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  1. girl! [s]i’m assuming you’re a gurl.. in fact, i assume everyone who talks about suju in a good way is a girl[/s] your blog is getting famous.. i haven’t been on the soompi suju thread for ages and i decided to ckeck on it like now and BAM! links to your blog is like almost on every post!!!.. i’m getting hyper.. sorry..

  2. mmkay:
    Yea its just me here *—-* and yes i know what you mean about girls liking suju, when i see a post by a male fan i can’t help but go: er…..:| lol… and you’re the first one to comment my “About” section yay~~~i feel so loved XD thanks for commenting!!
    *sprints over to soompi to check posts* :P

  3. this is the wierdest blog ive ever been on

  4. herofrances:
    um….kool, i think i’ll take it as a compliment, thanks for wasting your time here XD

  5. hey
    no. don’t worry. it’s so not a random blog post for me. u dunno how happy i was when i found another blog that is in english and talks about ’em.
    thanks for the hardwork!

  6. ervxiah:
    awwww thanks for your lovely comment♥♥♥ its comments like yours that make me feel like i’m actually doing something meaningful lol XDDDD

  7. oh oops i just found this section.
    so should i be commenting here?
    or maybe itll look nicer if theres a comment on each post, right? right?
    i promise i wont comment all over the place again xD LOL

  8. lol dw its just easier for me to reply here…so hmm maybe if you comment on the post..then we’ll have our little conversations here?? XDXDXD i’m being greedy i know >”<

  9. hey!!!
    come on.. we’re curious about u.
    why dun u introduce urself properly instead of the long quiz. it’s not boring, but it’s killin’ my eyes (:
    still. i love ur blog!
    keep it up!! luv ya!

  10. Ervxiah:

    ooooooo my About page is getting some love lol :D
    and lol yes my quiz is really boring (its serving its purpose of making people too bored to read all of it thus keeping me mysterious XD) haha na i don’t purposely try to be all “undercover” its just that there would be nothing to write in a introduction :D but if you want to know anything i’d be more than happy to answer (except for my address cause then i’d start thinking that you’re stalking me and i’d get really scared XDXDXD)

    But thank you for your lovely comment :D:D:D ILU too ♥♥♥♥♥!!

  11. omg now that im finally uncapped our router died =.=”
    so that means the net in my room is cut and so i hav to use the outside comp meaning i have t share it with the rest of my family
    but i managed to watch ep 6 + 7 of EHB so im very happy…now theres only ep8 left to watch…and 5 wnever it gets subbed!?
    argh but im annoyed coz then my internet usage is now gonna be very limited *cries*

  12. Candychu:
    I loved ep.6 with all the spinning (especially when Teuk went on that machine OMG so much XDXDXD) and aaaaaaaa i want to watch ep.5 too!! (the previews looked so so so good) and ep.8 was really sad :'( but soooo good. and don’t forget, after tmrw you’ll have to catch up with the DBSK episode too!! (omg you’ll have to watch that one FIRST)

  13. lol as much as im dying t watch the DBSK ep i might actually wait for subs xD
    coz that way i can keep all the excitement and stuff ofr wen i actually DO understand wat is going on xD
    oh btw i saw ur cmment on spazzes…im a fan of azn series too! tho i kinda stopped watching them coz school + fangirling over kpop was killing me *stabs self* but yes…i dont get much american dramas too…another thing we have in common…THO my sis got me into gossip girl…im actually in love with penn badgley (?) think thats his name…but yeh…hehe
    oh yeh Q…do u reckon i shud buy the suju repackaged album or not? im going ct tmr and i duno if i shud get it or not ><” keep in mind i already have the first one…but i so wanna watch their relay interview which still hasnt been uploaded =[ argh wat to do??? wat to do???

  14. Candychu:
    I LOVE CHACE CRAWFORD HE IS SO HOT (lol i’ve never seen gossip girls – it hasn’t aired over here yet :|)
    and hmm suju repackaged album….well if you have the first one then imo you don’t really need the second..but if you have lots of $$ then go for it :D (although i remember seeing a chinese subbed relay interview in a chinese forum somewhere…have a look on
    And oo and your blog i saw that you liked watching “it started with a kiss”? yea i have the DVD of it but i’ve never watched it lol XD (i really don’t like Ariel no offense) But at the moment i’m watching “Bull fight yes or no” and i enjoy it because it has nice boys playing basketball XDDDDDDDDDDD but i think my favourite drama would have to be “frog prince” :D:D:D

  15. if u havnt seen gossip girl…how come u know who chace crawford is?? yes he is hot ^^ but his character annoys me 7.7
    lol i never watched it wen it was on telly…but my sis got her friend to burn her a DVD so i watched 7 eps all in one night hehe…now im dying to watch the rest of season 1 xD
    ohh really? i shall check that out…
    lol how come u hav the dvd but havnt watched it? actually thats like with me and my vineyard dvd…u know the korean drama with yoon eun hye? i watched the first 2 eps then im like “err…y did i buy it” lol
    aw really? i love ariel lin i think shes an awesome actress. LOL my friend once said to me “ye h shes so good that i actually believe shes THAT dumb in real life so i hate her” xD
    omg u love frog prince too!??!?!? HI5**** !!! i fell in love with mingdao and i went and watched magicians of love and hated his hair xD haha
    my friend said bull fight is a good show…mike he is hot stuff lol

  16. hello bobby,
    its bobby here. i like ur blog. its very bobbyish. we rock. the end :)

  17. omg did u hear about cassiopeians paying to name a star after Jung Yunho!?
    its so awesome!! theres like a certificate and everything…im so jealous!!
    it reminds me of a walk to remember xD

  18. iamthe6thbackstreetboy:

    Lol…are you serious, thats heaps cool! I wish someone named a star after me ^^ And yes it does remind me of a walk to remember, i remember watching it with my friends and by the end we were all like “WHY ARE THERE NO BOYS WHO WILL NAME STARS AFTER US ;_____;” btw, that’s actually one of my favourite movies too, except i get so sad when i watch it cause i want a bf like Landon XDDD

  19. lol so theres no more “about” pg?
    ahah dw i wont flood this pg with science facts
    i dropped science as soon as i could…tho would i be able to interest you with y = 2^(-u) being a decreasing function and hence y = 2^ (-sinx) decreases as sin x increases and conversely?
    …okay ill stop trying to be funny :P

  20. Candychu:
    You know as soon as I saw “y =” i started thinking about pink rabbits jumping over rainbows XDDDDDD -i hate maths- is that equation actually real? cause if it is then i pity the maths students….cause i seriously cannot make sense of it (even though i was in Advanced 1 Maths once upon a time… XP) the only science i kept in my final year of high school was bio, i dropped all my other maths and sciences as soon as i could too (physics does not make SENSE, it seriously doesn’t…)
    Btw i just watched Eunhyuk singing Sexy Back, and ROFLOL SO FUNNY XDDDDD

  21. unfortunately…yes =.=”
    pity me!!!!
    argh but its my own fault…why am i doing 4 unit?? WHY???
    i had the option of doing maths or YSMM…i picked the latter ^^
    i just finished watching part 1…omg the way kangin said “i just wanted to pinch her cheeks” made me squeal !!!!!!!!! i want a bf like him <333333333 this follows on from our discussion b4…esp coz kangin acts so tough but deep down we know he can be a sweet boy … after all he was voted no.1 who would get married (first ?)
    omg suju is seriously killing me lol … they just keep forcing more and more love out of me xP

  22. Candychu:
    LOL that really was a real maths equation??? HAAAAAAA XDDDD
    I would’ve watched YSMM too ^^ Kangin was adorable in it, i wanted to squish him when he talked about pinching his gf’s cheecks XD He looked really good too, i’m so glad that his hair’s growing back ^—-^

  23. its kangins birthday today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    u might wanna do a pimp post =P
    im trying to find screencaps from that ep of YSMM…coz i cbb making my own…tho i prob will end up doing so =.=”

  24. Candychu:
    hmm i don’t think i have enough stuff to do a pimp post, but i’ll definitely do a post :D
    There are some YSMM screen caps here:
    and here

  25. hehe thanks for the links ^^ i found somme links off bestiz before as well ahaha actually i found that i didn have many kangin individual pics either so i got them off photobucket this morning :P
    bae seul gi looked so pretty on that ep of YSMM ^^
    im so sad that it was the last ep =[ except it did say “season two” so does that mean there will be “season three” ? *fingers crossed*
    it actually took me a while to understand how the show worked and its really interesting…why are all the good korean shows getting taken off???
    (except EHB of course ^^)

  26. omg this is completely random but im so proud of myself. you know dbsk’s “yeo haeng gi” ? i think the english name is “travel” :S or something like that…anywayz ive always thought that the introduction was really similar and that i had heard it before and i finally figured out what it was … *drumroll* … the intro sounds exactly the same as the intro from the song “Aengmusae” by Howl which was part of Princess Hrs OST…crazy stuff huh?
    its not exactly the same … but it was enough to kill me tapping into my memory bank xD
    …so yes that is all ^^

  27. Candychu:
    OO I love that Princess Hour song <33333 and i know what you mean by it was really exciting to remember it lol, a few days ago I saw the Step Up 2 movie preview, and I thought the main actor looked really really familiar; then yesterday i was doing the dishes and it suddenly hit me! He’s the guy off “She’s the man”! and i was SO excited and rang my friend to tell her XDDDDDD (btw the movie looks really good, i think i’ll go watch it :D)
    And yes, all the good korean shows are dissapearing, if they cancel EHB then i will be mad. =.=

  28. omg i love channing tatum!!! well ive only seen those two movies…but still!! i love him ^^
    tho i preferred him more in she’s the man…bcoz that movie cracks me up everytime…my friend got it for me for my bday so ive seen it like countless times…he was just really sweet in it esp wen he put the tampon up his nose…and he was scared of the tarantula xDDD
    wait…so have u seen it or not? :S either way…yes go watch it!

  29. Candychu:
    Have i seen She’s the man? its like my favourite movie! lol~~~ Channing Tatum is hot. I didn’t really like Step Up 1 though, not enough dancing :( But the guy that i’m talking about who’s in Step Up 2 is the other guy from She’s the Man, the blonde one <33333 He’s actually a ballet dancer in real life, so there’s gonna be heaps of dancing scenes (and he’s also really hot, so i’m gonna enjoy it XD)

  30. omg LMAO i just realised that u had numbers after step up…lol im SO SLOW xD
    yay hi5 shes the man is one of my favourites too ^^
    oooh wow a sequel…hope it wont kill the first one…lol the first one was a bit overrated to me. like i enjoyed it but then i watched it too many times afterwards and after a while its like “oh skip this part .. skip skip skip … lets just watch the end” xD
    ooh the blonde guy…em the first person i thought of was justin? is it that actor? or is it one of duke’s friend… the cute lil blonde one that was semi gay…no wait he wasnt blonde xD

  31. Candychu:
    Yea i didn’t really like Step Up, way too overrated imo :|
    and yes, the guy in Step Up 2 is the character Justin from she’s the man :DDDDDD
    Here’s a preview:

  32. Get the Shu Uemura! or the Shiseido eyelash curler… *pauses* Be a brand whore like me. I have Devil Wears Prada book AND the movie too! Now I just need the fab clothes… I love them both. But yeah, when they mentioned Shu I was like “OMG RUNWAY USES THE SHU CURLER?!??!?! BUUUUYYYYYY!!!!!” I got the Shiseido with a giftcard and I don’t really go to Macy’s for anything else other than makeup/cosmetic’y stuff, so I didnt’ really “waste” any money buying the Shiseido curler… so I really only bought the Shu. What happened with my Shiseido curler was that I washed it ONCE, and after that, it just sorta lost its tension and it hasn’t really been the same since. I guess you could say it gives a more “natural” curl that the Shu Uemura, but I like dramatic eye makeup as it is (I never wear brown eyeliner, only black. hehe) so of course I want my lashes dramatic too. I LOVE spazzing about makeup. you have NO IDEA. I’m like a huge whore in the soompi beauty forum and also on asian beauty blog…!

  33. Nanshi:
    Lol I loved that movie (for the costume design, wasn’t really crazy about the plot) It actually helped me decide on which college degree i should do XDDD But yes, like you i love dramatic eye make up – i’ve been told to seek medical attention because i have 8 mascaras ^^” – Thank you for helping me decide on which eyelash curler to get though! (omg people are going to think that i’m really sad now XDDD) but it IS an important decision, after all, who doesn’t want to look nice? XP

    P.S – I totally agree with you about the brown eyeliner, it just doesn’t work (i’m currently using the MAC powerpoint engraved and it’s pretty good imo) -i think that’s what it’s called anyway lol-

  34. No, I agree completely. An eyelash curler is SUPER important and any idiot who tells you otherwise is either a very very lucky person who has perfect lashes that don’t need a decent curler (even though they could probably benefit from one) or an idiot. Yeah, and for some reason, black just stands out better on me. I don’t even know why. People favor brown…for the more “natural” look, but I’m just… why? If I wear makeup I DO want it to be obvious…!

  35. Nanshi:
    I know, what’s the point of wearing makeup if you still look the same (maybe a LITTLE bit better) O.O
    hmm have you tried the Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner? I’ve heard that it’s good, don’t know if I should get it…but i do need a new eyeliner…hmm…

  36. You should try the L’Oreal HiP cream eyeliners. They’re really good and they’re loads cheaper; MAC fluidline is pretty good and Clinique makes a gel eyeliner too… but I use the HiP one and I really like it. I don’t wear makeup often though, so when I do, it’s usually really quick with some swipes of pencil liner … but I DO like that one a lot!

  37. Nanshi:
    L’Oreal? ok i’ll try it :D I normally only buy the ridiculously expensive brand name stuff (i’m weird ok.) but i’ll give that one a go :D I recently bought their Telescopic mascara, and it works reaaaally well :DDDD (even better than my Lancome Virtuose, which was like $20 more =.=)

  38. i just read that the reason the full MV of purple line still isnt out is bcoz they changed a part of the dance.
    isnt that interesting. you would’ve thought the dance would’ve been all set and ready BEFORE they filmed the MV…
    now that theyre back in korea tho, wonder when theyll reshoot it
    lol so much talk of make up here…i have gay eyelashes that dont curl =.=” and my eyelash curler isnt very good either. i blowdry it a bit to ‘heat’ it up and my eyelashes still dont curl…theyre not exactly short but they’re just dead or as my mum likes to call them “lazy”

  39. Candychu:
    are you serious? wow they’re really indecisive, like you said, they should be ORGANISED with that. and i dont see anything wrong with the dance, they better not change too much ><
    he..he..i love make up, i especially love experimenting with my eyelashes (wow that sounds sad) but it’s true, i have 8+ mascaras, but they’re all necessary, because i have short asian eyelashes that aren’t curly at all. =.=
    i’ve heard heaps of good stuff about the Shiseido curler, but Nanshi helped me decide on the Shu Umera one so we’ll see how that works out :D
    if you want to make your eyelashes curlier then i suggest that when you brush them with mascara, brush it towards the direction of your nose :D hope that helped :DD

  40. well the times ive used mascara it just smudges. speaking of smudges my eyeliner smudges too. i think my eyes just get watery after a while xD actually its pretty funny coz one of my eyes (maybe my left one) is fine wen it comes to putting eyeliner on then i go to my right eye and it just gets itchy and watery lol
    ohh towards the direction of my nose…i shall try that…right now xD
    lol dw it doesnt sound sad. sometimes i just sit at home n put on eye make up (the only thing im good at)

  41. guess wat!!! they ARE singing lonely people
    i found the lyrics here:
    and theres chinese translations ^^ hehe go us ppl who can read chinese !!!

  42. Candychu:
    Ok, that’s strange, cause i just read “long way before” on baidu LOL
    i’m confused haha~

    Btw in regards to your mascara problem, i know someone with the exact same issue, have you tried waterproof?

  43. LOL. hmm….well i guess we’ll have to wait for the lyrics in the album…except both of us rnt getting that version xD
    but to me, i think theyre singing “long way people”
    lol i generally just dont use mascara…but waterproof would be a good idea xD my eyeliner is supposed to be waterproof…but its all LIES!
    actually…i cant remember if it is waterproof or not xD

  44. Candychu:
    Yea i can’t wait to see the REAL lyrics, cause i still think that it’s “No name people” XDDDD (and i think of zombies every time i hear that LOL)
    are you allowed to wear make up at your school? we weren’t, but i still did anyway (i was the best prefect ever XDDDD)

  45. hey i’m new to this wordpress site .. but i made an account becuase .. daymn i love your DBSK blogs XD seriously . i love them . they are up to date and very well informed ^____^ and i love how you upload songs and photos that i havent seen b4 =]
    ummm … yea since i’m new .. how do i err add you as a friend or what not ><”

    btw thanks for blogging !!!!! ^__^

  46. Minjee4micky:
    Awww you made an account just for me? I FEEL SO LOVED :DDDDDDD
    Thank you for your lovely comment, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and also makes me think that i’m doing something meaningful lol XD
    Hmm I don’t think wordpress lets you add people as friends…but feel free to leave me random comments, and i’ll reply with random-er comments XDDD
    (as you can see from the previous convos i’ve had with people, we talk about really random stuff here XDDDDD)

  47. OMG i just watched EHB 11 and i just died from Kyuhyun…killing me with his good looks LOL
    anywayz if u can be bothered, read my blog coz i spent a while spazzing about that ep…and then u can spazz back with me about it ^^

  48. LOL yea i read all these comments … about make up . LOLS . so random haha . i’m not so good with my make up . had to get a pro to teach me -__-”
    but yea . love all the blogs you write . keeps me updated . and the fact that you write in ENGLISH ! lmao . i’m viet . so .. err that doesnt help hahaha

  49. Minjee4micky
    Aww thank you, you’re so nice ^—–^
    Haha yea the comments on this page are really random aren’t they XDDDD
    Hmm i should probably do a post in Chinese just to confuse people hhaha XD

  50. hey im back!
    omg so many posts ive missed…
    actually i was in a really spazzy mood wen i came back from camp but then i found a cockroach in my room and so i started crying and almost fainted and so thats really put me out of it.
    but i skimmed through the posts and im actually not so against the idea of this whole TRICK singles thingy bcoz at first I thought they all sung the SAME song which is wat made me scared about some members not selling as well…but it turns out theyre all different songs and the titles are acronyms of the word…so im quite intrigued by it now =]
    at camp i started singing happy birthday to jaejoong with my friend and everyone else (anti-azn-fangirling) was giving me weird looks xD haha
    if ive recovered from the shock tmr ill come back and re-read ur posts + comment.
    i might go watch the tennis now to calm myself down a bit …
    p.s go djokovic!!!

