eyebrow movements* GGAWRSH! Joey from Friends is LOVEEEE! I’d laugh so hard if he had Siwon styled eyebrows and tried out that ‘How you doing?’ thing on me xDD

    A gazillion kudos on making the new Talk share page xD I like how it’s called the NEW talk share page….i dont know why I find it amusing…but i do :D Blame it on my kamikaze flu germs. Its fun to blame everything on them. *sets marshmallow on fire and laughs demonically* *gets caught by the Marshmallow Cops* ……The germs made me do it! I swear!!!

    Anyways, just read your reply, and thought I’d share a random youtube fav of mine. Its a vid with the cat lady (who is my fav character in the simpsons! It killed me how she didnt have a vital role in the simpsons movie) I just love the scene where Marge goes “and dont go dumping them on that crazy cat lady’s doorstep either” xDDDD ANd you see the CCL look all depressed Hahhaha!!

    LMAO@what you did to your Barbies. I was cool and had a Pooh Bear Treehouse and a Pochahantas doll x] But I think there’s a bratz doll that GROWS!! Like the plastic stretches or something…MAN! They have used science for EVILLLL!! *thunder flashes and crazy cat lady cackles* ….not that we havent already, with destroying our ozone layer and all…*shifty eyes*

    WOAH WOAH WOAHH! Minnie as a secret agent? *nosebleeds on keyboard and gets electrocuted….despite hemoglobin having no effect on electric charges* Nerds can be hot :) I mean think of all those moments where Jae and Yoochun wear glasses and make them look OH SO SMEXY! *shouts at my own glasses* WHY WONT YOU LOOK SMEXY ON ME?! Gah! Technically we’re not favouring…we’re just finding a source to center our attention on because we are VERY poor multitaskers. Well thats my excuse,that and the fact that Yunho looks like a chick every couple of moments ^^” Speaking of which, i still need to watch their SNSD collab CF xD Your red font scared me….but my online family keep hinting at its awesomeness.

    I’m really liking that fightstar 99 song ^^ Go set up your own radio station so I can record you! Dang! My current radio DJ ticks me off so bad. Like I’ll be recording a song onto my tape (yes you know my old fashionedness pwns your soul :P) and the friggin loser will randomly pop up midway in the song and go “….Bananas” THE GIT HAS RUINED MY TAPING FOR LIFE!!! And it happens pretty often too T__T But if you want I can upload the CD-version for you ^^ I heard the uk-guy-intro version on limewire, and that was a bit disturbing

    Frankly, criticisng dancing makes me feel guilty, just because I can never do any better. I hate it when someone teaches you this UBER MAD SUAVE move they do so easily…but when you do it, it comes out like you’re having an epileptic fit.

    OH!! Big Brother!! (LOL@the dwarf guy xDDD) There’s some guy called Cody on it, and a couple of months back, he was on a Current Affair…? Apparently he invited some ppl over to a party at his place THROUGH MYSPACE, so then masses turned up and trashed the neighbourhood. I mean yeh, that was pretty stupid, but I watched his interview on ACA, and you can’t help but sigh at how such ppl exist in the world. Somewhere in the interview, the lady goes “Why dont you take off your glasses and apologise formally to everyone” and the guy refuses because the glasses are what make him “known” =____= HAHAHA! But I laugh, because Big Brother managed to make him take them off! MWAHAHAH (no offence if you do know him or something)

    About “In my arms”…apparently the only way to remove the echo is to re-record the entire song and remove the reverberation that was occurring ='( My geeknerds couldnt help, and the Audacity forum turned up with zilch…mebbe one day they’ll perform it live, in which case ..RIP THAT AUDIO!!

    Im off to watch those NEWS mvs MUAHAHAH!

  13. Loop-me-crazy (aka. playmeagain)

    Ok…so i suck at coming up with nicknames, shoot me xD *gives you some gummies* There would be NO WAY in heck i could miss your comment xD Gummy in bold rocks my mind!! gummy gummy gummy gummy gummy gummy gummy gummy gummy gummy gummy gummy *watches as everyone spazzes at the spam* :P

    Oh shucks, I apologise for making your scroll more xD I have a massive tendency to talk more than necessary. I think whilst I was scrolling to the comment box, I saw someone’s comment mention “yay, less scrolling”….or something along those lines. Mebbe I scrolled uber fast, and I meshed the words ‘scrub’ and ‘trolling’ together…HM!

    LOL, i dont care how NEWS dances! So long as there are moments in their mvs where they’re standing around looking sexilicious then Im not complaining. Perhaps having them wear gloves and turning on fluorescent lights-as suggested by PAS- would be a good idea to divert away from dodgy dance moves?

    Strangely enough, I understood your spazz about Boys Like Girls ^^ And I am now intimidated into further testing out their songs xDD Gah, the power of infectious fandom

    xD For some reason, PMSy PAS came to mind *slinks away unnoticed after the statement*

  14. OMG so many new comments.. My middle finger feels kinda tired from using the scroll button [or whatever you call it] on the mouse =.= [try it, I swear if you have been already scrolling all day long at soompi or somewhere else, then you go here and scroll again, IT’S VERY TIRING XD]

    I was the first one to view this page; [well maybe not the first, but there was no comments back then, so..]

    Well this comment might me very useless to you but I had no one else to talk to [my phone is BROKEN T__T but thank God from the heavens above that my internet connection is fine :D]
    Today i woke up very early.. 11am. :P Usually I wake up 3pm.. Well, so yea. I was still lying on my bed and my mum was trying to get me up to eat. And she gave up. XD So she left my food at a near by table. When I got up, she checked on me and found out that I was just staring at the food. She tried spoon feeding me [YES, AT THE AGE OF 15 XDD] and said “eat up” and I was smiling like crazy. I remembered Geng and Lee Yeon Hee at the Happiness’ Left Shore MV [I had the same spoon that oppa used in that MV, ..I can’t help it :P] .. XDD and my mum was like O_O I got the spoon from my mum’s hands and started eating. I took a glance at the TV and i was soooo shocked. I SAW HAN GENG appear in one of our local TV stations; and I was like “OMO, are they coming here?” but then I came to my senses. Who I really saw was Wu Chun. XDD My brain was still sleepy at that time, and maybe I was loving Super Junior way TOO much. :P And I shouted “I THOUGHT THAT WAS HAN GENG??!!!” and my mum and our maid stare at me like I was someone psychotic T_T

    That was pretty senseless, yes? XPPP
    o0oh, by the way. Im guessing that you have msn messenger? may I know? :)
    [Dont tell me that it’s somewhere at this page or this site. I SUCK AT SEARCHING XD]


    Omg, I would LOOOOVE to see Siwon say Joey’s trademark line!!! It would be SO FUNNY XD

    Lol, my marshmallows always used to catch on fire XD I remember how once, when I was on a church camp, ALL the marshmallows I tried to toast caught on fire XD But I still had lots of marshmallows, cos my ex “close male friend” just gave me all his XDD Being a girl rocks.

    LMAO, THOSE CUTS ARE SO AWESOME!!!!!!! I loooooooooooove The Simpsons, I even bought the complete episode guide (up to season eight) I’m very cool, yes.

    Pooh Bear Treehouse? My friend had that XD I loved that little bucket thing which you could make go up and down :P I really really liked the Polly pocket toys, cos you could transform those castle thingies, SO COOL :DDD. Omg, there’s a Bratz doll that GROWS? ASLKGHSLGKSFLSKJ EVVVVIIILLLLLLLLL. I hate Bratz. Have you seen those “dream date” Bratz dolls? WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO. Maccas and KFC already pump lots of hormones into their food, THOSE CHILDREN DO NOT NEED NEW IDEAS. Speaking of children with crazy hormones, have you seen ? Go check it out. It’s really disturbing when you think about how it’s targeted at 9-16 year olds.

    I looooove secret agents! I wanted to be in the FBI, except my friend told me that you have to be an American citizen :(((( LMAO @ your comment about Yunho looking like a chick XDDDD I HATE his long hair, absolutely atrocious. I only watched the CF once :P I actually didn’t find it to be a very well-made commercial, and not because of the cast, but because it didn’t make me excited about the phone, at all. The fan made commercial is waaayyyyy betterer, you need to go watch :D

    AWWW, YOU STILL USE TAPES <3333333 :P Your DJ sounds really weird. I don’t listen to the radio anymore, there’s never anything good on. You know that Avril Lavigne song, “hold on”, or “hanging on” or something like that? Well, everytime I walked into a shop with the radio on, I heard that song. That lasted a MONTH. A WHOLE MONTH. I’m all for playing songs by a variety of artists, but omg, SO REPETITIVE. But you know Nova paid 240 something million for their commercial radio station license in Sydney……so they must have lots of listeners.

    Cody’s on Big Brother??? We learnt about him in uni. He is…special. There was actually a debate about whether he should have his own Wiki page. Lots of people think that he shouldn’t, cos all he did was throw a party, but people think he should, because that party attracted lots of media attention. Ooo, you know he has a business now? Yea, Cory’s party planning service XDDDDDD


    Have you seen the new Kat-tun mv? It’s probably not out yet actually ^^’’’ but I saw a fancam of it, and omg, HOT.

    Btw, “loop-me-crazy” is an AWESOME nickname for PMA (HAHA, HER NAME IS EASIER TO MAKE A TYPO WITH XDDDD)

    YAY, I’M INFLUENTIAL :DDDDD Lol, we discussed Fandoms in class yesterday, and our lecturer defined it as “cult status” XD!!

    Lol, you think scrolling through THIS page is tiring? Try the old Talk.Share page XDD

    Your phone is broken?? ;________; I always have my phone on me 24/7, cos it makes me feel more secure :P Omg, I would be SO BORED if I didn’t have internet connection, THERE WOULD BE NOTHING TO DO; well, I could study….but who studies :P

    Slkgdasgjhaskgj;sfdslkghskjghw;ortiwkzbxcvmxnbv 3pm???? LUCKY. Hang on, when do you go to bed? I go to bed at about 1am, and I sometimes have to get up at 8am for uni :’(((( Are you on holiday? Awww, your mum is CUUUUUUUUUUTE. Lol, my mum would nag me until I finally get up after getting sick of her nagging.
    WHAT, WUZUN IS GOING TO THE PHILLIPPINES???? I LOVE HIM. He came to Australia last year, but mum wouldn’t let me fly to Sydney to stalk him :’(((

    Lol, yea I have msn, I’ll email it to you (I can see your email ad. When you comment me ;) ) You’ll have to start conversations with me, though, cos I never start conversation with people :P

  16. oh my gosh, check this out:

    the guys are so fatherly ^_^ *sighs*

  17. ^ eunhyuk and teuk melt my heart….

  18. OMG, SO CUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE <33333333333

    Haha, that baby Eunhyuk held looked heaps happy :P

    Sungmin’s hair made me LOL, and Heechul’s hair made me cringe :S WHAT IS WITH THESE BOYS AND LONG HAIR, STOP TAKING TIPS FROM YUNHO’S HAIRDRESSER ;_________;

    Thanks for the link :DDD

  19. I <3 the BeiJing huan ying ni song. It’s so pretty and I love it. I love the mv. :]]]]

    I shall be back to talk about OTH after my AP exam!! :] Whoo. Excited to talk about it!

  20. ohmygod. i Just read about you guys talking about Friends. I love Friends. Best show EVER.!

  21. Omg, you NEED to watch Gossip Girl~!!! It’s like OTH, but BETTER. OH THE DRAMA. :DDD

    I like the Bejing huan ying ni song+mv, too ^—^ Mainly because I can name 70% of the people in it XDDD I’m glad that so many people have come together for the Beijing olympics :D It sucks how it’s attracted so much bad press (the olympics, not the song) :(((((

    Good luck with your exam~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S: I can’t believe you have an iphone; YOU’RE SO LUCKY. I’m getting the LG Viewty (when my current contract ends) and it looks SO much like the Haptic…except better, cos it’s the original :PP

  22. I am so fail for taking this long. Sorry! Jobhunting is the super lamest thing I can do in life.
    AWWW! They need to have warning on these things or something. hahaha Okay I will watch part one then, Kyu <33.
    I have not finished the monologues OR the relay talk!! T-T I am so lame. I saw Kibum’s though because I missed him. & Kyu saying the PD had nice legsss!!!! LMAO That was so unexpected and great.
    I found the awesomest fanvideo when I was trying to clean up links. I am half way done lol!! I do not really watch fanvideos but this is awesome. It is Super Junior couple related, so add this to your list if you have not seen it!! <33

    pinkandsparkly :
    Really? A couple friends of mine are really into Gossip Girl but I have not seen one episode!! LOL Now I am even going to have a long English tv watching list!!
    It is not even fail at all!1 <3 Speaking of which I have been trying that mircophone effect. OMFG I messed up so badly. Now that was a fail. lol I need to restart that.
    WHY ARE YOU ACCEPTING MY DADS LAMENESS?! LMAO Your dad is in computers? That’s cool, my Dad is to. He is a programmer. I love having him because one thing goes wrong with the computer and I bug him to fix. Bad though because sometimes he blocks my internet! Pure evil!!
    I always take my friend’s DVDs forever! haha I think I still have my friend’s from like a year ago. I have read one Detective Conan manga but have never seen it. Tell me how it is if you ever watch them lol!!
    WHAT IS UP WITH YOU AND AIR??! LMAO First Henry’s and now DBSK. If you want I can bottle some and send it to you!! :P But I am really far away from LA! haha I am even to the side not just up. T-T
    Ah, what university are you writing on? McGill? Lol that is the resident French one. I go to Queen’s.
    Ya, they are pretty insane on the thread at times. SNSD’s was weird though because it was not closed for bashing the other artist like the DBSK thread was, but because everyone was arguing about Tiffany. Now it seems better. Tons of talk about the Yoosumin fanservice though…
    BTW, I listened to the link at the side. Puppet by Jade Liu. I like it so much! Funky dance moves & all! haha

  23. Lol, you don’t know how many times I attemped to post a reply and stop in the middle and forget to finish it XDD
    I usually go to bed at around 5am.. XDD and If my mum doesn’t go to my room every now and then to remind me to sleep,I.. never go to bed. :D [But during schooldays, I sleep @ around 1am and wake up @ 4am. T__T]

    OOHHHHH. I NEED TO GO TO BED NOW, ASAP. I’d be back to post more reply. Uhg. I hate this. =.=

  24. omg. I watched Gossip Girls for like the second time on Monday before watching OTH. IT WAS SO GOOD. I’M TOTALLY GOING TO WATCH IT NOW.
    Because I remember when it first came out I was like. It can’t be that good. And all my friends were watching it. like seriously, literally EVERYONE. I was like I don’t know. The book never really caught my eye and seemed to be that great.

  25. Ringy:
    You MUST watch Gossip Girl. It’s a must see. I love it more than 80% of the asian dramas I’ve seen *——* It’s SO GOOD.

    Hahaha, do you like my new header? XDDDD IT’S SO RANDOM XDDDDDDDDDDDD I was bored, and I didn’t want to study, so I played around with photoshop :P

    It’s so handy having a dad who’s in the computer business, I get upgrades/software, for FREE :DDD YAY, FREEBIES XD Except I really want a mac book, but my dad works with PCs :( I’ve never had my internet blocked, cos dad knows I’ll just crack it open somehow, even if he sets a password on it (I know all his passwords, MWAHAHAHAHAHA)

    Lol, I still haven’t watched that Conan movie, yet XD I have sooooooo many things to watch :(((

    OMG, you should TOTALLY bottle some air and send it over xDDD How weird would that be XD “and for your birthday….i gave you the gift of AIR” LMAO It’s almost as cool as the “gift of space” :P

    McGill was on the list! I chose to do Montreal, though, cos it has a English fact sheet on it’s website xDDDD

    I’ve given up on the Soompi threads, I think I’ll stick to Baidu for all my info. The soompi threads are too….unresourceful ^^

    YAY, YOU LISTENED TO THE SONG :DDD I looooove her voice *—–* Have you listened to the duet she did with Fahrenheit’s Aaron? Tis good :D


    I emailed youuuu ^^

    You go to bed at 5am O.O what. That’s insane. Lol :P Na I’m pretty much an owl myself, though my limit is somewhere around 3:30am, cos that’s when I get bored with whatever it is that I’m doing instead of sleep XD


    I’ve never read the book, but the show, omg, IIIII LLLLLLOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE IIIIITTTTTT :DDDDDDD I loove all the drama that goes on, it’s so exciting :DD AND THE CLOTHES, OMG, GAAAHHHH *—————–*

    Oh, and the actors are hot ;)

  26. wheee~
    new layout. i wasn’t here for 2 days and FUALA! so much changes. (:

    haiz. anywoo..sending my sister back to Sydney tml. hopefully i have more time and catch up with all the news!

    p.s: yunho’s hair is so hot! :D

  27. Im back <333
    GAAAAAAAAAAH, don’t call my mun CUTE, she doesn’t deserve it [well, most of the times.. I still cannot forgive her for saying that JAEJOONG IS AN SJ MEMBER o_o]
    She DOES nag; but I don’t hear it, probably bcoz im sooo sound asleep :D and, haha, I wake up when she plays any SJ song @ my computer; it’s the only peaceful way of getting me up [unless she tries to do Angel Teukie’s “Water Screen” HAHAHA XD]

    o0oh, Wu Zun [Lol I didn’t know that that’s the way it was supposed to be spelled :P] isn’t exactly coming here, It’s just me and my imagination XDD

    Oh, I also [usually] don’t start conversations; IM TOO SHY FOR THAT =.=

    Gah, I got cut in my previous comment because of that woman who gave life to me [in short my mum, haha.] It was about 5am here at that time, and she saw me still on the computer..

    Ooh, set her aside XDD

    How’d you know my e-add? Is it somewhere here at wordpress? or you saw it at soompi? WHEEEEEERE? XDD
    Haha, I have SO many things to do; I have this subbing project [but I quited bc0z i believe it takes too much of my precious time and im too smart for that XD], there’s also watching the new anime series [Vampire Knight and Code Geass R2 are currently aired @ Nihon.. :D], I also read manga, FanFics, I also make some videos [and im so much FAIL], there’s editing the pictures.. Do I need to mention that I have to update my cyworld and my friendster [pretty much like cyworld here in the Phils.] where i have over 40+ comments pending to be answered T___T And I watch this SJ/DBSK/Whatever boyband videos and I also try to be updated with them.. and this BLOGGING TEMPTATION ..!!!!!!!! I have so many saved drafts here @ wordpress but I haven’t finished them T__________T And haha, I there’s also people @ YM and msn that I just can’t leave =.= I also have to organize my files here because 2 of my hard disks are suffering too much XDD And i’m also trying hard to learn Hangul and MANDARIIIIIIIIIIN [Ne, did you expect any “I study some math and science during blah blah blah” in my daily activities? BLEH, who needs that :D] That’s why I don’t know how to sleep :D
    You said somewhere here [I think @ your comments @ the 3 new Anycall CF pics] that you thought Kim KiBum is my second favorite?? [Lol, It’s more like you asked rather than you thought XD] HE ISNNNNNNNN’T. I don’t have a particular “favorite” member, it’s darn too hard to decide.. But the ones I love the most are :
    KiBum, Fishy, HeeChul, JoongWoon, HanGeng
    SiWon, Teukie, HyukJae, YoungWoon, KyunHyun
    SungMin, RyeoWook, and DongHee

    Uhm.. haha, it doesn’t look like they’re “the one I Love the most”, more like “here they are in ranks” :D Each member are too special. So row one is Rank 1, row two = Rank 2 and row three as Rank 3 :D It’s the best ranks I can give them, I can’t rank them even by 5 T—–T And if I were to throw DBSK in, IT’s EVEN HARDER TO RANK. But definitely Jae oppa’s rank 1 ;) o0oh, I wanna say that I see Super Junior as a whole :D [If I could put half of them in rank 1 i WOUUUULD]
    OOOOOOOOOOH, IM SO HAPII THAT YOU’RE CALLING ME “SAYUU” XDD [Oh, you know how japanese are with the addressing =.=]
    I wonder what I should call you.. I wonder what’s your real name is :D

    I made something out of boredom:
    1.what’s your fave word? you like FT Island?
    3.Describe JaeJoong in wordword.
    4.Would you date HeeChul? [He’d be wearing a pink dress on your date; and his hair is styled like in the “twins’ days :D]
    5.What would you do if you were to be with JaeJoong, ChangMin, YooChun, HeeChul, HyukJae and KangIn? [They can;t understand any english word, and you only have a korean-english pocket dictionary with you whoch you haven’t even read once XD]
    6.How old are you?
    7.ZhouMi or Henry?
    8.JunSu invites you to play soccer in the middle of the night, will you play with him?
    9.KangIn and Teuki are getting married. Do you disapprove?
    10.YunHo will be \your dancing teacher for the nect 1684387 years. How do you feel?
    11.HenRy would be willng to kiss you if you can learn to mimic his moves with the violin; what would you do?
    12. You saw ChangMin watching yadong. Your reaction? [XDDD]
    13. SJ+DBSK guys are asking to be your wife? who will you chose?

    Yay, let’s end it @ 13 :D XDDD
    It’s up up you if you wanna answer..
    Do I need to mention Jaejoong oppa’s gorgeous face? ^w^

  28. OOOOOOOOOOH, I forgot to mention how glad I am with the Enter button enabled X3

    Im currently @ my cousin’s house, they are all boys, HAHA.
    It’s a little uncomfortable here because I have a crush with one of them, and he has too, SO IT’S INCEST and I hate it XDDDDD

    [I already have too many boys in my life, no? XDD]

    Sorry for abusing the ALL CAPS and “XDD” :D

  29. *3.Describe JaeJoong in wordword.
    =>3.Describe JaeJoong in ONE word.

  30. Erv:
    Lol, yea, I got bored with the old layout :P

    How did your SATs go????

    I <3 Yunho’s new hair (and Junsu’s new hair!)

    You were still online at 5am… :|

    Lol, my stereo has a wake-up timer, so I always wake up to the sound of DBSK/SJ/whatever CD is in there :P

    Haha, you don’t start convos either? Lol, we’d just be sitting there in complete SILENCE then XD

    When you comment me, I can see your email add. (no one else can, just the authors). I sent the email to your yahoo account…go check ;)

    Omg, you have SUCH a busy life O.O I just have studying, eating, sleeping, and stalking pretty boys (pfffft, who needs friends xP) Lol, my friends get so mad at me because I never want to do anything together XD

    I don’t have a rank for my Suju boys…but my top three are: Siwon, Leeteuk and Heechul ^^

    Oooohhh, I like surveys ^^
    1. Um…I don’t have one? XD
    2. Yes and no. I like SOME of their music, but when it comes to rock, I prefer stuff that’s a little bit harder. Plus, the boys are all younger than me, so I feel like a pedo when I save their pics XDDD (I think they’re all reaaaally cute, though ;))
    3. Adorkable
    4. Hmmm, where would we go on this “date”? If it’s to a public place, then no (I’M TOO SHALLOW, OK) but if we’re just going to a nearby park, or staying at home, then yes :P
    5. I would do something that doesn’t involve speaking? XDD Lol, I’d probably take them all to an amusement park; you don’t need to speak when you’re on rides~!
    6. I’m 18 (with a mental age of five)
    7. Hmm, ZhouMi, cos musicians have weird mood swings.
    8. It’s Junsu, so…HECK YES.
    9. Yes. God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve ^^. I’d still love them; I just wouldn’t like what they do, because it goes against my moral beliefs.
    10. I’d feel……sad, lol XD Cos I’m THE worst dancer IN THE WORLD, so Yunho definitely wouldn’t be attracted to me if he saw me dance XDDD
    11. Put on a hot outfit and seduce him instead :PPPPP
    12. Silently walk out of the room and giggle
    13. I’d choose Siwon ^^

    I was bored yesterday, so I found a few random pictures and made a header XD

    Don’t talk to me about incest, there’s been sooooooooo much of that in the news lately, with the Austrian family and the South Australian case =.=’’’ It’s groooooss.

  31. ringy:
    Lol I think the comments were warning enough…I just had to see for myself if Kyu really would initate the hug with a fan :( Ahaha yes I’m so *jealous* I don’t have nice legs T_T And I was watching the UFO talk where the MC asked Teuk and Hyuk’s ideal girl. Teuk said “I like skinny girls” while Hyuk said “I want a girl that I can wrap my arms around when I go to hug her”. Which is funny because people *here* (or maybe just the people I know) are always saying guys don’t actually like skinny girls because they’re not comfortable to grope hug!? LOL XDDD

    let me do the survery too! (because MATHS IS BORING)

    1. I’ll take it as a word I use often…OMG? Lol XD Not rly a favourite though…
    2. I like them but I don’t fangirl them. But I do sometimes save their pics BECAUSE THEY ARE SO CUTE! JaeJin + MinHwan <3
    3. DORK
    4. I can never date someone like Heechul…I’d like to be friends with him though :)
    5. I would take them back to my house…BUAHAHAHAHAHA. And I know some very handy korean phrases anyway – don’t go; i can see your undies; i love you; don’t cry; don’t laugh; because I don’t want to; go die in a corner :D
    6. Almost 17
    7. I love Zhou Mi but… HENRY WOULD BE MY ANSWER…no doubt about it. I’m gonna marry that boy I tell you…just wait and see
    8. Um. No. I hate sport T_T
    9. They can get married…with me AHAHA (yeah, I didn’t rly answer your question)
    10. HAPPY :D I love dancing…I just had to quit coz I had no time :(
    11. I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR HENRY TO KISS ME…and let me poke his cheeks ^_^
    12. “Changmin! Let me watch with you!” Ahahaha…*cough*
    13. Omg can I have more than one husband? PLEASE. Actually I had this discussion with pinkandsparkly before so I guess I’ll stick with my first choice – Donghae :D

  32. pinkandsparkly :

    hello!!! i thought Yunho is the only one who’s having new hairstyle>
    lols. i’m so outdated ..didn’t know that they finished their concert in Taipei last night. :( been busy with my sister. now that she’s back to Sydney.

    THANKS for remembering my SAT. lols. i dunno how did it go, will be getting the results in a few weeks time :P gosh. although the paper was said to be 3 hours and 45 mins, It lasted from 9 am to 2 pm, not forgetting i woke up at 5.30am. tush was numb after the test. kekekekez

    lols. meanwhile, myjob now is to eat, sleep,watch tv and these activities repeat itself everyday (:


    ^SJ after 24hour marathon walk. poor guys…. why is Yesung on crutches?