  51. Candychu:
    Yea i’m not against the singles idea anymore either, cause like you said, they’re all different songs :DDDD

    and LOL about you singing happy birthday to Jae on camp, if i had done that at my camp i would’ve been kicked out of the camp site lol XDDDDD I’m looking forward to reading your spazzy comments on my posts i’ve done :DDD

    And…I haven’t been watching it this year, but last year my favourite was Roger Federer :D (i actually used to play tennis, but i’ve stopped now cause i’m too good XDDDDDD jks jks)

    Btw…i have a favour to ask of you…

  52. LOL u stopped coz ur too good xDD ahaha ur so funny lol
    well djokovic won last night!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo~~ i was so happy. but tennis is so intense it kills me…lol but now i am alive again
    yeh well most of the ppl at camp thought jaejoong was like a friend of mine!!! (well he is…kinda) :P
    ooh wats this favour? ^^

  53. i just read about the “possible 15th members” of SUJU…he’ll join suju china along with hankyung, kyuhyun, siwon, donghae, ryeowook and henry.
    he looks kinda like siwon so i find it kinda silly if LSM decides to put a siwon-look-a-like in a group that siwon will be in =.=”
    im not sure how reliable that source was…but i wonder how the elves will react =S
    coz like ill admit that im a bit worried whether henry and this newbie will actually join the original 13…just coz its gonna be so much harder for the others to get some attention and theyll be fighting even harder for popularity =S
    *shrug* …. well as long as they keep doing their thing then it’ll be alright i guess

  54. hrmm i just downloaded the paino version of rising sun,it was so good. And i was wondering if you know any other songs that have been played in piano.thanks ~

  55. Candychu:
    :O My teukie’s not going to be in SJ-C ?! ;______________________;
    Yea i saw the 15th member guy, i think that he’s a Chinese trainee at SM…and YES he does look like Siwon omg =.=”
    I’m not sure if they really will use that guy though, but they’re going to announce the official members of SJ-C any day now :S
    Have you seen the new E.L.Fs protest outside SM? They had all these things that they wanted SM to do, like: “apologize for the mental damage that you did to the fans” =.= some how i dont think SM will do that…

    Just did a post especially for that ;)

  56. lol shudnt u feel even more sad for kibum? hes not in ANY sub group…
    yeh i think the newbie is chinese too..he looks it XD lol nah but they cant just depend on hankyung + henry (and possibly siwon) to do all the translating and stuff so they probs need another chinese-speaking person…OMG OMG OMG if donghae + kyuhyun manage to learn in mando then it’ll be much easier for wen i marry them AHAHHA…*dreams on*…well i hope they announce the new members soon =]
    LOL yes i read about that and i was like ” … ” is there anything those fans CANT do…

  57. btw i sent u an email…did u get it ? :S

  58. Candychu:
    Got the email ;)
    LOL i should feel sorrier for Kibum, but idk, he’s probably too busy with his acting schedule to be in a sub group?
    Btw, Henry can’t actually speak any Chinese (i know, wth right?) and Siwon’s Chinese….has room for imporvement lol XD

  59. about henry’s chinese…okay i read somewhere that he can only speak english right? and i found that believable…then i found somewhere else that he CAN speak chinese and like 2 other languages as well :S so i dont know wats real and wats not real…the internet is full of lies!!
    lol ive never really heard siwon speak chinese but i saw his writing in chinese (i think it was in their one and only photobook where they wrote a msg to their taiwan fans ??) and its really nice! he writes in traditional which is hard enough and his writing is really neat ^^ *goes back to check* this is wat he wrote: “taiwan friends, (i dont know how to translate ‘everybody good!’ but u get wat i mean) i am choi siwon! i really want to go to taiwan to see you all. miss you all! thank you. goodgood byebye” XD

  60. Candychu:
    He can speak Chinese? Cause one of the reasons that the E.L.Fs are against him is because he can’t speak chinese lol
    I saw Siwon appear next to Hangeng on a chinese show (“Happy Camp”) and he just looked REALLY confused the whole time lol XDDDD
    I’ve read those messages before though, they’re so CUTE; but i think i like DBSK’s chinese messages better, cause they each wrote like a paragraph in chinese and their handwriting just look so cute~

  61. omg, i just realize theres a comment section xD lol! haha
    BTW GUYS, srry this is kinda sudden its about DBSK
    it will NOT be a sentences DAMN:/ & i was so excited about it lol is sound like a lil girl-_-
    T-two hearts
    C-close to you

    & go here to see junsu’s cover,but its kinda small,jsut gonna wait for the bigger size i guess:/

  62. Koreanchocolate:
    Ooo don’t apologize! I love random comments! XD
    Argh, it’s not a sentence?? BUT IT SOUNDS SO MUCH LIKE ONE ;_____________; If Jae’s “K” was changed to something else then it could still be a sentence…? Or maybe it is a sentence..but AVEX is just not fluent enough in English XDDD

  63. ahha lol! AND OMG, DBSK WROTE SMTHG IN CHINESE! UUUU, I WANNA SEE, eventhough i dont even understand chinese but well who cares xD ahahha,

    ahha and yeahhh
    two haerts runaway if close to you keyword

    lol!! xD i just cant understand that sentences lol xD u know what, avex should hire a YOUNG translator like me!!! !!! *WAVES!!!* lol xD ergh, like they can see me im short like a penguin lol xD

    btw about henry, i thought he cant speak chinese?:o erghh, omg im such a noob lol
    but im starting to like henry, ahaha, im weak to guys who can play instruments like DBSK lol xD ahah and sungmin lol!:P and he can do a moon walk thats SO COOL!

  64. This is a photo of DBSK when they were on the morning show “Make on the holiday” i so want the t-shirts :3

    OMG guess what ?!?!
    i found some clips that are soo good XD
    well not really . LMAO . but the fact that DBSK is in it, its GOOD ~ lols

    there this clip i didnt even know about, its their “DBSK T Jacket Offshot Movie” and daymns these guys are smoking HOT ! XD i kinda spazzed a few times XDDD

    and this is a clip of the boys on a show called Waratte i . its kinda weird .. idk .. the host is like old .. and yea .. seem awkard .. but its cute in one of the parts hehehe

    and idk if you’ve seen this yet, but its a date with DBSK XD

    theres a summary on the left so thats good ^___^
    didnt like the host much .. kinda jealous .. ok more than kinda .. >___>
    the other two dont have subs T____T

  65. damn the photo didnt pop up .. lols . heres the link then ..

  66. OMG I WANT TO CRY T______________T

    i found an audio or podcast of THSK Bigeaststation and its all in jap T____T but they sound so cute XD . there was only Yunho,Junsu and Micky .. gawd i’m dying . wish i could understand JAPANESE !!! gawd they sound so DORKY XDD it was aired on the 12th of jan 08 .. so kinda recent ..
    goes for 21 minutes :3
    heres the link if your bored and want to listen .. ><
    do you have JaeJoongs maze song ? i’ve been looking for it everywhere :3 its so good XD

  67. Koreanchocolate:
    K, i just went on a hunt through my DBSK pictures folder (which btw is really unorganised) and found Jae’s message, you can see it as a thank you present for you finding the soompi translation for me XD

    don’t know if you’ll be able to see that….lol
    I thought Henry couldn’t speak chinese either….meh, guess we’ll have to wait for SM to release an official statement on SJC…

    Thank you for the links!!!
    I don’t like watching unsubbed shows so I haven’t watched the Waratte one… but i’ve seen the date with DBSK one (well the last part of it anyway) and GAH i wanted to throw something at the host lol, not because i’m jealous (well not really) but because her VOICE was so ANNOYING ><
    I didn’t know that the “T” off shot movie was out, i’ll do a post on that now :D
    And EEE there’s a podcast for their radio show?? I WISH I CONTINUED MY JAPANESE LESSONS ;_____;
    i think u forgot the link though lol…
    Jae’s maze song…? i’ll see if i can find it for you ^^

  68. hehe no problems ~
    i also dont like watching clips without subs, i find it a waste of downloading/loading, but i just had to watch it :3 cant wait for subs
    LOL damn the link didnt send through =[
    omg you gvae up japanese ?!?!
    awwwwwwwwwwwwww ~ shattered …

    hope the link posts …

  69. i will ask my classmates to translate this lol xD
    ahahha, THANKS!!!! omgg, its so beautiful ahah’
    and cuteee. I REPEAT CUTE!:D:D:D:D
    they said tht they WILL learn how to speak chinese right? WAWW, but i still cant talk to them lol. IDK jap,kor, or even chinese-_- depressssssedddd, erghh:p

  70. omg awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i saw jaejoong’s message…even tho siwon’s chinese is much much neater his message is still SO CUTE! i love the way wen they say a phrase they repeat the first word! like in “thankful” it was kinda like “thank thank ful” … sort of XD
    but awwwwww do u have the other 4’s message? i wanna see changmin’s chinese! he looks like a language type person ^^
    oh yeh i read about the TRICK thing and as soon as i read it i was like going crazy…i think i jinxed it by saying that it would probably be a sentence that won’t make sense *bangs head on table* lol
    btw since im capped this is about as far as i can get on ur pg…coz the other stuff isnt loading =.=”
    also i realised that kyuhyun’s bday wont actually be a school day with me coz january has 31 days!
    i came home after school today and wanted to come on the net then my sis goes “lie on the bed” and i slept for 2 hrs XD … she fooled me into sleeping !!!

  71. i meant to say “school day for me” lol sorry im not wearing my glasses atm so i cant see properly XD

  72. Minjee4micky:
    *hi5*s i find it pointless downloading shows without subs too XD
    Lol i took Japanese for 2 terms in Year 8 XDDD But now i’m majoring in French at uni :D

    His handwriting is SO CUTE isn’t it *——*
    I might post the other boys messages up tommorow (maybe)

    Ooooo, you haven’t seen the messages either??
    K, i’ll post it up tommorow just for you and koreanchocolate then :DD
    Btw Changmin’s handwriting is the best out of the 5 boys, he’s so smart XD

  73. post it?OH THANKYYSSSSSS xD
    omgg, i ate to much cupcakes!! lol now im really hyperrr xD but nthg to spazz!!! erghh,
    btw i was bored soooo i visited(lol) soompi and DNBN and i found out about this:
    weekly ranking:
    album T: #4 (sold 52 273)
    monthly oricon chart:
    purple line is 15th(sold 44 158)
    together is 19th (sold 39 595)
    and 30th with their album T on monthly album ranking
    (30th is not tht bad cause they just released the album last week :D )

    the bigger size lol

  74. Koreanchocolate:
    OO thanks for letting me know!!
    Together has sold 39,595?? WTH?! lol sorry, i just really dislike the song ><
    and thanks for Junsu’s single cover!!! I’ll put his, jae’s, and yunho’s all in one post when i find jae and yunho’s….which will *hopefully* be soon :D

  75. omg so much updates .. i’ve been busy last few days .. i’ll have ot come back and comment asap LOL . i’ve read the blogs and all and OMG XD
    idk why but i’m all hyper XDD
    just quickly gotta sya that micky does not look good iin those motorbike photos …. his hair .. and clothes .. i still love him though XD
    comment soon =]~

  76. minjee4micky:
    OO i’ve missed your comments :DDD
    Yep, you need to come back soon and spazz with me XDDD
    omg micky’s hair in those press conference pictures….=.=….i hope that he doesn’t prepare on keeping it like that for their Trick singles promotion :( I don’t understand their Japanese stylists (or whoever it is that made him do that hairstyle)

  77. bobby i would just like to say that you hav no life… i love you with many hearts and cherries!!! tell me wat i shld write in MY blog :) teeheeheehee!!! bye bobbi sue

  78. iamthe6thbackstreetboy:
    Thanks man love you too ;)

  79. PURPLE LINE FULL MV!!!!!!!!!!! FULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU HERE ME NOT PREVIEW BUT FULL!!!!!!! ITS THE KOREAN VERSIN
    when jj started to sing, i was LIKE OMG THT IS AN ANGEL!!!!!<3 ahah & when mickey get in the car i was like omgg hahah. *fangirls*

    I REALLY LOVE THE JAESU MMNT xD lol, & minnie is just stuck between the both of them lol xD btw CHANGMIN LOOKS SOO HOT! junsu looks …charisma?ahhaha yes yes, & yunho hot as usual lol ^^

  80. Koreanchocolate:
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *gives you a TRUCK load of cookies XD*
    GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH *goes and watches the MV again*

  81. hmm. you haven’t posted anything about this yet, you might want to check it out:

    basically cassiopeia is in the guiness book of world records O.O

  82. Querubin:
    Thanks for letting me know!!!
    I’ll do a post on that right now :DD
    Can’t believe the Cassiopeias alone are 80,000 :| I guess they don’t all buy the albums then huh…

  83. actually i think it said, 800k O.O x-posting this over at spazzes also cos you are both my faves heh. gawd. they’re making history in more ways than one huh O.o

  84. i read about the cassiopeians being in guiness book of records
    its times like these where i want my friends to know exactly how awesome my korean boy bands are coz they must be something to have a fan club that made it to the guiness book of records :P
    also i just read about jaejoong being voted “no.1 most handsome star in asia”
    not sure if ud want to make a post on that but hankyung + yunho also came top 10 on that list
    and omg wat a coincidence coz its yunho’s bday tmr and almost hankyungs <33333333333

  85. hey hav u heard of that singer JOO? one of the newbies under JYP? well at first i had doubts about her…coz i first read about her off popseoul…so who can blame me! lol but anywayz ive listened to two of her songs and i highly recommend you to listen to her! though i vowed not to fangirl anymore female celebs i think i might give in this once…she has a nice voice though its not powerful like ZLY she can still hit her notes really well! im not sure if ive convinced u or if ur semi interested but if u are listen to her “because of a man” and im listening to another one called “premiere” ? im trying to track down the other songs from her single…but yeah go listen to them! shes a ballad singer and sings emo heartbreaking songs so yeh :D

  86. Querubin:
    Oops typo ^^”
    K this is tempting me to buy a copy of Guiness world records……

    Wasn’t that poll last year??? IDK i read the exact same thing on Baidu last year, with all the same figures and placings and everything….but somehow the Korean fansites only found out about it today…:S
    I’m listening to the “premiere” song right now…idk why but she reminds me of 梁靜茹? Maybe it’s just me, but she sounds really young…lol ignore me, i have very peculiar taste in music XD

  87. yeh JOO is only 18 so yes she is really young which is why she sounds young!
    the only 梁靜茹 song i hav ever heard was one called “central” coz it was the themesong for that taiwan series “love contract” it was the most saddest series ever but i doubt uve watched it coz its got ariel lin in it :P except apart from it being sad it was also really dull (like it was grey + blue most of the time) and so the atmosphere just made u feel depressed … hahahah
    lol im not sure when that poll was from hahaha but i did wonder why changmin didnt mke top 10 :P hey its probably old news being recycled XD my bad…

  88. Candychu:
    Wow she’s only 18?? She looks heaps older than me though ^^” (actually most Korean girls look really mature..)
    梁靜茹 has some good songs, some are really whiny >< But try Fly Away or 勇气, tell me if you can’t find it and i’ll upload it for you :D

  89. here i am again …. random topic again -_-
    well you guys MUST watch this :D changmins laugh was
    LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL XD and theres alot of yunjae,
    and changmin looks really tallllll!:O

    ok continue with your topic please :D

  90. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG *hyperventilates* the person who subbed/uploaded “Love in the Ice” just put the video up for download:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Of course, please upload to your own server if you’re going to be posting this on your frontpage. BUT OMGGGG! I actually just spent a few minutes trying to find something “reliable” to d/l youtube videos JUST FOR THIS VID when I clicked the “more” button and the link came up…!! COOKIES GALORE ALL AROUND.

    Their T album came 19th and beat all these other international stars hehe im so happy :D

  92. heys, wondered if you seen this .. Mickys comment on “Runaway” .

    and heres the lil summary/subs ..

    YC: hello, it’s YC. my solo song is called “my girlfriend,” and it’s a sweet & smooth medium-tempo song. and, accordingly with how it’s arranged, the meaning of the song is…
    JJ: it’s my turn, right? [lol!]
    YC: ah, not yet.^^ i think you’ll like the song. and….
    JJ: my turn? [lol! jj!]
    YC: not yet. lol! and there’s a rap in the song as well, in english, and…
    JJ: [in chinese] how are your mom and dad? [lol!]
    YC: lol! in chinese all of a sudden! i think you’ll like it, so i hope that all of you will look forward to it and listen to it: “my girlfriend”~^^
    JJ: my turn?
    YC: lol! not yet~

    LOLS at Jae XD

  93. Thank you ALL for providing me with links!! It makes my job so much easier ^———–^ (and sharing is caring :P)

    Thank you for the link!! I just posted it :D
    GAH Changmin is earning himself so many brownie points these days XDDD

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THANK YOU!!!!!!! I’ve downloaded the youtube video, but this version is so much CLEARER and NICER :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I’ve already watched this 5+ times since i downloaded it, I LOVE IT *—–* The uploader is an angel, if I ever see her in real life I will give her cookies :D [Btw i use to download videos off youtube, i find it quite good, you’ll just need a VLC player to play it]

    First a placing on an international music chart, next will b WORLD DOMINATION!!!! XDD

    Thanks for the link (and the summary)! I’ve just posted it :D
    Jae is ADORABLE in this – I love his Chinese line :DDDD

  94. *TAISE HANDDD LIKE CRAZY* LMAOO XD yunho’s cover ahahah! the window soo looked obviously fake ahahahha xD
    i cant stop staring at jae’s legs GOSH xD

    HEY,try to combined their pic cover

    you’ll know what i mean, ahhah i just discovered this -_- i bet some of you already new ahah, im slow

  95. i found the most awesomest photo i found off multiply and reuploaded…

    i think this is wat ^koreanchocolate was talking about

  96. LOL i realised i said found twice XD
    i got woken up really early this morn by my friends and so im a bit out of it … (since wen am i not xP)

  97. LOL CANDYCHU THTS EXACTLY WHT IM TRYNG TO SAY xD ahaha thank you bless you lool ahha my fav cover will be two hearts btw hahaha (a random thought;P)

  98. Koreanchocolate:
    Jae has sexy legs xP
    Thanks for telling me about the picture! At first I thought that you meant if you stack one picture on top of the other then it blends and I was like….whaaaaaat?? But now I get it (after looking at the picture for 5 minutes lol)
    [I think my favourite cover is Two Hearts too :D, there’s something about it that just works, I like the whole concept with the bed on Yunho’s…BUT GAH THE BLUE SQUARE]

    Thanks for the picture~!
    When i clicked on it I was like…hang on….what am i meant to be looking at…But then it hit me :DDDD I AM SPECIAL