  34. Hallluuuuuuuuuuuuu!!

    finally i get to sit down and catch up on the latest news.

    was drooling on DBSK’s Taipei’s concert just now. But the concert pictures are pretty disappointing though. Yeap, it was blurry. And Changmin~~~ lalalalalala~~~

    Oh man, you wouldn’t believe what I’m doing in the office these few weeks. apparently my 2 seniors are also into jpop and i’m the one into kpop and we’ve spamming each other’s email with pictures and songs and what have you. yeah, yeah, i should be doing work..but the work is damn boring, so a little entertainment won’t hurt ya? And i managed to drag in one of them into liking DBSK..she love the songs and is head over heels with Jaejoong. So right now, she has no idea whether to choose Kame or Hero. LOL!! So somehow, I’m KINDA looking forward to work since we get to brainwash each other, and when we meet each other in the toilet, pantry or even by the photocopy machine, we’ll have this stupid silly grin on our faces :s
    and we try to keep our fangirl indentity a total hush-hush as well. haha =)

    Ooohh…i am also liking Zhou Mi. He’s fiiiiinnneeeeee =D
    I have no idea what else to add though.

    it’s mothers’ day in singapore too. just got back from a major pig out session…the chocolate cake was damn good. yummay!

    hope u have a great weekend as well


  35. Well, I found you through spazzes’ journal. :D I’m just here to say:


  36. pinkandsparkly:
    Ah, the new layout is awesome! My comments looks so lame now though because I knew it didn’t matter so I never spaced them!! Lesson learned! :D I do like the header to!! I died when I saw Ryeowook. I cannot wait to see that show! Oh, I see some nice extracting tooo! <33 haha

    I do not get freebies!!! LAME! I know my Dad’s password to, so the other day when he blocked the internet I went on his computer and changed his password. He knew because the password hint was “Give me back the internet and a ticket to LA.” SO MAD! He had to admit I fully owned him. :P

    A bottle of air would be pretty cool. I am not even going to lie, if I knew someone from Korea/Japan that would be on my request list of things to send (also including some boys & maybe a cute hat or something for good measure). Speaking of the gift of space, well not really but whatever, did you see the fancam of those girls following Jae! OMFG they were right up in his face. Like hearing the cellphone conversation. I was waiting for him to snap but he has some patience. If I were him gift of space is all I would ask for.

    I knew McGill was!! ahah Oh man smart thinking with Montreal and the fact sheet though.

    I just listened to it now! :D Very good duet with so many languages! haha It really has that soft quality to it, like from a drama scene. I have also been listening to Michael Wong lately to. I just adore the piano so I like him. His MVs are very depressing to, it is like every girl which you could counter hardship with are featured!

    BTW, I am fully loving Micky’s ponytail. LMAO *puke* Okay with the sunglasses at the airport it was not as bad. And Jaejoong is making up for it by wearing specs for extra love.

    You know what I was thinking… if Kyu likes legs, he would want someone to show them a little no? I want him to make an outfit like DBSK did! haha

    & Teuk said that! LOL Awkward! I just gained my freshman 50+. :x I guess you would have to be small though because they are nothingness. I bet ELF have gym memberships. Actually at the marathon they ran pretty fast! I would have brought a motor scooter and some coke.

    I remember on Super Summer Donghae said he wanted someone short and then I choked. Fail, I cannot even control that! Most ridiculous was Jaejoong and his hand thing. WTF does he want me to do!?! I had to rake the lawn and how I have blisters! Not to mention I am useless at nail polish. Like one of those kids that get it on the whole hand! “Look Jaejoong I am wearing gloves!” :D XDD

  37. ringy:
    LMAO @ what you said about wearing gloves XDD I LOVE nail polish. Actually when it comes to fashion/beauty my expertise would definitely be … *drum roll* … NAIL ART!!!! I love painting my nails or just the tips … like french tips, yes? And I recently bought this oh so expensive nail stamping set and it looks pro enough for people to accuse me to have gone to a nail place to get it done xP And…yeah…that’s about all I know when it comes to beauty. I totally suck at skin care and I’m not too good at make up except for eye make up. That I’m good at :D

    But LMAO nothing beats what Changmin said…”In a situation where a girl hits her head or hurts herself, I think the expression on her face is very cute” Um, okay Changmin. Next time I stack it down the stairs I’ll try remember to look cute XDD

    I never watched Super Summer T___T And don’t intend to. But Donghe wants someone short? Lol that’s coz he’s not too tall himself…I mean HENRY is taller than him XDD But Hae also wants big eyed/cute looking girls. Apparently I have reasonably sized eyes ^__________^ Therefore, Hae will love me. I just know it Ahahaha.

    But um…what’s freshman 50+ :S Care to explain?

    And they RAN the marathon? I thought it was just a 24 hr walk O_____________o

  38. Pinkandsparkly

    hi!! hope you’ll recover soon! lols, frankly speaking, i prefer the dizzy-headed u right now. have a good rest.

  39. Erv:
    Thank you :DD

    Lol, I don’t make sense when I’m drugged up, sorry XDD Hmm, I don’t think you’d still prefer the dizzy headed me if you see just how dizzy-headed I can be XD Lol, I often just sit there and laugh, for no reason XDDD I’M NOT CRAZY!!

    I’msure you did well on your SATs! 9-2? That’s….five hours :O:O!!! OMG. I can not sit still for that long XD Lol, my uni entrance exams went for three hours each, by the end of the exams, I couldn’t wait to leave, I didn’t even want to check my work xD

    Aahh, eating+sleeping+watching tv, are probably my favourite activities EVER, LOL. Actually, scratch out sleeping, I don’t really sleep. My favourite activity is probably lounging around my house in my pyjamas XDD I’M SO SOOOO LAZY.

    I would be dead if I had to walk for 24 hours non-stop :|

    They look soooooooooooo tired :(

    Thanks for sharing~!!!

    Haaayyyyyy :DD

    Lol, I know what you mean; I appreciate the fan-pictures, but they’re sooooo frustrating XD I want CLEAR HQ pictures!! I’m so demanding :P

    Omg! Your colleagues sound so cool!!! If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of work do you do?

    Ooo, another Jaejoong fan ^^ I don’t know how people can NOT like that boy :P Though I do love both Kame and Jae, and 20 other guys XDDDD I’M GREEDY.

    YAY, you like Zhoumi!! He’s sooo cute, and the more people hate him, the more I like him :P

    Chocolate cake? *drools* Lol, I went shopping with my mum; I didn’t get up buying her anything, but she bought me two pairs of shoes XDDD

    Have a great week!

    Thank you!

    My photoshop skills are pretty fail, but I was bored and couldn’t be bothered studying :P

    I extracted that Haptic promo picture with Jae+Yunho and Tiffany!! XDDD

    “Give me back the internet and a ticket to LA”? XDDDD OMG, THAT’S SO FUNNY LOL. I’m gonna try that with my dad next time XD Except I don’t really want to go to LA (even though the hollywood bowl will be there) I’d rather have a ticket to JAPAN. You’ll get to see the boys in their “natural habitat” AND you’ll be able to shop, WIN WIN SITUATION :D

    I saw that fancam!!! I was fully expecting him to turn around and be all “PISS OFF, I’M TRYING TO TALK ON THE PHONE, YOU FREAKS”, but he’s far too nice to do something like that :P

    You’re listening to Michael Wong?? I LOVE HIM :DDDDD Especially the song “fairytale”. LOVE LOVE LOVE <3!!

  40. PINKANDSPARKLY-sama, I MISSED U and Let’s All Eat Candy TT_____TT
    Lol, I was so busy these past days to the point that I didn’t even eat for a whole day and I haven’t slept since yesterday o_o

    I already saw your msn but there’s no msn here at my cousin’s house, daaaaarn >_<

    And you know, I have friends! Kinda hard to believe huh? XD All we do is watch/listen/talk about our interests [yep, pretty boys ;)] about 99.9% that we’re together X3

    Ooh, I made so many spelling and grammatical mistakes at my previous posts; I can hear HyukJae shouting “U ar so smart” at my face XPPP

    about the survey, I wanna react @ some of the answers:
    6. I’m 18 (with a mental age of five)
    OMG I WAS SO SURPRISED o_o I thought that you were.. younger.. like .. my age.. o_o [Not because of the way you speak/type/whatever, but you.. at the picture.. o_o

    7. Hmm, ZhouMi, cos musicians have weird mood swings.
    I’m not a pure blooded musician but I do play the piano.. but mood swings? Well, ok. XD

    9. Yes. God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve ^^. I’d still love them; I just wouldn’t like what they do, because it goes against my moral beliefs. They sould marry the pretty girls of their dreams, glad you answered like that ^____________^ [For some reason I pictured you with SiWon with a CHILD in my mind XDD]

    11. Put on a hot outfit and seduce him instead :PPPPP LOL. HAHAHA. You don’t know what kind of things are running through my head right now. XD

    13. I’d choose Siwon ^^ You know, I was expecting that you’d answer JaeJoong oppa :P but I think SiWon’s husband material? XP

    Hmn, I’m really wondering why every computer/notebook that I touch suddenly has low disk space or it hangs, or it slows down slower than the snail o_o @ My Cousin’s house, it slowed down; here @ my other cousin’s house, it had low disk space and is on the verge of crashing. XD I amaze myself..

    CANDYCHU, I MISSED U….. *glomps* though not that much because you’re at soompi X3 Oooh, Math makes my brain go *boom* :D [Lol, I remember KyunHyun @ EHB where he was asked what sport he used to play and he answered “I won an award for best in math” XDD I love SJ too much :Pand YeSung’s “I colellected bugs”, and HyukJae’s “I played the *percussion instrument*”]

    3. DORK
    Why not adorkable? XPP

    6. Almost 17
    Why are you all Noonas?! o_o

    7. I love Zhou Mi but… HENRY WOULD BE MY ANSWER…no doubt about it. I’m gonna marry that boy I tell you…just wait and see
    CHEATER. You picked DongHae @ the 13th Q. XPP

    9. They can get married…with me AHAHA (yeah, I didn’t rly answer your question) CHEATEEEEEER TT_TT

    12. “Changmin! Let me watch with you!” Ahahaha…*cough* O_O

    13. Omg can I have more than one husband? PLEASE. Actually I had this discussion with pinkandsparkly before so I guess I’ll stick with my first choice – Donghae :D
    Ok. XPP

    Jeez, you guys don’t look your age o_o Now I regret speaking to you so casually TT_TT
    Mianhe m(_ _)m
    Ne, I just wanna share my amazing skills: Did you know that I can link ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to SJ/DBSK? try me! XP And I make computers go *boom*~~
    Ahh~ the joy of blogging has come to me~

  41. And ooh, I just read that you wanted to go to Japan?? Let me go with you!!~ I’d be your handy translator :D Just fix my visa problems and we’re set to go to my homeland X3

    1.SJ or DBSK?
    2.Pinkandsparkly: Why did you choose Siwon?
    CandyChu: Why DongHae?
    3.Name the top 5 boys in your life [anyone, just.. anyone, it can be our neigbor, Lol XD]
    4. If you saw $1000000 on the street, nobody’s around, what will you do?
    5. Would you meet me if I was just 2 hours away from your home? :D

  42. sayuu13sj
    *gets glomped* hehehe ^___^

    LOL it’s not my fault you’re younger than us XD

    AHAHA YES IM A CHEATER! I cheat on Changmin and Donghae and Kyuhyun and Henry … with each other !? LOL. Actually throw in all the other DBSK and SJ members and we can make it work…somehow…

    You haven’t been speaking to us informally! Hehe, it’s cool. It makes us feel slightly younger even though we’re not even that old XDD STOP MAKING US FEEL OLD!!! Haha, jks :P

    1. UR EVIL!! DONT MAKE ME CHOOSE!!! Well actually I’ve been into DBSK for 3 years now so no one can beat DBSK. Except my love for SJ did grow exponentially so they’re very close behind. Though I’ll admit, I love some SJ members more than some DBSK members XD But rly, I love all 18+2 :D
    2. BECAUSE HE IS MY FUTURE HUBBY <3333 Lol, I don’t know. I just love EVERY SINGLE THING ABOUT HIM. Like…IDK…JUST EVERYTHING $!($!)#(*@!$***&#*@(%&@#*$#@ And don’t ask me to specify because I will just DIE xP See, I really do love him ^^
    3. CHANGMIN :D Donghae, Kyuhyun, Henry and … DBSJ (YES THEY ARE ALL ONE PERSON!)
    4. Donate to charity (honestly), give some to my mum and then fly to Korea and BUY SM :D
    5. Sure! I’ve met strangers before :P Except … that’s probably not advisable :S

  43. Sayuu:
    Aww, you’re lucky you have friends who talk about pretty boys with you :( All my friends tell me to be quiet and shut-up, whenever I try to update them on my pretty boys XDDD

    You thought I was younger cos I looked younger? Aww, you’re sweet :P Na, I *do* look younger than my age, a LOT younger, actually XD It’s really funny, cos whenever I go anywhere with my friends (who look way older than me) they all get asked for id (when we take public transport, buy movie tickets) and I always get OFFERED a child ticket XDDDD

    It’s really odd, cos I’m actually quite tall.

    I play piano! Except I’m only doing my grade seven exam this year, so I’m definitely not a musician ^^””

    Me + Siwon + Child??? LOL XDDDD Only if it’s OUR child, I really really don’t like children ^^”

    By “hot outfit”, I didn’t mean bikini ^^”’ just a nice, pretty dress, or something like that :P I’M NOT A SKANK, OKAY XDD

    Now to answer your new questions:

    1. Hmmm, I’m gonna have to say DBSK, but only because I like their music more. Cos I do like some SJ boys more than some DBSK boys :P (not that I rank them or anything like that…)

    2. Why I chose Siwon? Cos he’s rich XDD KIDDING. Well, not really :P Na, it’s cos Siwon just seem like the PERFECT husband *—-* He’s a Christian, HOT, has a nice personality, AND HE’S RICH. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. :P

    3. Top five guys? Well, seeing as how I don’t have a boyfriend atm, I’ll just list my top five famous boys :P
    Jaejoong, Siwon, Jin, Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick. xPPPP

    4. Hmm, well I wouldn’t take it to a POLICE station, cos that’s not realistic AT ALL. I’d probably put 3/4 in the bank, so it can generate interest, cos the current interest rate is suuuper high. I’d buy a house with the rest of the money, and whatever is left over, I’d donate to charity :DDD

    5. Two hours? By car or plane? Cos I think Candychu and I live two hours way from each other (by plane) and I’m totally going to invade her house when DBSK has a concert in Sydney XDDDD (Hi, Changdice! I’m inviting myself over! xP)

  44. hey!
    have u heard about this?i just read from k-popped that Micky bought a new apartment will move in with his mother? i thought five of them must stay together.

  45. HEY YOU … !!!

    Just dropping by to wish you a spectacular day! You deserve it, dear!

    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox <333333333333

  46. And HOMG, I’m soooooooooo sooooooo soooooooo addicted to “LoveJuice” right now.

    Baka’s voice is ridiculously smooth. And the song’s wayyyy too catchy for it’s own good.

    Oh, and BTW, I read (what I could of) Koki’s “Make You Wet” lyrics. AND HOMG, the “up, down, up, down” had me in stitches.

    “(Kiss you, inside of you) Na~” ROFLMAOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    These boys are sooooo pervy. Honestly, they all have issues. <3

  47. Erv:
    Yep, Micky bought a house, a BIG one:


    Ahahah, it’s easier to typo your name than it is mine XDDD

    You are so SWEET. I read your comment while I was in a lecture, and I was all “LOOK, I’M LOVED” :DDDDD

    Omg, I looooooooooooooove “Lovejuice”. I love the tune, I love his voice, and I….laugh at the lyrics XDD Everytime I hear “let’s go upstairs sex things up” I start laughing uncontrollably XD HE IS SO FUNNY. I’m not sure where it is on your version, but I loooooooooooove the “acksss aahhh” bit (2:44)

    I really really REALLY want to see him perform this. The choreography to his past solos have been VERY sexy, can’t wait to see what he’ll do for this one.

    Have you read the lyrics of “Haha”? I was reading it, and was all “oh yeah, this isn’t too bad”, then I got to the last line and went O_______________O TYPICAL. XD

    Omg, “make you wet” has the dodgiest lyrics EVERRR. I had it on the screen when my friend was over, and she was like OMG, IS THAT WHAT YOU LISTEN TO EVERYDAY ^^””’

    Personally, I found the “You ridin’ on me? Feel good” line very cringe-worthy O.O

    Lol, I was over at the JE secrets community (there is ALWAYS a anti-Jin, secret) and one of the “secrets” for a girl not liking Jin, was “because he goes STD-collecting while the rest of the members work their butts off” ROFLOL


    Though I do think that he does SOME work. His english pronunciation in Lovejuice is applaudable, and 90% of the lyrics actually make sense ^—-^

    A week left before you’re done with exams! GOOD LUCK <3!

    Edit: LOOK WHAT I FOUND: SEE, HE CAN BE SWEET, TOO :DDDD And omg, HE CAN PLAY GUITAR <3333!!!!! I always knew he had a guitar (from that interview) but I didn’t know he could actually PLAY it, OMG.

    Edit again: I FOUND THE LYRICS:

  48. pinkandsparkly – hey (: I left a message a while earlier and just saw your reply today (: Link exchanges are basically a link on the sidebar or on a page. You can add a link in your wordpress control panel (: I’ve just linked you for a long time since I always read your blog (because it’s fun XD), and I was just wondering if you wanted to exchange links.

    Hmmm, I actually can’t remember how I found your blog =_=;; I just somehow got to it (:

  49. Hey, i’m nembie to Super Junior world. haha
    for the latest info about Super Junior ! especially Kim Hee Chul, haha.

    By the way,
    this blog is very good. Always UPDATE! the difference from me, i just post anything about Super Junior not anyone else. haha

    Because YouTube only serve Trailer, not full films/drama

    thx b4

    P.S : Pinkandsparkly, i’ve just link you blog on my blog as my friend!

  50. Been busy but finally… I GOT A JOBBBB!!! :O Say hello to a new hairnet and a vest, because I have joined the work force! BTW I am officially blowing my first cheque on clothes to make up for the hairnet.


    OMFG You would so kick my ass. Nail art! You are like that kid that painted the Mona Lisa at age 6 and I was the kid which still did not colour within the lines in their teens. LMAO My friend is now in nail school and I told her to practice on me anytime, plzkthx. :D

    I actually thought of that Changmin quote after I posted!!! I for sure would make a lame face when hurt. Something between constipation and puking. Then he’ll love me! <33

    Urghh I wish Donghae was taller, I think being a short cutie is a part of his charm but… I’M TALL. So WTF?! Lame. And you just had to tell me about the eyes eh? LOL I get the comment all the time and this is also my nickname in pictures, “squinty eyes.” URGH. I think they are just sensitive to light so the flash gets me. At least you have good eyes for Hae. <33

    lol Okay so apparently when you go into college/uni you get freshman 15. It refers to gaining 15 pounds while there. I guess because of more freedom, new meal plan, and even drinking e.t.c. But I have gained like 50, no joke. I am one of the few people that finished the whole meal plan. $0. LOL This is way to shameful to explain now, I DID NOT GAIN THAT MUCH. I was lying, I swearrr!! But really, some weight gain is like impossible to avoid.

    Ah, ya and they did walk and run during the marathon at different times. I don’t think they ever like sprinted but ELF had to go faster to keep up because their path was all blocked. I remember Kangin was telling them to be careful to keep off the road. <33


    LOL Just do not blame me if your Dad gets mad at you over the password thing. I would love to go to Japan or Korea!!! So awesome. I have a way better chance with US for my Dad though. Both my parents said they would never go to Japan/Korea. I guess I could go with my friends but then I would have to pay for the majority of the trip and I doubt my summer job when even cover much more than the flight!

    I cannot even explain how random I would already be there and then I would be in with all the Cass screaming! I think I would get a few strange glances (times 100). I was actually sad even in the airport pictures for Hollywood Bowl I saw no Caucasian people. T-T Maybe there will be more at the event?

    Urgh to make things worse right after I was noticing these things someone posted a picture of Micky with a Caucasian fan and the face he was making… not pleasant. DHSUIFG*US&FY* Fail.

    Ya, Jae seems to have quite the patience with fans. I just feel bad because I know he has always said he tries not to smile in airports or do things to provoke the fans, but if they were mature enough he could show us more of himself there and have fun.

    DO YOU REALLY?!? Ahhh Fairytale is the first song by him that I listened to, and that is what caused me to look up more!! MV was sweet as sugar. I am telling you, he is a facial expressions guy. :D LOL Love it.

  51. Girls remake the U Video.

    A Happiness Video Remake..

    They are just wow!

    I don’t know if you’ve seen this..if you have sorry.
    I just though these were worth sharing.. ^^

  52. Annacircles:
    Ooohh, I see…I have so many blogs to add to the blogroll, I’ll have to sit down and organise everything in the holidays (My holidays are coming up soon, YAY :DDD)

    This is kind of random, but do you have anything to do with the flawless forum? It’s just that I noticed your site in the web address…?

    I shall go comment as soon as I finish replying to these comments ^^

    I really like how you post in english AND indonesian! I can’t read indonesian, but it must be very convenient for all the indonesian fangirls :DD

    You can watch dramas at Crunchyroll
    they’re all subbed (i think) and the quality is really good :DD

    Thanks for linking us!

    You got a job??? CONGRATS :DD

    I’ve been meaning to go find one, but I don’t know how to write a resume and I can’t be bothered learning XDDD

    You have to wear a hairnet and a vest?? Do you work in the food industry? FREE FOOD :DDDD

    And dw, I fail as much (if not more) than you, in the nail art department. I can’t paint my nails for jellybeans. So I don’t XD. And I have really short nails (piano :(( ) so I just don’t bother to pretty-fy them :P

    Hmm, I don’t actually want to go to Korea (is that a really racist thing to say? Im not being racist) there’s just nothing there that attracts me. I’d rather go to Japan, cos Japan has good shops, good food, and good amusement parks :DDD Ooo, and GOOD BOYS :DDDDDDDD See, in Japan, I’d be able to stalk KAT-TUN + YAMAPI + DBSK. And they probably all live in the same city. HOW CONVENIENT :D.

    I’d just go to China to stalk Suju. Oo, that reminds me, I’m going to Beijing in december! Maybe I’ll run into Suju-M XDDDDD I WISH.

    Hmm I haven’t seen anyone caucasian, either :S You would’ve stood out so much if you went! You might’ve even got to take a picture with them for the newspaper or something :PP (you want to hit me now, don’t you XDDD)

    I stay away from threads titled “look at my pictures with DBSK!” cos I know I’d just end up abusing the poor girl, so I just don’t look XD Ignorance is bliss…..

    Poor baby-JJ :(((( Last time he fell over at the TW airport, and all these crazy fans dove on top of him :(( he had to be carried to the gate by security :((((((((

    Michael Wong has some BRILLIANT piano skills!!


    The setting/clothes/hair/EVERYTHING was done so well!!

    I really want to know if the Heechul actor is a guy or a girl, so I can find him hot XDD

    I’ll do a post on this when all the HB craze is over! Thanks for sharing!!!

  53. Okay, this isn’t a reply to your previous comment (and I should probably reply to Gummy’s soon. Wait, WHERE HAS THAT GIRL BEEEEN BTW?! I’VE NOT SEEN ANY OF HER LONG POSTS IN EONS.), but I just had to say that I HEART YOUR NEW LAYOUT SO MUCH. And because I’m a blunt fool, I’m going to straight-out tell you that I like it WAY better than your last choice. So yes dear, keep it this way … !!! XDDDD


    … I almost failed English because I forgot that … paragraphs are needed when writing essays. XDDDDD *flails around*

  54. Hmm, maybe she’s started work on the Changmin gummy statue? Lol, we made a pact to build a statue of Changmin, out of gummies XDDD

    LOL, I love blunt. Actually, I’m always get in trouble for being too blunt XD But yea, I hated the other layout, cos I hate green XD I just chose it cos all the other layouts have been used before, by Dice-head, you, or Nanshi :PPP

    I love the blueness of this one! The only bad thing is that it won’t allow custom headers :((( But I’ll make up for that by picspamming the sidebar XDDDD

    Paragraphs make everything so much NEATER :DDD Before, all the comments were squished together, and ewwwwwwwwwwwwww, yuck. I’ve actually stopped reading some really good E-books, purely because the author didn’t realise the importance of paragraphing =.=

  55. hi, i was a non-KAT-TUN fan before I saw your post on KAT-TUN’s Don’t U Ever Stop PV some time ago and now i really like Jin’s Lovejuice as well, it’s also on the top of my playlist XDXDXD THANKS PINKSANDSPARKLY for spreading the love … plus a note to Sayshey: check out ^^


    So glad you like Kat-tun! They’ve actually got some pretty decent songs (I’ll do a pimp post on them in my term break!) and the boys themselves are all hilaaaaarious XDDDD

    I’m not going to say that they’re underrated, cos um, they’re not XDD (their recent single sold around 340,000 in FOUR DAYS, omg) but I’m glad I have another person to fangirl with over KT :DDDD

    *hugs you*

    *runs off to study*

  57. WORK IS SO LAME! lol Answering you in the Shinee post to, but I wanted to wait to say how lame it was after I worked in my area (Sunday and Monday were training and then Wednesday, or today, was my start). I am just like the biggest newbie. I should not be allowed anywhere near a cash register. People were really nice to me though. It is still awkward because I do not mind working at all, but I do not know people. T-T I do work in food, I am in the Cafe at Sam’s Club. So hairnet and apron! And gloves!!! I look super cool for summer. You are not even allowed to wear anything tight or anything but pants. And I mean I do wear own tight and sexy clothes for everyday use but everyone there is so frumpy! And you do not want the food! Not to good. =(

    LMAO You never did a resume in career or a like class? Mine was a Microsoft word lame-o. At least it was pretty! The job I got was application anyway.

    I actually have long nails. It is because I have long hands so they need to fit Makes sense? lol Not to my parents either. Another reason is laziness.

    That is not racist at all! I do not want to go to Canada and I live here! :x Anywho I agree that Japan does have more attractions. I even think there will be more people to help English speakers there because it is such a tourist location. My thing is that Japan feels closer, lol weird but I guess because my friends have been and I took a language class in it and all that. Japan just does not seem as foreign as Korea. I think in Korea it would be more of an experience. Not saying going to either would not blow my mind. <33 China would be Super Junior M for me to. And good dim-sum because I have to drive 1 hour to get it. Ohhh I would SO go for the Olympics also. Sweetness. I think if you are there you need to ask for SJ-M in your room as a Christmas present. It just does not seem as far-fetched when you are in the same country. LOL

    Nah I was just too happy about taking a picture to hit anyone. haha In the end, I did see maybe 10 caucasian people! Some were in an elevator and got Jaejoong’s/Micky’s autograph so some interaction. At least they knew we were there, good enough for me. *cough* LIIIIEEESSSS IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN MEEEEEEE!

    I usually read though all the fan accounts and see pictures. I got all spazzing when reading and then depressed after, but I am such an information hound. I still wanted to know everything that happened. Then I can daydream about something that technically happened but not with me.. and in my version it is not one meeting but marriage LMAO.

    Aw Jae, he is too fragile for that! Seriously his waist is 23-24 inches? He should be in a bubble. BUBBLE BOY. No really this is a good idea. That is a great way to protect artists, and lets say they are tired and do not want to get ready one day. One-way mirror bubble!!! So they can see out but no one can see in. BRILLIANT. I am forwarding this to SM.