  99. i agree that two hearts is the best looking cover XD
    actually changmin’s and jae’s are basically positioned the same..but i think with changmin’s cover (not sure if its the quality or not) but the colours seem to contrast more with some darker and the different shades and it just does so much more to the overall effect coz it looks more balanced while jae’s is top light bottom dark/heavy

    omg too many yrs of textiles has made me analyse everything i possible can =.=”
    i still remember the principles + elements of design. shape, texture, colour, value and line
    then theres repetition, rhythm, balance, proportion, gradation, radiation, harmony, contrast, dominance and unity…. O_O and i still dropped the subject

    oh and wen all 5 are put together…yunho’s blue window is calling out more loudly than ever

  100. Candychu
    omg *year 11 art design nightmares* XD
    Everything in Changmin’s just WORKS *———-*
    But yea, when you look at the strip of pictures, the first thing you see is that blue thing SO ANNOYING, i feel tempted to photoshop it XD

  101. hey GUYS i dont know alot abt suju,
    i love jae+hangeng together so im kinda curios abt this xD
    is it true tht:
    -in 2006, the sm family concert in hainan, china. some fans saw hankyung going to the restroom, and jj wanted to follow. they ended up squeezed into one tiny cube.
    and they also have same rings and clothes.
    -HK always gets lost, so JJ would pick him up at the training class after work and go home together. they got teased as a couple by their dance trainer cuz of that.
    -they both got close because of cooking


  102. sorry cause im posting twice but im in a jaekyung mood. lol i just made up tht cpl name myself -_-
    again, is this freaakin true!?? ahah

    -there was one off shot at the rising sun time while jj was still on crutches. changmin was being interviewed, and the pd saw jj walked out of the room, so he asked changmin where jj was going. changmin said that jj must be calling hankyung again.
    -they used to be roommates b4 debute.
    -& smthg abt jae dont let ppl borrow his clothes/stuff but hangeng is an exception xD

  103. Koreanchocolate:
    Jaekyung?? I love it :DDDD
    About your questions….I’ve actually read them all before, believe it all not there’s a baidu bar dedicated to these two lol XD
    There are two other things that you didn’t mention:
    -On one interview Yunho complained that Jae wouldn’t shower with him, and Jae replied that he doesn’t like showering with other people, but Yunho then said “but you did with Hankyung!!”
    -After Hangeng’s trip back to China, he brought the boys presents, and apparently Jae’s present was bigger than other peoples XD (apparently it was/included a necklace)
    -Jae’s bought Hangeng a top before, and he has the same one

    That’s all the ones I can think of at the moment, I have to say that I don’t support the gay coupling (i like them therefore i don’t want them to be gay) and I DO really support their strong friendship, so don’t take anything i said the wrong way k? :DDD

    Videos…hmm… the moment the only one I can think of is from the making of their SM Town Red Sun MV (one of the longer ones) there was also fanmade video on youtube…but i can’t seem to find it anymore :(

  104. THANK YOU!!!!!!!
    here, i’ll give you my 2nd asia tour concert tour poster book
    (NOT!) ahaha, but i can give you 9382094803480493 cookies ahhaha xD
    (of crse i dont want them to be gay ahah!, in their culture gay is a REALLY REALLY REALLY big SIN, so of crse their not gay! :D i just LOVE their brotherly love, aww:D)
    but i watched an interview, yunho said tht all 5 of us sometimes squish in the bathroom, and shower together LOL XD ahaha i guess jae has moved on ahahh

  105. OMG NEWS ABT YUNHO and his bday ~~~ !!

    TVXQ member U-Know, who celebrated his 22nd birthday on February 6, refused the expensive gifts (computer, laptop, synthesizer, digital cameras etc.) his fans sent him.

    According to U-Know, he was impressed at his fans’ sincerity and was happy to feel how much they love him. However, he feels that if the gifts were just given to less fortunate people, the gifts would be of more value.

    U-Know’s fan club understood his good intentions and will just donate the gifts to those in need

    credits to krnloop . news source empas

    OMG he got so many nice expensive gifts :O:O:O
    awww yunho is so nice and carin XDD *HUGS*

  106. argh just got back from school…had 4 periods of maths today *yawns*
    anwayz this has got to be the funniest thing i have read all day…
    “Just for the record, ELFs are mad when anyone wrote them as ‘elves’. Since you know, elves will be like the characters from LOTR. Haha… ^^ I know it’s wrong and all, but just write ELF or ELFs when referring to them. ”
    LMAO XD I like to call them elves just coz ELFs sounds grammatically incorrect…even though ELF is just an acronym anyway…but watever :P
    omg donghae + engrish = LOLs + LMAOs + ROFLs
    will watch video…after I have a nice nap ^^


    40,000 Tickets to TVXQ’s Saitama Super Arena concert on May 3, which is one of the last stops in the group’s Japanese tour, were sold-out in just one second after the ticket sale was opened last February 10 at 10 am.

    Exactly how was that possible? OMG HOW ?! O_O

  108. Candychu:
    Lol you have my sympathy…
    E.L.Fs don’t like being called Elves?? Do they even know what Elves means =.=
    ELVESELVESELVESELVESELVESELVESELVESELVES (hehehe they’re gonna come scratch my eyes out now aren’t they XD)
    You must watch the english intro. video, soooooooooooooo funny omg

    Are you seeeeeeeeeerious????
    That’s INCREDIBLE!!!
    I’ll do a post on it right now, thanks for sharing <3333

  109. i think they do which is why they get so “mad” LOTR = lord of the rings :P
    oh btw i dont know if u noticed or not (i certainly did :P) but u know wen kyuhyun gave his name tag to patty, did u see how his chinese name had the top bit “rubbed off” well it turns out that kyuhyun actually coloured it in coz they wrote his name wrong .. see here:
    u cant get any cuter than that :P
    … and no one even pointed it out that he changed it on his board :(

  110. Minjee4micky:
    Lol in my total amazement about the tickets i totally forgot to thank you about the Yunho info!
    Thanks for telling me ^——^
    Yunho is SUCH a nice person, i would’ve been like “MINEMINEMINEMINEEEEEEEEE” *hugs presents to self* XDDD

    i don’t know why the ELVES are mad (xP) cause the Chinese ELVES call themselves 祅精…

  111. You should check this out…!! soo adorable! it’s THSK commenting (in Japanese) on the “Proud” performance. The one where they were all teary and crying? It’s sooo cuuute cause you hear Jae throughout the ENTIRE thing yelling out the names of the members as they come up… he sounds SOOO ADORABLE. And, true to genuine guy fashion, they keep on making fun of each other for crying (they are RELENTLESS). None of the “awww it’s okay” business. They’re all like “HAHAH YOU WUSS YOU CRIED!!!!!” Ahh… it was sooo cute (especially Jae who was soo loud and cracky). And at the end you can hear Yunho’s enthusiastic “ARIGATOU GOZAIMASHITA”s. sooo cute.

  112. Nanshi:
    Gah, you’re so lucky that you understand japanese! I wish i chose a practical language like that instead of French =.=
    I watched the video though, even though i had no idea what they were saying I still LOL cause of Jae’s yelling and how they all laughed at each other XD The Proud performance is probably one of my favourite performances by them (i have watched it countless times cause i have the DVD) can’t wait to watch the subbed version of their commentary~!
    P.S: Jae was probably so happy because him and Changmin were the only guys who didn’t cry, so no one can pay him out XD

  113. hey new picture on the talk share . very cute =DD
    hrmm . your a New Zealander .. well to me your part Aussie XD and yes we do have the best beaches XDD .. oh gOsh if they were to EVER FILM HERE .. i’ll be the first one there !!! XDD

  114. oh em gee.
    i just read the stupidest thing EVER
    theres a rumour going around the hankyung is gonna marry some girl and so i looked at the photo and guess who it was?
    it was jang ri in =.=”
    like how dumb is that?? coz the photo was actually a CCTV pic which means that its not even a private one so y would hankyung just put up apic of him and his fiance from CCTV??? like WTH??? even if fans dont know who ZLY/JRI is couldnt they have figured out she was a celebrity?
    lol that made my day XD

  115. Minjee4micky:
    Haha yep, i was bored so i made a doll XD
    I was just was just watching the Bonjour Paris behind the scenes DVD today, and they were talking about how the paris photobook is their 2nd one. And i thought, hmm, they’ve already had photoshoots in asia (duh), America, and Europe, so Australia HAS to be next lol XD
    If they ever do come here then you me and candychu should go stalk them together XDDDD

    LOL hahahahahahahaha wow that’s really really really funny XDD
    But i read something today that is equally ridiculous, apparently LSM has been ARRESTED. that’s right, as in, he’s in JAIL *rolls eyes*, while i’m not LSM’s BIGGEST fan, i highly DOUBT that he’s been imprisoned =.=”

  116. LOL omg thats even more ridiculous XD … or is it ? lol maybe the ELVES are at it again and wanting to sue him for some other psychological damage he has inflicted … yeh thats right ELVES !!!

  117. hey just wanna say tht Mezamashi Saturday Interview & Gyao Midtown TV oh & Music Japan SUBBED!!! here is the link

    mezamashi sat interview:

    gyaomidtown TV:

    Music Japan Talk+Purple Line

  118. Candychu:
    Lol i think his reason for “imprisonment” is because of money laundering or something
    Obviously i don’t believe any of it =.=”

    Haha maybe wordpress is slow at showing up my posts, but i just did a post on the Mezamashi Saturday interview like…10 minutes ago? lol XD
    Thanks for the other links though~!
    I’m gonna go check them out riiiiiiite now :DDDDD

  119. lmao ahaha srry abt tht xD
    btw have you seen the video when junsu
    did the NEW version of TOHO ahahaha
    its a SCARY VERSION xD ahhaha i lol-ed like crazy
    and his scream IS REALLY LOUD ahah

  120. Koreanchocolate:
    Wat??don’t be sorry!!ILU for always giving me links, you=awesome <3333
    New version of toho??? where??????????????
    [lol Junsu’s scream is ALWAYS loud, him and leeteuk should have a competition or something]

  121. HERE WATCH IT OR ELSE IM NEVER GIVING YOUUU COOKIES AND CUPCAKES AGAIN! ahaha junsu’s IF? HAHAHAHAHAAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! some ppl think tht he needs to learn english but i like his engRish better xD ahahah

  122. do you know of any special program that can rip audio off videos from youtube? coz i just watched the best thing ever!! donghae singing in ENGLISH!! thats right…its not engrish but ENGLISH!! and his voice is so beautiful *dies*
    here it is if ur interested…im still trying to think of a way to steal the audio without recording it from my mp3 :S

  123. oh go me! i found the mp3 of it off esnips ^^
    *sigh* this song is gonna be added to my “sleep” playlist :P
    …must find the original by craig david now kekeke

  124. Koreanchocolate:
    Haha i had to watch it, i value my calories too much XDDD
    Junsu’s “eeeeeeeeeeffffuuuuu” is TOO CUTE LOL
    Why did he suddenly scream though?? i don’t get it lol

    No idea about audio, but i usually use keepvid for stealing videos off youtube :D
    Donghae is so CUUUUUUUUTE, i love his voice, it’s the first voice i liked from Suju :D
    I only have one complaint though, the song’s too short :(

  125. lmao you didnt get it?:P the scream is the NEW version of T-O-H-O ahha, did u hear he said, t-o-h-o (in a creepy voice) and lastly he screamed tohoshinki SPELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEKKKK!!!!! ahahah.

  126. hey pinkandsparkly

    i dunno whether you know about this video in youtube.
    anyways. i’ll just give u the link
    no sub though..
    [DVD] Making of 2nd live tour concert in Seoul P1-1

    [DVD] Making of 2nd live tour concert in Seoul P1-2


  127. by the way
    does anyone of you have the ringtone for Hiyaya?
    if so,could you pls pls pls give me?

    thanks a lot!

  128. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG !!!!!! [!!!!]

    and you can hear them online …
    but i think its not live .. since they go on it once a week for 30 minutes .. i think on wednesdays … and they’re in korea now .. so …
    idk check out the site . its all in jap … but fun to look around XD
    theres photos of them each week hehe .

    atm i’m listening to a podcast i think .. its cute =] Micky,Jae and Max are on =D
    Jae’s a bit loud .. lols .. and they teased junsu online >_> .. and they just said Happy Birthday XD and i’m guessing thats to Changmin ..
    omg .. Jae just sang the “T-O-ACHEE-O” song hahaha

  129. nooooooooooooooooooooo so many video posts today! lol XD
    ill watch them tonight after i finish my hw…must be a good girl…the way changmin likes it :P hehe
    then ill sacrifice an hr of sleep!! lol
    but OMG OMG OMG
    I GOT MY T ALBUM TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ive got some screencaps up on my blog…its so awesome i love this album! unfortunately no subs but theres a translation booklet in chinese ^^

  130. oh i actually meant lyrics translation XD
    so all the commenting on FITB means nothing to be except for “good evening we are tohoshinki” :P

  131. OMG LMAO…
    i just realised today is the 17th not 18th XD !!!
    lol..shhh my maths book is cool :P
    oh and remember how i told u about my slight lisp? well today i was with my church friends and one of them suddenly said “hey, say shush” and im like “shush” and then she starts laughing and shes like “u say it funny…u have a lisp!!” and so everyone starts making me say “s” words and the stupid she sells seashells tongue twister…and so after knowing me for 4 or 5 yrs they finally discover my secret…*weeps in corner*

  132. OMG I’VE BEEN SO BEHIND WITH MY COMMENTING *bashes head against wall XD ”
    The compilation video was SO FUNNY, especially when Junsu sang his “B-I-N-G-O” song XDD special boy~~ Thanks for the link!
    [Btw, why do they always spell T-O-H-O on the show??]

    Thanks for the link! That’s from the “O” concert DVD right? I was going to buy that, then I heard that the screaming was really bad (so i went the illegal way and downloaded some of it =.= and yes, the screaming is terrible.)but haven’t seen the behind the scenes footage before, so thanks :D [I haven’t watched all of it yet because my internet’s being weird, but that’s the video where they smash up old cars and stuff right?]
    Sorry but I don’t have that ringtone :( I normally just use mp3s and sometimes crop them using my computer…(right now my ringtone is the chorus of Purple Line, I get weird looks whenever my phone goes off lol XD)

    Hhahaha, how did you find that??? The pictures are funny XD
    I am so so so so so sad that I don’t speak their language, otherwise i could download their podcasts and listen to it every day, it would be like they were talking to me…..(ok now i just sound psycho XDDD)
    I actually downloaded Suju’s KTR podcast,can’t understand a thing, but Teuk’s voice goes so hiiiiiiiiiigh when he’s excited XDDD
    Thanks for sharing~

    FITB commentary isn’t subbed??? ;_______________________________; WHHYYYYYYYYYYYY
    Ah well, i’ll get over it XD
    Sucks that the whole concert is included in the DVD though =.= I actually bought the FITB concert DVD :(
    I went on your blog, and you SCARED ME (again) cause you wished Changmin a happy birthday, and i was like WHAT I THOUGHT IT WAS TOMMOROW, so i had to go check on Baidu lol
    Lol your friends are so mean, but you totally have my sympathy, when i first came to Australia, everyone kept making me say “fish and chips”, and “I don’t need 8 hours sleep, all i need is 6″ (get it? =.=”) it actually happened again yesterday, we were having dinner at the beach, and i got asked what i ordered, and i said “fish”, and everyone laughed at me ;___;

  133. well, they spelled T-O-H-O on every show because.
    well you know their radio website is. http://WWW.JFN.CO.JP/TOHO
    so on every episode they will tell ppl to send messages,answers,questions etc to their website which is .
    so they will go like
    “please, send us msgs,questions, etc to Toho spelling is t-o-h-o, t-o-h-o, t-o-h-o…..)

    conclusion: they were just telling the radio listeners how to spell their website llmao, xD
    does tht explains it? ahahha srry my engRish IS REALLY LIMITED -_-

  134. Koreanchocolate:
    Oooo dw i understood that lol XDD
    but what if someone doesn’t know how to spell “”??
    Maybe Junsu can make up a song for that too? XDDD

  135. I just found your blog today and have been reading through your recent posts, and haha, I have to say that we have such similar interests, and a lot of the things you post are exactly what I’m thinking as well (: (: Will be checking up again soon (:

    btw, do you do link exchanges? I own a blog as well, but I’ve just recently started – it used to be a design site (:

  136. Annacircles:
    I went to your site, love the graphics :D I’ve been thinking about changing my header for awhile now, but sigh…i absolutely suck at photoshop XDD
    What are link exchanges? you’ll have to explain that to me lol, i’m not very tech-savvy ^–^
    Btw, how did you find my blog? (sorry, i’m just curious)

  137. okay i couldnt resist…and i watched a few clips
    i watched the two relay talks…but the audio didnt match up to the video with the wookie+kyu+hae talk so it took me a while to realise when i started hearing kyu’s voice coming out of ryeowook and i was like O_O
    but ommmgggggg kyuhyun is SO CUTE! esp when he “threw” the letter to donghae and donghae cudnt catch it XD but argh…that makes me want to buy their cd again!! lol why???? but kyuhyun has only known hae for 1yr and 6mth!! lol after hearing siwon say how hes known heechul for 6 yrs i was just like WTH!!!! XD *dies*
    btw ryeowook looked really good in the glasses
    oh and i also watched the heechul cuts of challenge 8vs1 … i loved sailor moon and it turns out he watched it for his own…’special interests’? lol but omg lmao at his “stone bed” thing…no one believed him and he was right XD
    i have a feeling ill hav to watch the Change cuts too before i can get back into work mode…*sigh*

  138. Candychu:
    Haha, you remind me of myself, when I was “studying” for my exams last year XDD
    Ryeowook DOES look good in glasses doesn’t he, SO DOES LEETEUK, HE LOOKS SO GOOD IN THE RELAY TALK *————*
    Lol, the 8 vs.1 cuts are so funny XDD Can’t believe that porn was the problem for boys not studying =.=
    I will never look at sailor moon the same way, thanks to Heechul haha.
    Btw, Changmin got a dog?? Do you have a picture?? I wanna see it ^———-^
    The “love contract” MV that i watched is actually the MV of the song “Waiting for you”, I really like the song, so i looked it up, and it just happened to be the theme song of “love contract”.
    You can watch it here:

  139. HELLO ! i been reading your blog since the past few week and read almost all your post ! i am also a BIG fan of DBSK ! lol , thks for the information (:

    ps: do you know where to order their 4th korean album ??

  140. Xiahlove:
    Omg, you read almost all my posts??? Some of themall of them are so embarrassing ^^;;;; lol thanks :DDD
    Ummmmm, their 4th album isn’t coming out till September, but I *think* you might be able to start pre-ordering in August? I’m not sure. But I normally go to to pre-order their albums and DVDs :D Hope that helps.

  141. thks for the info ! the girl in the mv i think is should be same girl in timeless one and she also the female lead of millionaire first love movie T_T

  142. Xiahlove:
    You’re welcome ^—-^
    Oo, same girl as the Timeless one?? She looks different =.=. Lucky girl, Siwon and Hangeng have now fought over her TWICE (well, they didn’t really fight over her in “Timeless” but whatever. lol) *jealous-ing* xP

  143. ei just wanted to share. i got permission from reeses177 @ soompi (she’s the same one from youtube) to convert her audios from youtube to mp3. just i guess please credit her if you upload.

    i converted these so i can load em up my music player and i even made a concert playlist pretending its the concert audio lmfao *dork* hope you enjoy! :D

    it doesnt include the heechul solo and snowflower i think. but they are really awesome audios and she was really very nice to allow re-ups of em. :D

  144. Querubin:
    OMG you’re sharing these with me???? ILUSM <33333333333333333
    I have no idea how to convert stuff from youtube to mp3 ^^;;, so thank you SO SO SO much for these :DDDD
    I’ll do a post on them tommorow and share with with everyone else, if you don’t mind ^—^ (I’ll reupload it of course)and I’ll give the correct credits
    I just downloaded them, and they’re really good quality!!! I felt like i was AT the concert *—*, thank you~~~~~

  145. hii,,i really love ur blog!!!
    i hvn’t watch happy together too,,but i love the pics @ d link u gave,,thx for sharing!!
    can i taking it??
    thx b4!!^^

  146. Minholover:
    Hiii ^—^
    Of course you can take the pictures! And you’re very welcome :D
    Thanks for commenting :DDD

  147. hi i wanna know do you own “Nodame + Chiaki’s Mozart duet” mp3 or u were listening to a streaming clip/file? i love that series and am desperate for the OST, i keep downloading the anime’s OST instead. btw i really like your blog, i check on it almost every time i come online to catch up on DBSK and suju !<3

  148. Smileyjade:
    Hi~! Thanks for commenting :D
    Yes, I’ve got the actual mp3, actually I’ve got all the 8CDs from the show (I play piano, so I really like listening to this kind of stuff, i’m weird, yes.)
    The duet is included in the “Orchestra Du Nodame Live CD2”, which is uploaded here:
    I don’t know if you can read Chinese or not, but the tracklist is in Chinese….so if you can’t read it, the Nodame + Chiaki version is track 14, the original version is track 3. Chiaki and Mine’s Beethoven Sonata from episode 2 is track 5, the original version is track 6. And Nodame’s piano version of the Beethoven’s Symphony 7 in A major is track 7. Of course there are other pieces on the CD, they’re just the stand outs for me :D
    Tell me if you want the rest of the CDs!

  149. Wow thanks very much! you’re so damn efficient and enthusiastic, i really admire that!
    the site can be accessed in English from the top right corner… so it’s ok, thanks very much ^^ i think i’ll just listen to this cd first.. love love love nodame cantabile ^^

  150. Smileyjade:
    You’re welcome~!!!
    I love this drama, it made me laugh XDD That reminds me, I still need to watch the Special…
    I would LOVE to go to a music school like theirs, I reckon it would be sooooo fun :DDD
    My piano teacher lent me the DVDs in hopes of it making me want to practice piano more, and her plan worked lol XD

  151. i feel bad spamming my cmmnts at the “DBSK happy together” topic
    so i’ll spam here instead lol xD
    now its like 10.25 i HAVENT finish my hw,
    i just finished studying of crse,
    i think i will just fail tomorrow lol xD
    being the youngest is such a burden :/
    you’ve been bsy to i see(: u play piano?
    ME TOO!!!!! :D cookies for us lol

  152. Koreanchocolate:
    Being the youngest is a burden? try being the only child lol xP
    Hope your exam went alright today~~ Hate exams, i used to get up early on the morning of my exam and study XDDD (i’m such a bad example lol) but i still got an A so xP
    And yeees I play piano, i play classical piano though, like a good little asian girl XD
    I’ve been playing for about…..5 years now? I’m doing the Royal school of music grade 7 exam this year, and let me tell you, it is just SO MUCH FUN, makes me want to go play with traffic everytime i think about it *rolls eyes* :P

  153. oh my exam was…….. DONT EVEN ASK! ahaha. lol i play classical piano too! ahah and i hate my teacher, YES i said it, even when i slipped my hand she will go like “WAKE UP WILL YOU, YR LIKE A STICK” chill women, i just slipped =-= hahah
    oh i play piano like 5 years too lol! but i waste 2 years, there were some technical problems, i just passed my grade 5 exam last year. im going for my grade 6 exam maybe… next year?
    btw I SEE U GUYS ARE TALKING ABOUT NODAME CANTABILE, and i advice you, GO WATCH THE SPECIAL!!!! i just love when ciaki hit/punch her ahhahaahhaha xD & sine i watched this i have been practicing piano like 24/7! hahha

  154. Koreanchocolate:
    Sigh…i feel your pain. My teacher has this thing about hand shape, it’s very very annoying =.=

    Nodame Cantabile special?? I saw a preview for it, i’ll add that to my list of must watch programmes XD but lol, i know what you mean, since i watched it i’ve been practising more XD, my piano teacher said that she’ll give me one of the Beethoven concerto pieces from the show to play around with, YAY :D (i’m such a dork, i love it.)

  155. hand shape? do you mean NO flying fingers lol thts wht my teacher calls it :P my tempo is horrible lol, so she will always hit my hand or push it .ITS SOO OBVIOUS that shes annoyed xD ahaha
    A PIECE FROM THE SHOW? ohhh, im not up to tht levl lol xD, but it will be cool if i tried,:/
    oh yeah i just watched happy together, U HUNT ME ! ahah, i watched the show like at 12.00am ahah, and it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FNNY!! JJ IS DRUNK xD ahahahha he keeps falling, and gosh yunnies voice has improved :D JUNSU is so clumsyy, ahah he keeps falling, etc ahaha. DORK, changminnie is soooo lucky, and HOT gosh!! mickey, i was surprise tht he uglified himself ahaha. but it was fnny, ALOT OF JAEHO!<3 gsh, and when i did my exam, i keep flashing bck and smiling with myself,so my teacher will be like “is it tht easy?” ahahahahah xD but actually it was the opposite, tht was the frst time i ever been sooo happy during exam xD ahahhaha

  156. Koreanchocolate:
    Ugh, tempo =.= My tempo is still horrible even when I have the metronome on XD

    Happy Together is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny XDDDDD Jae is so so so so so good at Korean variety shows, he really should think about becoming an MC…

    Speaking of that, i made an mp3 of all the Jae Karaoke bits, do you want it? I was listening to it on the bus, and kept laughing. I scare people.

  157. AHOOYYYY! Im having issues falling asleep and was browsing through the blog and thought I’d like to ask “Do you find it strange how rainbow coloured icecream tastes like bubblegum” LMAO, i dont think its possible to have soemthing rainbow flavoured (unless rainbows taste like bubblegum….which is retarded, cos rainbows shouldnt have taste as its to do with sight-cos rainbows come from light…a sight sense!!)

    But yeh…just thought I’d share my random thought :) Seeing as its 2.32 friggin am and im having trouble making my head stop rewinding all these random Jaejoong/Changmin moments (GAWRSSSHHH why are they so goodlooking AND FUNNY?!)

  158. Gummydork:
    Lol, the flavour of Rainbows….
    I always look at the little children lining up for Wendys, telling their parents that they want “the [w]ainbow one”, and shake my head. It’s tragic. I wonder if the parents are aware of how much artificial flavours and colours are in it. Because, like you said, rainbows do not taste like gum, not naturally. That reminds me of this weird blue coloured ice-cream that I used to buy in NZ. Technically, blue icecream should taste like blueberry, but this one tasted like gum, and it had all these gummy lollies in it *—-* O, and on the topic of blue food, what’s up with the blue Powerade drink? Sigh…food these days…

    I’m going to reply to your “Guerilla date” comment here, because I’m too lazy to go to that page XD. Yes, you can not go to uni, most lecture notes are put online. But I still drag myself down there, because my inner nerd just tells me that I’ll miss something important if i don’t go, lol.

    I’m thinking that I’ll burn a DVD, and “accidentally” swap it around with the DVD that I have to make for my assignment. Then I can view Suju on the big lecture hall projector screen! THEY WILL BE LARGER THAN LIFE *—————* And, I’ll have great quality surround sound XD

    You haven’t listened to CSJH before? Well, as well as the songs that Potensvita uploaded for you, I uploaded a few of my favourites for you too. I’m not sure what your taste in music is (fast, slow, both?) But my favourite CSJH songs are “My Everything”, and “Girlfriends”. I don’t know how to hyperlink in comments, so here are the links:
    I really like “I’ll kiss you” too, but Potensvita has already uploaded that

  159. wei…
    u guys are so good
    pinkandsparkly! u played piano for 5 years only and you’re grade 7?!!! i played piano for like 12 years i think.
    what course are u taking in uni?
    french and music?

  160. Ervxiah:
    Lol, yea, blame that on my teacher. Piano lessons with her are like Boot camp :| I’ve actually had 6 teachers in the 5 years though, lol. (mainly because of geography reasons, not because i suck so much, lol XD)
    My uni course? I’m doing a Media double degree. So i’m doing a media degree, and a bachelor of arts degree. I’m majoring in French for the BA, and i chose to do a music minor. :D
    What about you?

  161. >< I have no idea where to post this but I thought I’d share *shifty eyes* being the link to jaebaby’s trick single :)

    And seeing as im spazzing out about how awesome this site is We learn whilst we help :D I’m a bit disappointed in Australia though (if you go to ‘Total’ at the top of the page, and then click ‘here’ in that lil fact box)

    Ok, that’s my goodwill for the day :D

    In response: Have you not noticed my username? xDD The second you mentioned gummies all thoughts regarding blueberry artificiality went out the window….GIMMEEEE!! Hahah, however I must say, gummies’ tastes are SO not enhanced with icecream. Icecream hardens the gummies and removes their luscious gummy properties ….HOWEVER, i wont say no to gummies with icecream, because when you have the whole thing in your mouth, its relatively fun to suck on the gummies and make them soften and get all gummielicious again…..*swoons* …..

    *sees PandS note down never to mention gummies to gummydork ever again*

    But you gotta admit! Even though there’s all this junk in all that powerade stuff….the colour is still pretty ^___^ What is your favourite colour? I ADOREEEE green! I actually have computer speakers which are shaped like apples *happy dances* (and yes they happen to be green apples :D:D)

    WOWOWOOW about your lecture halls!! Hahahaha, makes me think of that episode of Friends where Ross takes Rachel to his museum place, and then turns on that star making machine ^^ That was pretty.

    Thanks for the CSJH songs xD it kinda wows me how ‘WOOWOWOW’ everyone is about them, but im starting to see why!! I prefer the faster paced songs (and if its slow, then its gotta have this repetiveness to the melody…kinda liek Jay Chou’s songs) But thanks again :D

  162. …um i just posted a blog here…but it isnt showing…and i even clicked ‘view post’ after posting so i wasnt just dreaming… :S
    does that mean u have to approve it first or smthing?
    well look at it and see if it is worth posting :P

  163. pinkandsparkly!

    sorry for the late reply.
    hmm..i’m still waiting for the letter of acceptance from the uni in singapore. i haven started my uni yet. if everything goes well, i’ll start uni in August! so meanwhile, i’m rotting. kekez. so im taking SAT to kill my time though.


    french is like so hard…. for me. I’ll pick up korean as my minor if i can. I chose Life sciences, accountancy..those typical subject. i dun haf the guts to take Bachelor of Arts degree though, although i’m interested in it. Wow! at least you’re doing stg that you like.

  164. Gummydork:
    Ooo, thanks for the link! I’m glad you shared that here, cos otherwise I would’ve had to delete it (it’s ok here, cos no one comes to this page XD). I don’t normally post download links for entire singles (because that’s a great way to increase my hate mail ^^;;;) but I’m glad you posted it, cos I was trying to find a download link for it, haha. (I’m going to wait for AVEX to release all the singles in a big pretty box, and then buy it)

    You like gummy lollies? ME TOOOOOOOOO. My favourite ones are the ones with the sour stuff on them, cos it adds texture, and flavour XD (I sound like a food critic) Speaking of ice-cream and lollies…have you ever had Cold-Rock icecream? The one where they mix stuff in for you? I saw this little boy buying orange-choc-chip flavoured ice cream, with LIME gummy bears mix in. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Lol. My friend tried to put me off gummies once, by telling me that they’re made from boiled horse bones. Didn’t phase me, I still consume them on a weekly bases XDDD

    Favourite colour? Hmmm…. Despite the fact that my name is “”pink”andsparkly”, my favourite colour isn’t actually pink. I’m rather partial to blue… although I do like black, and white :D

    You watch Friends??? FAVOURITE SHOW EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.I love love love love love it. I think i’ve watched every episode at least more than twice (which is quite impressive, considering how there’s 10 seasons, haha)

    CSJH are incredibly talented. I don’t don’t fan-girl them very much, in fact, I actually refuse to watch their MVs, because I don’t like the “pussycat dolls” feeling that some of them have. But I loooove their voices, especially when they do harmonies *—————*

    You listen to Jay Chou? So do I! Actually, most of my music is in Mandarin (cos I can understand it)so I listen to quite a few C-pop artists :D

    You have apple shaped speakers??? Boo. Mine are just boring black square ones :(

    Btw, I went to the vocab. building site, I had fun :D I’m not exactly a philanthropist (I do the 40 hour famine every year though *proud*)….but I really like the concept of the site, learn while doing good :DD

    I shouldn’t have to approve it…cos you’re an “author”, so technically, you can post whatever you want… Maybe WordPress was just acting up again?

    You start uni in August? That’s when I’d start if I lived in Asia, so I guess we’re the same age :D
    Life science and accounting??? Good luck with that :S My parents wanted me to do Medicine or Accounting, I’m glad I didn’t, lol XD
    I regret choosing to do a double degree though, SO MUCH WORK ;______________;
    And French is hard for me too, lol~~ I don’t understand why they have to have masculine and feminine nouns. Like, a white board has to be male, why?? =.=

  165. Pinkandsparkly:

    hehe. yea. i guess we’re the same age. ^^
    haha..that’s why i gave up learning french. I self-learned before i actually decide whether i wanted to go for the formal lessons though.But the thing is, it’s good to know another language! French! i wish i could master it too. Maybe i’ll resume learning it when i’m more determined. haha.

    did u grow up in NZ? it’s very rare to find chinese who actually can speak mandarin when they grow in overseas. no offense. But am proud of you!

    hehe. ur hardwork will be paid off! don’t worry.

    btw, i LOVE watching FRIENDS. kekez. just to tell u. i think i watch the 10 seasons for more than 6 times? gosh. why didn’t they continue the show…sob.

  166. Ervxiah:
    Yup, I attended all of primary school and some of highschool in NZ :D

    It is quite rare to find asian kids who can still speak their language after living overseas for so long, I agree. I guess I have my grandad to thank for that, he used to be a primary school principal, so he made sure I kept up with my Chinese studies ^^;; But the odd thing is, I don’t have any asian friends (in real life), asians don’t talk to me, cos I’m a “banana child” =.=

    Friends is my favourite English tv show :D My favourite characters would be Rachel and Joey, they are SO FUNNY (actually, all of them are) I’ve watched some episodes soo many times though, like the on with Brad Pitt, omg, haha. Good times ^————-^

    My favourite Chinese tv show (or drama) would have to be “Prince turns into Frog”. SO GOOOOOOD *————*

  167. x-posted in spazzes.
    Gar. So behind in commenting, but I still always update here! Just wanted to give you headzup on Economics Vitamin with Eunhae here : from symbelmyn. Its interesting cos in the first part they rummage thru eunhyuk and donghae’s bags and what goodies we find! whaha. hyukkie for example has a rubix cube with suju T faces all sorts of toiletries a weird massage thingy and some notes on a rap he was writing! and donghae had 2 perfumes (can you tell what brand it was?) and this weird air freshener spray thing. oh and its hosted by SDY who you adore. after EHB who doesnt? anyhoo check that out if you havent already :) I know you don’t watch unsubbed but you just might wanna check em out :)

  168. pinkandsparkly!
    that’s so cool! yes, seriously. you should thank ur grandad. he has forseen the importance of mandarin though. See, it’s great that you master another language!
    really?> no asian friends? that’s odd. i thought asians always stick together though.

    haha. yea, it was my fav Chinese series too! gosh, that was like 2 or 3 years ago. do you know the Chinese series “they kiss again”? you should watch it. I dunno whether it’s your type of series or not.hehe. my dad was a primary school principal. he forced me to learn mandarin too. kekez. lols. i don’t regret learning it cause there are many series with chinese subtitles only ^^ that’s the advantage. wahahaha

  169. Querubin:
    Thank you soooooooo much for letting me know! I never would’ve watched it if you hadn’t told me. I saw it on youtube, saw that it was unsubbed, and scrolled down XD

    You know Donghae’s notebook? I saw some screencaps of the show on Baidu, and apparently, he’s been learning Chinese (and recording it in this notebook) How cute is that ^———-^

    “They kiss again”? Do you mean the 恶作剧之吻 sequel? If that’s the one, then nope, haven’t seen it. I own the DVD though XD Idk, I don’t like Ariel, at all. She really really REALLY annoys me :| I do like that type of series though ^——-^
    Gosh, i haven’t watched TW dramas in awhile..the most recent one that I enjoyed….probably “Bull fight yes or no”, Mike He is HOOOOOOOOT :D (I really enjoyed watching him in “Devil next to you”)

    I’m so glad I know Chinese. Cos like you said, heaps of things only have chinese subtitles XD I can speak,listen,read fluently, I just can’t write (by hand) I can type it on the computer though, hehe :D

  170. Pinky dear.
    I am sorry for being inactive for a while.
    Exams are coming for me…. TT and can i just write something really short for Kangta? if I have the time?
    because he is going off to the army soon….. TT

  171. Potensvita:
    Of course you can! :DDDD
    I don’t know very much about Kangta, so feel free to write posts on him :)
    Aww you’ve got exams coming up? *pats head* I’m sure you’ll do great ;) Dw about posting, school comes first :D

  172. thanks. ^^ oh you must watch the Li Yin ah… Si won sounded so hot.

  173. pinkandsparkly:

    lols.she annoys u? in what sense?cause of her character in the series? lols. if it’s so, sometimes i dun like her in that series as she’s too dependent on her husband. hehez. i dunno her well though.