    I guess if fangirls knocked them over it would be hard to get up though, not like they would really roll I think (to heavy at bottom and people all over so no where to roll) but just flop. Ohhh but one-way mirror bubble has a defense because you can have decoys. I need to play with the design. What if they can just bounce out of the airport, then it is even a time-saver!!!!!

    I feel kind of weak now reading this message and I hope you did not skip studying for this LMAO. Wasted time. :P I think it could be summed up in one word: BLAH.

  58. WAIT. PAUSE. Instead of reading the whole above post I have something better you can do.


    I can officially recognized them all! LOL Ya that made my day. It is pretty cute, a little repetitive. Good for a summer cute thing and to help us see each of the boys. I love the dance. I think I really only like dances that I can understand upon seeing. All the body movement in hardcore dances gives me motion sickness. No but it had some complex things just fluid (I guess it is good because everyone says you need to make a hard thing look easy). I need some slow movements to because I find them so hot (0:47 & 2:19). Expect the hand motion at 0:50 which was just, I don’t know something a boy would do before he run away from a girl in fear. Actually I think they looked a little younger in the MV expect Jonghyun (see why after the next line). The camera close-ups are really LOL-tastic!!! Jonghyun is sexy. Whatever I said it. He is only 6 months younger. *goes to put hair in pig tails to impress him*

    Ya, they owned for debut.

  59. hello hi hi

    It’s 126am here in Singapore, and it’s a Saturday. Finally, the weekends are here :D :D

    To answer your prev qns, I’m currently working in an architecture firm and have been there for almost 3 months. My 2 seniors have been there for almost for one year plus, and one of them will be leaving in June to study at a local uni, while the other one will be leaving in August..and guess what, she’s flying off to Australia to contd studying architecture there. haha, maybe the both of u can be buddies or something when she’s there XD

    anyhoo, you like 20 other guys..ahahaha! ok, so far, i’m in love with 3.
    leeteuk(what he’s up to these days?), changmin…and the latest addition Taguchi =) yes yes, i’ve fallen head over heels with him and his invincible smile and dorkiness. the seniors managed to successfully psycho me into kat-tun..and voila, another fan is born! one of the seniors invited me to her house and we watched two of their concerts…and i went “Ooooh” the whole time. their concerts were so lively and colorful!! especially with the whole Pirate theme…HOTness~~~man, their hips don’t lie! they can REALLY shake it.

    the DUES parody…LOL. the lyrics. crack me up! glitter..vest..hats..the works! i’ve been listening to DUES these days, along with Lovejuice (sexy..although the pronounciation wise is a bit off, to me), and Ueda’s and Taguchi’s solo..which i have no idea what they’re singing about though.
    yes, please do a post about them during your break =D

    currently right now, i’m spazzing over taguchi in Hanayome to Papa. have you watch that? i kept saying “Don’t Mind” all the time, after watching the first 4 episodes of the show, and people are starting to get annoyed. ho well *shrugs*

    oooh..u like chace crawford? so you watch Gossip Girl too? I’m totally lovin’ Blair Waldorf. have u watched the latest ep? love it when she snubbed georgina in the park, together with Dan. i dun like Jenny though. heee =)

    so u can tell from all those smiley emoticons, that i’m basically in a happy mood today, tomorrow and the next and the next (well, hopefully, if work doesnt get in the way)aahh…and it’s the great singapore sale this weekend…RETAIL THERAPY =)

    have a nice week!

    warmest regards,

  60. RINGeee:
    Hiiiiiii, sorry for taking so long to get back to you! I keep forgetting ^^|||

    Oooo, you work at a Cafe??? That would be fun, FREE FOOD :DDD But you say that it’s not good? :(((( Ahahaha, your work outfit sounds really funny XD What happened to that image of a hot waitress? XD But you’re probably not waitressing, cos you have to wear a hairnet…..are you making the food?

    I never did a resume in class…..we might’ve spent a lesson on it, but I was probably sick that day ^__^

    Ahaha, I want to go to Canada to see the polar bears ^^ and then I can visit you and Playmeagain :DDD OOoo, and I should probably go there to practise my French XD But yea, Korea really doesn’t attract me….I mean..yea, it’s got history..but I’d rather go to the Forbidden Palace in China, cos I’ve seen so many dramas that were shot there XD

    LOL, I’m picturing myself picking up the phone at my hotel, and going “Hi, Room service? Can I get the SJ-M boys up here please? Kthx” XDDD

    I can’t bring myself to read any fan accounts, they make me mad :P And I don’t daydream, because I have no imagination xDDDDDD But I understand what you mean about being an information hound, I spent aaaaaages trying to find the photos of Junsu and Taeyeon shopping, even though I knew that it would make me sad XD I AM TOO COOL.

    Omg, your bubble sounds like such a good idea!!!!!! I WANT ONE :DDDDD Actually, this reminded me of this thing in New Zealand called the “Zorb”. Basically, it’s a big padded clear ball, you go inside, they squeeze some washing detergent in, and then they roll you down the hill XDDD It’s a really popular ride there, lol.

    Hmm, “replay” IS a little repetitive…. I still can’t match names with faces :(((((( They are all SUCH good dancers! Especially Taemin (i think it’s him) AND HE’S SO YOUNG :((((((((((((((((((((((((((. I only like watching hip hop and ballet, don’t like contemporary, I CAN’T UNDERSTAND IT, LOL XDDD

    Ooo, I think Jonghyun is…..7-8 months younger than me? Whatever, they’re ALL younger than me XD I think the oldest boy – Onew – is still four months younger XD

    Thanks for the MV link!!!

    Architecture??? OO, that would be fun! I wanted to do architecture in uni, but er…I can’t draw XDD Actually, I’ve always like interior design..I used to looove decorating the houses on Sims(computer game) XD

    Your colleague is coming to Australia? Which state? Hmm, probably Sydney…everyone goes to Sydney =.=

    OMG, you like Junno??? He reminds me of Changmin XDD And Junsu, lol XD. He is suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch a dork, and everyone loves bullying him. But he’s such a good dancer! Very technical ^^.

    You watched KT’s concerts??? Lol, I’m currently watching their Real Face Live Tour (their first concert, i think) and yes, omg, they sure know how to do a concert! THE STAGE IS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Their concerts look soooooooooooooooooo fun, like you said, it’s so lively and colourful!! And their stage really lets them engage with the audience. Omg, speaking of audience, there are SO MANY at all their concerts. PEOPLE EVERYWHERE o____________O. Kame and Jin do the best hip rolls :P

    I haven’t heard Ueda’s solo yet….but I have Junno’s! I was pleasantly surprised~~

    Noo, I haven’t seen that drama yet…I’m still watching Yukan Club (for Jin) it’s really funny ^^.

    I looooooooooooooooooooove Gossip Girl!! I don’t like Jenny, she annoys me. a lot. But I love Blair!!!! She reminds me of myself XDDD Didn’t like Georgina, though, glad she’s gone. Don’t like Vanessa either =.= I want to see Serena and Nate get together!

    Sale? I LOVE SALES :DDDDDD I’m so envious :( Singapore has the best duty free shops, THE MAKEUP THERE IS SO CHEAAAAP. Be sure to buy my share too! XD

  61. HELOOOO!!!

    anyone kind enough to do a header for me? I don’t know how to use photoshop at all :(

    PLS~~~~~~~~ i’m begging. . i don’t want to have forest as my header.

  62. Erv:
    Ooo, you have a blog too now? Gimme the address and I’ll go visit :DD

    Can’t help you with that photoshop problem :((( I…..kinda suck at photoshop XDDD But maybe Ringy will whip something up for you :D

  63. I’m not sure if you’ve seen this yet.
    Its SHINee’s message subbed.
    Theres a subbing team for SHINee already.. ^^
    Thats fast!

    Anyway..i use this to tell them apart!
    They are so cute..
    Taemin. 0_o
    Please..the hair.. XD

    Hopefully you haven’t seen this already..


    Lol I watched ^that clip last night and OMG the thing I found the funniest was taemin’s voice XDD HOW HIGH AND SQUEAKY IS IT??? LOL, well clearly his voice hasn’t broken.

    And omg, so cute at the end when they’re waving but Jonghyun was standing in front of Taemin so Taemin couldn’t wave properly and so then Jonghyun shited back. IT WAS JUST THE CUTEST THING <3333

    Onew is so smiley I love that boy! And key omg he looks so lost half the time XD And Minho omg so tall, I LOVE 333333


    Do not even worry about taking a while! I am so late for everything lately. Every day I get off work I am doing something!! I went out yesterday and got completely sunburnt! I should change my name to lobster girl.

    Ya I am not really waitressing. It is more serve yourself. Like you get the cup and go to the machine for drinks, and everyone carries their own trays. I do make food though. Just things like fries and hotdogs. I get burnt ALOT! It is embarrassing because all the people that work there can do the fries and lift the boxes, but I am sooo weak. I always fail!

    LMAO Polar bears are not exactly close to us! I would fully come with you to go see them though. If you go to Montreal then we are old enough to drink! lol That is the only reason any 18 year old goes there I think. I wanted to sneak out to a Justin Timberlake concert there once with a friend, but we couldn’t get tickets! I had it all planned out to! It was the day before the first day of school and we were going to take a 3am train back. Risky!

    I think room service would like you if you did that! lol And if you are in China then are you going to see the Forbidden place?

    OMG You do not daydream! I do almost every minute. I am terrible. The other day I went to Korea with a friend and then she got in SM. Of course she made friends and then I meet them. At a surpirse party for me! But I was all embarrassing..blah..blah..blah. haha Okay mine are very elaborate. I always pretend they would do a Full House with me to! That happens every second. I was looking for those Taesu pictures to with them at A&F. Urgh I wish someone got that. =(

    Zorb sounds like the weirdest ride ever. lol I do not know about that one. I would be to scared of cracking my neck or something!

    Taemin is an AMAZING dancer. I swear every time they perform my eyes instantly go to him, I love watching him dance. I agree with you about contemporary, I just kind of stare at it strangely. I adore hip hop! I always try at it at home (yes from the youtube you-can-learn video). Apparently I have some famous Greek ballerina from my Mom’s side. I should find out her name lol. & how weak is it that even Onew who is in our year, is from December!!! URGH.

    I saw at the fanmeet Shinee had baby blue balloons but then heard the fans want to change it to silver. If they do, you fully owe me a pat on the back. ;) LOL


    PINKANDSPARKLee tells lies. She is getting good at photoshop!! <33
    I can do something for you if you still need it though. Just tell me what you want. Like who to be on it & colours/size. =) I would love to see your blog to!!

  66. oh dear, according to wikipedia, Leeteuk, Kangin, Yesung, Shindong, Sungmin, and Eunhyuk are part of a new subgroup known as SJ-H (H is short for Happy) o_O Lol, as much as I love them, the name Happy sounds a little cheesy?

    And their new single’s gonna be called “Cooking? Cooking!” lol I can’t wait to see how that’s gonna sound.


    And I see you added a new widget as well :D
    Do I get cookies for being observant? ^___^


    hewow. it’s okay Thanks! haha…am not sure whether you’ll wanna read my blog cause i’m not gonna talk fangirl about the boys. well, maybe a few posts. lols! cause i have enough fun commenting and talking to you guys here about them!!’s super DUPER random cause it’s where i rant in order to keep myself sane or maybe some of my daily pictures. weird encounter in my daily life.mostly FOOD PICTURES or the picture of my piglet hanging dry. :P hmmmm…sounds boring already right?

    *jumps happily and rolled down the staircase. *OOOUUCCCH!!!
    FIRST AND FOREMOST, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR OFFERING THE HELP RINGY!!!!!!!!!! * throws u chocolate and let the ants hunt for you. :P jkjkjk..cause i’m too happy!
    hehez. size? errr? the usual size of the custom header? sorry..i have no idea what’s the size needed.

    colour? i have no preference though.erm. i would like to have the combination of junsu,micky,henry,donghae,siwon,ryewook but Junsu’s pic will be the largest compared to all of them. :P woops. is that workable? *feels bad. if not, junsu alone will do. but PLS remember to mention that the custom header is done by YOUUUUU!!!

  69. T_T

    I hope i didn’t jinx this place.
    I finally decided to create an account and start to comment..and then BAM!
    A hiatus.

    I love this blog a lot!

    I’ll just look at Junsu shirtless for awhile.


    It’s okay! I’m still here hahaha not that that means much xDD

    LOL Topless boys make you feel better, don’t they? :P Nah I understand what you mean. That’s why I have a few pics of Yunho and Hae on my phone with their shirts open….LMAO I”m not a perve, I swear XDD

  71. No no! It means a lot..what if..the whole blog thingy..went on hiatus?? T_T

    ^^ It can’t be just ANY topless boys..DBSK. Number 1 topless boys!…Men..
    Men and Changmin. XD

    It seems as though DBSK news has gotten slow..they need to do more in the news more..just the news with girls.. Heh…

    *i have made myself sad..must hunt down more topless pics*

    Dw, that won’t happen…I hope :P

    Nooooooooo I don’t want Changmin’s body being overexposed…I need some left just for me to see xPP

    Lol there’s actually a reason for that. For some reason the only thing that works for me is SJM stuff lmao XD I can’t even see Junsu’s stripping pics and Shinee videos won’t load for me even tho theyve performed a few more times.

    I’m sorry!!! It’ll be back to “normal” by Thursday at least when I’m uncapped. I got an essay due in this wk and an assessment nxt wk so I’m actually pretty busy but I just can’t go on a hiatus bcoz that word doesnt exist in my dictionary XDD

  73. Hello hi

    The SJH photo XD I swear I thought Shindong was THE bolster. And Leeteuk and Eunhyuk look like brothers? CUTE.

    When I saw the post you did on Kara, the first thing I noticed about the picture was their heels >.< I knooooooow…super random. LOL. But I watched the clip of them singing to Come on Over..not bad..not bad..I want to listen to some Korean girl band for the time being…and SNSD simply doesn’t work for me. I got the jeepers when I watched their MV. No offence though. Wonder Girls nice though…but Kara looks more promising, yes? More on them please. Thanks *big grins*

    OH. And DBSK is going to Japan—again? Why can’t they just stay in Korea and do more activities there? BUMMER. There’s not much news on them though, that’s the sad thing..and now that SJ is all over the place too. What is SM trying to do actually?

    And yes, I’m starting to watch Yukan Club…Hmm..Junno’s a bit gay with the blond hair..but ho well, I still find him adorable =) And at the same time watching One Litre of at the second fine is that Ryo guy..

    *snaps out of dream bubble*

    Okaes. Shall stop here. not my usual self with all these J-Pop and K-Pop madness. LOL. What’s new?

    Warmest regards,


    *just for me though* XD

    SJM…Henry is so yummy..Zhoumi is..yummy too..
    they are all yummy!

    This all reminds of of my list.

    1.Kidnap Junsu.
    2.See Min’s body hair.
    3.Pinch Henry’s cheeks.
    4.Hug Zhoumi for 10 whole minutes.
    5.Throw Henry and Zhoumi antis off a cliff.

    It changes a lot.
    Except number 5. That one stays in my top 5.

    Its not my fault..really..its theirs.

    Recently SJ is making me sad.
    It doesn’t feel right.
    They’re incomplete and i think they feel like that too.
    Its awkward, seeing them now, they really do look a bit lost.
    It kind of scares me, like something bads going to happen.
    Like they’re just going to just disband. T_T
    But..i’m just being paranoid.

    On the other hand, DBSK is really just getting better and better.
    I was mad at myself for hunting up those TaeSu pics..
    Not that i don’t like TaeYeon..

    BESIDES, i have a VERY good explanation for it.
    You see..LA is verrrrry hot.
    He was so overheated he was delusional, and though Taeyeon was Yoochun, short skirt and with longer hair!
    Perfectly understood..i mean..i’m sure it was very hot!

    *in denial*

    Although i favor Min….

    I’m a fangirl..i can’t help it!

    I typed to much..but ah well.


    Ranting over!

    I look forward for more posts!

  75. I just notices..that was REALLY long…so sorry..


  76. hullo

    just a short one here;

    IMJUSTKEEDINGee comment made me LMAO XD

    hey, for the list, can i join you on no.5?

    And your explanation of Junsu’s “mirage” of Yoochun..hahaha! Trying to make yourself feel better? But were those pics really of the two of them?

    Till here then.

    Nurulnunu =D

  77. i know where Junsu actually learnt his to do his trick in Shanghai
    they went to Vegas??
    notty junsu

  78. hello!
    been reading your blog for months now…
    guilty for being a silent reader… teee..
    nice blog!

  79. ERV:
    I am super sorry it took me a lifetime to get make to you! I got caught up doing this kind of birthday thing for Micky. It was like these ABC’s about him. I know it sounds weak but it is true. I can prove it:
    Anywho, I did manage to get all the guys in but I am not sure how much you will like it. T-T I had this cool idea of making Junsu a puppet master or something but there was not enough space so I just tried something different. Here it is:

    I was still thinking of doing one with just Junsu if you want it but I didn’t want to make you wait even longer for this one! Probably could get in done by tomorrow or Sunday. =)
    Oh, and if you have any problems with size or anything just tell me!! <33

  80. Have any of you guys heard that crazy..and hopefully not true..yet very scary rumor?

    That Zhoumi might be replaced if his stage performances aren’t better? sounds pretty scary..that really indeed suck!
    I’m not too worried sounds pretty ridiculous..
    But then again…



    Make me feel better?

  81. Ringy

    oh!! thank you so much! *hugs <3<3
    haha. it’s okay,don’t worry. u did not take that long. i distract myself by watching EHB :D By the way, i read what u wrote in soompi, gosh!! that was such a good and organized piece of work. Haha..i’m sure yoo chun will have tears in his eyes if he knows about this. I could never do such a good writings about someone.

    i was smiling like crazy when i saw the file name :ervlovesjunsu.
    Hehe. do you mind if I ask for another junsu’s? xD you can take your time doing it
    oh yeah! i tried using it just now but the custom header doesn’t let me crop the whole header. it allows me to crop from junsu until siwon. I don’t know what’s wrong with the image cropper.
    it says ” Images of exactly 736 x 229 pixels will be used as-is.”
    maybe that’s the size that has to be used?

    hehe. thanks! u made my day! finally a nice header!! wheee * going high, AGAIN

  82. Ringyyyyyy:

    Argh, I haven’t talked to you in WEEKS, I’m sorry ;____; I just finished a semester of Uni, so loooooooooots of assignments and exams =.= OH THE JOY XDD

    For some odd reason, I never get burned when I go outside, which is weird considering how the hole in the ozone layer is above Australia…maybe I’m just special XD

    You make fries?? Darn it, I wish I lived in your city XD Then I could get free food LOOOOOL. I love fries, especially the ones from Macca’s…..mmm~~~

    Speaking of weak, I had the most embarrasing thing happen to me. Okay, so I was on the bus, and there’s always an area on the bus for wheelchairs, but when there isn’t a wheelchair, there are these seats that you can push down and sit on (do you know what i mean?) Anyway, I went to one of those seats (cos the normal seats were full), I was carrying my textbook in one had, and i had my handbag on my other arm (pfft, who carries proper bags these days XDD) and I COULDN’T PUSH THE SEAT DOWN XDDD I was standing there for 5 minutes trying to push the seat down, and it WOULDN’T BUDGE XDD It was soooooooooo embarrassing, cos I was standing in the middle of the bus trying to inconspicuously push this seat down XD

    Lol, if you want to drink, you should come to Australia. I think the drinking age here is 16? But you have to be 18 to purchase alcohol by yourself. I don’t like the smell of alcohol though, so I always just sit there and drink my coke XD Hay, at least it’s not milk :PP

    Justin Timberlake? My friend LOVES him. This guy I know almost won VIP tickets to his concert. He called up a radio station, and they asked him to name three JT songs, but he only knew two =_________=

    Lol, your daydream sounds awesome XD I want SJ to do a Full House with me too!!!! Maybe we could go together? :DDD Last time they had a caucasian girl with an asian girl, maybe they’ll do that again :P Then we could create havoc in the SJ dorms together. MWAHAHAHAHA

    Have you watched some of the Youtube dance battles? OMG. AMAAAAAZING. Actually, have you seen Step Up 2? HOT DANCING HOT DANCING HOT DANCING.

    You’re part Greek? My best friend is half Greek ^^ Maybe you’re related XDDD

    It’s so sad, the OLDEST SHINee boy is younger than us :'((((

    Lol, okay, if they change it to silver, I’ll fly to Canada to give you a pat on the back XD

    I love the SJ-H photos, they’re so happy XD

    Lol, I didn’t write the post on Kara…one of the other authors did XD But yea, they’re good! Actually, have you listened to CSJH The Grace?? FAVOURITE KOREAN GIRLGROUP EVERRRRR. They’re sooooooooooooo good. Tell me if you want to try their music, and I’ll send you some ^__^

    SNSD doesn’t work for you? LOL they don’t work for me either XD Maybe it’s because I think I’m too old for their type of music? (I’m not actually that old, I’m younger than two of them, actually). Their music is too cute….

    I have 0 respect for SM. LSM is a money hungry bad person (LOL) and he puts out wayyy too much merchandise than I can afford =.= I sometimes think he’s worse than JE’s Johnny.

    Homg, Ryoooo <3333333333333333333333333333 I LOOOOOOVE his character in that drama!!! SO SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET. I really love the actress too. She’s so pretty!!

    What’s new? Hmm, I finished my music exam!! Lol, I’ve VERY happy about that, cos now I don’t have to listen to death metal everyday =____=. Ooo, and I’m currently watching Taiyou no Uta (with the girl from 1 litre of tears) it’s a nice drama, but I can’t be bothered finishing it (I’ve only got one episode to go too XD)

    Hope everything is going well for you <333

    LOL, your list is VERY amusing XD

    I don’t like SJ-H. I love the members, but the whole SJ-H thing just made me loose whatever respect I had left for LSM =.=

    DBSK is improving so much! I’m soooo proud of them!! I think it’s cos in Japan, they’re not seen as an “idol” group, so they can really be treated as professional musicians, which is really awesome cos they get to perform live lots!!

    I read something about that Zhoumi rumour. I was really mad =.= SM hasn’t even given him a proper chance to show everyone what he can do, they CAN’T replace him :(((( I hope it’s not true…

    I love your Taesu explanation ;) Couldn’t have said it better myself

    Don’t worry ’bout the long comment! We love long comments!!!


    Thanks for your comment <333333333

  83. Pinkandsparkly

    congratulations for finishing ur exams!!! hahaa..great. I’m starting uni next month and i’m so not mentally prepared for assignments, research, studying again! lols. for 8 months i’ve been playing. lols. Haha..i heard from my friends that i’ll be given EIGHT assignments a week. hmmm..interesting.
    anyways. Seriously have this feeling that the latest photobook will be really reallY expensive unless I get a chance to be in China to purchase it. :P
    btw, which part of Aus are you in? Sydney?

  84. We’re BACK. We’re BACK. We’re BACK. *throws confetti everywhere* *hauls out a banquet table* *flails around*

    Hope your exams went well, dear!

    Guess what? I got my first-year course booklet today, so now, I’m trying to figure out which courses to take next year. I’m going for ones that aren’t tooooooo tough, because there’ll be enough pressure as it is, but I still want to do ones that’ll teach me the stuff I need to know.

    And apparently, my mum wants to sign me up for a book-keeping course this summer so I won’t be behind. *climbs up a cliff*


    Ooooh, I started a new drama today – “Fire Boys”. It’s about firemen. ^^

    I’m currently addicted to “Summertime” by New Kids on the Block. The peeps singing this song are in their late thirties. *climbs up Mt. Everest* WHY AM I ATTRACTED TO GUYS TWENTY YEARS OLDER THAN ME? OR TO GUYS YOUNGER THAN ME? Either way, it’s apparent I’ve issues.

    Ahahaha, I haven’t listened to Asian muzaaaack in AGES. But I’m currently addicted to the American Top 40, because I’m cooooooooooool.

    Oh yes, and Rick Dees gets on my nerves.

  85. PWHAHAHA! I swear it is unwise to disappear for 2 weeks to study. I honestly cant find my previous comments and the one you replied to. ctrl+f on opera is annoying cos it loops so I cant tell any of them apart x/

    *after 5 minutes of scrolling*

    ZOMG! Children and new ideas are NOT WISE! ….actually I cant think of a reason why not. I just got caught up in the moment. HAHA! But I did have a very demonic dream before my maths exam….where I was babysitting a monkey-lookalike-of-a-child. It was all fun and games until I started eating chocolate, and the kid said “Whats that? Ive never tried it before.” So the dream-me was an idiot and fed the kid some…….and then the kid morphed into this mutant monkey monster, and then tried to kill me for the chocolate. And I think it will make you happy to know that no longer works, which would mean YAYYAYAYAY! No more crazy bimbo/monkey monster chiddlers to bomb my dreams!!

    LMAO@ your marshies catching fire. I can just imagine this asian girl running around this massive bonfire screaming, cos she has this mini marshie on a stick burning like the sun. Speaking of which! Apparently its unwise to cook marshies over the stovetop. xDD lol@ my own stupidity.

    OH! I still listen to the radio. One day I shall call up and request a DBSK song and then laugh at whether they will be able to find it or not. And if they do, I shall be ready with my mad tape-recording skills and record it. So that I can flaunt the fact that they played on Australian radio! YAYAYAYAY! But 240 million for radio advertising?! dsjkfjsdfhjd Not only can they make a Changmin-gum statue, but the silly nutters can make a Yoochun, Yunho, Jaejoong and Junsu one toooooooo!! …..*rolls head on keyboard*

    And on a complete tangent, Im listening to KT’s ‘Lovin You’ and it cracks me up how they say ‘Ruvin Yoo~’ xDDDDD

    Cody’s Party Planning Service?! I swear you’re more informative than wikipedia. If he can have his own part planning business, then that means I can have my own ‘keyboard rolling’ classess MUAHAHHA! World domination! BTW! Do you rekon they should make DBSK plushsies or what?! Its driving me NUTTERS that there are SO many ways that SM can make more cash, but they chose to sell the same CD but with different covers -___- DBSK plushies would be the SHIZZ! ….despite being slightly creeper stalker

    …..cult status? For some reason, I think of a bunch of fangirls gathered around giant dbsk gum-statues. Dbsk-gum gods. The new religion. xDDD But I hope their next photobook is an australian one! If they get to go to America, than they should definitely come to Aus!!! I can so picture the boys posing with a jar of vegemite, before running like crazy because they’ve attracted some kangaroos lol.

  86. Ervie:
    Lol, I haven’t finished my exams XDDDD

    My course is reaaaally weird. See, I’m doing a double media degree, right? And you don’t get exams for media, just HUGE assignments. So I’ve go these EXTREMELY STRESSFUL assignments which are both worth 40% :'((( And they were all due this week, as well as my music exam (for my other degree) so AAAHHH so stressful.