    “Bull fight yes or no”? yea, it’s the latest series. i haven started watching that though as i haven heard any good review about it. I still have a lot to catch up with my korean series ^^since u recommended it, i’ll watch it soon. maybe u should start spazzing about taiwanese series next time. kekez. maybe not in this blog

    by the way, can you call me Erv next time? lols. i regretted for using Ervxiah in my wordpress. (: sounds so much better and i dun wanna sounds “desperate” lols.if u know what i mean

  174. Potensvita:
    Ooo, ok, I will as soon as i finish this ;)

    Idk, just her acting annoys me. I couldn’t get through “Tokyo Juliet” because I found her acting to be so bad :S

    I haven’t finished “Bull fight yes or no” yet, I’m about half way through…but I really like Mike He, so maybe I’m just being biased XD

    I am planning on doing some spazzing over a drama series, except, I’ll probably post it on my personal blog (Boy meets Girl), cos it doesn’t have anything to do with DBSK/Suju/Korean entertainment industry, haha.

  175. pinkandSPARKLY! :

    hehez. nah. you’re not being biased. I watched “Devil beside u “. lols frankly, till now, i can’t accept his hairstyle in that series. But in the series “Why why love”, he’s good looking and i like his character in that series. Have u watched that yet?

    keke. yea! post it in ur personal blog. I still wan this blog especially for the boys. *givin’ u the evil smile. haha

  176. Erv:
    Ooo, I’m halfway through “Why why Love”, he looks so good in that series *———* But the supporting actress annoys me, not Rainie, the other one, with the long hair and really big lips =.= She can’t act. Seriously.

    Haha, I’m halfway through so many dramas ^^;;; But I just started “Kurosagi”, and I love it :D It’s not your typical romance drama, but it’s really INTERESTING. I like it :D

  177. Hey!
    I just wanted to say thank you for working so hard at the blog. I would comment more, but I just made my account now to write this LOL. I actually made something for you… sounds a bit weird but I really do appreciate you doing the blog as I can easily checking up on what is going on with the boys/girls. It really shows that you put time and effort into this.
    Anywho, this is it:
    Please do not feel pressured to use it or anything! It was just something I got caught up doing. =) Thanks again.

  178. Ringy:
    Thank you for your lovely comment <333
    You are SOO awesome.
    I’ve actually been hoping that someone would make me a banner XD (omgi’msosad), it’s because I absolutely SUCK at photoshop, so i’ve been waiting for someone to come along and offer their services :DDD
    I really like the banner you made!Honest :D I especially like the pink candy with the heart around it, hehe. Oo, and thanks for not making it all pink, despite the fact that “pinkandsparkly” is my username, my favourite colour isn’t actually pink ^^;;;
    But, do you want to make another one with your name in the corner, so you can be credited?
    I’ve already put the banner up though, cos I’m so sick of my old one, and EEE this is really exciting :DDDDDDD
    Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  179. Kay, so I’ve never commented here before.


    I absolutely ADORE your new layout. So gorgeous. And ringy, you’re an absolute pro. PRO PRO PRO PRO PRO … !!!!

    Oh yes, and I finally downloaded that Koda Kumi’s entire album. Shall go listen to it now, while suffering from an excess of chemistry homework (SO MANY LABS, ZOMG).

    And yes, I’ve been youtubing an excessive amount lately, THANKS TO YOU AND YOUR AKANISHI JIN. Gaaaahhhhh … and I feel so ridiculously shallow, because the only reason I’m really into him is because he’s sooooooo drool-worthy AND he can actually speak some decent English (unlike some other asian celebrities we know and love. =P The excess Engrish has been killing meeeeeeeeee lately. XDDDD)

    Much love, dearrrr!!!

  180. Playmeagain:
    I’m sorry, I must be having psychotic hallucinations, because I think I just read you refer to Jin as “mine”? I WISH.

    He is SO hot, and SO my type (I don’t know what my “type” is, but yea, he’s totally it)

    I don’t know why his english is so good! He was only in LA for 6 months, as opposed to Micky, who lived overseas for like, 6 years XDDD

    I can’t wait to write my pimp post on him, I’m going to have a LOT of fun with that, just think of all the exclamation marks and caps lock I’ll be using. XDDD

    Ooo, you like the new header? SO DO I. Ringy is so so so so SO awesome, for making it :DDD I wish there was a little box in the sidebar, so I can credit her properly…

  181. pinkandsparkly, you can always add a little txtbox … just go to presentation > widgets > text and just type in the credits ^^

  182. Candychu:
    You are so SMART :D

  183. nice new header. lol.

  184. how did u manage to fit ur pics so perfectly into ur little widget? XD
    lol omg i cant believe i got the mth wrong XD i fail!!!! *jumps into a bottomless pitt*

  185. Potensvita:
    It is, isn’t it *—————-*

    *peers into bottomless pit*Candiceee?????
    I went to imageshack, and resized it as a thumbnail, then entered it into a text widget :D
    Lol, I was reading your entry, and got all excited that there will be a new single out on the 23rd. Then went, hang on…how come I haven’t seen a preview of it yet XDD

  186. heys ~!
    havent been on much lately
    umm omg ! i’m starting to like Super Junior alot now. Before it was just DBSK this and DBSK that .. but past few weeks, i got bored and didnt have anything to stalk DBSK with on youtube . so i decided to watch Super Junior clips . and OMG they’re so FUNNNY !!! and i can remember all the members names now ! WOOO ! hahaha . I watched all the EHB shows til 13 i think .. did they end the show ? because i hope not, was so funny =D
    oh yeah . nice banner . looks so nice ^__^

    oh, i realised you havent blogged something about DBSK and the Olympics .. theres a voting scheme going on, and whoever wins, gets to perform at the Olympics this year, and DBSK is currently competing with Bi Rain .. DBSK is winning by 120 000 votes atm XDDD
    its pretty simple to vote . link :

    and then scroll down to the pic of DBSK . click the cirle at the bottom of the pic . then scroll down a bit til u see this white square button thingy >__< . its right under whitney houstons pic [ lol ] . and click that . new window comes up and shows you the results =] ta da ~ lols

    you can only vote every 30 minutes . so yeah . vote ~!!! ^___^

  187. OMG, you know what I was thinking … ?!?!?!?

    What if that Akanishi Jin and that Xiah Junsu competed in a game of soccer?!?!? Omigaaaaah, blows my mind to even IMAGINE the possibilities.

    And imagine all that MANLY competitiveness … !!! XDDDDD

    LOL, sorry bout that. Too much procrastination = weird me. HEHE.

    BUT, just imagine the possibilities … !!!

  188. Omg, so embarrassed!!! lol I just opened the page and closed it after I saw the banner! I am really happy you like it though. =) I didn’t even connect the pink and your name, pretty slow lol! I wasn’t really worried about being credited but thank you for the text box also!
    I feel kind of bad now, I should have worked on it more… but I didn’t save the file! Boo. Well if you ever need a graphic thing again I would be happy to help.

  189. you changed ur picture!
    lol this one looks more like u XDDD

  190. Minjee4micky:
    Omg, you like Suju now?? EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
    Yes, they are HILARIOUS. (EHB Ep.5 is the BEST)
    Have you watched Suju’s Full House?? You must, if you haven’t already. It’s SO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. :D
    I looked at the voting thing. The results won’t be taken into consideration, the site is just doing it to see who the netizens want….kinda like the Korean Hana Yori Dango poll going on right now :D
    Thanks for letting me know though! I was a bit surprised to read about Rain rehearsing for the Beijing olympics, he’s not even Chinese =.=

    You should NOT have put that image into my head.
    Like I said, you should NOT have planted that idea in my mind…

    OMG, I LOVE YOU <33333333
    Oo, I saved the file, if you want to change it. I’m ABSOLUTELY FINE with how it is, but being a perfectionist myself(in all the wrong areas), I love playing around with things till I think they’re perfect (except then I’d add something else, which will make it bad, so I have to start the whole cycle all over again ^^;;;;)
    If you ever get bored, and you want to make me anything else, then feel free! I like to be inconsistent with my layout, lol XDD
    Except next time, remember to put your name on it so everyone will know that you’re a lovely squishy <33

    Yea, I think this one looks more like me too :D The hairstyle bears a 98% resemblance to my current hairstyle (I think my colour is slightly darker though), and the clothes are like what I own (except my jeans are NOT that tight). :D
    I was procrastinating last night (HA, what else is new), so I decided to make a new doll, haha.

  191. xD i rekon its awesome that your replies are like mini essays! GAWRSH! Become my english teacher, and tell me to discuss the korean media or something and its impact on ‘naturalised thinking’ or some crap!! Gives me a good excuse to ramble on about DBSK!! *cough* My english teacher isnt that bad…he wears pretty ties ^^

    But you get hatemail?! (if you were being sarcastic, i apologise xDD) But stuff like hatemail and antifans tick me off. Why spend your time being so negative….can’t you find better things to do? -__- Go melt some gummies, and attempt painting with them! Cos seriously-SO GOOD! Dad bought me a bag of starbursts the other day, but he’d left it in the car. So when I got into the car after school, i hell pounced on the bag and was all “I LOVE YOU DADDD” ….and then i find out the gummies are partially melted, cos twas a hot day….and then i was like ” I LOVE YOUUUU DADDDDDDDD!!” (but not whilst we were driving ^^ Cos thats dangerous)

    NONO! I LOVEEEEE food! Go food critic on me if oyu must, i ADORE the lovely subject. I would’ve taken up Food technology in school if it actually counted towards my uni mark or whatever.
    But Cold Rock? Honestly that place has traumatised me….last time i went, i was oggling gummies and mars bars and snickers and whatever….and then i turn around, and WOOOOMPF! INTENSE display of PDA. And so I turn back around, and try to imprint the image of gummy into my mind, so as to erase the pda….and then after a min or so, i assumed the couple had stopped, so i turn back around……*cough* and yeh…..-__- I knew i should’ve stared at the gummies for longer than i intended

    Boiled horse bones?! HAHAHAH! Thats so random. I also had a bad experience with a horse….so that only enhances my loving of gummies (oh gawrsh, that came out so sadistic sounding xDD I apolgoise)

    Friends is AWEESOOOMMEE! But im ticked off that its on at 6 nowadays! Cos I nap afterschool, I wake up at 7, which USED to be when friends was on, so ALL was well…..*cry* I loved that episode with Brad Pitt. Chandler is absolute PWAHAHAH-ness. I recall Phoebe’s ex-bf telling Chandler, that the core reason for all his jokes was b/c he was insecure about himself…..but even if he is, i still rekon he’s cool :D

    how good is your mandarin? You ever considered subtitling stuff? I dont listen to that much C-pop…I listened to Twins once, and that pop me off SO badly….which is why i really appreciate the decent stuff I have of Jay Chou :D:D

    …..i feel like such a hypocrit. My reply to your reply is just as long….but its fun talking to you :D

  192. I think you are going have a field day with the T tour coverage.
    Yun Ho looked so handsome in the pamphlet. and there is Beautiful You preview in the concert.
    lol. they didnt perform Kiss Shita Mama, Sayonara though. haha.
    I was wishing they will perform.

  193. hello there
    i think you have a POWERSOME blog here.
    currently, i just started working and it can get pretty dull in the office and your entries cracks me up all day..
    and those wonderful pictures to drool and swoon..great job on that =)
    and yes, i too am waiting for Love fighter to be sub. i’m crazy about Teukie too XD
    great job on the blog and keep up the good work. i am definitely looking forward to read up on your upcoming entries

  194. Gummydork:
    I don’t get hate “mail” cos hardly anyone knows my email add. , but I do get some rather….bizzare comments XD.

    Guess what, I can actually hand up my blog for my assignment. I’d probably fail, but it’s totally related to the topic that I’m studying :DDD We’re encouraged to base on assignment on media areas which we’re interested in, so yay :DD

    Ahaha, I did home ec. in year 11 (cos I didn’t want to do specialist maths XD), and I got a C for prac! (A for theory though, lol). It was sooo funny, I reckon I would’ve gotten a better mark in Spec. maths, haha.

    I….strongly dislike horses. I once had to go horse riding for PE. And it was a really rainy day. Anyway, somehow, the horse I was riding, decided to to go on a little run down the hill that we were going up. And me (being the genius that I am), let go of the reigns…so….I ended up clutching on to the horses neck, hanging on for dear life, and screamed my head off. Which startled all the horses of everyone else in my class. So, I managed to set off a pack of horses, all by myself. Aren’t I talented *–*

    I never have time to watch Friends anymore (6 o’clock is NOT a good time), imo, they should just move biggest loser to 6, and have friends on at 7 again. I don’t watch much tv…oo..except for So you think you can dance. I don’t vote (can’t be bothered), but I do love the routines! (some, anyway)

    I don’t know how to sub things….I’m a geek, but also a Technoklutz at the same time, haha… I can read/speak Chinese quite well, I just can’t write anything by hand. So if I knew how to sub, I might consider subbing some SJ-C stuff, once they debut..hmm..

    Omg, you listened to Twins?? Please don’t let that set the standard for C-pop, lol, seriously. I really…don’t think very highly, of that group, lol. Me and one of the girls over at Spazzes, are planning on doing a C-pop pimp post, so maybe that’ll change your mind about C-pop?

    It’s fun talking to you too! Maybe one day we’ll meet up and paint portraits of DBSK with melted gummies, XDDDD [We’ll do that when we build our Changmin gum statue, haha]

    You’re right, I had a blast :DDD
    Btw, when is CSJH’s japanese concert??

    I LOVE reading comments like yours, it’s really nice to know that I bring laughter to people :DDDDDD
    I ADORE Teukie. Did you watch the interview that I just posted? Omg, I wanted to hug him *—–*
    I wonder when Love Fighter will get subbed….it’s been awhile..I think it’s already gotten to Ep.13? I wanna watch Teukie give “useful” advice to people. (from the pictures I’ve seen, he normally looks really really lost and confused during the show, lol)
    Thanks for your comment <333

  195. real sorry on replying late. late. haha. because i was having exams. haha. supposedly the girls’ concert was on the same day as the T tour. March 19. and the upcoming one is on the sunday. Hopefully, there will be more news. ^^

  196. i just saw a news… that is very weird. ^^
    I heard ELF is going to buy the stocks of SM town to have a say in the SUJU-addition-members thingy.
    Hum… Just want to inform you. As for my opinion, best kept quiet. ^^

  197. hihi hello hello

    yes, i watched the Leeteuk’s video which you’ve just posted and i like the part when he said that it’s “March 2008, and there’s still time to make plans”..something like that. Cause right now, my future is sorta dark and when he said that, he sort of gave me hope. You get what I’m saying? Haha XD

    And I too love how he said that TODAY is a special day and he gave out that unique quote. He’s a ultra super cool guy. I adore his voice though…it’s like caramel??? Heee…

    I seriously want Love Fighter to be sub. Like what you said, I want to hear the “useful” advises he gave. It’s funny, how when he said that “there’s no love in this world” during the 3CWS…and yet he’s doing Love Fighter. So I’m kinda curious too how he will make a couple happy in the end..hmmmz.

    Oh yes, I simply like the way you gush about in your entries with just about everything. LOL. It means that I’m not the only one doing that all the time =)

    Looking forward to your upcoming entries.

    Ciao ;)

    Warmest regards,

    P/s: Where do you come from? Just wondering though….

  198. Hi babe!
    Love your posts/comments on DBSK =D
    It’s very entertaining and interesting.
    I made a layout for you, in appreciation for all your work in setting up this blog to inform others about DBSK/SUJU etc.

    Can you email me at Since I don’t have your email addy. Would love to send you the layout!

    Cheers <3

  199. Potensvita:
    Yea, I saw something on Soompi about that. I’m glad that the ELVES aren’t protesting anymore, but…this just seems like a huge waste of money =.=

    I looooooooooooooooved the interview, SO SWEET. ^————-^
    He can be so deep and meaningful sometimes *—*
    Lol, yes, I tend to go a little “over” with my posts don’t I XDDD I’m not like this in real life, i promise. lol XD
    My family is Chinese, but I currently live in Australia, so my chances of seeing the boys are….very small XD

    I got your email~!
    I like the layout, but I think it’s a bit too big? I’ll email you regarding all the details :DD
    Thanks so much for making it!!!

  200. I MUST SHARE THIS! srry fr who has seen this.
    DBSK the prisoner of azkaban:LOL junsu!

    dont mess with junsu<3:

    IDK,why this crack me up so bad xD:

    japanese dude immitate junsu:

    who’s the real cam-whore:

    lets talk about eyebags:

  201. hey guys!!!
    thought you’d wanna know the real price for the DBSK concert goods.
    29 sing dollars for the purple tape is WAY to expensive. don’t you think?

  202. Koreanchocolate:
    That video of Junsu being bullied is HILARIOUS XDDDD
    Thanks for sharing~~ Will do a post on in soon (on a slow news day, aha :P)

    $29 for TAPE?! Normal purple tape would just cost $5 =.=
    Where did you see this, btw?


    okay now that i have your attention :D
    i read from a source that SM is planning to have dbsk in a new movie called “Hip Hop”, based on a cartoon series. apparentally it’s a new idea that SM has agreed to 100%, though are currently looking for a screenwriter. they said that the taiwanese band F4 (meteor garden) will be in it too!

    here’s the link:

    i hope this helps! i’ve been a fan of your hilarious opinions and insight for a long time and i just want to say thank you for the awesome updates. :) thanks!

  204. pinkandsparkly :
    oh gosh! i thought i put up the link already
    ergh. careless me.
    they;ve removed the pictures already since no more order can be taken.

    i’ve bought stg from there before. hehez

  205. cattx33 :

    really? it’s confirmed? there have beenr rumours about it all the time but i never thought it’s true.
    if it is, i’m sooooo looking forward to it!

  206. cattx33 and ervxiah: hey actually the rumour about SM confirming 100% has also been circulating for a while but SM themselves or DBSK still havnt mentioned it

    its HAEface in ur special txtbook :D
    *cuddles*…you and hae :D

  208. Cattx33:
    Thanks for commenting!
    I think Candychu has already answered your question ^^ (she’s a co-author)
    It would be SO great, to see them in a drama *——–* I don’t know how good actors they are, but it would just be good to see them :D I loved their Bajun dramas :D

    Thanks for the link!
    Their concert merchandise are always so expensive ;__________;
    Hope Yesasia will sell it :D

    Donghae in my textbook? where??? (i’ve actually got my textbook opened in front of me XD)I’m pretty sure he won’t be appearing in a book about Surveillance economy though :P

  209. LOL i know i made a mistake but were u being sarcastic wen u didnt know wat i meant???
    I meant special txtBOX….happy? =P
    if donghae was in my txtbook id be able to study…real easy. to study hae himself would actually be enjoyable…ive almost finished my report…oooooooooooosh ~!
    and do u mean banjun drama :P (hehe now its u that have made a mistake…im so cruel!!!!!)