    But it’s all good now :))) I’ve just got a MONTH of study break until my last exam XD

    You’re starting uni next month?? GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!! Eight assignments a week? Wow, that sounds really bad. I don’t get many assignments, but when I get them, they’re HUUUUUGE =.=|||. Lol, you should do psychology, my friend’s doing Psychology Honours, and she only got ONE assessment in the whole semester, and her exam is MULTIPLE CHOICE. grrrrr

    I’m not going to buy the new photobook….. I’m such a bad fan, i love it XD

    Nup, I don’t live in Sydney……which is really bad, cos every asian celebrity holds concerts there when they come to Australia…but at least we have a Chinatown; take that, Perth! xDDDDDD

    I haven’t finished my exams yet :'(((( I have a month of study break before my last exam XD How lovely of the uni people, they gave me NO study break for my other three subjects, BUT HERE, HAVE A MONTH FOR YOU LAST ONE =.=|||

    Hmm, don’t you have compulsory courses? I HATED organising my own timetable, cos my subjects have NOTHING to do with each other, so I end up with these huuuuuuuge four hour gaps =.=

    What’s book-keeping??? I’m picturing you in a dusty library, learning how to take care of books XDDDD

    Fire Boys?? ROFLOL ahahaha, the name makes me LOL. I still have one episode of Taiyou no Uta, left. I can’t be bothered finishing it XD|||

    Late thirties…..? Lol, dw, you’re not the only one, my friend idolises Frank Sinatra O_______O

    American Top 40? …………………. ok


    I stay away from that, cos heaps of the songs on that chart have WAY too much synth. Eg, Madonna’s “four minutes”. Omg, was it really NECESSARY to put so many studio sounds in that? =____=

    Who’s Rick Dees?

    BTW, have you heard about the Dream Concert fiasco? (Seeing as how you’ve been living in your little away-from-asian-music bubble :P)

    I reaaaaaaaaaaaaally don’t like children. I keep telling my mum that I don’t want kids, and she goes crazy XDDD (I’m an only child). But omg, soooooooo annoying. And sticky. and slimey. and loud. =.=

    LMAO, you have such WEIRD dreams XD It’s like how Candychu told me that she had a dream where Donghae was dancing to Purple Line in a sac that had the Theta sign on it. Too much studying, me thinks XD

    You’re in year 12, right? Ooo, that means your trials are coming up, yes? GOOD LUCK :DDD

    Lol, WRONG, despite the fact that I sound like a complete NUTCASE online, I’m actually quite calm XD I don’t scream, infact, I’ve actually been told that I’m emotionless :| Haha.

    OMG, PLEASE NOTIFY ME WHEN YOU RING UP THE RADIO STATION! Though depending on what state you’re in, I probably won’t be able to access the station =.= Omg, you have TAPE PLAYERS??? YOU’RE SO COOL :DDD

    Gum-statues, FTW. I was walking around in the city the other day, and I saw these WEIRD statues in a park, and I though “omg, with that money, they could’ve built a whole COLLECTION of SMtown gum-statues” XDDD

    KAT-TUN’s Engrish is so awesome XD I can’t actually understand 90% of it XD But Jin’s Jinglish is good :P For someone who lived in the states for 6 months (as opposed to Micky, who lived there for six YEARS) haha. Ooo, you should listen to “Hell, no”, it’s from their new album. Good song~

    Lol, I’m just more informative cos I had to study his case for my assignment XDDD You know he has a SINGLE out? I think it reached no.1 on iTunes. HE EVEN HAS A MV. Ooo, and he has a wordpress……

    DBSK plushies??? YEEEEEEEEES. Aww, they would look so CUUUUUUTE. Have you seen those DBSK pillows that fans make? They’re kinda creepy….they have a DBSK boy’s face on one side, so when you use it, it’ll be like you’re “sleeping next to” him, and facing him. How odd O___O

    LMAO, DBSK WITH KANGAROOS XDDDDDDD Actually, that picture with the windmill reminded me of the Outback ^^. ROFLOL, I WANT TO SEE CHANGMIN EAT VEGEMITE XDDDDD

    Apparently, vegemite is banned in the US, cos it’s so “bad” for you =.=

  87. Erv:
    Thank you for the kind comments! Ah, but you should really not tell me it is okay to take my time! LOL Then I can justify my laziness. I guess you needed to watch alot of EHB, even though that is a worthwhile way to send time!! :D

    The second one was hard because I had alot of ideas, but it took me forever to extract properly and I hated them all in the end. I should tell you for these ones I relied quite a bit on brushes (I know I am so fail!) so I cannot pretend I am that cool to do it all alone haha. Anywho, I made the size for both 736×150. I believe that should work. I know it said “Images of exactly 736 x 229 pixels will be used as-is.” So the width is just on, but I really hate height being big so I made that smaller.
    Anywho this is the adjusted one you have already seen:

    & this is Junsu’s solo (*cough*pun*cough*):

    I really hope you like them! <333


    Hey! I KNOW, we haven’t talked in so long. T-T No need to be sorry though, I was the extact same during my exam time! You know, tooo busy having fun to talk! LMAO Best weeks of my life~~ :S

    You are so lucky to not get burned. I just did again today. Oh, & I can just see the horror in the kids eyes when they see the red monster, aka me!!

    LMAO I do know the area you mean! Bus funnies are okay by me though, I have like 100. I took it everyday in high school. And just… sometimes people would throw snowballs on the bus and it would go through the widow and HIT ME! I thought you were going to say that someone wanted the sit here! And that happened to my friend once. We were on a busy bus and this old guy starting POKING HER with his cane and told her to move. She was soooo red. And I was drawing extra attention by dying from laughter.

    I LOVE COKE! I know this is going to sound really weird to anyone who is not my family, but we only have coke in the fridge. Sometimes no milk, orange juice, NOTHING but Coke. And ya I hate the smell also. Which is saying something because I have bad senses. I never hear and smell the things others do, but that really bugs me.

    He only knew 2 JT songs! haha Oh man that sucks but it is cool that he got on.

    BEST IDEA EVER! I think we would be a little, or a ton, tooooooo spazz for Full House to be honest. Eva & Anya were very calm to me. When I met them I would be a mess of happiness. Like jumping, puking, peeing, IDK but everything you could be doing that you should not be doing when you met a star. And the guys maybe scared about how much we know! haha I would me like “Oh remember on Star King when you did this? and blah blah.” STALKER ALERT! You know what though? We would be hecka entertaining. I think the fangirls would have laugh and a half (not be threatened at all because in the side camera they would fully me making fun of me).

    You just made my day. I LOVE STEP UP 2! I found the first one a little boring so I was not expecting much but OMFG! The ending dance where the guy had his hands over the girls chest and she pops is the hottest thing EVER!

    LOL Maybe. I do not know any of my Greek relatives! T-T That would be so random!

    Oh man there is no balloon change for Shinee I think. Dream concert was to big an event to not have a proper colour. Oh well, if you patted my back it would probably just hurt my sunburn! LOL

  88. pinkandsparkly

    aiks. I thought you’ve finished your exams. *blushes

    uhuh..HUGE assignments for you get to work at the tv station? U know, practical during ur final semester? haha..guess you have to go for a very short hiatus until you pass up all ur assignments. haha.don’t cry or else you’ll smudge your eyeliner ( u use eyeliner right?

    what do you study for your music?
    A MONTH OF STUDY BREAK? lols. haha..that’s cool. sometimes i’ll get carried away stalking and youtubing them.

    yea..finally. uni next month. hope i’m off to a greEAAAT start and hopefully i can still be a frequent visitor/commentor here. sob…

    i’ll come back and continue
    dad asking me to drive him for lunch

  89. LMAO!

    I had to give this link to you.
    I was watching it..because i love Hyesung..hes so cute in Jenny,Juno!

    At the stomach did this flop..and i started laughing..a lot!

    Ah..excuse this..wast of timeness, its almost three and i’m bored surfing youtube.


  90. Ringee:
    Omg, bus people are SO weird. There’s this lady on my bus who SINGS. OUT LOUD. WHILE NOT LISTENING TO MUSIC. O______________O. I haaaaaaaaaated going on the bus in my school uniform, cos 30 kids from my highschool would get on the bus at the same time, and some of them were REALLY disrespectful and stuff, so I kept getting evil looks from other passengers cos I had my “prefect” badge on =___=

    Haha, my friend looooooooooooooooooves Coke. Her mum was like “if you had to choose between your family and Coke, you’d choose Coke” XD I don’t see the point of alcohol. Drunk people act really dumb, it’s embarrassing.

    Lol, I remember watching Elva and Anya, and thinking “wow, how do they do that” cos they were sooooooooooooo calm (and at times, boring XD) I would’ve been hyperactive, even if I didn’t know how famous Suju were :P “jumping puking peeing”? XDDDDD I think we would’ve been funnier too :P

    Omg, I haaaaaaaaaaated Step up 1. SO OVERRATED. Channing Tatum cannot DANCE, he had to use a stunt double. THAT’S NOT WHAT A DANCING MOVIE SHOULD HAVE. But Robert Hoffman *faints* SO HOT. You know that he’s actually trained in BALLET *________________*. And AAAHH, THAT DANCING IN THE RAIN BIT IS SO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT. I wasn’t going to see it, cos i hated the first one, but my friend made me, and omg, SO GLAD I DID.

    Have you heard about the ACDC crew? It’s by the Director and the guy who played Moose, in the movie :) The dancing is FANTABULOUS, AND YOU GET TO SEE ROBERT HOFFMAN AGAIN :DD And Adam (the Moose guy) is SUCH A GOOD DANCER. BUT SO YOUNG. WHHHYYYY

    Lol, dw, I can see how I might’ve given you that impression XD

    Nope, don’t get to go to a TV station =.= Just loooots and lots of boring theory and law stuff ;_________; We don’t get to do any practical stuff…..actually that’s not completely true. Next semester, we have to each make a short video (documentary, movie, music video) for one of our assignments :)

    But I don’t want to work for TV, I want to get into public relations :)

    Lol, yeees I use eyeliner…and mascara XDDD

    My music course consisted of music history and music analysis, for american popular music between 1950-1990. So we had to listen to alllll these songs and analyse =______=

    Good luck with uni :DDD Hope you’ll enjoy your course and make lots of new friends :))))


    Aww, you drove your dad to lunch? YOU ARE SUCH A NICE DAUGHTER. I don’t even have my license yet XDDDD

    Oooo, thanks~!!!!

    When you said “Hyesung”, I thought it was Shinhwa’s Hyesung, but it’s not XD Where’s this Hyesung from?

    Almost three? :SSSS GO TO BED :P

  91. Lol.

    I’m sorry if this is a random thing, but its about the Dream Concert. What did the girls do that made the DBSK fans so angry? I saw the concert and gosh, it was pitch black! And the DBSK fans aren’t impressed with their online apology. I’m confused.

  92. Yea, there’s actually quite a bit of drama surrounding that issue, read THIS POST for more info ^^

    I think the writer summed it up pretty well, except I really don’t think the first half of the article had anything to do with the fans’ actions.

  93. Pinkandsparkly

    i’m back~~!! from a long lunch. lols. my dad was just plain lazy, so i just drove both of us for lunch.
    oh..I thought u get to go and have ur practical in a TV station. U see, after u graduate, maybe you can try to apply for a job at SM Entertainment as PR. Lols, let’s hope that father LSM is kind enough to have job vacancies for foreigners. hmmm. Yea, I hope i can involve in public relations too cause i love meeting lotsa ppl and i don’t like to work in an office.

    One thing i really like about this course, media is you get to do what you like. For example , you mentioned that you have to do a short video for one of your assignments, you can use the boys as ur materials! so cool. If i were you, i’d do my assignments happily with choc marshmallows surrounding me. kekekez.

    Haha. I know how to use mascara but I have a huge problem with eyeliner. I can’t seem to get it right and I look weird on me. So yeah, i’m without makeup. :P

    thanks!! *hugs back. I do hope i’ll enjoy my course. hmmm…

    when are you getting your license?

  94. Ringy

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! lols. No, seriously, am afraid that you’ll be pressured to do the header when you’re busy.

    i was at my dad’s office when i opened the junsu’s solo and i was like OMG!! that’s so hot.I mean seriously, he’s wet. (okay this sounds wrong but’s seriously charismatic him.) My parents and their workers gave me the -.-””” look. bleks.
    I can’t say enough thank you for doing these lovely headers for me and am sure u used up a lot of time, energy and effort to do it.i feel so loved~~~ haha.

    yesh!! i LOVEEEEEE them!!
    my very first two header.

  95. pinkandsparkly

    argh~~ perth. which uni are u in. let me guess, Curtin , UWA? hehe..i’ve got lotsa friends studying there.
    I have never been to Perth before but i know it’s well know but its conducive environment for students to study.

  96. Errrrrv:
    Lol, I don’t live in Perth, I was merely paying them out cos they don’t have a Chinatown XDDDDDD

    Lol, imagine if I do end up working for SM XDDD That would be soooo cooooooooooooool. Except I can’t speak Korean XD. Na, I want to get into film or fashion, I think being a PR for either one would be really fun ^^

    What course are you doing???? Ooo, let me guess, ACCOUNTING? Lol, every asian at my uni does accounting XD Honest, there’s 800 spaces in the Business department, and 600 of those students are asian XD!!!

    I neeeed eyeliner. See, I have single eyelids, so when I wear eyeliner, it’s not HEAPS obvious ^^b I just trace around my eyes….don’t use liquid, that’s really difficult. Um…use a nice soft crayon/pencil one, they’re the easiest :DD

    Lol, when am I getting my license? NEVERRRR XDDD It costs soooo much to park at uni, and the fuel price is CRAZY at the moment. Besides, I quite enjoy public transport xP I’m the only one out of all my friends who doesn’t have their license XD Uh well, my mum likes driving me places xPP

  97. pinkandsparkly

    BINGO! if this is a 1 million quiz, you would have won! yea..i’m doing double major, accounting and finance. it’s true, we have to be practical here mainly due to the marketdemand in Asia. If i were to do your course, i’d have to stay in western countries which i don’t intend to do so at the moment. I don’t want to starve ..kekez I still need money to “stalk” the boys. kekekez.
    remember i was struggling on which course i wanna choose?

    i’m HAVING the pencil eyeliner but i dunno how to use. lols. i’m a noob in using eyeliner. I have double eyelid but i’m always envious of those artists’ eyes which are round, big and black? haiz..i fail.

    lols. i have to drive here cause public transport is a big no no in Malaysia.Every family has to own a car. I think i’ve only used the public bus once when i was 6 years old? hmmm.. Yea, i love the public transport in aus, very convenient.

    oh yeah! i read about what you wrote that you don’t wanna have kids. sure your parents will go crazy~~~~are u serious about no having kids?

    is your mum working? am sure she would prefer to spend more time with you.(:

  98. P&S

    Hyesung! hes an actor!
    Sorry for the confusion.

    Have you seen the movie Jenny,Juno?
    If you haven’t, i highly recommend it, its the sweetest thing!


  99. I wonder if any of you have seen this?..

    DBSK..Tohoshinki, try horse meat for the first time.
    This video makes me love Jaejoong so much more!

    When they told them it was horse meat, they were all surprised, Jaejoong, said something like, he doesn’t eat dog food or horse meat, and the lady said it was really expensive, so he tried it being polite.
    You can really see how he really didn’t like it.
    Well all of them were a bit wary..except Yunho.
    But..Yunho is adorable so idc. ^^

    This link ^ was awhile back, they were in japan, at a radio show thing, and there was an earthquake..again..i adore Jae so much!
    I love their reactions!

    I’m really wishing at least one of you hasn’t seen at least one of these vids.

    Ah..this is was i do when i stay up all night.. XD

  100. Errrrrv:
    Lol, I wish this was a one million quiz XDD

    But accounting and finance? Wow, good luck~! I’m doing macroeconomics next semester as an elective ^^b. I like my course cos I don’t have exams XDDDDD And I prefer to study humanity subjects and numbers make me dizzy xP

    Hmm, just get the eyeliner, and trace around your lash line. So basically, you just draw a line on your lash line :DD I think it’s easier than mascara, actually XD

    You don’t take public transport?? WOW, I take it everyday xD My mum doesn’t trust me with a car, haha~ ^____^ and cabs here aren’t very convenient, you have to call the place in order to get a cab =.=

    Lol, I’ll probably have kids….one day, I just don’t want to have them before I’m 27 XD (yes, i have a PLAAANNN :D). But most children annoy me, they’re so loud =.=|||

    Yea, my mum works, but that’s okay cos I’m an only child so I don’t need to share my parents time with anyone *laughs evilly* ;P

    Jenny Junno?? What’s it about?

    The name reminds me of the movie “Junno”…

    Thank you for the videos!!! I love it when people give me video links (cos there’s a LOT of stuff that I haven’t seen XD) so keep them coming :DDDDD

    Jae is suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch a dork XD

    Btw, thank you so much for the Changmin video!!!!!!!!! I felt sooooo sad when I watched it :((((((( I gave the link to Candychu, and we were both like *OMG CRIES FOREVER :'((((*. It’s so touching how much effort the boys put into performances, I wish LSM gave them a break :(

  101. Pinkandsparkly

    NoooOOoo~~~ Actually, I’m not even sure whether suitable for this course. sob… to be frank, i dun like numbers at all but I’m forcing myself to love it. haha.

    NOno..I think mascara is easier for me. Lols. The problem is , i can’t trace properly and i poked my eyeballs. 0_0 Wakakaka..and i have problem drawing a straight line, I need a rulllerrrrr!! :D

    WHOAH!! a plan. dun have kids before 27. I prefer to get married at the age of 28 and have kids at the age of 30. Lols. is that too late. I seriously have this crazy thought of having 11 kids!!A football team! Probably cause i was influenced by the movie, Cheaper by the Dozen. Hahaha.:P kekez. faints* neh..i probably give up after having one kid due to the pain that i have to endure.

    Haha.. eVil girl enjoying undivided attention. haha.
    still busy with sch work?

  102. pinkandspark-alay

    OMG Canada is about to sink into the ocean. Seriously. There was a hail storm yesterday IN JUNE! WTF?!!? It was so scary. It was at 3pm and I was asleep, I know fail, but I nearly fall out of bed. And it is all stormy this whole week. Internet and power are going in and out. BOO. If I die, tell Micky he cannot love anyone else, and should immediately report to my grave to be buried alive. plzkthx.

    AHH Oh man a school uniform is so funny. I always hated it because we had a public school near us that did not need a uniform, and people from there would make fun of it! Urgh and the knilt, I swear it does not matter what height you were it at… you will still get looks. My bus only had people from the school on it though. If people are stupid enough to think that all students from the same school behave the same way, then you should be giving THEM bad looks. :P

    Oh my, that girl sounds awesome!! Ah we had one girl from my high school that got drunk in University and broke her neck! Like some guys were carrying her, and dropped her so it broke. Then she had to leave school. That is just about the dumbest thing I have ever heard in my entire life.

    Ya they could be boring. Even the little fights with Heechul did not do much for me. OMG Can you imagine if they were bad mouthing you though? Like behind the scenes? I would DIE. Then I would kill them. But that would suck. At least now they do not know who I am, but there is a possibility they could like me.

    If I tell you something about Step Up 2, you have to promise not to laugh at me. I mean it. I hoped you agreed to that promise. Here it goes… I thought Moose, or Adam Sevani, was the best! Even more than Robert Hoffman!!! I KNOW. He was just so cute and I loved him dancing! LMAO But Robert was not bad eye candy.

    OMG and here is Adam again!!! LMAO That was so weird. & Ah I just looked up the crew! I did not know Adam was that younge though! WTF?! I thought he was at least 18! T-T You know what though? He had Lindsay? Guy is pimp, that should add some years I think. OMG And I love Chris Brown and he was with them! <333 = Awesomeness.

    BTW, what do you call Kibum? Because I call him Bum and it is getting awkward. I mean how much at you spazz over a guy you call Bum. LMAO I need to find a new name (and no this real one is not an option LOL).


    OMG You are so welcome! <333 If you ever need some more or anything else I could help with, feel free to ask! =)

  103. Hi, I’m Nydia, from Spain. Well… How to say it… Since I visit your blog very often, I know it has a lot of readers, and that’s why I would ask you for your help ^^

    Well, the German fans decided to make an European Fanclub of Dong Bang Shin Ki, a club for all the fans made by fans. There is Cassiopeia (in Korea) and BigEast (in Japan) but still no FC for ALL the European fans …and we want to change that because we believe that there are a lot of fans of DBSK out there.

    And I wanted to ask you *pretty please* if you could post our project name and link (or some explanation, I’ll send it to you in case you can) at Let’s All Eat Candy. Youll be of such a help ^o^

    We already have a youtube channel of our own ( ), an WordPress blog ( ) an MySpace account ( ) and LiveJournal one ( ) in orden to promote our project, althought we’re currently working on them.

    I hope I didn’t bother by commenting this >-<, and sorry if it’s too long. My mail is , i’ll wait for your reply ^^

    Arigatô gozaimasu!

  104. Ringy

    wheee… i’m such a stalker too. Am replying to the comments that you wrote to Pinkandsparkly (:

    Wad? Got drunk and broke her neck? Aiyaiyai… speaking about drunk, i never get drunk before. kekez. most probably my mum is there staring at me when i’m about to drink alcohol. -.-have u been drunk before?

    “If you ever need some more or anything else I could help with, feel free to ask! =)” kekekez..I will. Thank you!!!! <333333

  105. A preview of どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう is up!!!

  106. The MV for it I mean.

  107. abc123zyx
    thank you! I saw that before on youtube but its only 14 seconds long and they only showed JaeChun xDDD Can’t wait for a longer one :))) Or even the MV :D

  108. Erv:
    *nods* That’s why I didn’t want to do medicine or accounting, I knew I’d have no interest in it so I’d get really bad marks XD

    Ooo, do you know what you should try, EYESHADOW. Use it as eyeliner. Just get a really fine brush (or a Q-tip, they’re better) and sorta wet it, then rub it in eyeshado, and trace around your lash line. It’s easier to apply that eyeliner, and it looks pretty good, too :D Just remember to use a little tiny bit ;)

    ELEVEN KIDS?? OMGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. THAT’S INSANE. SO PAINFUL O______________________O. My friend wants four kids, so she’s already got a *plan*. She’s gonna get married straight after she graduates, and then have four kids all before she’s 30 (cos her mum’s a midwife, and told her that it’s better to have kids before you’re 30). She just needs to find a guy first XD

    Na, I’ve still got one exam to study for. And it’s worth 40% ;________________________;

    Pray for me, yes? ^____________________^

    Sink into the ocean? XDDDDDDD CANADA’S HUUUUUUUUGE. I’m sure you’ll be fine XD. Internet and power are going out? omg, that’s terrible ;_______; I hate it when the power goes out. I don’t like the dark X3

    Our bus also went past a public school, and they used to give us evil looks cos they didn’t have their own bus MWAHAHAHAHA. My uniform was also terrible; Australia has this fascination with BOTTLE GREEN. DO YOU KNOW HOW DISGUSTING THAT LOOKS ON A PERSON, OMG ;_________________;. And we had to have MATCHING, BOTTLE GREEN SCHOOL-LOGOED BACKPACKS =________________________=

    Omg, that girl from your uni is so dumb =.=. Actually, drunk people are dumb in general xP

    Hahahah, I can just imagine it, we’d be flirting with them and the captions at the bottom would say something really mean in Korean XDD

    I looooooooooooooooooooved Moose! HE’S SO CUTE. BUT SOOOOOOOOO YOUNG *cries*. But I loved Robert Hoffman more than Moose XD Idk, maybe it’s cos “she’s the man” is one of my favourite movies, and I looooved how jerky he was in that XD Annnnd, he’s an AMAZING dancer *___________*

    Yayyy, you watched the video! How awesome are those dancers!!! Haha, my dancer friend wants one of those t-shirts those people were wearing in the video XD Chris Brown is hot. Omg, you know that he visited my city on a private trip? MY FRIEND’S FRIEND GOT A PHOTO WITH HIM :((((((((

    I call Kibum, Kibummie XD I really wish the guys had English names, XDDDD


    Sent you an email ^^

  109. Hey hey what’s up!

    So much’s happening in this blog, I don’t know where to begin with XD

    Just got back from a 3 day trip in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia. I wished the trip could last longer. The break from work was so so so relaxing, and not seeing my boss’s face was such a major relief.

    Anyhoo, I read somewhere that everyone is SJH is putting on a fake smile except for Teuk. Eh? So he’s happy with the whole thing? Hmmm. OH. About the performance, you mention they look like the Wiggles? Hee. I thought it was more like Hi-5, cause they happened to have a song called “Hey, What’s Cooking?” too.

    I too can’t wait for DBSK’s new MV to come out. Did Jae dyed his hair a darker shade? Love it =) Their new song has been on repeat for the past few days and they sound SO sexy and charismatic in the song. And the lyrics? *swoon* So touching.

    Oh hey, I don’t mind listening to CSJH The Grace, since my friends has mostly boy groups in their music file XD.So far, I’ve been listening to Kou Shibasaki (know her? She acted in Sinking of Japan) and Yui. So yeah, spam me with CSJH XD

    My email:

    As for dramas, I’m not done with One Litre of Tears and Yukan Club yet, what with work getting in the way T_T I heard about Taiyou no Uta too. The girl died in the end too right? Dramas pending in my com right now are Nurse Aoi, Proposal Daisakusen and Galileo.

    Congrats on having done with your music exam! Hope you did well. How cool is that. A music exam. I’ve always wanted to attend one XD

    Have a great week =D

    Warmest regards,

  110. Some Pick-Me-Ups
    (again hopefully you guys haven’t seen these.. ^^)

    Almighty Changmin..and Junsu XD

    I thought you guys might like this..esp Candychu.

    I love the Haptic…but Id rather see watch the SJ boys in this “phone commercial”

    Junsu’s Engrish BigEastStation

    (Purpre Rine LOL)

    This is your Hyesung..
    They were so respectful to him..

    Junsu & Yoochun try to do a split.

    Jaejoong’s Incomplete lyrics..I love Jae..but this is too funny!

    So theres a few clips..hope you did/do well on your exams!


  111. @ ImJustKeed’In
    Thanks for the clips ^_^ I’ve watched them before, but its always good fun to rewatch old clips especially since I have nothing better to do with my life at the moment and they’re always give me a good laugh haha…

    I’ve always wanted to see more DBS (DongBangShinhwa XD lol) or SuperShinhwa (HAHA) action cuz I absolutely love Shinhwa <333 and I always like seeing them being all “sunbaeish” and “hyungish”, while the others are all so respectful. It makes me warm and fuzzy lol. But theres hardly any clips of such, and that Hyesung one is definitely a classic..XD

    There was also this other one when Minwoo was at an award ceremony to get an award on behalf of Shinhwa and when he was walking to the stage to get the award, all the DBSK boys stood up and he hugged them on his way. It was soo sweet!! Hahaha sorry for my ramblings, I tend to do that alot when it comes to Shinhwa XD

    Ohh and the one of junsu and yoochun doing the splits at Star King is absolutely rofl!! I luurvveee junsu’s so called “attempt” at it hahahaha, his such a dork <3 And poor yoochun, it must have hurt alot o_O I hope he didnt err ermm damage it in anyway =PP hahahaha..

  112. Pinkandsparkly

    your Pinkandsparkly’s special text box says it all. yes, i wish u best of luck in your exams!

    Thanks for the make up tips! Haha, I’m still experimenting it. Failed badly :( kekez. Speaking of which, i’m still a complete noob when it comes to tracing lash line. kekez.

    Wow. tell your friend that i admire her courage and her plan in having four kids before 30. For me ,i’ll be still wondering and thinking whether i should settle that soon after i graduate cause i haven actually “see” the world yet.

    I’ll be praying and waiting for u and candychu to come back and spazz again! God bless!! ^^

  113. erv –

    LOL I always want to reply to other people’s comments! :P I am just so lazy. I think I have whole replies typed out in my head at least 2 days before I write anything to the person.

    Oh man if my mom was staring at me with alcohol that would be scary! We have had like fruity blender drinks together, but nothing else! She actually had beer at dinner the other day and me/dad were making fun of her saying she needed help up the stairs. OH MY GOD, and speaking of Dad he drinks the nerdiest little Bacardi cooler that is more fruit punch at dinner. It is so embarrassing. T-T I wish he would go back to Coke.

    I do not really drink much. I guess I have been drunk a couple times. I never get like terrible stupid though! I swear! Just a little dizzy/out of it. Ew my friend pukes alot. She once was in the guys bathroom puking and they came and got me to pick her up! LOL To be honest, I just get hungry. Last time I walked with my friend like 2 hours (each way) to McDonald’s to get food. Or tired! But then I get up early?! I don’t know… I can say I have a really high tolerance though. It will take quite a bit to get me drunk.

    University was kind of a given some nights, but okay… I have the MOST embarrassing drunk story that just happened recently but everyone here is going to think I am a super duper lame. T-T Umm… let’s just say that night I had quite a bit to drink, and it was my first day of work the next day.

    pinkandsparkly –

    I don’t know. We could be the next Atlantis. :S You don’t like the dark! AWWW! I am kind of like that. More because I am clumsy and in the dark it is 100% guaranteed I am going to be hurt. I got 2 burns at work this weekend. One BIG blister on my thumb which I had to POP EWWWWWWW. & then a burn/scar on my hand. I did not want to report it though because we have this “Accident Free Days” board and it is at like 118!

    LMAO You even had to wear a school backpack!!!! This sounds tooo funny to see. Mine was only navy blue, red, and white so not weird looking at all. Kind of sailor-ish. :D AYE, MATEE.

    Oh man it would not just be captions for us. They would go all out with the animations if they really did not like us. With the drawn on beard, and devil horns! Even give us 100 zits and an extra 100 pounds! I think this day dream of me being on the show is officially ruined. LOL!

    He is a good dancer! He is just so MANLY! Oh man when he is dancing with a girl he really commands a presence. “She’s the Man” was SO funny!!! It always reminded me of that manga.. where the girl goes to the school with the high jumper she likes and pretends to be a boy! I think I still have my friend’s copy of that from like 3 years ago!

    Ah your friend needs to get in the crew then! You would have connections! CONNECTIONS! :DDDD I cannot believe they got a photo with Chris Brown. SO FINE. He was in another dance movie I liked. Um.. “Stomp the Yard.” One scene with Columbus Short in the pool is like AMAZING! And the first battle!!!! AWESOME!

    I remember one time someone said they all had english names. They said Kibum was BRYAN TREVOR KIM. WTF?!?!!? That was at least a ten minute LOL. They are all here:,dong_bang_junior//forums/Kgx63PaS/gMMiVl5O/super_juniors_names_in_english/

    BTW, Are you excited for the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango? I am going to spazz by entire life away if Kim Hyun-joong is Hanazawa Rui. I have such a little/HUGE crush on him!!! <3333

  114. Ringy

    Wow~ That’s cool and am sooo honored that you actually have the whole replies typed out in your head 2 days before u write to me!! kekekekez. *giving u the wicked witch evil laugh.

    Hahaha. Thanks for sharing me your stories. How much did u drink in order to get drunk?Me too. I THINK i have high tolerance.Lols. I haven reached my limit yet and I don’t know how many bottles of alcohol will make me drunk. Most probably i’ve got the genes from my grandfather who was really good in drinking. kekez.

    OMG!! TWO hours to Mcdonald? Even if it takes me 10 minutes, I will think twice. ~.~

    lame night? let me see? u sang and danced?*slaps forehead. What happened on your first day of work? *curiosity arises…

  115. Gahhh!!

    I have to rant about this because..well affects everyone!
    Not…everyone..but almost!!

    Korean Military service..Yes old news but..Sung Shi-Kyung!
    I love his voice..he has officially entered the military!

    I mean..hes to pretty and soft to be put in the military!
    Not to mention..Sungmin..Teukie…Ryeowook??!!

    This makes me sad!

    ANYWAY!..thats it.
    I’m just bored..

    “Lifes pretty straight without JaeHo”


    Okay i feel a bit better..

    But i wonder..whos next?
    &I wonder how people are going to react when its the boys turn.

    Kangin and Yoochun can pull it off..but Teukie?..Jae?!..CHANGMIN?!!?!

    Makes me laugh thinking about it though..XD
    Now i want pictures of them with shaved heads..someone should really photoshop some..just so we’re prepared.

  116. Nurulnunu:




    Ooooo, you went to Malaysia for three days? Lucky! My friend’s going to Singapore and Thailand, for ten days; maybe you’ll bump into her? XD

    Fake smile? Lol, they look pretty happy to me XDDD. Candychu told me that something said “suju wasn’t happy till Heechul left and Yesung came” XD ROFL. I don’t like the Wiggles OR Hi5; THEY’RE TOOOOO HAPPY XD.

    The song’s been on repeat for me too! It’s so gooooooooooood. So much better than “Beautiful You” lol.

    Argh, my music folder’s a mess, but I managed to find four ballads by them that I really like, I uploaded it for you here Will definitely spam you with more music next time! Do you have any Koda Kumi songs? She’s really good…

    I’ve only got one ep. Left of Yukan Club (how cute is Jin ^^), I’ve seen “one litre”, and I’ve just started Proposal and Galileo :D Omg, Galileo is so SMART, I get so confused when I watch it XDDDD

    Lol, music exams are booooooooooooooring. Just lots of history, and you listen to excerpts and write about them =_______=

    Take care <333333333333333333

    You’re a doll <3

    I hadn’t seen any of them apart from Junsu’s Engrish, and Jae’s Incomplete. LOL, how funny is Jae’s Incomplete XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD


    Lol, I think Beckery is more mad about it than me XDDD

    Ugh, I wish I could make that photoshop, except I faaaiiillll at photoshopping XD


    NO MORE EXAMS :DD Till October/November, haha.

    Have you started Uni yet? When do you start?? Hope you enjoy it ^^

    Eyemakeup is difficult, it’s actually best if you can get a makeup counter girl to do it for you. Just pretend you’re interested in their products XDDD

    ROFL @ Your “accident free days” board XDDDDDDDDDDD AWWW, THAT IS SO CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE. Ugh, I need a job :( I’m thinking a part time job selling clothes…or shoes XD. BTW, I MIGHT BE GOING TO CANADA FOR EXCHANGE. ANY RECOMMENDATIONS?????

    Aaahhh, “stomp the yard”, I remember that movie. I er… didn’t actually like it XD BUT I LOVED CHRIS BROWN’S CAMEO!!!.

    Aaaaahaaaaa, those English names are hilarious, but I think a fan made them XD. I wonder if they secretly have English names….I know Donghae does…

    I loooooooooooooooooove HYD. But I really really hope that the producers will cast appropriately, and not just cast people because of their “idol” status. I NEED PEOPLE WHO CAN ACT. Which is why I wil screaaaammmm if any of the SNSD girls gets cast as Tsukushi :PP

    Btw, I need your help with something (and feel free to say no). I was thinking of having a vertical banner in the sidebar, would you be able to make me one when you have some free time? Just the usual DBSK/Suju/Shinee, boys will do. You don’t need to put all of them in there, lol. I think the width needs to be 150, and you can play around with the height, cos the sidebars really long, haha XD Would be great if you can help!!!

  117. pinkandsparkly

    whee! am so happy to hear that you have no more exams for now. hahaha..reward urself with lotsa you-tubing. haha.

    nops. haven started uni yet. orientation on the 23rd July and am flying over on the 20th. zzZzzz. Thanks. yea..hope i enjoy it. i’m 6 months behind. :P

    Thanks for the tips! really smart of you. Just that, i’m so chicken and normally i don’t dare to walk anywhere near the make up counter cause they can see that i’m a noob. ( i wear no make-up)

    have you watched DBSK 3rd Japan World ConcerT?’s so good.smexy too. wakakakaka. they are seriously leaning towards smexy dance…. OH OH! junsu touching his duck butt in “summer dream” and jae joong did his pole dance in “No?” *wipes off my saliva. :P
    seriously. there’s certain part i blushed. *nods head innocently.

    can’t wait for the release of the DVD>

    Uh uh! i LOVE Hana Yori Dango too. Their Final HYD was released on the 28th of June in Japan. I’m still searching for the spoiler but couldn’t find it. sigh. I know it has to do with Tiara.

    Lols. yeap! i agree. Heard that the someone from SS501 was casted as Rui? Kim Jyung Hoon was it? Haha..LOL @ ur comment “if any SNSD girls gets cast as Tsukushi” who do u think is suitable for that character. yoon eun hye may be too old for that character..XD

    STUDENT EXCHANGE??!!! korea, japan! lols. never thought of those places?

  118. Erv

    OMG YOU ARE SO HARSH! LMAO It is good to write it ahead of time! Then I can revise and make it lamer so by the time you read it it will be at its full peak of fail.

    It is hard to say with bottles right? Cause like who drinks with one bottle and measures. I find it weird to now your limit. I guess while doing it then you can tell by how your body is reacting but some are like 10.9 botles of beer and 1.6 of vodka. I know I can do like 10 vodka shots and be pretty out of it. Tequila is fast to! Some of those and I am gone. I hate some small drinks so I will not get drunk with beer and stuff just sip it.

    10 minutes is nothing!!!! LOL I have to walk 30 minutes to school next year for each class. T-T Which is worrisome because last year I was on res so that was like no walk and I still had to run to hand in papers. And then me and my roommates suck at cooking so probably 10 minutes for every single meal.

    Umm it has more to do with puking. All over my house. At the party I was fine. Drive home iffy. Home died. Then I feel asleep after with no memory. Wake up at 6am for work Mom thinks I am like doing drugs and on some collapse cycle. Puke all downstairs/on my clothes/on my bed. THEN I go to work and puke up lunch. That is the first night I have ever been drunk enough to puke to. FUNN.


    Ahh the accident free days board went down to 2 and it is not even my fault! :DDD I nearly pissed my pants of laughter when I saw it. Then I realized that someone meant be really hurt so I stopped a little. I think I would have heard of it if they were. That is kind of breaking news if an employee was in the hospital. I am officially welling to take any accidents for more hours though! I am spending ALL the money I make. I shop like 24/7. Even now I have an open cart for $35. I opened a savings account today so that I maybe will save something. We’ll see. T-T Highly unlikely.

    YOU DO NOT NEED A JOB, YOU NEED TO EXCHANGE NOW! :OOOO And Yes um.. Toronto!!!!!!!! NECESSARY. There is even a divide in Toronto where you can see the big city, the small city, and the middle of nowhere. It has mountains, shopping, and even towers! Also, you can travel to Montreal for like 60 bucks both ways from Toronto. AND if you are coming for winter Montreal has these awesome beaver tails and ice skating!


    OMG Donghae is hilarious. Aiden right? Aiden is Donghae’s English Name? LMAO He looks so suspicious when he says it. Like he is being really funny but is trying to hide it. Dork!

    Please do not even put that in a head. I agree there needs to be some real actors. That franchise is way to big for them to screw up with lame actors. I would not be supposed to see quite a few idols though. Especially since it is playing high school students.

    Of course I will help!! Just wondering should it be like by itself or under the other boxes? Oh, and should it say “Let’s All Eat Candy”?

  119. I cut this just for you guys..and me.
    Mainly for me.
    Its really short!! :15 does its job. XD
    I can watch this clip over and over again.

    I finally learned how to use things clip..thingy.
    Its fun!
    I think i’ll clip more things!

  120. >.<

    Don’t worry!
    I won’t spam your T.S too much!
    Just very little.
    Its late/early..don’t blame me.

    I hope these links work!

    XD yum?

    Giddy up.


    So sleeply…its 5am.

  121. Ringy

    i’m so gonna make u pull ur hair when u hear this :P my uni is just across the street. :P let’s say that even if my lecture starts at 8 am, i can still wake up at 7.55 and be on time. lols. take note that i don’t put on makeup so i don’t really need that much time preparing. OMG! 30 mins walk to uni * faints.
    last year, my college was 5 mins away from the place that i live. *giving u the wicked laugh again. what i’m really afraid is if you left stg back home, you’ll have to run back and get it. which uni are u going too? you’ll still be studying in canada right? have u decided which course u wanna take? my aunty wanted me to go over to study (Vancouver) but am not an adventurous person so..yea. i’m stuck in Malaysia. lols.
    that’s where henry lives? *stalker modes turned on. DO U KNOW WHICH HOUSE IS HIS? :P

    keke. seriously. sounds FUNN. haha. are you working part-time? I’m sure after that drunk incident, u won’t wanna get so drunk enough to puke cause i’m sure u don’t wanna end up cleaning it. aiks.

  122. Erv:
    I have uni again in three weeks :'((((

    Wow, you start uni on the 23rd? That’s 5 days before I start again ^^ hehe.

    I haven’t watched their 3rd live tour yet :( I think I’ll wait for the DVD :D But omg, I saw that Junsu-butt thing XDDDD. Haven’t seen Jae’s poledance bit though…must go hunt that down…..

    I watched the HYD final, trailer. It looked so goooooooood. Can’t WAIT to watch it :DDD

    Hmmmm, I reckon Yoon eun hye would be a good Tsukushi, but she’s always acted as the “boyish girl who’s poor” character in dramas, I’d like to see her take on a different role. I want someone NEW to be Tsukushi! They need to get some fresh talent…

    Haha, nooo silly, I can’t go to Korea or Japan, I’d fail the course cos I’d have no clue how to write an essay in Korean or Japanese XDD

    It’s not possible for me to save money….credit cards are dangerous XDD. One of my friends works night shifts and McDonald’s in this reaaaaaally bad suburb (cos she gets paid HEAPS) and omg, someone threw a drink at her and dislocated her neck =_____________=


    I’m still thinking ’bout it, cos Canada’s so coooooooooooooold O____O I’m used to 40+ degrees(celcius) days XD

    I want them to get new people for HYD =___= There’s actually no point in them making it, there’s already a JApanese and Chinese version. Lol, I did a rant post over at my personal blog about it XD

    Ummmm, I’d like it to have Let’s all eat candy on it, and I’ll be putting it in it’s own box at the side ^^

    “Shweeeeeek” XDDDD

    I have no idea how to cut videos :P

    Girl, what were you doing still up at 5am? O___O

    Ahahahaha, that gif of Junsu XDDDDD Awwww, he could totally take the girl role in a DBSK mv XD

  123. can you please link my writing blog to your link? haha. I am starting to write again (story I mean. ^^) thanks.

  124. Will do ;)

  125. pinkandsparkly

    haha. 3 weeks…that’s long. enjoy ur hols!I have uni again in three weeks :’((((

    u haven watched thir 3rd live tour? lols. you should. but really admire ur patience, waiting for the release of the DVD. have u ordered it? Lols. If you’re hunting for jae joong’s, u should seriouslywatch the “No” video clips. lols. like everyone said, u’d wish you were the microphone stand. :D

    Lols. I couldn’t wait for the release of HYD dvd so i just read the spoiler. kekekez. how are you going to watch it? so for now , i distract myself by watching Gokusen 3. nice.. cute boys but gosh..we’re noona to them cause most of them are 18. :(

    lols. haha..fine fine. Go canada and breathe henry’s air. sob..~~

    haha. how long is the student exchange?

  126. I thank thee. ~pulls out a rose~

  127. I think you guys will like these pics.
    Magazine Scans.

    I don’t know how recent they are, but they are..recent?

  128. LMAO! You should be nicer to your mother xDD At least bribe her with inflatable grandchildren or something.
    My sister was watching ‘Riding in Cars with boys’ the other day, and I walked into the room just as Drew Barrymore came running out of a room screaming abotu how some kid had just peed in her mouth …….. yehhh….kids.

    Woahh, and I thought my dreams were demonic. Hey man!! At least candychu got a pretty boy in hers! Oh, random note, but your text box made me ‘lol’. My maths teacher was flaunting some of the tunes he had on his phone, one of which was ‘Forever’. When I started ‘doot-doot’-ing to it, he goes “Since you like it….does that make me ‘hip’?” xDD He’s awesome (even more so, cos he looks a tad bit like a Thumbthumb from Spy kids)

    Yessums! Half yearlies are now over….now I must prep and freak about finals….*thinks about it* ….*dies*…..*comes back to life after thinking about Jae’s smile* (GAHHH!! I seriously dont understand what that boy has against his own smile!!! It makes fangirls dieee!!) How about you? Hope all your exams went well :)

    Ahhh, my friend thought I was emotionally dead as well, so she made me watch ‘I am Sam’ just to see me cry……-__- The witch succeeded. But that movie was actually pretty good in a sense. If you wanna test your heart’s existence, try that movie (although why anyone would want to make themself cry is beyond me :P)

    Man, the korean music industry churning out WAY too many artists. If they were to make a gum statue for each ‘talent’, I think there’ll be more gum statues than kenyans. xD Lol, excuse that joke. I just watched the Powerthirst ad on youtube. (MUST WATCH for randomness xDD “Powerthirst….it’s made from REAL LIGHTENING!!”)

    My gosh! You did an assignment on Cory?! Was that ‘head-keyboard’ inducing? And I thought being able to have two rainbows at the same time was killer.

    Ok….dbsk plushie SO pwn those dbsk pillows. xDD I may adore the guys, but I agree, the concept sounds mighty creepy. And it’ll be fun with plushies, because you can buy them costumes. So if you really wanna mess with your own mind, you can dress a Changmin plushie in jaejoong’s-balloonMV-lion-costume ayay! OHHH! And it’ll be cool to have a Yunho plushie (excluding the psycho female hair) with the ‘O-Jun ban hap’ costumes!! Cos I had a MAJOR thing for his long tie :D :D

    *cough and other cool invention ideas: round ipods and nose warmers xDD*

    *pats poor min* I’ll wouldnt mind making him toast to go with the vegemite. But I once knew this kid in primary school, who ate vegemite with a tablespoon. Pure, cold, vegemite….. *shudder*
    DBSK in aus photobook= Changmin posing with an emu egg and thinking of giant omelettes xDD LOL! Which makes me think of an emu sneaking up behind him and Jae in the bg with a frypan, ready to smack the emu over the head, so that they can bring it back to korea and have giant omelettes all the time. YAYAYYAYAYA!!

    Which idiot banned vegemite?! O____O Might as well ban jam while they’re at it, seeing as they’re aiming for ‘unhealthiness’….but then again its also illegal to buy bread on sundays in some random US state.

  129. These pictures are interesting. Candychu, I think you might especially like these :)

    Post 11583

  130. Erv:
    I’ll go youtube it after I finish this comment ^^

    You read the spoiler? HOMG PLEASE DON’T TELL ME *blocks ears* la la la la la~~~

    I’ve been meaning to start the Gokusen series, cos Kame and Jin are in the second one, and that really cute boy is in the third one ^__^ But I’m not attracted to the plot…hm….

    I think I’ll wait for the Chinese subbers to sub HYD3, cos I reckon they’ll be faster than the English subbers ;)

    Student exchange is 6 months, but it depends on the uni….some unis want you to go for a year :)

    We loved them ;)

    Keep the hot pics coming :P

    Inflatable grandchildren? XDDDD You do NOT want to know hat that reminded me of XD

    Omg, I hate that movie XD I’m not a huuuuuuuuge Drew Barrymore fan, but I just didn’t like the plot or the ending, it was so….weird :S I never like the “art” movies, eg. Junno, homg I do NOT understand the fuss surrounding that movie.

    Your maths teacher sounds so awesome!!!!!! Mine just shook his head at me everytime he handed me back my tests, and didn’t understand that asians werent ALL good at maths =.=

    Omg, Thumbthumb XDDDD I was reminded of good old thumbthumb when I saw the mascots for the last Olympics (the greek one)

    I only had one “real” exam (music doesn’t count cos it was only 80minutes) and it went MUCH better than I expected. It was a 3 hour exam, and I managed to finish in an hour, so either I did really well (HA!) or I screwed up big time XD

    Your half yearlies are over? You’re probably not doing HSCs then, cos I know Candychu’s gonna spend her holidays studying for her trials XDD The Sydney education system is DEMONIC, glad I didn’t have to do it :D

    I’ve never seen “I am Sam”, but I heard that it’s reaaaally sad. I’m gonna download “a moment to remember”, apparently EVERYONE cries in that, but then again, I was told that “everyone” cries watching “notebook”, and I proved my friends wrong XD I don’t know why people love those tragic films, nor do I understand why people like horror. Horror movies mainly have reaaaally awful plots O___O

    I’ve never seen the Powerthirst thing, I’ll go watch it after I finish this comment ^^

    Have you heard about those two new boybands that are set to debut? “2am” and “Ukiss”. SO MANY BOYBANDS o__o

    Lol, the assignment wasn’t PURELY on Cory, so it was bearable (just) it was all about online communities and net celebrities; interesting assignment, just really boring to write XD

    Omg, DBSK Barbies! XDD SM made SNSD barbies, so why not DBSK ones :P

    Round ipods? That would actually make sense, cos ipods are by “Apple” XD I’M SO AMUSING :DDD But um…nose warmers? O___O How would that work…?

    Vegemite? On it’s own? yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck :SSS Have you had Marmite? I reckon they taste the same XD

    Lol, EMUS??? Really? Why not koalas or kangaroos or platypuses or dingos? XD My friend gets Koalas in her backyard. I’m so envious, *I* want a Koala (except they’re really vicious, apparently). OO you know what I’d really love, A CHIMPANZEE! I want to dress it up in overalls or diapers ^^ Annd, if you become friends with your chimpanzee, they give you their banana :DDD (I don’t like bananas, but whatever XD)

    Haha, see, what I don’t get is why vegemite is banned, by cheese in a can (and other US junk foods) still aren’t banned. Speaking of cheese in a can, I really really want Australia to import it; IT’S AN AMAZING INVENTION!!!!!

    I’ve been meaning to ask you, have you seen the Death Note movie? My friend put it on my harddrive, but I’m not sure if it’s worth seeing…

    I’ll let Candychu tell you how much she liked them :P

    But I luuuuurrrrrrved them *_____*

    Thank you <3!

  131. xDD i literally spazzed and fell off my chair the moment Death Note was mentioned. Um…..if you’re a hardcore Death Note fan, than the movies might ruin your biggest love. If you’re not, then like you’ll prolly fall in love with L (or Light, but like 90% of the fan population adore L anyways xD)

    But seeing as you have it, I say watch it anyways ^^ Despite the dodgy acting, the overall plot is interesting; if you’re zoned in and keep up with the twists that is :) But I hope you have both movies, cos I personally rekon the ending of the second is worth watching, and you can’t watch the second and understand it unless you watch the first.

    I also have this MAJOR thing against the actor for Light. His acting was ok, but it was how physically attractive he was that drove me mental!! Light’s meant to be suave, clean and a tad innocent looking, but the guy was….*headbang*… soooooo far from it.

    If you watch it and agree (the plot is good, but everything else was mediocre.) then you should REALLY watch the anime. It’ll differ from the movie quite a bit (Ka mon, they had to shove 12 volumes into 4 hrs!) ….but eps 1-25 were nifty ^^ 26-37 were a bit draggy….just cos you got new characters and Light becomes demonic.

    But have you seen the dbsk-version of death note? Some korean drew lil comic strips of each dong bang dudeh as Light. Its pretty cute lol

    I have nothing against Drew Barrymore, but I did like 50 First Dates! Adam Sandler is hilarious!! GAH! Esp. the random penguin in Billy Maddison.
    If you dont like those ‘art’/’slice of life’ stuff, then you prolly won’t like I Am Sam. There was a fuss about Junno? LOL. Stuff that, Im looking forward to Kung Fu panda. Nothing’s cooler than an obsese critter fighting for the greater good (and apparently theres also a tortoise in the movie so HURRRRRRAH!)

    GAHH! That maths-asian stereotype depresses me xD My mum doesnt help cos at the bank I asked the lady what 4% of 30 000 was. Before the lady could pull out the calculator, mum had already replied with ‘Its $1200’ xDDDD
    ANYWAYS, your persuasion skills are WAY more useful than numbers so dont get depressed ^^ …..unless you were sucked into some virtual maths game, and the only way not to get eaten by the Number-o-saurus is if you feed him answers to maths questions ^^” …..

    Yeh…the sydney system is weird. Im doing TEE, the Perth equivalent of HSC, and my mock exams (trials) are in another 3 months… I have no idea why everything is so hash-bash over there, cos Im curious as to what Sydney do in oct-nov-dec,

    Ive never watched it, but the Notebook DVD cover makes me ‘LULZ’. Something VERY awkward about 2 ppl making out in the rain (Am I the only one weirded out that her hands are slapped up against his face?) I can’t answer your question, but I recall Debra telling Raymond (in everybody loves raymond) that women ‘enjoy crying, and they need moments to sit down and just……cry’ and then she told him to try it sometime lol.

    Never heard of Ukis, but 2am is from JYP i think. Over on CoolSmurf’s wordpress, theres some stuff abouot how their debut song is dedicated so Sun Ye….and that totally makes him good in my books xD …Well i for one prefer increasing the number of fangirls to fanboys. There’s just something really sinister about a fanboy playing with an SNSD doll.

    WOAH WOAH WOAH!! Koalas in the backyard?! I have a bunch of lousy frogs that dont shut the hell up til about 5am -___- If you ever get a chimp, lets dress it up like Jaejoong!!! It shall have to do until we can afford cash for the gum statues! xDDDD

    PWAHHAHA! I accidentally read ‘cheese in a can’, as ‘fart in a can’ xDDD But it ISSSS!! It totally pwns that ‘stretchy-stringy-cheese’ thing they made….which got banned because it was poisonous. -___-

    On a random note. Do you rekon the quality of disney movies are dwindling?! I watched Chicken Little today and it made me depressed cos if you compare it to stuff like Tarzan or Emperor’s New Groove…..*gets more depressed*

  132. Here are new things for DBSK’s new single.
    So foggy…

    Some gif previews of the offshot movie.

    So much white.
    Very..pretty? ^^

  133. Erv

    So sorry for taking a lifetime. </3 I fail.