  210. Candychu:
    Moi?? Sarcastic?? NEVER! :PP
    Pffft, I didn’t make a mistake, I just invented my own way of spelling the word, I’m CREATIVE :P
    And yes, I would be able to “study” way better if DBSK/SJ were in my textbooks XD

  211. pinkandsparkly :

    yes. lols. i won’t mind studying 24/7 if DBSK/SJ were in my textbooks too :P

  212. LOOOOOOL i just read A SUPER ridiculous thing ever!
    some one is challenging suju -_- this “newbie” or shall i say noob will be debuting some where in april? CHECK OUT THE VIDEO :

    they even wrote TADO SUPER JUNIOR(defeat/overthrow super junior ?)
    they are called A’st1. ( DNT ASK ME HOW TO PRONOUNCE THT!) well, i think they are just digging their grave. ELF’s must be really pist right now lol. if u wanna promote yrself, do it in a SAFER way, just like other artist please lol. they are jst trying to catch some attention. im anticipating the reaction of elf lol.

  213. oh oh, frgt to add tht. could they just say smthg more harmless like “challenging”(dojeon) instead ???

    they justttt have to use the word tado which means defeat overthrow, or shall i say strike down? well, in conclusion its just a rather sensitive word? lol. im just wondering how would suju react?:O

  214. Koreanchocolate:
    The Elves are going to KILL them, seriously. Their management company is so STUPID XD
    Thanks for sharing, will do a post on it :D

  215. koreanchocolate:
    i honestly thought it was some parody or at least a jk wen i saw it but then i read it on more and more sites XD
    theyre supposed to be called “a style” or SMTHING ridiculous along those lines…i just think the abbreviation is really stupid…or at least make the actual name better.
    btw pinkandsparkly its apparently 4 koreans, one jap and one chinese O_O
    also the reason i commented was bcoz i noticed u changed ur tag cloud to categories and i saw ‘who do you wish to stalk…candychu’ and i was like ‘waaaaaaaaaaat?’ XD

  216. candychu:
    OH SAME HERE, when i frst read it, i thought tht the dude/chick(lol) who wrote it was just bored & have no life. but i was like “!!!!!!!!!!!” when it was true! let see if the noobies have THE voice.

    btw guess wht? i just read THT ss501 is challenging DBSK! well not like making a video and all. but they admitted tht they were defeated by DBSK last time, but they are confident that they can OUT-DO DBSK next time. sorry fr the ss501 fans, but i kinda think tht ss501 doesnt have tht OH SO UNIC voice like DBSK. & their dancing is not tht intense as DBSK.they just look pretty. they are good to look at lol xD i think them as an merchandice lol.(i didnt mean tht!) DSP is soo stupid. now DSP have 2 enemies, cassiopeia and elf lol xD OH AND BIGEAST BUAHAHAHAAHHA ahaha:p. well bigeast is not tht hard core but i just wanna add tht fr fun:p

  217. lol, i sound like a kid xD let me cmmnt about ss501 vs DBSK professionally lol :p
    GOOD luck fr both groups, they both have their own “specialty’ and unic-ness, BUTTT! im just soo annoyed by ss501’s company, are they putting on a fight or smthg, or thts jut their unic/special way of promoting their boys to get attention. sorry about my 1st cmmnt, i was on flame since DBSK is the frst boyband i ever been obsessed with xD 2nd is suju! lol just have to add tht xD,
    good lcuk dbsk GD ss501.

  218. pinkandsparkly :

    can you pls do a post on KyuHyun? i wanna know more about him.

    i just realized that he has an amazing voice. probably i just watched his duet with Charice in Star King.

    he must be a tough guy for he had gone through a tragic accident last year.


  219. ervxiah:
    omg YAY you’re into Kyuhyun now!!! LOL I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT BOY
    have u checked out his bday post??
    its right here:
    and if ur interested i did a couple of posts on my other blog where ive just blabbed about kyuhyun but check out the videos!
    enjoy! and lemme know wat u think! if theres anything more ud like to know ill try suss it out for you ^^

  220. candychu :

    lols. you’re so cute! haha. i ONLY began to notice him today. i felt heartache when i knew he was the one involved in the accident.

    thanks for giving me the links to his birthday post!! keke. i’ll read every word of it later.. lols. you know.. it’s LOOONNG.

    thank you thank you! yeap. i’ll let you know what i think. sure!I know who to turn to when i wanna know about him!!!!

  221. ervxiah:
    haha XD LOL at least he’s finally gotten your attention! I know, I cried during that Star King ep which was Kyuhyun’s comeback show…it was SO SAD when they played the footage and even now thinking about it has given me goosebumps O_O
    HAHA you’ll appreciate the length :P there are 10 videos i think ^^
    hehe no problem!! just spreading the Kyuhyun love <3

  222. koreanchocolate:
    i read that as well!! (sorry i read ur comment and forgot to reply coz i had dinner XD) i think DSP r running out of marketing strategies :S
    and over at popseoul everyone’s bashing each other…kinda XD
    and wats upsetting is jae is friends with one of them isnt he? and i know this might be ‘friendly’ competition but the way theyre being promoted sounds threatening :S
    especially since DBSK r supposed to be making a comeback in KR, their jap fans will feel neglected and seek comfort elsewhere :S
    im really worried for dbsk coz they have spent so long in japan, working their skinny butts off and probably lost a lot of KRn fans and so if by returning to KR they now lose their jap fans then it all went to nothing :(

  223. lols. it’s very brave of you to admit that u cried.
    lols. i had tears rolling down. bleks. yeah..even kangin n leeteuk teared.

    yeap. DBSK boys have gotten so skinny..lols..gosh. btw, they had so many hip dance during their T concert. junsu’s duck butt. can’t wait for the release of the DVD. tempting..

    *runs away hiding. hahahaha

  224. Han geng is actually sexy to me?
    credit : idarklight @ youtube.

  225. The clip above is co cute. the small kids are pure love. Kang ho dong. I am so jealous of you. those yellow kids are SO SO CUTE.

  226. Erv:

    I don’t normally like small children (their constant screaming annoys the heck out of me) but those little blue and yellow blobs were so CUTE XD

  227. hi guys!!!!
    lols. i miss u you guys so much! lols. i wasn’t able to go online for these two days only and i was so sad cause i couldn’t read your posts! heys! i’m only away for TWO days and you guys wrote so many posts. i seriously need time to catch up!

    wheee!! thanks for cheering me up. seriously, my day won’t be complete without reading your posts and me writing comments!!
    luv u people!!

    pinkandsparkly :
    yes, i like his tush, very much. haha..*coughs.sounds wrong. gotta admit it, he’s cute.

  228. Erv:
    We’ve missed your comments <333
    Lol, it’s the….we’ve all had some free time to write posts XDD
    Your lovely comments always brighten my day <3!

    P.S: Yes, Junsu does have a nice duck butt XD Not that I look there or anything *shifty eyes*

  229. gosh. i forgot it’s the weekend. no wonder. Same here, your lovely posts always brighten my day!also refers to candychu and potensvita!

    ha! pinkandsparkly, u peeped at his nice duck butt.

    I’ll name him The Callipygian Junsu
    *blushes and runs off hidin’

  230. Hey Hi!

    Read the post about SuJu leaving the countdown show. Haish, even though I’ve never watch the show before, my heart still went out to them. Yeap, Leeteuk’s ponytail..lalalala~~

    And kudos to the post about BoA. I adore that lady. Aah, it’s already a Monday already!

    Honestly speaking, I’m kinda bored right now, so there’s not much to say here. Haha =)

    Warmest regards,

  231. ervxiah
    I don’t usually drop by here. But I miss you too. ^^

  232. pontensvita :

    *grinz :D:D:D

  233. grins back. PS: you do know I am a bit lesbian-ish right?

  234. I am loving the pimp posts. =) Sorry I never got back to you! I am more of a reader. haha Anywho I love the new banner! But I just could not help myself when you said you wanted a Super Junior one. I SO want to make it if you let me! I will remember my name this time! LOL I thought I would ask you what you want this time though? Like colour and picture. <3

  235. Erv:
    You are special ^———–^

    You should youtube some of their M!Countdown skits that they’ve done, they’re hilarious XDDD
    I hate seeing Teukie cry :( But seriously, the boy cries more than me, and i’m a girl XD
    I….don’t really like his ponytail ^^;; I want him to bring back the Haengbok hair!

    You’re another special one :P

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiii :DDDDDDD
    Ooo, did you try out the music that we recommended? You should, they’re good :P I’m still working on a few more pimp posts, including a really really long one on Akanishi Jin, just because I’m currently obsessed him XDDDD So do look forward to that :P

    Lol, I was hoping you would offer when I wrote the message in the textbox XDD I really like how you used the colour scheme of the layout last time (with the light blue) it looked so nice and shiny *—–* so if you can still do something with the light blue colour, then that’d be GREAT :DD As for picture….as long as the banner has all 13 boys, I really don’t mind. Just use whatever is easiest~!
    ILU, you’re my photoshop angel <3! :P

  236. yeah… I am special. By the way, pinky, you know that I am a bit lesbianish too right?Battles eyelash. I love the new header. Lol. and the cartoon Jae Joong is so cute. Sometime, I wished I know both Japanese and Korean then, I can just read those news. ^^

  237. pinkandsparkly :

    just found out that Akanishi Jin that you adore so much is one of the KAT-TUN member?I thought he was the one acted in Hana Kimi. lols. i haven gotten the chance of listening to their songs although i heard about them often as my house mate was crazy about ’em. kekez.

    potensvita :

    lols. just because you like female singers doesn’t make u lesbianish. lols.

    i wonder how the header can fit 13 people. will it be too small. i love the new header too XD

  238. Potensvita:
    Well, I like men. XDDDDDDDDDDDDD
    And of course Jae is cute, are you questioning my taste :P

    Nooooo, Jin wasn’t in Hanakimi XD
    He’s a member of Kat-tun, yes :D I WILL convert you to him, because I’m currently going through a Jin phase XD Here, watch this, and tell me what you think:

  239. Jin was in Yukan Club right? haha. anyway, you might be seduced by me… and jump straight into the lesbian club.

  240. sorry to spam this. but suju did a Christmas special on Star King. It is Subbed in English. The Whole episode was so COOL. especially the sand art.

    credit : shieldkitten

  241. Pinkandsparkly :

    oh no~~ it’s enough for me to be in Junsu’s phase. him alone has made me zany already. lols..another Jin? I’m not sure whether i can take it. hahahaha.okay. i’ll tell u what i think later. mum’s here. can’t possibly watch it in front of her. ^^

    Potensivita :

    thanks for the link! lols.we’ll see.

  242. LOL Of course I listened to the songs! <3 I found you were right about Xing – In Your Hands (English). LOVE IT and I understood 100%!!! The talent is undeniable. Thank you so much for the download!! I was kind of iffy about the band because they are younger! T-T FT Island give me the same dilemma. I just feel weird. And Kevin is so cute… kill me! haha I cannot believe I am getting older, soon all the new bands will be younger than me!!
    Anywho, I did look into them more and I love Yoohak also. Fully should have been in the MV for that! LOL And this cannot just be me… Gwang Chul in blonde fully looks like the blonde Donghae. No? LOL Just a little? So does!! Anywho, I think I will do a little video hunt for them later.

    It is such a coincidence you are doing a Akanishi Jin post! I was doing a major Yamapi video watching day, and of course that lead to videos of him! I used to only listen to jpop/jrock (Gackt, Miyavi, Arashi<3, NEWS), but I stopped like 3 years ago? Kind of miss it! I feel so left out now though because I have missed so much. I am sure your post will hope me out!

    Omg this is getting so long. Sorry! Okay as for the headers I made two because I got caught up. The first one is kind of just fun and random:

    But the second one I love! I just like the simpler look more:
    I hope you like them!! <3

  243. Potensvita:
    Yep, he was in Yukan club with Junno, I still haven’t watched that yet though, I’m such a bad fan XD I need to finish Kurosagi and Tatta hitotsu no Koi first (Omg, Tatta hitotsu no Koi is SUCH a good drama, highly recommend it.
    Thanks for the starking link~! I don’t have time to watch it right now :( I have exams coming up next week, but I will watch it in my 2 week break!

    HEEHEEEE You must watch the Jin video~~~!

    Thank you~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!
    I love both *—-* Maybe the second one a bit more, cos I like the simpler look more too XD And the font is absolutely adooorable <3 and you used the pictures from one of my favourite SJ photoshoots, so yayyyy :DDD But there’s so much love in the first one *—-* hehe
    You’re such a good photoshopper, ilu <3! If you ever feel like making me more……ok, I’m being demanding now, i’ll stop XD
    I AM SO GLAD THAT YOU LIKE XING!! Lol, I don’t know the members names (Except for Kevin), but from the pictures, I do think that one of the boys looks like Donghae from the TWINS days… They’re ALL younger than me though, so it feels so weird liking them XD But I’m not THAT much older than them, so it’s ok :P Omg you like Yamapi?? ME TOOOOO. Have you watched the video of him playing pictionary? so funny XDDD Did you watch the Yamapi/Jae fanfic trailer? If they ever do a project together, I would be so happpy *—* I’m going through a huge J-pop phase right now, so I’ve been listening to a lot of Kat-tun, NEWS, Koda Kumi, etc. My favourite 3 JE boys, would be Jin, Yamapi, and Kame (cos I’m currently watching Tatta hitotsu no koi, and omg, SO GOOD). Have you watched cartoon Kat-tun? It’s a variety show hosted by the Kat-tun boys, it’s hilarious XDDD
    This comment is turning into an essay, so I should probably end it XD so in conclusion, thank you SO MUCH for making those 2 headers for me <3333! I love them, and will put them up next week (maybe i’ll use the 2nd one first, and the 1st one next next week) :DDDD

  244. pinkandsparkly:

    *fans myself and turned on the air cond after watching Jin’s video that u gaf me.

    OMG. PINKANDSPARKLY> i’m so gonna slaughter u. lols.

  245. Erv:
    HOW HOT IS HE *——————*
    Now I will convert you into a Jin fan too XDDD
    Btw, isn’t his english pronunciation just superb? *—* He wrote the english lyrics to that song, and it’s GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT, OMG. XD

  246. Pinkandsparkly :


    haha. still in the process of converting me into a Jin Fan. Try me.. Haha

    He wrote it??!! and it’s GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT? ok…*kaching. he has another reason for being loved by me soon…i mean..soooooon. i hope.

  247. ervixah

    Haha. This isn’t pinkandsparkly, but I *had* to get your attention somehow … !!!

    In reference to you becoming a Jin fan?! Oh, you WILL be converted. You definitely will be. JUST YOU WATCH. XDDDDDD

  248. Erv:
    ahaha, I echo what Playmeagain said, you will DEFINITELY be converted, BWAAAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA XDDDDDDDDD

    LOL, we sound like we’re leaders members of the “Akanishi Jin cult” or something XDD
    and THANK YOU for that email :DDDD ILUSM~!!! Lol, I felt so loved when I read it ^——–^ I was like, “LOOK, I HAVE A FRIEND” :DDD

  249. Pinkandsparkly & Playmeagain:

    i’m definitely be converted? DEFINITELY? lols. really? lols. i’m supposed to be loyal to one though. hmm..okay. okay..i’ll see..i’ll see. looking forward to it. how are you going to convert me? lols

  250. Erv:
    Oh we have our ways….just you wait and see :P But yes, you’ll definitely be converted, unless you’re like Potensvita and hot+cute guys aren’t your type :PPP

  251. -_-

  252. No problem!! :D That photoshoot was one of my favourites to… especially the picture of Heechul presenting the flowers to Hankyung!<3
    You are so not demanding anything! I do not mind making banners at all, but I am usually pressed for ideas or too indecisive. If you have an idea it would be easier, you can just tell me and I will work on it! =)
    I am not that much older than them either, apparently the earlier members were my age… but omg one new member just turned 14. *flail*
    Yamapi playing pictionary is too funny… he is such an artist. It was all planed out and the lines were perfect. If I were me I would have been more like Kame playing LOL. Um and Kame+Yamapi together pure love. I remember a clip where Kame fed Yamapi! Cute!
    I think I favourite clip of Yamapi is the Kurosagi self camera, mainly the end:

    Not sure if you saw but so worth rewatching. When he says “I do apologize” to everyone I just fall off my chair!
    I did see the JaejoongxYamapi trailer! That was insane. Hollywood should hire that person for trailers/posters! haha I hope Jaejoong and Yamapi get together for a project. I have noticed DBSK is quite far removed from other teenage groups in Japan. They are a pretty close knit community though so I am not surprised. Most of the artists have been friends for years or worked together other times. I think it would be a little awkward for them two! I bet they would size eachother up haha. Still, both are so dorky that I am sure they would warm up to eachother.
    All your favourites are so good! I haven’t seen Tatta Hitotsu No Koi. I will have to add that to my watch list now! You should definitely look more into Arashi if you have not though. Love them still. So funny. So nice. So talented. OMG Ohno is just a amazing dancer. This is my favourite:

    I have fully tried to learn the dance for that to! I look so dorky pointing to no one in my room.
    I have only seen a few episodes of Cartoon Kat-tun but very funny! The episode where Minami from Yukan Club (which I have no watched! T-T) was there killed me. Kame speaking French! LMAO. Time Killing Box! LMAO Jin wants to “Kill the Time Killing Box!” DIES.
    Um *idea*.. yes… DBSK can come on the show!
    Ok.. mine is an essay too, this is so sad… I am writing this essay instead of the philosophy essay due Monday! LOL I’ll get to that eventually…

  253. Ringy:
    Philosophy essay? sounds….riveting :P
    I’m supposed to be studying for my exams (which are next week) but…I don’t want to :D
    I really love the SJ photoshoot that they did for their repackaged album, cos I love the Hanchul flowers bit, and I also really really really like Leeteuk’s hairstyle in that photoshoot :D.
    I’m really not picky about what pictures are used for the banner, I love all the pictures that they’ve taken :P Well, except for the DBSK triangle ones, they were…..tragic xD. I really like the light blue colour scheme though, cos then everything matches ^——–^ So yea, feel free to throw banners my way ;)
    Omg, one of the members just turned FOURTEEN??? *faints*
    Yamapi is so CUTE :D. I love Nobuta wo Produce because of him, lol XD I love seeing him and Kame together too! Kame can’t draw to save his life ^^;;; Actually, have you seen the Nobuta wo Produce special where they all stood in a line, and drew stuff, and the last person had to say what it was? Yamapi ruined every picture XDDD
    Thanks for the Kurosagi link! It won’t work at the moment ;_____; but I’ll try again tmrw :D. I’m up to Ep.5 of Kurosagi :DDD.
    I don’t know very much about Arashi, I only know that Jun Matsumoto is in it, haha (cos I remember him from Hana Yori Dango). I watched the video of the Arashi boy dancing! He is SO GOOD. I’ve always had this theory that JE boys are talent-less airheads, but Yamapi, Kat-tun, and now this Arashi boy, have totally changed my theory! :DD! Btw, I love his pink jacket, lol XDD
    You must watch Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, cos then I’ll have someone to spazz about that with :D It’s a really good drama (if you’re into romance dramas)and Kame is SO HOT in it *—–* Before I watched that, I thought he was a really weird person with feminine eyebrows, but now I LOVE HIM, HEEEHEEEEEE.
    I haven’t seen that episode of cartoon kat-tun, but Kame spoke French in it? I HAVE TO WATCH IT. Lol, I’m currently studying French, it’s awesome fun :| I would LOVE to see DBSK on the same program as a JE boy (preferably one I know, lol)and it would just be $%$#^&^*&(! FANTASTIC if they go on Cartoon Kat-tun, cos the Kat-tun boys are all such DORKS, and I’m sure DBSK would loosen up too if they go on the show :D.
    Yay for writing essays to each other :P
    I’m gonna go youtube that episode of Cartoon Kat-tun now ^——–^

  254. nice header!!
    the header can actually fir all of them!
    yea…i should learn photoshop too. lols..gosh. ppl say that it’s fun once u know how to use it. ergh..

    i HEART the font. so nice..