    I am sooo jealous. My friend is actually in the same situation where she can get up like 5 minutes to class. I already informed her there would be sleepovers when I had 8:30 classes (which I have three of!). I just made my schedule like two days ago and I hate it. Basically everyone I know has a day off but me! =( And all early classes!!!

    I laughed when you said you just didn’t put on makeup, because when I am late for class I do not even put on clothes! LMAO Sounds bad, but I just been I go in pj’s! Those were my favourite days!!

    I go to Queen’s university. I think I will stay in Canada study. I looked into the exchange program but it was not really appealing for me because I would have to pay for that and the house I would be renting near school. =( Vancouver is supposed to have some nice schools, but ya it is quite a big step to go that far away from home.

    LMAO I do not know his house. I have quite a few connections to him though. At first I knew a guy on my volleyball team and then I saw his picture on a site with Henry so he knew him as a connection. And then I told my friend I liked Super Junior M and she informed me her friend like talked to Henry every day! I nearly slapped her upside the head! We went to an Asian Night Market last night and I told her I was going to bring a autograph book in case Henry was a special guest. HE WAS NOT!! LMAO But I had stinky tofu!!! That was an experience! :P

    Ya I work part-time. About 30 hours a week so I might as well be full-time. I did not clean it up though, my parents did! I KNOW, KILL ME. They got like 50 chores from me after that.


    I do not even have a credit card. I keep explaining to my father that it is needed, but he will not listen. I WILL HAVE NO CREDIT! T-T

    OMG I cannot believe that! Why would you throw a drink to begin with!?! I hope she is okay!!

    :O YYYYEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS. COME! It is not even that cold! Toronto is like covered with stores and buildings to so you are blocked from wind (that is what I find the worst in winter). ALSO you can just go in one if you are to cold for a little break. To be honest in winter it gets really cold some days but majority of time it is fine. I promise to get you a really big snowsuit if it is too cold. OMG I know what you may want. I have these things which are like the coolest things ever, but all my friends make fun of me for wearing them. Well… you need them to. MOON BOOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like this:

    Okay so I…tried to make one! LOL I don’t know I am soo used to having more width as opposed to height so I got all confused. You can tell I am not a very good person at graphic if I cannot even use height!!!! T-T I hope it is okay. I got all the guys in. = 23 in total!! <3333333
    Here it is:

    OH, and I listened to the Big Bang “With U” that you posted up. SO GOOD! I need to look more into Big Bang. I only know like 2 of their songs. =(

    AHHHH AND you know how Kevin left Xing and disappeared!?!?! Well it was just announced he will be debuting under the group U-Kiss. Kibum (Marumir) who also left Xing is in the band to. AND I LOVE THEM TOGETHER, SO CUTE! KEMARU!!!!!!! <333333 Apparently they are coming out in Japan on the 15th of August at the Power of ATAMIX ‘08. I hope the new band works out well!

  134. ^ringy: D: wheres Henry and Zhou Mi?
    JKS! OMG I LOVE THAT SIDEBANNER :DD I hope pas puts it up straight away. Omg ur all kinds of amazing ~*WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*~

    I should come back here and converse with everyone since I silently read everyones conversations *shifty eyes* AHAHAHAHA.

  135. Super Show Bangkok Fancams of Phail XD

    Hi Guys!

    Please check out my fancams from Super Show in Bangkok! Written post after I finish some work! :D

    Super bad fancams/ incoherent spazzing ahead! wahaha.

    And yes I am still Super High! <333

    1) KyuHyun in TNCD –

    I love how he’s like a kid here obviously having loads of fun! And shooting water at people lmao XD We call him Kyu-Berty nao because, omg pimples <333

    2) HeeChul Takes Sunflower –

    Basically people brought long stalked flowers and Heechul took one during SuJu T performance and we went ballistic!

    3) Teukie cries during Marry U –

    I had a choice to either watch Hyuk or Teuk for Marry U but I went with leadersshi and I wasn’t disappointed! He chanted “Saranghae!” at first but kinda lost compusure midway and was really short of sobbing. I guess he was just overwhelmed to have an arena-ful of foreign fans sing a song to them. And unlike in the Concert audio where they managed to sing at least 1/4 of the song, no one managed to anymore, except Sungmin.

    4) Geng Sexyback –

    This one’s funny. When I first realized that Geng will dance his Sexyback routine in front of us I went, “Panalo!” (That means “Winner!” in my language! LMAO!) And really, nothing like real live experience of sekkshi Geng dance (hip thrust of doom/win OMG). Funny part was that he flipped off his vest in the last part and it flew to the audience — then afterwards he asked for it back XD I thought it was hilarious. And he was lucky the fan gave it back. I wouldn’t. XD

    5) Hyuk Haengbok Solo –

    I was surprised he suddenly went in the middle (ON OUR SPOT!!! OMG) for his Haengbok dance solo. And he’s really SO GOOD! <3 Donghae kind of dances too but I wasn’t able to catch that.

    6) Teukie Towel and Pocket Heart –

    Basically he took a towel wiped it with his sweat then threw it to the crowd. And then he took a board with a pic of him with cream on his face and he was just laughing and when he gave it back he pretended to get something from his pocket and then when he took out his hands he made a heart shape. How aegyo is that? <3

    7) Heechul plays with Pig –

    OMG THIS IS ONE IS ON ITS WAY TO BECOME A CLASSIC HEECHUL MOMENT<3 He takes a stuffed pig from the audience and WEARS IT and then poses. You have to see this to understand. YOU EFFING HAVE TO!

    8) Kangin Wink –

    Basically just winks after they bow on our side (who were you winking at wai was it not me T_T) and then later he kisses the camera and it shows up on the screen XD

    I’ll do a real post soon!

    X-posted everywhere!

    Multiply, El Jae, Soompi, PEX

  136. querubin
    *will watch your videos as soon as I have the time* thanks for all the fancams !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  137. Winegums:
    I watched 10 minutes of Death Note, and the guy….annoyed me XDD

    I expected someone suave and cold looking, but he looked so LITTLE and SQUISHY XDD. I’m gonna finish it though, cos I find the plot really interesting. I’ve got both movies, but I’ve never watched the anime….I want to try find the manga, cos I always find manga more interesting than anime XD

    Hhahaha, there are DBSK versions of eeeeverything XDDDD. BUT my favourite DBSK-fied thing is still those final fantasy things you showed me, JJ looked so HOT.

    I watched the first 20 minutes of 50 first dates (it was on TV, lol) and i looooooooooooooooooved the sea lion in there. I want a sea lion. I think I’ll get one after I get my chimpanzee…

    There was heaps of fuss about Junno. It won quite a few awards (don’t know WHY, cos I found it weird and boring). I reaaaaaaally want to see Kungfu panda! Except I went to the cinema with my friend, and she chose Sex and the city =.=

    My mum always shook her head when she saw me use a calculator for maths (how is it possible to NOT use a calculator for TRIG.?!), I think it’s an asian thing… I dropped pure maths in year 12, I opted for business maths instead ^^ (Which was still horrible, cos you had to analyse EVERYTHING) maths just sucks full stop.

    My mock exams were at the end of term two….and they didn’t count towards anything, so they were so pointless XD. I *think* Sydney year 11s start year 12 in october/november (well, some schools do), and the year 12s finish school in November ^^ (I remember this becuase last year on Australian Idol, Matt Corby talked about how his gf just finished her HSCs XDDD).

    I didn’t find the Notebook sad. I found bits of it reaaaaaaaaally lame. But people make a big deal about the whole “kissing in the rain” thing. My best friend (who is as weird as me, if not weirder) got mad at her bf cos he wouldn’t kiss in the rain with her (she actually dragged him outside when it was raining and tried making him do it XDD).

    Fanboy playing with SNSD doll? EWWWW, THAT REMINDS ME OF THE CREEPY YOONA FANVID. Have you seen it? It’s sooooooooooooooooooo disturbing. Fanboys just freak me out. Maybe it’s cos I’m too used to the guys I hang out with, who tell me my asian boys are gay XD But I can’t imagine any straight guy who likes SNSD because of their MUSIC. That would just be bizzare.

    ROFL, wouldn’t a chimpanzee be more expensive than a gum statue?? But aaahahaha, a chimpanzee named Jaejoong XDD It would be such a dumb chimp XDDD.

    The new Disney movies make me sad :((( What happened to the ones with the music and the dancing :'( OOO, but they made a new one (not sure when it will be released), it’s called “The Frog Princess”, and the princess will be Disney’s first Black princess ^__^ AND IT’S NOT IN THREE-D WOOOOOOOOOOOOOT. I’m really over 3-D movies, I want my old school cartoons back :((

    They are foggy O___O

    Thanks for the links~~~

    Credit Cards are fun :P Except I can only use mine for online shopping, cos I can’t remember my pin XDDDDDD (I’m soooooooooooo smart).

    I think the guy who threw the drink was drunk. People do stupid things when they’re drunk *smiles wisely*.

    How cold does it get in winter? Please don’t tell me it gets below zero O__O OMG, DOES IT SNOW????? I WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMAN AND NAME IT BOB :DDD Ahahahaa, I want one of those huuuuuuuge snowsuits, so I can roll down the stairs and not worry about bruising XDD

    Do you often go skiing/snowboarding? I’ve always wanted to try snowboarding…but it doesn’t snow here =.=

    OMG, YOUR MOON BOOTS ARE SO AWESOME!!!! They’re like a COOL version of Ugg boots!

    Thank you for the picture!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s hard fitting 23 boys into one tiny picture *shakes fist at SM for producing so many good boybands* :P

    I’m glad you liked the song~!! I did a BigBang pimp post for you, go read it! :P

    15th of August? EVERYTHING is happening in August. I can’t wait to see their new group! I really liked Kevin and Kibum when they were still in Xing~~


    I LOLed when I read what you wrote about Hangeng asking for his vest back XDDDD I wouldn’t have given it back :PP

    But Heechul wore a stuffed PIG? Omg, now I must watch it XD

    Tell us when you write your fan account!!!!!!!!

  138. Hey ho!

    I haven’t log in for quite sometime that I actually forgot what my password is!

    As I’m typing this, TLC is playing on my iTunes. They were such a great band. O-kay, total randomness.

    Anyhoo, thanks so much for passing 4 of CSJH songs and my sister went “WHAT? Now you’re listening to Korean girl bands?” when I told her I’m listening to CSJH. Cause both of my sisters are HARDCORE SuJu fans. Well, all three of us started out as SuJu fans until I got to know about DBSK and so and so forth -_-” They were kinda upset that I switched my attention from Leeteuk to Changmin..hahahaha!! So ridiculous!!

    Anyway, what I’m wishing right now is to attend the MTV Asia Awards at Malaysia, since I heard that SuJu is performing..I think. And they are also nominated alongside with Big Bang and SNSD. It’s too bad DBSK or CSJH are not inside, or I’ll make it a point to be there no matter what!!! XD But here in Singapore, we’re going to have a two day event called SingFest where we have OneRepublic, PCD, Simple Plan, Alicia Keys etc etc performing. Was thinking of going. Tickets are going cheap but my friends are having second thoughts about it. BOO.

    So let’s see..what else aye. Hmm, I’m back to listening to Beautiful You actually. It’s kinda grows on you slowly..i guess. And nope, I dunch have any Koda Komi songs…but I do listen to Yui and Namie Amuro.

    You’re watching Galileo too? Powersome~~ I havent continue watching ANY dramas…i wanna go back to school. Will be applying this November and hopefully I can get in. Wish me luck ;) Oh by the way, my senior who went to Aussie, she’s in Daikin University now. At Melbourne. Are you somewhere there? Haha..she’s trying to get use to the cold weather and finding a room to rent.

    Well, hope everything works well for you =)

  139. Not sure if you’ve seen or not, but seeing as you’re entering Wonder girls craze, check this out

    xD Its so random in that you have nifty lil pokemon-lookalike critters dancing around with the wondergirls

  140. Candychu

    T-T That’s so true! I should have gotten Super Junior M in there. I am so fail on keep updating on them though so I forget! I have not even seen all of variety shows they have been on!! Maybe a Super Junior M day is in order? Perphaps I should try and explain to my boss that it is an Korean national holiday and I will not work.

    BTW, you can go me a favour for making it right? Kill her:


    …jokes? LMAO I think I know why the face is blurred. But I cannot stand that Shinee is doing things with girls nowww. I thought I had some more time to not be jealous!!!


    I use my Dad’s card for online shopping. He hates it because he gets all confused. I love it because sometimes he forgets to take the money out of my account.

    I do not throw drinks and break necks when I am drunk! LMAO T-T

    It gets below zero. =( Not that often! AND OF COURSE IT SNOWS! Like once a week at least. Actually you may get a snow day! I got one this year! Whole university shut down. And I had an essay due that day (which I was lazy and started the night of to then pulled an allnighter to finish). So I basically died of happiness and slept all day.

    Snowsuits are awesome! I do not even have one! I want to get one this year! All matchy and everything. I have a HUGE puffy coat though. Like a marshmallow I look!

    I have been snowboarding like… three times? I get SOOO bruised. Not even funny. First time my friends forced me to go down the big hill with NO training and I went into a tree! Second time I got lessons with a friend but she already knew how to snowboard (she got a board this year even) so she kicked my butt. The instructor was holding my hand down the hill and he was like “Are you comfortable to let go now?” and I said no everytime!!! EMBARRASSING! Not to mention I do not even have the proper attire because I have no snow pants = sweatpants and my good winter coat I left at school for break, thing is huge, so I was in a little one.

    Cool version of Uggs? LMAO That is not what very many people think but I so agree!!! =)

    No problem for the picture! I do agree SM is like a hottie machine. Why can’t they ship some output to Canada? And OMG pimp post was pure love!! Thank you so much!! <333333333

    Ya August is so busy. Not just for kpop but I have like a gazillion things to do before I move into my new house at the school. I have not bought one thing for it. My room will just consist of me and a laptop. And we need to go paint it! URGH. Such a pain.

  141. Candychu

    Wait… that would be a Chinese national holiday. T-T I am going to watch one of their videos right now. I promise.

  142. ringy

    Who is that girl anyway?



  143. ringy
    Ok, I closed the window. I can talk properly. Um so where were we? LOL!!!! Well omg why not make it TWO holidays? Korean AND Chinese? Then you get two days off!! You work in a coffee shop, right? Is that you? Lol

    It’s okay! I haven’t been following up with their interviews + variety show appearances either. And *I* feel even worse because Donghae, Kyuhyun and Henry are like the love(s) of my life so I fail even more :(

  144. Part 1 of Super Show Fan Account in El Jae or Multiply. I hope you check out and please comment! And excuse the extended Kibum spazzing (ruined for life, I am! hahaha)

  145. Wait! Light annoyed you or L did? Cos I adore L! His quirks make him awesome ^^ But Light is meant to look pretty suave and good looking, he’s meant to be this top-notch student and really l33t so when the actor looked like he’d just gotten outta rehab, I was just really =S

    Anyways seeing as you caught up with the plot, here’s the dbsk-death-note :D

    (Arent winegums what old ppl who are alcoholics have? LOL~)

    ROFLL! Man at this rate, your mum can have a zoo of ‘grandchildren’. She’s just gotta deal with sea lions spraying her face with spit instead of green-baby-poop in diapers :D I know I’d prefer the sea lion spit.

    xD Honestly, I’m a maths nerd and simple calculations pwn. Analysing texts in literature is bad enough, so I dont think I can handle analysing numbers! Go you! *sets Jae loose with pom poms*

    EH! If mock exams were at the end of term2, then when did you do your first semester exams? x___O School is bizarro. But thanks for the explanation (although that means yr 11 goes for 3 terms for Sydneyians)

    LMAO@ your best friend. I have NO idea why, but I think of the boyfriend wearing a duck costume as this is occurring.

    There are creepy Yoona vids!? Ahhh, I avoid SNSD, they annoy me. No offence if you like them or anything. LOL! [b]Thinking[/b] of my guy friends listening to SNSD is funny, just cos I picture them listening to SNSD whilst comparing muscle sizes. xDDDD

    Pwahaaa! I adore how you always somehow manage to make reference to Jaejoong’s stupidity. Hang on! Why do you keep calling him dumb? But i prefer his stupidity to CM’s proudness. Sometimes I think he’s like Heechul….[i]just not that extreme.[/i]

    That movie sounds AWESOME! Makes me think of that Oprah show, where some girl tested some kids out, by asking them whether they thought a black or a white doll was prettier. Yeh! And television is getting wacky too! Remember the good ol’ 90’s television with Little LuLu and ‘Hey Arnold’ (Whats depressing though, is that 90’s music is now classed as ‘oldies’ I was born in the friggin 90s!!)

  146. If you’re interested, there’s a music box version of the ‘Doushite kimi lalala’ song here

    xD Ive been on a MAJOR music box hype and I have the coolest friends, cos she dug this up for me :D And so I thought I’d share the awesomeness of music boxes :P

    …and whilst Im here, check out this batcrazy awesome motorbike!! If youre not interested by that, i think there’s a random tricycle on the site as well

  147. I just realized how ridiculously long these are @_@ but I just really wanted to

    remember as much as I can.

    Super Show Fancams –
    Super Show Fan Acct – Part 1 –
    Super Show Fan Acct – Part 2 –
    Super Show Side Stories 1 and 2 –
    KangShin-ness –

    Hope you guys check it out and leave a comment. Thank you!

    Ooh Doushite! Will check that out :)

  148. Everyone:

    Rofl, I use a different name for every account (soompi, AF, LJ, etc) and I keep forgetting my username/password XDDD

    TLC? Never heard of them O___O Are they good??

    Did you like the CSJH songs???? They’re one of the only girl groups I fangirl ^^ I’m the opposite to you, I got into DBSK first, then I discovered the Suju crack XD.

    Haha, your favourites are Leeteuk and Changmin, such a cincidence that they’re both my second favourites~~ Siwon is my favourite Suju boy, and Jae’s my favourite DBSK boy ^_^

    Omg, you have a chance to attend MTV Asia Awards???? GO GO GO GO GO GO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!. You’ll get to see Suju and BIG BANG!

    I used to love Simple Plan….. if tickets are going cheap, then you might as well go :D

    You don’t have any Koda Kumi songs??? :O!!!!!!!!!!! Remind me to send you some next time, k?? I don’t have them on this computer, but I’ll put them in a zip for you in my next comment reply :D.

    I’m listening to Howl’s Parrot. It’s off the Goong soundtrack ^^

    Galileo confuses me… much physics in there :'(((((((

    You’re going back to school? Awesome :D! What are you going to study? Architecture? (i remember you telling me you’re doing something to do with that now….). I don’t live in Melbourne….but Melbourne has the BEST shoppping, so she’s gonna have heaps of fun there :))

    Hahaha, I’m glad to hear that you don’t throw drinks/break necks when you’re drunk XD

    I love online shopping, it let’s me buy stuff without walking around and finding it myself XD I’M TOO LAZY XDDDD

    Omg, you must have white Christmases EVERY year!!!!!!! I’ve never had a white christmas :(((( Omg, snow day!!! Does that mean everything shuts down and you have an EXCUSE to not go outside?? THAT’S SO AWESOME :D!!! I wish we had that for the heatwaves here….we still have to do stuff when it’s 46(c) outside. SUCKS.

    Hahahaha, marshmallow jackets XDD My friend has a pale pink one, and I always call her “marshmallow” when she wears it XD

    Omg, you crashed into a TREE???? I’ve never been snowboarding, but I used to skateboard, and I’ve never crashed into a tree before O___O (walls, yes, trees? no…).

    Haha, your experience with your instructor reminds me of my ice skating experiences XDD I had to get people to take my hand and skate with me around the rink, cos otherwise i’d just stick to the walls (walls are your FRIEND) and not go anywhere XDD

    You’re totally welcome for the pimp post, least I could do to thank you for the banners you make us!

    Ooooo, you live at school?? I wish I did…..I love my family, but I just think that living on campus would be fun :D. Do you have sororities in Canada? Haha, normally, I’d say that a laptop is the only thing you need in your room, but um…you might wanna get a bed XDD

    Winegums are a type of gummy lolly that they sell in NZ:
    Not alcoholic stuff for old people xP

    Aren’t Light and L the same person?? Lol, don’t look at me like that, I haven’t watched that much yet :S But I know what you mean about Light, I was expecting this really cool/calm/collected + tall/dark/handsome guy =.=

    Omg, the death note DBSK comics are so cute!!!! My favourite is the Changmin one. But that might be bias talking… XD

    Omg, do you know what I want right now, a PANDA. All they do is eat and sleep. JUST LIKE ME :DDDDD. And they’re soooooooooooooooo fat and cluddly. OMG I WANT ONE SO BAD :'(

    Analysing texts is worse than maths, imo (well, it depends on the text). I did hard English in year 12, and homg, WE GOT GIVEN THE STUPIDEST TEXTS EVERRRRR. You’d know what I mean if you’ve read “Brave New World” before..

    LMAO, now I have a mental image of JJ with pigtails and a cheerleader outfit, holding huge pom poms XDD

    Er….we didn’t have exams for first semester? Most of our subjects were made up of 50% class test/assignments scores, and 50% end of year exam score. So the trials were really pointless, cos they didn’t count towards anything =.=

    Hahahaha, let me join you in the SNSD hate XDDDD I can see my guy friends watching SNSD mvs on mute…..XD I don’t like SNSD, but I *have* TRIED (i know all their names!)But I got SO annoyed with them during Seungri’s “Manwon Happiness” Ep. (he was against Yoona, so half the ep was SNSD, half was Big Bang). The Yoona fanvideo was basically of a guy filming his tv set, which had a drama starring yoona playing, and he was stroking the screen when her face came up, and punching the guys in the screen, and wiping her face with a tissue when she was crying. Really disturbing video; if you reaaally want to see it, just type in “scary yoona video”, and you’d probably be able to find something ^^

    JJ is really really dumb (i say that out of love :P) I can’t think of anything to prove it right now, but I know I have a bunch of videos showcasing his stupidity which I probably favourited on Youtube, so remind me to link you next time I reply to your comment ;)

    Thanks for the mp3! I’m downloading it right now, though the downloading site is making me wait for the link to appear =.=

    That motorbike is so smoooooooooooooooooooooth. It looks like something that’ll go really fast O___O

    They ARE long XD But I’m gonna have heaps of fun reading them :D

    I left a comment!!!

    Thanks for linking us!!!!!

  149. gummydork
    You don’t know what winegums are??? OMG they’re only the BESTEST lollies EVER. Omg, noo, now I want some D: I can only ever buy them in HK though. Remind me at the end of the yr to go buy them when I go. They’re so delicious. They’re like a “hard gummy” if you get what I mean? So they’re chewable but you kinda break your jaw in the process :D
    And LMAO @ those dbskxdeath note comics XD I haven’t actually seen the movie but my friend has told me all about it. AHAHAHA the power of eukyangkyang

  150. Has anyone seen this..
    I’m not sure i want to giggle and be like “aww so cute!!”
    or..just be like O_o

    I’m basically in the middle.

    New group named Sweety.
    I’ll just let you read the stuff on the info.

    Little rapper girl and boy are cute.

    I just thought this was..telling someone worthy.
    Its so weird and..well under the info is basically what i think..mostly.

  151. ImJustKeed’In
    I remember reading about them on Soompi but I haven’t listened to their music yet! I think it’s cute that there’s like one boy among all those girls but I hope this is just like a project because the thought of them starting off so young (and tiny) is kinda scary :S

    They’ll be so deprived of a proper childhood XDD

  152. Candiessss
    LOL are u sure you havent listened to their music? Cuz *I* distinctly rmbr linking you to their MV and we were even talking about how its child abuse or something…hmm…wait…Im not sure if it was you anymore hahahaha I’m so awesome XD

  153. Ohhh, did you all hear?
    DBSK got 1st on the weekly charts!
    Yay them!!

    In other news, i have a request..thingy.
    Anyone have first perfs?

    like the first time they performed Triangle, Rising Sun..stuff like that.
    Please and thank you!

    I’m tired..must sleep. Probably won’t.

    Heh. ^^

  154. ringy!!!!!

    i’m so sorry for taking a lifetime too. i failed miserably. so , we’re even? lols.

    i reached KL 2 days ago by flight so imagine the amount of packing that I had to do. Lols. There’s so many things to bring but of course every airlines has their weight limit. sigh. By the way, i’m such a blurry and i actually reached KL 1 week earlier, cause i thought i’ll start class the day after tml. zzZzzz.

    owels. means still i’ve got another 1 week hols. *evil grinz.

    i thought u get to choose your own timetable? I admit it’s hard to get up early for class. lols. worst of all, when we need 30 mins of travel distance.

    LMAO. lols. sounds so wrong. i was thinking, u DIN PUT ON CLOTHES? lols. Hehez. maybe i’ll put on my PJs if i’m late to school. i’ll definitely tell u if i do that cause it’s definitely something worth remembering.. haha. I hope my lecturer will actually allow me to join class if i’m sloppy?I

    Yea, u should stay in Canada to study. Canada has some many good universities. Unlike me, i mean, most of the people in my country will want to study overseas badly, places like Australia, US, Canada n England. lols. sometimes i don’t get why certain foreigners would want to come to my country and study.

    Hehe. you’re lucky to have a few connections to Henry. My housemate just came back and told me that she may be going to the restaurant where DBSK had been! so not fair, i can’t join cause i’m not a student from their korean class. zzzz

    talked to henry every night?! *knocks my head. lols.
    STINKY TOFU? i’ve never eaten that. lols. is it nice? i heard from other people that it’s stinky but when u know how to eat it, it’s nice.

    30 hours a week! that’s long man. I can’t work part time here mainly because it’s not worth the time and energy heard that for data entry, i’ll only get RM 6 an hour and that’s like $2 aus? zzzzzz…pathetic. underpay job.

  155. I’m not the kind of fangirl that is all “OMG!!11 HE SMOKING BLAH BLAH BLAH”
    (yeah not good at doing that kind of stuff)

    But this vid is so interesting to watch..

    Of course this was a while ago, choosey lover i think.

    Although i’m against it..i like the way people look when they smoke..

    Yes i know..i’m horrible.. T_T

    (btw i LOVE how some people just..take it so seriously..)

  156. Have you seen the T tour??
    Well Purple line wasn’t included in the televised one, there it is.
    I love it..a lot.

    Just wanted to share.

  157. So i’m bored again..Lalalala!

    Remember those SJ fanmade music video things i posted awhile back?

    I loved them heres some more i found these are boys doing SNSD ‘s Kissing You.

    Boys Rising Sun Mv.

    (the other links aren’t working)
    Unofortunetly…the happiness one is nowhere to be found..and it was my favorite!!

    The U Parody One.

  158. candychu:

    LMAO You just had to close the window? I think I removed myself from the room for like an hour. And had to get some food to soothe the pain. Yes, it was cookies. And yes, I do have to resort to it alot. :PP I think that may account for like 10 pounds!

    It is a Cafe, or called that, but not a coffee shop. It’s in Sam’s Club so it has like hot dogs and fries. I always try to call it a Caf but my co-workers correct me. SO weird. It is like you must call it a Cafe. But ya two days seems a little necessary. I just wish I could try and explain it to my boss without either bursting out laughing or crying because I am so lame!