  255. Hey!
    Oh man the banner looks a little weird, no? I think I got the dimensions wrong. 750 instead of 795. I fixed it up a little. Here it is:
    I made the first one the correct size though. :S I think I need to sleep when making banners. Sorry for the trouble!! <3
    Anywho, essay is more a pain. I still have not started.. due in 13 hours. T-T Moving on..
    I will admit that Eeteuk’s hair is pretty amazing in that photoshoot, looks better than the bush he was sporting recently… :x
    I think I have an awesome idea for a banner, but it will take me awhile because I have never tried this effect before. I hope I can do it! It is with the mic like this:
    I think a DBSK one though. Definitely need to investigate.
    OMG Nobuta wo Produce was just crazy. I watch so many drama’s for just Yamapi. Stand Up! was my favourtie. Very funny/cute. + Nino was it in. Pure love.
    And I so remember that special. Yamapi’s were really cute! Sometimes you would see his face though and he looked so evil changing the drawings! LOL And his stars! Oh my. So fail.
    Episode 5! Ahh I am so jealous. I need just like a day to myself and that drama… + food.
    haha Pink Jacket FTW. No I had a similar thing where I thought they were just pretty boys, but they really do get alot of training and work hard. I think sometimes the way they are marketed is just for looks though.
    I am SO into romance dramas. Okay… (1 hour break) I just watched episode 1!! The girls reaction to him staring at her is SO funny! And the friend listing off the girls in his life made me LOL for 10 minutes. DRINKING BEER FROM PITCHER! LOL I am not sure about Ayuta though =(. I kind of switch from liking him to being skeptical.
    Um, and falling in the pool with me would not never be that romantic. I would be more pissed he was ruining all my clothes + everyone was looking!! And I would have like a mop on my head. Not good.
    I fully found the cutest thing to be when Kame was cooking for the little brother. “Sunny side up?” “Yes” and best part..”Okay” in english and sexily. LOL Okay I so replayed that 5 times and so not strange.
    I am happy Kame went even if it was 40 minutes late. Taking off the coat was such a classic move to… despite the reasons! Oh my, the part about love being like a baby. Perfect. Ah, I really like the series. Thank you for introducing me to it!
    Just BTW, the soundtrack is pretty sweet to!
    :O Ah you are studying French! That is very impressive! LOL I am from Canada so I had to take it, and I suck. Badly. Not very motivated in it though.
    I agree DBSK would loosen up, and that would be great! I think Junsu would just kill the show. He is very funny and in an atmosphere like that… :D
    Ah, real essay writing time. boo
    p.s: Cannot wait for Siwon’s birthday post!!

  256. HELLO! lol, it has been a week since i last visit here lol.
    LOVE yr header but i just cant stop lolling at kangin XDDDDDDDDDDDD srry dde, aahha
    OH TODAY IS SIWONNIE’S B’DAY RIGHT? happy birthday! cant wait fr the post too :D

    btw i think im the only one tht STILL dont undersntd about SUJU-M. it sounds like a brand fr chocolates lol.

    just wanna share this. its during one of their bigeast episodes. GOOD BOY JOONGIE strikes again xD

  257. OMG, RINGY, you’re from Canada?!?!??! No, I’m not some stalker, but HELLO, FELLOW CANUCK. XDDDDD

    Have I mentioned that I scare people!? XDDDDD

  258. Quick headzup. Must read, if you haven’t yet:

    Fan Account (30-03-2008) Osaka concert

    Credit: sparkskey@lj

    Her fan account is love <333

  259. I am going to read that fan account. thanks.

  260. On other hand, I gave up. too much to read. T.T

  261. Erv:
    Ringy made it, isn’t she awesome :D
    Lol, I want to learn photoshop too XD But I’m wayyy too lazy XDDD

    Lol, I have a 2 week break coming up, so I’ve got a bunch of things due this week, and I still haven’t started 70% of it XD I’M COOL.
    Oo, the microphone one looks awesome! Looks really complicated though :S. And yea, I think you’ll have to use it for a DBSK banner, cos Suju is so hard to fit XDD
    I haven’t seen Stand Up…but Yamapi was freaking ADORABLE in “Nobuta wo Produce”, I loved his little hand gestures that he kept doing, and when he said “Suuu-ji” XDD
    I’ve heard some pretty bad things about JE, but meh, all management companies are evil (HI, SM) I really just look at the members’ personalities. Even if they can’t sing (eg. majority of Kat-tun XD) I’d still love them if they have great personalities :DDD
    I’m so glad you liked Tatta hitotsu no koi!! I love it :D Still haven’t finished it yet, though ( I FAIL!)
    And, yes, falling into a pool with me would not be that romantic either, I’d probably start freaking out and scream “I’M DROWNING!!!!!!!!!” (in a 1 meter deep pool XD) because I’m such a drama queen XD
    The hottest Kame scene (for me) is in Ep 6 (i think)when he grabbed a knife WITH HIS HAND, I MELTED when I watched that, it was SO hot (but dangerous, and kinda scary) :P
    I really like the ending song! Jin was in America when they recorded that, so it just sounds like Kame’s the only one singing the whole time XDD
    Yes, I am studying French, worst decision ever. I thought it would be easy, cos people told me that it’s similar to English, but NOOOOO, IT’S ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE AND I HATE IT :DDD.
    I want to see Junsu and Taguchi out-oyagi gag each other XDDDD

    LOL, BRAND NAME FOR CHOCOLATES, LMAO XDDD I thought “Super Junior – Mandarin” sounded like candy, orange flavoured Super Junior XDDD
    Thanks for the link! Jae is SUCH a dork, i love him XD Have you watched the video of him counting? It’s hilarious.

    I don’t know anything about Canada, except that it snows there, and you can buy maple candy XD

    I’m so jealous of fans who got to see it LIVE *—-*

  262. OK! Im dragging you into my sibling rivalry with my sister! Who is that in your “Pinkandsparkly’s special text box” xD My sister says its Wu Zun, but it youve only mentioned him once or twice in your entire blog, so i was like, NAH! Must be that Jumhyuk guy…

    But my sister is so sure its Wu Zun. So who is it? (xD Oh gawrsh, its gonna be a bad loss if i lose :P)

  263. Gummydork:
    LOL XDD Sorry, but your sister’s right XD
    It IS Wuzun! I’m trying to confuse people, and it’s working XDD MWAAAHAHAHAHA
    I rarely mention Wuzun in my blog, but I do find him really really really attractive, I just think he needs voice lessons XD

  264. *puppyeyes* you were meant to side with MEEEEEE!!!

    xD Thats cool….*sigh* Off to admit my defeat….GEEZ! Youre meant to support your fellow DBSK supporters!!

    This doesnt stop me from wanting to build a gum-changmin-statue with you though ;)

    Hahaha! Wuzun’s good looking, but Jiro and Aaron attract my line of sight *cough*

  265. Gummydork:
    I love Aaron <3333 His voice is SOOOOO attractive *———–* and he’s just too cute :DDD I actually like all the Fahrenheit boys, I think they’re really funny, and have great personalities. They just all need to learn to sing :P (except for Aaron, because he can already sing xP)
    Yes, one day, WE WILL BUILD OUR CHANGMIN STATUE (from the four pieces of gum which will cost us $20,000 XDDD)

  266. GUESS WHAT?!?! Your site’s SO SPECIAL AND COOL that it’s been officially blocked from my school’s internet. XDDDD Now I can’t access your site from school, which pains me greatly.

    HOWEVER, Canned Ice’s site is still up for grabs. XDDD

    I guess I’ll just have to write you ridiculously long emails during my APPs.

    LOL, that’s all you need to know about Canada. The rest isn’t so important. XDDDDD

    That said, I’m ridiculously ignorant about Australia (KANGAROOOS FTW. Okay, see what I mean?! XDDD), so you know, it’s all good.

  267. Because crack must be shared XD

    All from kpophumor lj comm:

    1. strange hyukkie-ness posted by chiphyuk

    2. Siwon-ness

    >posted by moukimokyu

    Are you there God? –

    >posted by kyutopire

    Siwon, sick and tire of the ladies?

    Kissy –
    REjection –

    3. Kyu-ness and Kibum-ness >posted by kyutopire

    Know-it-all-BB Kyu –

    Kibum Freaking out Sungmin –

  268. uh..uhhh

    querubin :

    thanks for the link.
    i read it! lols. she’s so lucky. she’s been both of their concert and i find it amazing that she knew how to get ticket for the osaka concert.

    *feels a pang of jealousy here.

  269. candy? lool u jstt loveee candy huh? ahahha well i prefer cupcakes and cookies xDDD OH it means mandarin. but SUJU-M still sounds like a brand fr chocolates. ahahaa. & abt th video, YEAH, at first i was like “WTH” ahha but after i read the translation i was like OHH, ahah.
    but which one are u talking abt? the one tht he act like he was drunk or the one tht he did a really dorky pose in the end with a thums up? ahaha but my fav will be mickey’s!! OMGG soo sexyyyyy. but of crse im not cheating on u jae xD

  270. yoyo!

    i had a fantabulous time reading your entries these days. especially the part about Suju-M first MV. I read it during lunch time in the office and I couldn’t finish my food because after reading your detailed entry, I was ULTRA SUPER EXCITED man! I can’t stop gushing about it. Hankyung’s HOT and think that was some major transformation going on with his hair. I kept repeating his part over and over again!!

    though i admit after reading other comments, i have to say Suju-M does sound like a chocolate brand though. aish~ i’m craving for one right now.

    hahaha. i’m definitely coming back for more =)

    oh, and my friend successfully turned me into a DBSK fan recently. now i’m torn between leeteuk and max. ermm…help? hahaha.

    see ya!

  271. Playmeagain:
    It must be blocked because you keep going on it during your frees xP
    Ooo, I know something else about Canada, French is an official language :DDD Btw, can you speak French?
    I like maple syrup on my pancakes ^——-^

    I love the one of Siwon being rejected by those little girls, and the one of Kibum scaring Sungmin XDDD Thanks for sharing!!

    Don’t worry, you can cheat on Jae all you want, COS HE’S MINE :DDD ALL MINE, BWAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA
    I meant the video of him counting and then doing the weird/dorky pose at the end XD
    I loved Junsu’s one too :D

    Lol, it wasn’t me who posted the SJ-M MV entry XDD It was Candychu the other writer :D I don’t blame you for getting us mixed up though, I always read her posts and think “hmmm, i don’t remember writing that…..” XDDD WE SOUND/READ THE SAME :D
    You’re a DBSK fan now? WELCOME TO THE FAMILY :DDD Lol, you’re gonna have to fight Candychu for Changmin though, but if you choose Teuk, you’ll have to deal with me XDDDDD

  272. nurulnunu:
    HIII lol you got me mixed up with pinkandsparkly :P and I guess I should be taking that as a compliment :P…maybe hahahaha XDD
    LOL torn b/t changmin and teuk….oooh thats tough. But you know what’s tougher? Fighting over Changmin with me :DDDDD
    Hahahahaha hope we didn’t/don’t scare you too much :P

  273. BWAHHAHA all u wnt, he will be crawling bck to me, trust me xDD we are meant to bee. ahah
    junsu’s? ahhaha tht one made me LOL so hard. gsh ILH!!!!!! cant haelp it, i just have to cheat on u jae!!! srryy, ahaha btw the pati2 magazine, is a little bit weird, hahaha i mean the dressing. ahaha. they loook GREAT but wht is YUNHO wearing xD hahaha

  274. pinkandsparkly :

    hey! someone has to fight junsu over me.

    guess i dun haf to fight as junsu’s not interested by anyone here?

  275. erv:
    HEYYYYYYYYY WHO SAYS NO ONE IS INTERESTED IN JUNSU??? He’s like, my 2nd fav member from DBSK :DDD I love his laugh. It’s almost as infectious as mine LMAO except when people laugh they’re laughing AT me more than WITH me T____T

  276. talking about his laugh.

    does anyone have his EunKyangKyang laugh? i wanna use that as my ringtone.

  277. erv:
    i answered ur Q about henry’s age but ill put it here as well ^^
    his bday is oct 1989 so he is still older than me ^_____________^ but i swear he looks like hes 15 or something. I cant get over the way he got so shy during his lil interview and passed the mic back to hankyung XD

    if ur in no hurry, sometime this wkend ill make a recording of his laugh from AADBSK2 survival quiz thingy majig and ill upload it.
    in the meantime if ur able to find some HQ recording then please share :D

  278. Koreanchocolate:
    LOL, Yunho’s blazer is SO SPECIAL :DDDD
    Haha, I think a million girls think that they’re “meant to be” with Jae XDDDDD

    I only have Leeteuk’s laugh ^^
    And dw, I’m sure Playmeagain will fight you for Junsu, in fact, she’s probably taking her club out from under her bed as I type this XDDD

    Candy ice:
    Do post :DDDDDD I want to use Eu kyang kyang for my ringtone tooo

  279. candychu!!!!
    *argh! u mean u will record his Eunkyang kyang laugh??!! really?!! thank u so much!!! *throws confetti at candychu!

    of course i’ll share anything related to them. sharing is carin’. i hope i can find some though.
    good thing that u posted henry’s age here too. oh..he’s the same age as me. lols..woops* i just revealed my own age. still, younger than me. lols.

    kinda cute that he’s so shy in front of the camera. he was like. hello, i;m the youngest member in SJ-M.

    pinkandsparkly : what’s leeteuk’s laugh like?

    playmeagain will fight me for Junsu? hahahaha.

    my dad will definitely give me the look if i use Eun KyangKyang as my ringtone. in fact, i’m driving him crazy as yesterday, i made the one of the Korean side dishes. then my dad was like KOREAN stuff again??

    he hates the smell of kimchi. kekekez! gosh. can’t persuade him to have a trip to korea since he dislike the food :(

  280. Erv:
    I’ll upload his laugh and give it to Candychu to put in her Junsu laugh post :D
    Lol, I’m SLIGHTLY older than Henry by like, a few months XDDD I’M OLD
    Hehe, my dad’s used to my craziness XDD I make him watch Suju stuff with me, he likes Hangeng and Shindong XDDDDD
    ….I don’t like Kimchi either…cos I don’t eat spicy stuff :P

  281. erv:
    I put in my DVD and I was attempting to record his laugh (I even wanted to include the other members’ imitations) but the only thing I managed to record were the screaming fans T_____________T IM SO SORRY!! I realised that every time Junsu laughs its always followed by screaming fans. Argh, just shush for once LOL So this laugh post won’t be up for a while. If only Junsu could record his own laugh and put it up on the net *__*
    oh yeah, Henry is October the 11th. Lol I was actually thinking before…’Wow, he’s so close to my age I can marry him’ I mean, we’re only two yrs apart :PP BUT NO I cant cheat on Changmin or Donghae or Kyuhyun…xDDDDDD

    I have disappointed you T_____________T LOL

  282. Lol, dw ’bout it, I’ll try rip the audio off a youtube clip on Saturday, cos that’s when I finish all my exams and assignments XDDDD WOOHOOOOOO. Pray that I won’t fail my music theory exam, lol XDDDD
    I LOLed SO hard at your “i can’t cheat on Changmin or Donghae or Kyuhyun” line XDDDDDDDD THAT’S WHAT YOU’RE DOING RIGHT NOW BY LIKING ALL THREE xPPPPP
    But I can’t talk, I like many boys XD HA.

    Lol you won’t fail. pinkandsparkly NEVER FAILS! Why? Because you’re sparkly :DDD LOL I DIDNT GET ENOUGH SLEEP LAST NIGHT, CAN YOU TELL???

    LOL Yeah…I was gonna list out all my boyfs but just typing their names alone can get a bit tedious :P HAHAHAHA So I just selected the ones with me atm. OMG IM DELIRIOUS. I MAY HOP OFF TO BED SOON. Earliest I have slept for 6 mths now :)

    p.s Jumyuk’s bday is April 19th :D

  284. *my heart was slashed by candychu!!
    lols jk jk. don’t worry about it.
    screaming audience? how about the one from History In japan 3 when he fell down when talking to JJ and he started his eun kyang kyang’s laugh?
    yeah. shoudl have a post titled THE LAUGH POST>

    good luck for ur exams, pinkandsparkly! dun worry. you’ll do just fine. hehez.
    pray hard for my upcoming SAT exam. will be going singapore for the exam. after that..i’m FREEE for another 3 months :P:P lol. hopefully i can get some of the boys stuff from there :P

    *tsk tsk tsk* yes. i understand ur pain that u can’t chat on changmin….OR donghae…OR kyunhyun!!! (*.*) *faints hard. haha

  285. LOL, I actually really dislike sequins XD IDK WHY MY USERNAME IS PINKANDSPARKLY XDDDDD
    I won’t be sleeping till 2 or 3 today, cos I have a huge assignment due tommorow XDDD WOOOOOT. Expect some WEEIIRRRDDD emails from me LOL
    It is April 19th….but we probably shouldn’t say that too loud…it’s one of the MANY reasons why the ELFs hate him =.= I still don’t know if we should do a birthday post for him :S

  286. *my heart was slashed by candychu!!
    lols jk jk. don’t worry about it.
    screaming audience? how about the one from History In japan 3 when he fell down when talking to JJ and he started his eun kyang kyang’s laugh?
    yeah. shoul have a post titled THE LAUGH POST>

    good luck for ur exams, pinkandsparkly! dun worry. you’ll do just fine. hehez.
    pray hard for my upcoming SAT exam. will be going singapore for the exam. after that..i’m FREEE for another 3 months :P:P lol. hopefully i can get some of the boys stuff from there :P

    *tsk tsk tsk* yes. i understand ur pain that u can’t chat on changmin….OR donghae…OR kyunhyun!!! (*.*) *faints hard. haha

  287. sorry! typo error
    i mean u can’t CHEAT ** on changmin…


  288. pinkandsparkly:
    Oh OOPS. I was saying that simply as a *reminder* … *paranoid* LOL I actually looked around my room OMG IM A LOSER. AHHHHHHHH.