    Aw no fails! I missed Bums new drama and I even watched Snow Flower for him! TOT < I have never used this face but it is pretty cool right? I kind of like it. It is not just crying but like agony. :DD


    That’s so true! I never even considered the calories I am not losing my sitting on my butt and not even getting up to go shopping! LMAO I would not mind going to the store but I want to go downtown and all my friends are working during the week so I would have to go alone = NO THANK YOU. I am such a socially awkward, I hate shopping alone. Even getting like lipgloss at the drug market I bug my Mom.

    WE DO! I cannot imagine not having snow on Christmas! I have never even been on Holidays in Winter so it is always the cold for me. And yup everything is closed on a snow day. Actually, they may have the caf open just so we do not die but that is about it. Eww heat wave. Just say you are elderly and going to have a heartattack!

    OMG Okay I was going to say the awesomness of the Marshmellow coat is skeptical but I take it back because of this:
    CUTTTTTEEEEEEEEEE! <33333333333333

    Ah I used to skateboard to! When I was like real younge, maybe eight. Crashing into a tree is not to bad. The lift is the worst. So embarrassing. I always fall off and then the next load of people come and they think and I SOOOO stupid and have to snowboard around me. One time the girl was really concerned, she thought I had like broke my leg. AND I KIND OF DID! Well… it hurt like it. And it was in a really awkward position.

    I DO THAT IN SKATING TO! Didn’t you have those like pushy handrails you could use though? I used it all the time. Kind of made me seem like an old lady with a kane! But to be honest I was soo scared as a kid, I would not even go on rollercoasters, I think now I might be able to try alone.

    Yup I do! I wanted to so bad. Even when I was a kid I wanted to leave home! LOL I know it sounds bad but OMG I need like paternal breaks. Even this four month summer after being gone is like insane. We do not have sororities! I don’t think one would ever let me in anyway! I would for sure sleep through all the meetings And ya maybe a bed… sleeping bag should be okay. :S Just for a week because I move in first out of the roommates and they will not use the moving truck just for me. Am I not worth it? LOL I need to have a little discussion with them.

    AND OMG do you want to know a funny? Not really a funny, more a never-do-again-in-my-entire-life. Okay, I was at McDonalds and I was really hungry and tired because it was right after a long shift. So you know the clip of Jaejoong looking in the bags and he is like “HAMBURGA….STEKI…MORE HANBURGA.” So I order and say it just like him. “Can I have a Big Mac HAMBURGA?” The order person like snorted. SNORTED! Oh my.


    Lol Okay deal, totally even!! Even though your excuse is way better than mine!

    I hate the weight limit! I went to Mexico with my friends and of course mine is like the biggest bag and I was having a heart attack worrying so I put a thousand and one things into my carry-on and the plane ride was hell. Ya another week is good! More time to just got used to the new place!

    You got to pick the timetable but you still have some requirements, like I need 3 political science credits. So overall, 5 classes (1 full term and 4 half). And then the classes are limited. Just imagine shooting yourself in the foot and that that times how many classes I had! XD

    I KNEW IT! The second I wrote no clothes I was like I hope this does not sound awkward! LOL You have to tell me if you do it! And I think they will let you in. I have never had a problem. The instructor mentioned it once though. We only had an 8:30 about four times the entire year but once I wore PJs. And then he was like “Oh I know it is the early class because people are wearing PJs.” BUT IT WAS ONLY ME AND MY FRIEND HE WAS TALKING ABOUT!

    I guess it is all up to what you want to do and personal preference for were you want to study. I can understand moving away and then coming back to study where you used to live just for the experience. Or even if it is in your background. Just certain reasons other than academic. I choose a more academic university just for the prestige but I sooo wanted to go to a more arts one. Kind of regret it now.

    LAME. At least she will know where the restaurant is though so maybe you can go together. Does she like DBSK? OMG And she is in Korean class, I just realized….TRANSLATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I guess I did not know how to eat it then! LOL It was not bad. The smell was a little off but not really my taste. I think I just like expected ALOT from it because I had read about how good it was. We had these awesome stinky buns though and OMG my friend tried to take some from me and we were about to get in a big fight. Like literally a smackdown. THEY WERE THAT GOOD.

    Ya that is not worth the energy. Unless you find something you would really like to do. My friend works at a camp and the pay is like terrible but she meet alot of friends there and it keep her outside and active so to not bad. Not to add she has the nicest sun tan and I am snow white.

  159. ringy

    i only get to pick the timetable in my second sem and!! i’ll haf monday and friday off so that means that i go uni on tuesday, wednesday and thursday only. how smart is that? kekez. By the way, thanks for tips.

    I errrr..still abide by the dress codes though. Just simple, T-shirt and skirt. I will never ever wear long jeans cause i think it’s hot. lols. it’s hot here in Malaysia! kekez. The only thing is , i wear flip-flops to school, praying that no one will catch me cause it hurts to wear heels and it’s troublesome to wear sport shoes. kekekez.

    Lols. I can imagine how embarrassing for u when the instructor were insinuate that it was u and ur friends wearing PJs. talking about that, i did embarrassed myself yesterday during lecture and it was AFTER my lecturer said that if we wanna go to the loo, don’t create commotion. I didn’t know what happen and my pen just flew and rolled down the stairs, EVERYONE was staring at me. :s

    I don’t mind working with low pay if i’m surrounded by super hot guys! lols jk. if that’s the case, i don’t think i’ll be productive. :S


  160. ImJustKeed’In:
    I’m sorry for taking so long to get back to you ;___; I read your comment, went and watched the videos, then forgot to reply to you ^^|||

    Hmm, about the smoking video….I’m personally against smoking, I think it’s a slow way of committing suicide. But I know that Jae smokes, and I think Micky used to? I hope they stop soon, it’s not good for their voices :(

    I’ve been wanting the DVD of their 3rd tour, but er…I’m broke XD Thanks for the link :D

    I’ve seen the Happiness parody!! It was done really well :D!!!

    You don’t shop alone????? :O:O:O Lol, I PREFER to shop alone XDDD Maybe it’s cos my friends all take FOREVER to decide whether they like something or not, and I get reaaaally impatient XDDD

    I’d love to have snow on Christmas day *___* Then the whole “santa coming down the chimney” thing may seem more real, cos hardly any houses here have chimney’s, cos it’s so HOT :(

    Rofl, Micky looks like a grape XDDDD A cute one though <33 I miss him with normal hair :((((

    Lol, how can you KIND OF break your leg? XDDDD Ski lifts sound scary :S:S

    We don’t have pushy handrails, so I have to make do with the wall :( My friend used to do figure skating, but I can’t ice skate to save my life XDD

    I’m STILL too scared to go on rollercoasters XD I keep thinking that there’s going to be a power failure when I’m upside down, and I’ll just be left hanging there :SSS

    Sororities look so fun!!!! Well, in movies, anyway XD Wow, you’re thinking of sleeping in a sleeping bag for a WEEK??? I wouldn’t even be able to handle two days in a sleeping bag XDD Ohhh, I hope you get nice roomates <333 Ones who buy lots of food all the time XDD

    ROFL, I can’t believe you did that at Maccas XDDD The person who served you must have thought you were mentally challenged :PPP

    I’ve started uni again, and it’s sooooooooooo gaaaayyyyyyyyy :(((( Boooooooooooooooooooooo. The people in my eco. class all think I’m the biggest ditz, cos I’m doing a media and arts double degree, and they’re all commerce students :(((( OOO, but I get to make a movie this semester! Well, not really a movie, just a music video or short documentary :DD

  161. pinkandsparkly

    lols. couldn’t help but to reply what u wrote to ringy :D :D

    yes.. uni started for me too and it’s so gaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy. i couldn’t help but agree. :P

    i’m still in my first week and i have my first assignment due on the 4th week, how gay is that :P

    lols. how would they know that you’re doing double degree? did u actually introduce urself? gosh. couldn’t imagine how busy u can be where you’ll have to do few different assignments at the same time.

    i’m wondering what will be ur theme for ur music video or short documentary?

    :D :D :D
    i’m dead.
    uni is so different from Year 12. lols.

  162. Hey hey you you!

    You’re all starting school already! I’m so JEALOUS. I mean it. I really wish I can be in school right now instead of working cause I’ve been having a terrible headache planning out my financial situation. My mom’s been nagging me to stop buying more clothes and shoes (but I can’t help it XD) and think of better ways to use the money; since she told me I better start saving up for my school. That is, if the Uni accepts me. And NO, I am NOT taking Architecture. Like yeck. I’m planning to take English with Psychology or maybe Sociology. Man, it sucks be an adult =x

    On a brighter side, a friend of mine is flooding me brain and mp3 with Big Bang. Okok, I admit. “With U” was on repeat these couple of days and I actually scanned through back on one of your entries cause I remembered you wrote an introduction about them last month.

    And nope, I didnt attend the MTV asia awards(i wish!) but my sister overnight at her friend’s house to watch it on cable though. Managed me to make go green with envy when she texted me messages such as “Leeteuk’s looking good” bla bla…but hell, she managed to record the whole thing in her phone, even though it was in low quality. And yeah, One Republic won too. happy for them =)

    I was hoping the next SJH single will be “You&I” I kinda like the whole disco beat in the song. I wasn’t much into Pajama Party though. It just doesnt feel right XD But their outfits make me LOL. Especially Shindong’s!!

    Oh, have you seen this before? My jaw simply dropped open =O

    Never heard of TLC? They’re the ones famous for their “No Scrubs” song. Here, I give you a link:

    Okaes. I think that’s about it. And oh yes, spam me with Koda Kumi’s songs :)

  163. guys started school?
    School starts here in a few weeks.
    Hope y’all are having fun!!
    Heres something to cheer you up.

  164. I have been crazy busy so I need more time to write a full reply. =( But this was urgent!Seriously, I think you need to have a pager so I can beep you in emergencies. LMAO Okay I will save my spazzing so as not to ruin but since you have converted me to a Big Bang fan I had to tell you the Haru Haru MV is out!

    warning: eye make-up.

  165. Ahhh!
    Apparently Yoochun cut his hair..


  166. WoooHOOOOO, I’ve a cramp from scrolling. XDDDDDDDDDDD

    In any case, YOU (*points POINTEDLY at you*) and I (looks at self in mirror) NEED TO TALK MORE. Because YOU’VE (more or less) been ignoring ME, and I’VE (more or less) been ignoring YOU. XDDDDDD

    … But I’m away from the computer this weekend. Actually, starting in about two hours. XDDDD

    So … Monday (morning for me, evening for you)? Tuesday? Sometime before I go off to live in my sad little dorm room?

    (I’m laying on the guilt here. HEHEHE. AND YES, I’LL REPLY TO YOUR EMAIL SOON. You aren’t using THAT against me, missy. XD)

  167. ringy
    What exactly is the difference between a cafe and a coffee shop? They both sell the same stuff don’t they? XDD I actually want to work in a cafe/coffee shop because it’s like…fun? Lol IDK, it seems fun to be dressed in a little apron and going around making coffee :DD Except, I don’t actually drink coffee coz I’m like wannabe lactose intolerant meaning I can’t drink milk but I can eat ice cream? LOL.

    Lol NO I have not been having fun T_T Still two more exams then about a mth til graduation and 2 to my finals </333

    YOU need to be on the computer more lol. Where do you keep disappearing off to?

    I don’t really know who you’re referring to but IM EXPECTING AN EMAIL FROM YOU *glares*

    Wait wait wait..dorm room? WHAT? WHATS THIS? Are you leaving home? Omg I don’t know what’s happening in your life anymore *CRIES* T_____T

  168. I’m laughing because I think my comp is fudging up things a great deal.

    For example: The counter widget says that 0 people are currently stalking your blog.

    … I guess I don’t count as a person, eh? EH?!

  169. huh???im a beginer..i rely rely dunno why im here nyway LOVE da page!!!^,^

  170. Hehe… Haiii. :]

    My sister pointed out that Love Like Oxygen also sounds like Candy by Mandy Moore. Sorta does. o___o’

  171. Ok I’m tired of feeling slow. What does IMOP stand for?!

  172. Ahh!
    I just want to add.
    I hate your quiz thingy.
    I was typing out a response..
    accidentally pressed enter…
    It should have a confirm thingy.
    But its okay…
    I forgive you.

    It was my second time anyway.
    (i didn’t see the text box thingy..i swear!!)

  173. Ditto to what laflor501 said. What DOES imop stand for? O___o’
    And omgomgomg. Ep 5 of SHINee’s reality show is my favorite so far. The noona is awesome, and there are so many crack moments from Onew/Jonghyun/Key, that Minho seriously needs to learn how to do drugs.
    That is all. :]

  174. I forgot I had comments to reply to on this page XDDDDD

    I know it’s been awhile already (almost a month, omg i fail) but how’s uni going??? You getting used to it yet? Have you made any new friends as cool as me? :DD

    Lol, double degrees aren’t that bad…I just have to stay here for an extra year ^____^v

    I’m not doing a music video anymore, I’m doing a love story between a mobile phone and it’s owner XDD Dw, I’ll put it up on Youtube and give you the link ;)

    Sorry for the late reply ;___; I’m getting old, I keep forgetting things XDDDDD

    How’s work/uni going for you?? (do you know if you’ve gotten in yet???) I have THREE friends who are doing psychology, and they love it :DD!! The psych. exams here are multiple choice though, so it’s really good XDDD

    I love buying clothes/shoes/useless stuff <3333

    Did you find the BigBang pimp post??? Our categories are a mess, but if you need help finding it (or if you want some other recommendations) feel free to send me an email via the imop email add, k? :D

    I SO fail, I haven’t watched ANY videos from the MTV asia awards OR the SM town concert XDDDD Uni’s annoying =.=

    I er….don’t really like SJ-H’s concept XD;;;

    Changmin is hot. that is all. :P

    Argh, I’m always on the wrong computer to send you music =.= Promise I’ll try be on the right computer next time XD But in the mean time, go youtube “love story” by Koda Kumi. GREAT song :DD!!!

    Hope everything’s going well for you <33

    The map resets itself everyday =.=

    Btw, WHERE ARE YOU???

    Thank you <3!!!

    Lol, I haven’t heard Mandy Moore’s Candy (but I liked the song she sang in “Walk to Remember” ^__^

    I don’t really like Love like oxygen…..not really a fan of that type of music….

    I haven’t watched any of the SHINee reality shows *gets slapped by Changdice* I blame uni :P But omg, can you please explain to me what Minho’s role in SHINee is??? I HAVE NEVER HEARD HIM SAY MORE THAN 2 LINES. EVER.

    Laflor501 AND Alex:
    Lol, quite a few people have asked this XD

    Ummmm, when I first started the blog, I was REALLY uncreative, o the title of the blog was actually “In my opinion” (don’t laugh ;__;) but “imo” was taken, so I thought I’d use “imop” instead. Of course, a week later I got bored with the name (wouldn’t you? :P) and changed it to Let’s All Eat Candy ^____^v cos I love lollies, lol XDD. But my other wordpress blog had the url “”, cos I wanted to follow the housekeeping theme XDD. But I don’t use that blog anymore, cos now i use my Livejournal instead (add me on LJ :D!)

    Lol, sorry <3333333333

    Did you like the survey? We tried to make it as short as possible ^__^

  175. pinkandsparkly

    haha. so, now i’m sitting here replying comments cause i’ve finished 2 of my assignments. haha.

    yeah! looking forward for the links. hehez.

    uni’s been fine. it’s my 6th week. gosh. this semester is so short and it”ll end on the 12 th week. will be having my finals after that. ^0^”” sob sob.

    made friends of course. well.haven got a chance to be CLOSE friends yet. just ordinary classmates. am really worried for my upcoming group projects. i hope my group members are competent in doing their tasks cause i haven got a chance to really KNOW them well. their personalities and all that. so yeah, i’m putting my “life” on this.

  176. I don’t know..but this makes me LOL really hard.
    Read the comments and you’ll get the basic of it.

    I love listening to it because..idk.
    Yunho sounds mad..but laugh at it.
    “Xiah Junsu!”

    I should feel bad..buts its fun to listen to them argue.

  177. pinkandsparkly;;

    ZOMG. You should, they are so on crack. @___@

    And I think Minho is a rapper … maybe secondary rapper? [Is that a role? xD] He doesn’t really speak much, true, and sometimes I think he should’ve stuck to be a model. [-gets shot by fangirls- x___x] But of course, SHINee wouldn’t be able to do their oh-so-coordinated dances without another person. Plus, sometimes he does crack. Sometimes.

    Oh wait, just looked at Apparently Minho is sub vocal and lead rapper. And apparently so is Key. I’m confused. @___@

  178. THANK YOU FOR WALLPAPERS!! I never replied to your email because I think my hotmail junked it.
    OMG college makes it harder to fangirl.
    I’d like to spend hours writing, but nooooo…stupid homework/essays/exams.
    Also, I think Heechul and BoA should get married. They would have pretty children.

  179. I’d just like to tell you that just because I’m not commenting as actively as I usually do, doesn’t mean I’m not visiting.

    I’m just too tired to think. I really DO read everything. Well… if it’s something I want to read.

  180. GAH! I literally flailed like a psycho when I saw this:

    They must go maketh a Yunho, Yoochun, Changmin and Junsu one nowwwww!! *flails threateningly*


    Are these real?
    LOL They are old, but its interesting to see..passport photos.

  182. Holy cow, is this for real?

    I needed to spazz to someone about this, but I just about screamed when I saw that. That is one AMAZING album cover. They look so grown up in it and it’s different from anything I’ve seen from them. But OMGGGGG, that cover is so HOT. Sorry for my semi-incoherent post. I’m still in shock.


    Btw, those passport photos are scary. How did the fans get them. They never fail to amaze me…

  183. Erv:
    Are you on holidays yet?? I’ve got half a week left :DDD

    Still working on my short video, but I’ll definitely link you when I upload it :D

    Ooo, my semester’s 12 weeks too!!! Exams finish late november..i think XD

    Do you have mature students in your class? Like, 50 year olds? They’re really weird =.=

    LOOOOOOOOOOL. Dork dork dork XD

    Poor Junsu, though XD.

    I think the passport photos are real…..they look real anyway XD

    And sorry for taking SO long ot reply to this page, but I read every comment as soon as you post them (thus how I knew about the link abc123zyx gave me) I just take ages to reply XD

    Lol, it seems that everyone in Kpop is a crack-addict XD

    Hahahaha, there is soooooooo much Minho-hate on LJ secrets. It’s kinda mean, but some of it is really true *ducks* :P

    Lol, I remember wiki-ing SNSD once, and it said that out of a group of NINE girls, there was only ONE lead singer and the rest were backups. Wth, right? XD

    Pretty children? XDDD True though :P

    Awww, I know how you feel, I’ve been buried with homework/test preparations for the past few weeks :(

    Good luck <3

    Lol, I feel the love :P But yea, same goes for your posts. I read them, I just don’t always comment ^^

    You don’t update your LJ very much, do you?

    THE COVER IS SO HOT. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE LINK! Lol, I saw it in French lab class, and omg, I got SUCH weird stares from peope XDDDDD

    I don’t understand how they got them either. Maybe the airport person took them away and scanned them…? Why would they do that though..hmm

  184. Gummies:
    Look, you get your own special square :P (its cos your avatar was similar to the comment below yours, so i thought it was Imjustkeeding XD)

    Anyway, THEY STOLE YOUR IDEA! You totally came up with the plushy idea first, you should sue XD

    Haven’t seen you here in ages, you’ve got your uni exams coming up, right? GOOD LUCK :DDD


    Here are the boys talking about Mirotic.

    Translation credits ginaaax3 @ Soompi.


    Q1 Condition of TVXQ
    All: Hello, we’re TVXQ!
    CM: Yes, we recently were prepareing for our 4th album, and we also were active in Japan simultaneously. And recently, there has been a concert with our SM family, with SM Town, right?
    YC: Right.
    CM: It was a place where all the SM members performed together, something I dreamed of; with our juniors, and with BOA senior. It was very meaningful and fun!
    JS: Yes, it was great.

    Q2 Introduction of the 4th Album
    YH: Yes, this album is a very special album to us.
    JJ: Of course, we have come back after one year and seven months! We’re actually releasing an album after such a long time, and the title of the album is “Mirotic”. Yes, and firstly, Mirotic is a new word! Just like the two chinese characters, it means ‘maze’, and -tic. -Tic is an english word, which you put after a an adjective. So you can say that it’s a fusion between chinese characters and english. So it’s a new word!
    YH: Does it mean that this album is an album you can’t escape from?
    JJ: Yes, it does.
    JS: It means it’s that type of album, with that type of song.
    JJ: Yep, you can’t come out of my spell. I feel as if the album connects with our song called “Joomun (Mirotic)”, and if you listen and listen again to our album, you probably can’t stop. (YC:Attractive album). As much as it took us to prepare for this album, it is filled with very solid songs as well, so please listen to it.

    Q3 Introduction of the Title Song “Mirotic”
    JJ: And our title track!
    YH: Our title track is “Mirotic,” and, I mean can’t you just feel something by just the title?
    JJ: It’s a spell!
    YH: Yes, it’s a spell!
    JS: Please order the album (Joomon in korean means both spell and to order!)
    JJ: A while back, there was an Internet article called “We take orders for TVXQ,” I was so shocked! Look at their type of sense.
    YH: Our title song, Mirotic, is a dance song composed of a reverse beat. It is a song with a very sophisticated yet cold touch to it. I think that the chorus, especially, is very charming. You fall for me, you go crazy for me, you’re my slave, and so on. It’s basically about us, putting on a spell onto one woman. A thing like ‘you can’t leave me’.
    JS: It’s the apperance of a very confident man.
    YH: Yes, a very positive man.

    Q4 An episode you remember the most during the prepare of the album
    YH: During the time of a year and 7 months, there were numerous episodes while we tried out best to produce this album.
    YC: There were more than many! Firstly, while we were filming the music video of Mirotic; during Changmin’s solo scence, it was very late, and everybody was tired. Well, Changmin was under water, in a water tank, and he dived and swam around BUT that tank ended up breaking!
    JS: What broke?
    YC: Don’t you not know? The tank!
    JS: Huh? It broke?
    JS: Ah! Right it did break!
    YC: You know right? (JS: Yes, yes, yes!) Well, the tank broke, and so it took more time than we expected, and plus, Changmin had a cold!
    JS: I felt bad for him, while I was watching him film his part.
    YH: What I remember the most is during our photoshoot; even though the music video was filmed excitingly! There were slightly some scenes where we showed some skin, right?
    JJ: Yes there was.
    YH: So I remember how the five of us excerized
    JJ: We really tried our best
    JS: Really tried our best!

    Q5 Future Plans in Korea
    JS: We’re back after a year and seven months, finally, and releasing an album. We put a lot of effort in it, since it’s our fourth album, and we tried our best to produce and prepare for it. We’ll be greeting you with an awesome performance, awesome live, and awesome dance with Mirotic, so please look forward to it. We really want to be active until the end of 2008 in Korea, so please help us, and support us!

    JS: It was TVXQ until now! Thank you!

    Just to add..theres also this thing about Yunho having a tattoo.
    I’m not sure if its real.
    You can see it in the first pic, then the second you see some kind of outline covered in makeup…hmmmm. ^^

  186. pinkandsparkly

    nope. i have another week of sch before i have my study break. take note*STUDY BREAK. lols. it’s not exactly a hol though cause i have 4 major assignments to pass up after that. :(

    yeap. i finish in late november too. i guess our study period if almost the same cause i’m under Aus uni too ^^ hoh..then after that, 3 months holiday. haha..i’ll definitely turn on my “stalking” mode to the fullest.’s very very unusual to find mature students in my class. i know it’s very common in overseas though. i think the oldest that i’ve known so far is 21 years old? kekez. how are they weird? in what sense? melb now shopping eh? haha.i wanna go sydney visit my sister end of this year!! so i can start shopping for supplies too. *cackles.

  187. I forget if you cover Epik High here or not. I think I remember a post on them … oh well. I just found out that they’re releasing a mini album at the end of the month. The teaser is very unfulfilling. .___.’

  188. Sooo it has been awhile! Do not kill me for failing! One of the weeks I was gone I didn’t even get internet! T-T


    My schedule is SOOOO lame. I am really jealous of yours now!!!! Monday and Friday off! THOSE ARE THE BEST DAYS TO HAVE OFF! Trade me? I have school everyday, and sometimes a huge break. Like 8:30am and then 4:00pm! What am I supposed to do all day then!? It is so hard to make that class lol.

    It kills to wear heels! Blisters galore! Good luck not getting caught to! I remember in high school you had to wear a certain brand of school uniform but I brought different pants and got caught by the new school VP! It was really awkward, and then he wanted me to to go home and change. And I literally said if I go home I am not coming back because I lived like an hour away! If I did go back the day would be done! LMAO

    HAHA I drop my pen alot to!! It rolls all over. Probably because I have seen those awesome videos of people rolling pens on their fingers and it is the COOLEST thing. Then I try and drop mine. I have also hit people with my pen when it goes flying and that is just so hard not to pack my bag and leave after because they glare at me alot!

    Ya I could not work with hot guys. Imagine at a coffee shop!? I would have 3rd degree burns. Maybe they would like help me after I burnt myself though… *cough* kiss me better please! LMAO


    Oh no that is bad! I take awhile to decide what to get! LOL I am not that bad but I am indecisive for sure. Fully do not try things on though so I go fast in that aspect. Makes my parents so bad because they want me to. It is just embarrassing walking out with the new clothes on! And then the sales lady comes and comments! Its like, “NO, I do not want your input this looks bad and I am taking it off!” LMAO Okay I am drastic but it makes me so mad!

    No chimney!!!!! That is so weird! No for sure Christmas sets a scence. Kind of a pain shoveling and stuff when relatives come. Since I have not talked to you in so long are you still into exchanging? Seems like it would have to start soon??

    I really miss Micky’s normal hair!!!! Even he comments on how weird this one is. Urgh, I am loving Changmin’s short hair to make up for it! He looks alot like a model to me. And Junsu’s is pretty cute also, actually I think it makes him look more intense. LOL Intense and Junsu in the same sentence sounds weird.

    Kind of break leg is like.. an awkward angle that makes you sore for awhile? LMAO I don’t know but it happened. Speaking of broken leg my friend tripped and I fell over her.. MESSED UP MY WHOLE KNEE. It is a huge cut, like no skin on my knee. So now when I change leg positions as it is trying to heal it KILLS. Then my other friend made me join Tae Kwon Do, OMG I lied and said I didn’t want to because I am lazy but SO excited because I always see the guys pulling out moves, but that hurt alot today. AND THE TEACHER MAKES FUN OF ME ALOT. I am not even lying he said I had Narcolepsy, where you fall asleep alot! It is not fair though because my friend and most people have some experience and I am the only new one. I have to stick with it to because I already paid 60 dollars! =(

    I did not end up in a sleeping bag! My parents were up the whole day so they set up the bed and my desk. A friend and I did my side desk.. took us 3 hours and still one of the draws is hard to open! LMAO But it is soo funny you mention buying food because I AM THE FATTEST ONE IN THE HOUSE! Lol No I can tell because I go to the kitchen 10x more than they do. We are lazy to. No food at the moment. Hopefully tomorrow we will go. But I have been living on microwavable hot dogs.

    Making a movie sounds awesome! Make sure you put it on youtube or something so I can see it! And I know how you feel because when I took economics it was kind of the same. This year is not as bad. I do not always do the readings on time though so people in my tutorial probably think I am a ditz. OMFG and my first week of tutorials was terrible I had three and did something stupid in each.
    Tutorial One: I signed up for the first week of presentations because it was in the second column and I thought it was later even though I did not read the date.
    Tutorial Two: I went an hour early and it was a different tutorial in the room. I noticed because the people in it looked really younge and then had to walk out as the leader came in!
    Tutorial Three: I was late by about 2 minutes and there was no seats in the class so I had to stand the whole class. JUST ME!
    LOL Kill me please. This is the second week. I have two today actually! =((((((

    Oh and I saw you mentioned I should get an Live Journal! I use to have one but I closed it. I just use msn alot. It is bascially the only thing I have stuck with throughout the years. :P Maybe I will make one. I don’t think I was ever even sure how to worked though. I do remember commenting on myself! LMAO Like instead of replying to the person I wrote another comment. It was just fail.


    Wannabe lactose intolerant?!? That is weird! Cafe where I was involed hot dogs, wraps, french fries. That is why I think it is so weird to call it a Cafe. Because that seems more like coffee right? But I am scared to work in a coffee shop because of burns. I actually have a scar on my hand because of the stupid hot dogs! It was kind of fun working there on the whole to be honest. The little kids are the best, so cute and they act like you are holy for bringing them their food! Also the regular people you see are funny. They will comment if your wrap is good that day and stuff! One guy was so happy with my wrap that he mentioned it for weeks! :PPP

  189. ringy!!!1
    hey. it’s been a looong long time, eh? sorry, i failed in replying u too. so yeah..we’re even.
    i’ve finally submitted my last assignment for the semester. times flies. i remembered talking to you guys about how nervous i was about starting uni and poofff…i’m having my finals in 3 weeks time.

    haha. oh oh!! i can roll the pen using my fingers too!! XD
    ya..can never work well when hot guys is around.
    by the way, i joined a club in my school and it’s Korean Club. duh-uh. it’s nice. :P i L” LEARNT’ a lot. blueks.

    p/s: candychu i miss u too!! if u ever see this. 7 more days to go girl~!! and you’re free !!

    p.p.s :pinkandsparkly haha..i comment frequent cause uni is messing up with my life. i failed badly. :( i guess our finals are coming up real soon.? how’s ur preparation. wish u all the best!! we’ll go for full mode spazzing in dec, eh?

    so..HOW ARE YOU? haven heard from u for a looong time. hope everything’s well for you.
    i’ve missed u!!!

    take carez




    What about it? Well, at the 1:58 mark (half of the vid) while Changmin is being smexilicious, YunHo and YooChun hi5, whistle, then…. DO THE RUNNING MAN!!!! XDDDDDDDDD I started to do it with them!

    NEAR PV – CSJH!!!

  192. ImJustKeed’In:
    You’re always so efficient; we <3 you!!

    I have another week too! Hi5~

    Lol 4 major assignments? I have….7 XDDDD IT SUCKS SO BAD :'(((((( My last exam is on the 19th ^___^

    21??? I think we have 60 year olds =.= They’re soooooo mean though, cos they think they know everything, and contradict themselves all the time =.=|||

    Melbourne was GREAT. Lol, but i’m so broke now :'((((((((

    Come back soon~~ I look forward to you turning your stalking mode on again :P

    I think I’m the least qualified Epik High writer in the WORLD, but thanks for the link XDD

    Omg, Beckery and I were just talking about you the other day, we were like “omg WHERE DID SHE GO o_________o”, but you’re back now, hooray :D

    I’m not exchanging anymore ;___; I’m gonna overload instead and kill myself with too much work :'((

    “normal hair” lmao XDDD. BUT IT IS SO WEEEEIRD, HOMG. I, er…..don’t really like junsu’s hair XD Idk, I preferred his hair back in the “balloons” days.

    Tae Kwon Do??? ROFL XDDDDDDD HAHAHAHAHAHA YOU’RE SOOOOOOOO COOL. Lol, I’ve always wanted to learn martial arts, actually :P

    Microwavable hot dogs?? Sounds unhealthy and yummy :DDDD Who does the cooking in your dorm? or do you have a cafetaria???? Awww, dorm life sounds fun :(

    Yup, I’ll put my movie up on youtube and you can friend me, cos we’re not allowed to publish the video if we used copy righted content XD

    Hahahah, omg your tutorial behaviour sounds like mine XDD awwww, it’s bad how you had to stand for the whole class though :SSS I would’ve just sat on the floor, rofl XD.

    Lol, funny you should mention LJ, I closed mine XD. I just use msn too, actually…’s the only thing i’ve stuck with too! hhahaha.

    Good luck with your exams!!
    Thank you :D!!

    I’ll send the link to Potensvita now ^___^

  193. This is a really random question and kind of stupid cause the education system here in the US is a bit different I think, but how do these exam periods for the authors here work? Are they like several weeks of just straight testing? I haven’t heard from PAS and candychu in a long time and now beckery’s leaving for a few weeks too, so it sounds really intense =/. Good luck to all who’re taking them though!

  194. abc123zyx
    I feel like procastinating at the moment but I have nothing to do cuz I’m trying to avoid youtube, soompi etc. Which is why *I* shall answer your question haha XDDD

    Its quite hard to explain cuz all 3 of us are from different states, so exam periods vary a little, but here it goes…

    Firstly, PAS and I are both go to uni. And for us uni students, our last day of uni was either last week (for me) or this week (for PAS). We then have a week of break which is really our major cramming time. After that we have a 2 week period where we’ll have all our exams. So its practically like, you study for an exam, do the exam, go home and cram for your next exam hahaha. A pain in the ass I tell you.

    So since this week is my week break before exam period, I have to start my hiatus this week. PAS starts her hiatus next week, but she’s had some huge assignments due lately, which is why she hasnt been around much.

    As for Candychu, she’s doing her final exams for Year 12 and its pretty much like us. A 2/3 week period of straight exams. Its ok though cuz her last exam is tomorrow, so whilst PAS and I are gone, you guys will have Candychu updating you XDDD Then once we finish, I finish on the 12th Nov T_T and PAS finishes like a week after. We’ll all have 3/4 months of holiday WOOOOOTT

    Lol I hope that makes sense. I have no idea why I just typed you an essay hahaha XD Point of the whole essay: Yes, we have 2/3 week period of straight exams haha. And thanks for the good luck. <33333

  195. erv

    Ya time goes so fast in University. I have 2 weeks of class left and I really feel like a just moved in! It is insane. I really need to figure out where all the time goes. But I will not because half of it is probably online spazzing. :PPP And then I will feel bad for not working harder!

    Ohh Korean Club, we have one to but I was too embarrassed to join! T-T What do you guys do?


    Eww the tradeoff of work > international study. Weak sauce! I already had skates for you (not really because that is creepy but you get the idea =) ).

    LMAO Ya I don’t know why I chose normal hair, bad wording. Ya I don’t like Junsu’s red. I think both him and Yoochun look better in black. It just makes him sharper and more mature. Yoochun looks younger now and the theme is mature. BTW I know I said this in MKMF discussion BUT WTF theme is mature and that costume was old fur like hug days or something. I am still so frustrated. The jump from the red carpet to that outfit is HUGE.

    Ah you should pick a martial arts class and then we can complain together LOL! <33 I actually have gotten better, that being said I am still the worst in the class. AND UM.. WTF I am all bruised. Body pads are NOT your friend. I kick low to so I think I killed all my friend’s babies. T-T

    I am in a house this year so it is just us cooking. Actually me and my friend do because my housemate eats his own stuff. And we are both equally lazy. I think I am going to try something other than frozen food soon but we’ll see. It is just so easy. I have a meal plan to the caf to, but I am to lazy to walk the 20 minutes there.

    Oh are you done your movie yet?!!?

    I should have sat on the floor but I was going over what would be more awkward and I couldn’t decide! LMAO I think it must have shown on my face to because I keep examining the options. :PP

    LOL FAIL. MSN is just the best. I even use it to talk to my housemate. I always have a really dumb name to, right now it is like “dianne is oh so shinee.” BUT NO ONE GETS IT! They all think I am talking about shiny objects and am doing drugs. T0T

  196. Ringy:
    I’m so sorry, I forgot you left me a comment here! ;___;

    Anyway, you should still keep the (non existent) skates for me! Cos I’m sure I’ll go to Canada one day (to see polar bears :P) and then we’ll go skating and make complete fools of ourselves, yea? XD

    I don’t like Junsu’s red hair either >:( bad colour. Hahaaha, MKMF costumes made me laugh XDDD THEY WERE SO UNIQUE, HEEE. Their stylist needs to be fired. seriously. I reaaaaally didn’t like their hairstyles for Mirotic. Jae’s was flat, Micky’s was….weird, Junsu’s was gangsta, Changmin’s was too short and blunt, and Yunho was the only one who had perfect hair XD Maybe I just don’t know how to appreciate “Art” :P

    Ooooo, are you a black belt yet??? :P I want to take a self-defense class, but I’m too scared of pain XDDD

    Frozen meals are the way to go, haha. I can’t cook to save my life, it’s soooooo bad. But you live in Canada, you should have lots of nice take-out places :D Unlike Australia….it’s a hole :'( Ooo, do you guys have a Jack in the Box?? My friend’s in America atm, and he’s been bragging to me about how good the curly fries are *_*

    I’ve finished my movie!!! I got full marks for it too :D And it was heaps special cos I got presented with a certificate from my discipline XD Except when you see it you’ll be like “…..meh” cos it’s my first time making a video, and we could only use iMovie (which i failed very badly at XD) but idk, maybe everyone else’s was crap and that’s why i got full marks, hahah XD

    I looooooove msn <333333333 It let’s me harrass everyone XD Lol, Shinee = drugs XDDDDDDD Hahahahahahahhahah. Actually, my pm yesterday was “Jenny is an everlasting shapely jumping world” (ELF, CSJH Shapelys, Jumping Boa, and SHINee World) except I’m not really a fan of boa, and I’m not that obsessed with Shinee….i just did the pm to be stupid XD

    Btw, do you have Facebook??? ADD US :DDD Then we could just write on each other’s walls and I wouldn’t forget to reply to you XD

    Hope everything’s going well; hope you’ll have a WHITE Christmas!!!!! (it’s gonna be super hot here, 40 degrees celcius, omg =.=)

  197. Oh man I am on point today, just checked to see if you replied. LOL

    “Art” my butt. OMG Yoochun’s hair is just progressively worse! Did you read their interview with the stylist? He LOVES Yoochun. Everyone said he hated him but no they are best buds. I think it is just Yoochun being a crack person which has resulted in the weirdness of hair. I know he said it was concept but NO, he made the Mirotic hair. I am now sure of it. LMAO

    Black belt?!?! HECK NO! I was supposed to go for yellow this week? Or soon but I decided not to because I was afraid I would fail. I’ll just take it as a side class, you don’t need to level up. Maybe one day I’ll do all the tests at once though and be super pimp.

    No Jack in the Box! T-T It is to far to walk for a lame meal when getting fast food. I would need motivation to leave the house. Actually I had DQ today but OMG they had the oddest posters in there. One, I swear I am not lying, is of a kid with his pants down in a doctors office! LMAOOOO Like really?!?! And then they were nailed to the wall, just noticed because my friend suggested buying it… which I agreed to.

    AHHH AWESOME! I am sure it was great. And a certificate! I never get anyyy. Lame. I just had an exam today and I can GUARANTEE you I am not getting a certificate for that. :O < barf. I don’t know why I think I am study the night before and then take a 4 hour break to “chill.” It is all my roommate’s fault for saying we should have a Thanksgiving meal to celebrate the US one. Resulted in Scalloped Potatoes and Stuffing that was, well :O again.

    LOL My PM titles are so weird to. I usually let others make them which does not help. Ringy + Wrong Number = Bad combination. I am not really a fan of Boa either but I am still happy with her US stuff. Anything in US is good. Wonder Girls concert to. I wish se7en would come to Toronto like he promised. PURE LIES. And now I am old enough to see him to so extra anxious. Before I was so scared he would come when I was 18.

    Ah! I do have facebook. I am not on it alot though. At all. Probably less than here. T-T I only use it to appease my friends because they think it is high heaven.

    EWW Melted snowmans for you! LOL or none!! So far not much snow but I have no doubts it will get snowing by then. I already have another snowboarding plan so it better. I need to up my skills.

  198. Ah, wow, new layout~~ 8D So many pretty colors, omfg. I’m a color-lover alskjdlfkj this makes me all fuzzy inside. xD

    okay *cough* this was a very insubstantial comment D:

  199. i was nominated. lol. i dont know who to tell because I had been so busy mugging for exams…. that I got nominated in soompi. my fanfic got nominated. it was already a big deal to be nominated. oh my gosh. lol.

  200. asdfghjkl;; wth happened to this page?!?!?!?!



    I’m bored..i hope that works. XD


    Theres another video there..i suck at pasting heads..LOL

    can you tell i’m bored???

  203. Ringy:
    Omg it took me a month to reply to your comment; I’m the worst penpal in history, I know :'(

    I forgot all about your comment until I watched “How I met Your Mother” today and they were paying out Canada XD Omg I fail XD. It’s a good show though, you should watch it :D Not as good as Gossip Girl, but sooooo funny.Have you been watching Gossip Girl?? OMG CHUCK BASSSSSS

    Wth?? Concept?? What kind of concept was he going for?! “wonky bowl cut”? XDDD.

    I really want to try martial arts, just because I want to do that flying move that ithey do in Chinese dramas XD Then I could just fly everywhere; I’M SO LAZY :DDD

    What’s DQ? We’re so deprived of junk food here in Aus :'(((((( We don’t even have a burger king! actually, we do, but it’s called “Hungry Jacks” =.=

    How was your Christmas?!?!?! DID IT SNOW????? I’m going to China in a few days, and omg, i reaaaaaaally can’t wait to see snow! SO PRETTY AND COLD :D. I’ve always wanted a white Christmas :(

    Isn’t Canadian thanksgiving in October? I learnt that from “how i met your mother” too XD. We don’t have Thanksgiving here….just “Australia Day”. Lame =.=

    Lol, I like having weird msn names, so my friends are always like “WTH IS WRONG WTH YOUR NAME” XD. Special kid :D


    Have you got the results yet??? I don’t read fanfics, but I hope you did well :DD

    Didn’t work :/

  204. Hiiiiiii~~!!

    Happy 2009! It’s been a while since I dropped comments at the New.Talk.Share page. LOL.

    Finally the WonderBang event is out. I’m SO looking forward to it but was rather disappointed cause I thought BB will perform the entire Nobody song actually. I think my favourite will be Daesung’s and Ye Eun’s performance. Their voices goes together very very well. Yoo Bin’s my favourite girl from WG but I find that she’s lacking something in her performance, seems like she’s holding back a bit. But I gotta love what she’s wearing. Especially her shoes! Gah, I need to buy new shoes too =)

    And to answer PAS question, yeap I did got into the course that I wanted in Uni. Will be having my orientation on Jan 17th and classes will start the following week. So I’ll be working full time and studying part time.

    I hope you guys are doing well!

  205. It HAS been awhile :D Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~~

    The WonderBang stage was VERY cool. BUT I STILL MISS THE BIG BANG SHIN KI STAGE :'((( I thought they’d sing each others songs, but nooooooooooooo :'((((

    Your orientation’s this saturday??? THAT’S WHEN I’M FLYING TO HK :D. Awww you’ll be starting uni again when I’m in HK shopping and eating :PP What did you end up choosing to major in?

    Take care :)

  206. i don’t know if someone told you or not..
    but look its bolero live…
    its short but still good

  207. hi im from germany and i think the song eat you up is very good and i like this song very much

  208. I’m from that stupid little country .. Belgium O.O
    I’m soooooo inlove with SHINee … Ehmm .. Cute , Sexy , Delicous , Sexy ? XD
    I just wanna kidnap them to Belgium and dump them on stage .. Nobody here knowz SHINee so me and my sis will be the only one there !! I will ask to marry them and it will be a very happy after all …

    END ~

    Okay , Serious ==> i’m so F*cking angry i will not met them on a day … But .. i still believe .. they’re in my heart .. yeah .. right there …..
    Okay … don’t be that dramatic O.õ
    Nyah , I alwayz sleep on my right so i can stare at my pictures hanging on mah wall from SHINee.
    Then when mah sis shut the light.
    I will turn to mah left cuz i can’t see them anymore.
    Then i will put my MP3 Player (PINK Like Key xD) and listen to AMIGO and Replay … One for me .. and that stuff … then i will fell asleep and dream ’bout SHINee’s marriage with .. ME OFCOURSE O.O
    … Yeah , Get a life myself O.O stop thinking in the future …. my DREAAAM future .. shut up brain …. Okayy .. it’s getting little weird ….
    To the Point … ==> SHINee MEH ( Someone from the stupod country Belgium ) <33 SHINee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Muchhh Kisses hugs squeezzzzzzz and that stuff … randomness all ur life ……………. 8D

  209. where do u get the latest pics of super junior from?????
    also i really wanted d photo on the top….

  210. i didn’t know this section existed when i’m always stalking your blog. D:

    • Hahahah, that’s okay, we hardly use it anymore anyway XD If you see the old Talk.Share page you’ll notice that it was mainly just me and Candychu talking about random stuff XD But now she’s an author so….yea :D

  211. hey hey i added you to my links if that’s okay! love your blog, so fun<3 – icecapades

    • Of course it’s okay; I’m flattered :D!

  212. hey there!
    I just wanted to pop by and say how awesome you guys are for updating conscientiously despite the monstrous uni exams.
    also, I wanted to share a eunshihae-based parody of suju’s It’s You. thought you could use it to de-stress or something. XD

    hoe you guys like it!

  213. im requesting for a translation of a song can anybody help?? its i have someone else by ilac and chaerin

    그대가 모르는 사람이 생겼죠
    아무도 상상도 못할걸
    눈물이 나지만
    어쩔 수 없이 떠나는
    내 마음을 아나요

    헤어져야 하는데
    진심으로 이별해야하는데
    결심이 안나는것은 왜일까요

    정말 편한 사람이 생겼어
    너 없이도 살 수 있을것같아
    이런말 하는게
    너무 미안하지만 방법이 없어

    편한 사람이 좋아
    사랑해서 아파하는 것보다
    미워하며 욕하는 것보다
    차라리 편한게 좋아

    눈물 쏙 빼 놓으니까 좋니
    너땜에 아프니까 좋니
    내가 아픈거를 알았다면
    정말 내가 너무 아픈거를 알았다면

    편한 사람이 좋아
    사랑해서 아파하는것보다
    미워하며 욕하는것보다
    차라리 편한 사랑 할래
    (편한 사랑 할래)

    하지만 이제부터 정말 잘할께
    연락도 하루에 열번은 해
    아침에 일어나 밤에 잠들때까지
    그대만 생각할 수 있어요

    바람도 안피우고
    전화기에 다른남자번호 다 지울게
    근데 그대 떠난다니 어떡해요

    정말 편한 사람이 생겼어
    너 없이도 살 수 있을것같아
    이런말 하는게
    너무 미안하지만 방법이 없어

    편한 사람이 좋아
    사랑해서 아파하는 것보다
    미워하며 욕하는 것보다
    차라리 편한게 좋아

    눈물 쏙 빼 놓으니까 좋니
    너땜에 아프니까 좋니
    내가 아픈거를 알았다면
    정말 내가 너무 아픈거를 알았다면

    편한 사람이 좋아
    사랑해서 아파하는것보다
    미워하며 욕하는것보다
    차라리 편한 사랑 할래

    음다 음다 랄 랄랄랄라
    By by by by by by by by
    ma ma ma ma my love

    너도 한번 나만큼 힘들어봐
    나떠나면 너 또 안본다고 봐
    근데 난 너없이 못살아
    죽어도 못살아

    정말 편한 사람이 생겼어
    너 없이도 살 수 있을것같아
    이런말 하는게
    너무 미안하지만 방법이 없어

    편한 사람이 좋아
    사랑해서 아파하는 것보다
    미워하며 욕하는 것보다
    차라리 편한게 좋아

    눈물 쏙 빼 놓으니까 좋니
    너땜에에 아프니까 좋니
    내가 아픈거를 알았다면
    정말 내가 너무 아픈걸 알았다면

    편한 사람이 좋아
    사랑해서 아파하는것보다
    미워하며 욕하는것보다
    차라리 편한 사랑 할래

  214. I just found you page, but I wanted to say…

    You have everything Suju that’s possibly out there.
    Thanks for collecting it all!

    Keep up the great work!

  215. so… much… scrolling. xD

  216. No idea where to say this, but IM SO LOVING YOUR NEW HEADER :D :D :D :D :D x infinity NOTHING beats Kyuhyun+bowties!!!!!!

  217. there was a website which provided downloads (direct) for the newest jap and korean mv’s. anyone know any other sites ? email me

    • Have you tried forums? Soompi sometimes has them, or you could try Bww2 or Z-degrees

      • yeah i have z-degreez but i thought had the best setup. if any good sites come up, share =] atm though this site is pretty good, keeps you pretty up to date with the kpop. good work =]

  218. lol sorta random but BEG’s abracadabra
    does anyone know how they do the fire trick? :O
    google has failed me D:

    • LOL that is so random but sorry ihni either XD

  219. I just realized I’ve been stalking you guys for 1 year!!!!

    Thanks for getting me into SHINee (and getting me closer to jail =_=)

    OMG, I have to say Kpop world was so much more fun 1 year ago. This time around, there is WAY TOO MUCH DRAMA!

    I wish all the boy bands come back to action so I can continue drooling over them XD

    Way too many girl groups out right now in my opinion. (I still love them tho, but not as much)

    I miss spazzing over sexy performances =(

    • Lol congratulations on our 1 yr anniversary haha <3.

      Actually, where has everyone disappeared to? No one's been commenting lately and I've been spamming with SHINee :((.

      I miss spazzing with everyone over sexy performances but no one's spazzing back ;__;

      • There hasn’t been much to spazz about recently =(

        I really hope all the boy bands come back and release stuff =P

    • LOL your comment made me smile :)

      Ah, the SHINee love….you’ll have to blame Candychu for that :P

      Omg I so agree with you with the drama thing. I’m all for a bit of drama to make things interesting, but this year’s been TERRIBLE for boybands! :( Hopefully October will be a better month….or maybe next year will be a Boyband Year :D

      Thank YOU for always commenting, bb :3

  220. now we’re flooded with boys! not that im complaining ;)

    only been following imop recently. i like the way u guys write <3 kpop n kdrama has brought us closer! hahha

  221. ACK!! :( hankyung wants to leave suju!!

    i feel this horrible sense of loss like i’m losing a good friend! it’s so ridiculous (since he doesn’t even know i exist. :() but i loveeee looking out for him whenever they’re on variety shows and stuff cos he’s just such a big goof. I HOPE HE DOESN’T GO! :(:(:( what will super junior dooo????


    • Aww yea we feel really :/ about the whole thing too…especially after reading Kyu’s Cyworld message D; BUT hasn’t been an official statement released from SME or Hangeng yet, so let’s look on the bright side, yes?

      I feel so sad for him…I wonder what happened to make him want to leave ;___; And HANCHUL DDD;

      • i know, but things look so bleak right now. :| 2009 doesn’t seem to be a good year for the boys. :(:( and why kyuuu, whyyy. he made it sound pretty serious!

        i feel sad for him too, it really had to be pretty bad. and yes, HANCHUL! :(:( sighhhh.

        • Yea, pretty sure 2009 had a thing for Kpop :/ So many bad things happened this year (JAY DDD;)

          I hate how everyone’s bashing Hangeng for his decision now :( I think that, as fans, we should respect his decision, cos he’s not the kind of guy who would leave his group members just so he could earn more money. Something must’ve happened between him and SME to make him want to leave…

          • I KNOW! it’s like, why do people keep saying hankyung is selfish when they don’t know what the situation is like at all! especially with him being the leader for SJ-M, i’m sure he knows the consequences if he suddenly decides to leave and all and he’s not just doing it on a whim or get more money. :((((((((((

            and if SM is really doing this for a publicity stunt, they really suck because he’s going through so much cos of this now. :( poor sweetie. :((

            on another note, maybe jay would be coming back? seems possible. i hope it doesn’t stir up more drama if he does though. sighh, super junior hwaitingg. :(

            • Have you seen the contract terms? OMG THEY ARE INSANE ;___; It makes me sad knowing that most SM artists probably have similar contracts, and yet aren’t doing anything about it :(

              Like you said, Chinaman’s not one to leave his team members to fend for themselves cos he wants more money, he’s doing this cos he’s reached his limit. And Hangeng’s a really nice guy, so for him to do something like this, it means it must be really bad :(

              JAY IS COMING BACK. HE IS. I WILL PERSONALLY FLY TO SEATTLE AND DRAG HIM BACK IF HE’S NOT BACK BY NEXT YEAR ;___; Taec was allowed to say “7 members” in the Heartbeat teaser, so there’s hope :)

              • YES. saw the contract! i was so DDDD:!!! when i saw it! the poor boys! is it even legally binding to have a 17 year old sign contracts? esp. of this nature?? GAHHH. and i was just watching ehb and there was this close up of hankyung and his eyebags were like, the size of russia. :|

                AND HOW COME THE REST OF THEM AREN’T SAYING ANYTHING? :( are they all just suffering in silence?? and then i think about SHINee and what, taemin must’ve signed a similar contract at 15 or something? it shouldn’t be legal. :(:(

                aowjeirji. :___( much as i love suju and don’t want them to change EVER, the terms are just really awful. wonder what made hankyung finally step up and do something though. :|

                and yup! the news regarding jay’s return makes everything seem pretty positive. :D i’m sure many others are willing to go with you on your dragging-jay-back quest though, if it doesn’t happen. :D

  222. Looks like Jay is officially out of 2PM. T.T In fact, by the dates given, he’s been out since Jan.6 and everyone knew it but the fans. I feel so bad about the whole thing, but if everyone has learned a lesson in this mess, we should leave it alone and stop trying to figure out what he confessed to. A guy’s personal life is called personal for a reason… -.- </3

  223. BLOG REBOOT!!!!!!!
    I habs returned! Remember me!

  224. HOLY CRAP! I still remember my password for my old wordpress account D:

    Just randomly listening to kpop again and it made me think of this blog.
    Wonder if any of you guys still have access to this…

    ANYHOO! Hello and goodbye :D
    If you are reading this, I hope you have done well over the last 7 years (SERIOUSLY! SEVEN! We must have all grown up now and are all struggling to adult)

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