    Yeah, thats what I was just thinking. Because … it seems kinda sad to *celebrate* on the anniversary of their crash but at the same time they have all survived! Hmm. Tis quite controversial. We shall discuss this later … when there are definitely no ELFs lurking 7.7

    LOL where did pinkandsparkly come from?!? I think I started calling myself candychu bcoz this guy that I once upon a time had a crush on called me that. LMAO I bet he doesn’t even rmbr calling me that T_______T Actually no … I think we both came up with it. LOL IDEK I sound like a sad person HA. This was like 3 yrs ago though. And yet I have the same username for (no joke) 14 different accounts, at least. Ohhh crap.

    If you don’t send me a crazy email, I’ll be disappointed. DW ULL DO GREAT ON UR ASSIGNMENT. You’ll manage *pats* Because I’m in it. HAHAHAHA :P

    IM SORRY! im still trying to think of how to record his laugh. OMG LMAO HIJ3 AHAHAHA THAT WAS SO FUNNY. Maybe tmr wen I’m on my early early bus to school, I’ll be able to think of a solution :D
    I’ll pray for your exams! Wish you the bestest of luck!
    Nah, it’s not called “cheating” when they’re all aware of the relationship xPPP *giggles* LMAO it’s a love square. Except my spokes go out to all 3 corners *wink wink*

  289. Erv:
    Hwaiting~~!!!!! You’ll do great :DDD
    I remember you saying that you wanted to get into life science or accounting? Hehe, good luck ^—————–^
    I don’t know which HIJ3 clip you’re talking about…:S
    You’re going to singapore for the exam? Lucky…maybe SJ-M will go their for a fanmeet when you’re there? THEN YOU’LL BE ABLE TO WRITE A FULL ON SPAZZ ACCOUNT :DDDD

    Candy sugar cubes:
    I think we should all be happy on the anniversary of their crash, because THEY’RE ALL HEALTHY AND WELL :DDDD And that’s definitely worth celebrating ^^v

    Lol, how’d I get my name? well….it was two years ago, when I went back to NZ by myself for a holiday. I had to stay at the Brisbane airport for 9 hours, cos my plane was delayed =.= So I went shopping in Duty free XDDD and bought this really pretty Chanel lip gloss. Anyway, when I met up with my old NZ friends, we were all sitting around talking, and I was just randomly playing with my lipgloss, and went to my friend’s bf: “look….. this is pinkandsparkly….” and he kinda went o.O and then said “YOU’RE pinkandsparkly”, and THAT’S how the name came about XDDDD I don’t use this name anywhere else though, there’s a Pinkandsparkly livejournal, but er…that’s not me ^^;;;; It’s annoying how i have 35378 usernames though, cos I always forget what they are XDDDD
    *runs off to write you a scary email*

  290. candychu :

    thanks for wishing me luck :’) well, at least they are well aware of this squarish relationship :D also, it’s cool that u guys have stories or history for using ur nick in wordpress account. unlike me, i can’t think of anything so i decided to use a partial of my name :P


    thank you! u have a good memory. lols. it depends whether the uni will give me my first choice. who knows i’ll end up majoring stg else such as media :P

    portfolio? i’m confused. u wrote it? is that ur one of ur assignments that you’re supposed to pass up?hmmm..u know what, hallyu is not that influential in singapore yetthough. that’s why the korean artists never go there for fan meeting or whatsoever. sniff… well, if i’m lucky, i’ll be able to see stephanie sun! or erm…JJ LIN?


  291. chanel lipgloss:
    wow. isnt it interesting that coincidentally both our names have been associated with a guy calling us that… :DD we’re too cool ^_____________^
    but um, you were at the airport for 9 hrs? thats like a school day O___O
    And today I was thinking…when I type I say “like” too much coz in actual fact when I’m speaking I hardly say “like” so i sound like the biggest bimbo online T____T

  292. erv:
    omg WP refreshed before i finished my comment. anyways, how did u manage to get rid of the xiah in ur name? did u create a new account? coz u cant change ur username can u ? :S
    hahaha lol but my name isnt that great bcoz its too easily identified by my school friends who enjoy to stalk me online =.=” luckily they dont know of my blogs yet or they would pay me out SO much and word would spread around the school that i am not only an obsessed fangirl but also a freaky and crazy stalker O_O

  293. anyone wants junsu’s eun kyang kyang OH OH !! i have itt! xD sorry im to lazy to combine it all together, haha SRRY! XD
    i uploaded it at mediafire.

    junsu’s laugh:

    BONUS! cause im nice xDD
    oyagi gags:

    chunnie’s dying chicken laugh xDD


    combination of heliums:


    believe it or not,this is half of my audio file of DBSK ahah. i jsut picked the good ones;p

  294. candychu:

    orgh! i understand ur pain. hardwork gone.

    oh. lols. that one, as usual, u go to EDIT PROFILE> and then, you type ur DESIRED NICK NAME. Next, you’ll get to choose ur options of name under DISPLAY NAME PUBLICLY as.

    speaking of which. how do u get ur desired words BOLD?

  295. Sorry I took awhile to get back to you. Exam time is such a fail… literally. T-T Stupid psych. I have not… this is sooo embarrassing… even seen the SJ-M MV. :X It is just I know I need to rewatch it like 100 times and have 10 minute breaks only.
    I am so not scared!! I love the Canadians, eh. LOL If you don’t mind me asking, which area are you around? I am near Toronto. I swear there are fans here, but I have near seen them. Feel all alone! I think I need to walk around with a banner or something.
    Oh and are you going to Hollywood Bowl?!? I have to ask because my parents are giving me trouble about wanting to go to the US but… omg. So necessary.. so not happening. =(
    VERY COOL! haha That is exactly what I do. And it is so stupid because I can pull an allnighter for the boys no problem, but when it is homework I am like dying! Good luck finishing all of it!
    You physically NEED to see Stand Up. Yes it is that good. =) Just funny as anything.
    I pay alot of attention to personality too. The majority of singers I know/like is from appearances on variety shows, where I can actually see their character, as opposed to from the music itself. Then I have to watch like 500 clips about them to figure out more haha.
    Ah what episode of Tatta hitotsu no koi are you on? Episode 6 is what I am aiming for after you explained that!
    And French similar to English! LMAO I may have just kicked them after that! I remember I took a Japanese class and my friend said that was easy. She got an earful + a kick.
    Okay… but have to mention Wu Zun at the side! SO much love. Tokyo Juliet! OMG. Awesomeness. And he has English on his blog. Love. Love. Love. I could read 50 of his posts about the fitness center and still fangirl.

    …..Hm and I see Changmin, Jaejoong & Junsu are taken but is there a Yoochun girl out there? :D <3

  296. Erv:
    Lol, yea, for one of my assignments, I had to do an eportfolio, so I did it with WordPress :D
    Btw, if you want to bold something, type texthere without the spaces, and it should work :D

    Yea, I had to stay in Brisbane for 9 hours, all alone ;_____________; so I ended up spending half my spending money at the Duty free store XDDDDD (What, I was bored ok :P)
    Your friends sound SO FUNNY. Lol, my friends wouldn’t even go on here if I paid them XDDDD
    I say “like” less when I write, lol. I say “like” all the time when I speak, I think it’s cos I talk too fast XDDD

    OMG, girl, you are FREAKING AWESOME <333333333!!!!!!
    I’ll definitely put them all up in a post sometime in the next 2 weeks (cos i’m on holiday :DD) and I’ll remember to credit you for sure! Btw, is it alright if I use your links? or would you prefer me to reupload them? :D
    And, how come you have so many audios?? lol XD I think i have like….2, and that’s it XD

    Ugh, I had exams all this week, IT WAS TERRILE ;___; but now I’m FREEEE, FREEEEEEEEEEEEE :DDDDD
    Lol, I don’t know ANY DBSK/SJ fans in real life, it’s so lonely :'( Lol, the majority of singers I like is because of what I’ve seen of their personalities too :DDD It’s like with my Akanishi Jin obsession, I used to think he was just another pretty boy, but then I watched an interview, and BAM I started to find him reaaally attractive XDDD
    I’m up to…ep.7 I think. I’ve been meaning to finish it, but…school got in the way ;___; Uh wells, I now have a 2 week holiday to finish all the dramas , so YAY :DDD How are you liking it so far??
    Omg, I really really really want to hurt all the people who told me to do French “because it’s easy” IT’S SO NOT. I haaaaaaaate it ;___; But the problem is, it’s my other major (i’m doing a double degree) so I have to stick with it :(((((
    Lol, I’ve only watched 4 episodes of Tokyo Juliet, cos I really can’t stand Ariel Lin ^^;;;;
    Lol, I used to stalk his blog XD I LOVE how he writes in English AND Chinese, he’s so considerate <333
    I don’t think we have a Micky girl yet….we don’t have a Yunho girl yet either :D I’ll take them both if no one else wants them, I don’t mind having 3 DBSK boys XDDDDD

  297. texthere koreanchocolate :

    oh oh!!
    omg!!! thank you. *runs of to download it. will be back again to continue..:P

  298. hold on
    i still dun get how to bold the words.

  299. erv:
    do not fear, candychu is here :D
    the way i do it is this …
    press shift key and comma then type in strong then shift key and full stop “type words u want in bold” then repeat step


  300. erv

  301. erv:
    LOL YOU ARE SOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!! Lemme give you a hug ^^

  302. yea!!! i did it
    i did it!!

    thanks candychu. (: n thank u , pinkandsparkly for answering my question :D

    i can’t type more now as i have to rush and pick of my bro from tuition

    by the way, i’m ahjumma-fied for the THIRD Time. i’m going to be an aunty again. hopefully, i will have a nephew this time. i actually suggested my sis to name the baby boy Xiah Wong Junsu. :D XD and she actually have me the loooooong =.=”’ look

    gotta run now.

  303. erv:
    hey, we posted at the same time…so my post is above urs…and under XDDD
    OOOooooooooooooh Congratulations!!! Even though your sis has no idea who I am tell her I’m REALLY HAPPY FOR HER :D
    Babies are great. When they’re not crying in your ear T______________T I would know, my baby is already 9 mths old

  304. candychu

    yes, i’ll tell her about that. lols, a girl name candychu congratulated her. :D
    *hugs back.

    babies are definitely cute provided i don’t have to wipe their poos and be-a-clown when they are throwing tantrums :D

    your baby? u mean you’re a mother of a 9 month old baby ?

  305. aiks!
    i dun mean to put everything bold.

    that’s weird.

    testing here.

    ta~~ let’s eat candy

  306. okay. that’s odd.
    i actually wanted to bold the ta~~ word only. -.-

  307. erv:
    you have to rmbr to “close” off the code so put your strong in brackets after the words you want in bold instead of at the beginning and end of the comment ^^

    Haha, lol actually I meant my *mum’s* BB. But I’m old enough to be her mother :P Imagine if I was a mother though…that would probably ruin my chances of marrying into DBSK :'( LOL

  308. candychu

    that’s what i did. hmmm..maybe i should have spaces in between. let’s see whether i get it right htis time.

    ur MUM”S bb. so, it’s your bro or sista? lols, it’s like how my eldest sis is old enough to be my mum.

    lols ruin ur chances of marrying into DBSK..*faints.
    btw, i read from spazzes that she’s going to Hollywood Bowl? errgghh
    feels a pang of jealousy. :D

  309. argh!
    i still got everything bold.
    seriously, i did exactly what u told me
    gosh. i think i have to stop using it or else it looks bad that everything is in bold .


  310. pinkandsparkly:
    just use my links. ahhaha no need to reupload it. how frustrating lol.
    ahha i have a lot of audios because a lot of cute things happened in bigeast station. I CANT HELP IT!!! i have to rip it!!!&*#!(&#*! xDD i think,i have 2 folder for audios xDD ahaha. i have no life o____O

    YR ON A HOLIDAY? have fun! while i’ll just sit here doing a report about “politicians” . HOW FUN!? xD so where are u planning to go fr yr holiday?

    OH OH!!,btw im going to australia again this may, this time SYDNEY . aaha

    YR WELCOME :D spread it if u want lol.

  311. pinkandsparkly :

    oh oh. oh WHERE oh WHERE are you going for holiday??!! haha. i wish i could go to my dream place too. sob..

    koreanchocolate :
    which country are you from?!! i missed the food there :P

  312. koreanchocolate :

    have fun in Sydney!!

  313. erv:
    baby sis :P im a middle child. can you tell? THATS MY EXCUSE FOR BEING SO WEIRD ALL THE TIME. *smiles* oooh really? well my sis will feel how you feel when shes older then hahaha

    YOU’RE COMING TO SYDNEY??? I LIVE IN SYDNEY!!! But I’m not sure how exciting it is for a holiday…since…I live here all year round hahahha XD when will you be coming? ^_______^

  314. candychu:

    you live in Sydney?! hah. aiks. should have known u earlier so i can meet u up when i went there 4 years ago? lols.

    my another sister lives there practically for her entire life. lols.

    baby sis! lols. that’s so coool… i like to play with babies.. :D too bad, my bro is only 2 years younger than me and he’s a pain in the tush :P

  315. erv:
    thnk! & i live in m’sia…such a boring country. I DIDNT SAY THT!xDDD . atleast theres a lot of shopping mall:P
    u miss the food? looool, i just miss the waffles xDD ahahha.
    btw OH! so,you’ve went to sydney before?
    REALLY???? HELLOOOOO THEEEEEEEEEREEEEEEE! ahahaha. i will go there in the end of MAY. my dad went there once and his shoe got stolen xDDD ahaha. & he even got a sunburn. he bought 2 shades, lol. malaysia is HOT but sydney is not a joke aahha. so naturally yr from..?

  316. Hm, is it possible to incorporate pages onto this page? LMAO, i feel so retarded, cos everytime i pop in to mention something, i SCROLL (yes! With that munted wheelie thing on the mouse) for about 3/4 of the page, until i realise that i should’ve clicked and drag xDD

    But next time i go play Nintendo or something, i will SO pwn, cos my punching finger has had an awesome workout

    ….man, i just rambled on about nothing.

    I originally came here to show you this fanfic
    It doesnt feature any of the dongbang dudehs or the fab13….but it does feature Edison Chen (who was relatively goodlooking until he disappeared off the face of the earth) Nicholas Tse and Vicki Zhao……and if that doesnt interest you, it’s pretty well written for a fanfic. I think i read it about 2 yrs ago, ON MY BIRTHDAY….and ended up bawling my eyes out. Pretty tragic for a birthday kid….but Potensvita’s post made me think about that so i dug it up again, and just thought Id share.

  317. Erv:
    I’m not going anywhere for holiday ^^” I’m going to stay home, work on assignments, and maybe do some reading ahead, cos that’s how cool i am XDDDD And I’ll reply to you BmG comment here, cos i’m too lazy :P
    There are SO many asians at my uni, and 70% do finance, while the rest do medicine or engineering =.= I’m glad I chose media, though. I’m finding it quite fun :DD Heaps of reading, but fun ^—–^
    Good luck with choosing your subjects for uni!! I changed my preference at LEAST 20 times XD

    You SCROLLED?? Omg, how many years did that take you, lol XD This page is getting too full…I think I’ll make a new Talk.Share page soon ^—^ Speaking of Nintendo, after I read your comment, I realised that I’ve been neglecting my DS, so I went and played some Pokemon Diamond XDDD (I told you I’m cool xP).
    I had no idea who Kaycee was until you mentioned her. Internet frauds are scary :S What’s the fanfic about??? I looked at the home page….and got scared XDDD I normally stay far far away from fanfics (especially the Yunjae R18 ones) but I read the Jae/Yamapi one which I thought was really good, so I’ll give this one a try :DD

  318. SO JEALOUS! I still have 3 left. One tomorrow and two Saturday. But then I have 4 months! YES. 4 months to look for a job that is… =(
    Aw, I agree knowing no fans is lonely. It does not compare laughing in real life with someone to the lol… maybe the LMAO is close though.
    Okay I have the best example of personality for me. Eunhyuk! LOL I mean with his full house-ish hair. Oh my, he was just a little awkward but after seeing him in interviews and the show I just think he is the perfect no matter what. Not saying the new hairdo is anything less than what was needed. love. love. love.
    I have still only watched one episode so far. School is so silly, they need to co-ordinate with my life. Example, no exams around Super Junior M plzkthx. I still am on Snow Flower though, and I started that during summer… :x.
    Ah, ya I hate my major. It is psychology and I did not realize how much a suck at multiple choice until now. I am thinking about switching to Political Science. Good luck sticking with it! Still pretty awesome to know. Example, when DBSK where in Paris you could have gotten some backstage information.
    Oh noo. I actually completely love Ariel Lin. I realize she can be annoying, but the sheer amount of facial expression she makes is just astounding.
    UMMMM… no that is alright, I think I will just take Micky over thennnn.. <3 HA. I do not know if I wanted Jaejoong + Yunho though, they might pay a little too much attention to each other and not you. LOL Separate rooms!
    And I so agree that the decision to start a new page soon! Getting down here is a workout! My only one all day! :P

  319. lmao you guys are funny to complain about the scrolling XDD
    just drag the little knob thing > > LOL
    how many comments are on this pg anyway? we should have it get to a specific number and then start a new page so that its .. like … consistent? in a way? lol *shrug*

    WAAAH YOURE AN ARIEL LIN FAN TOOO!!!!! I love her :D But I havent been watching they kiss again….im waitging for the DVD and til after the yr finishes XDDD lol, yep i still have a while to go XD

  320. Omg (to anyone who cares) I AM SO SLOW.
    Who knows HOW many times I have seen the FITB Proud Performance and finally …. after owning the concert DVD for about half a year (or more) I see Changmin rolling his eyes at Yoochun. LOL IM SO SLOW. I bashed (on the inside, anyway) people who called Changmin mean for rolling his eyes at Yoochun and I was thinking “Omg just coz Changmin didnt cry it doesnt mean he made a face at Yoochun” AND THEN…THEN I SAW IT. Just as the camera cuts to Changmin after Yoochun chokes he is shaking his head and smirking. BUAHAHAHAHAHA *headdesk for my slowness*

  321. koreanchocolate : YOU”RE the one from malaysia. :P aiyo. where’s your patriotism? hehehez. i won’t comment much whether it’s boring or not cause i still feel it’s cool cause DBSK actually organized their concert here? :P

    pinkandsparkly :

    hehez.good thing for replying ur comment here. thanks :P

    oh..such a good girl. lols. i’m sure u won’t forget to catch up with some korean or taiwan series while you’re on holiday. happy holiday-ing!
    nt hanks for wishing. crossin* my fingers. :P

    n yes, it took gazillion of years for me to scroll down this page now. my parents would thought i was doing some research as there are so much words ^^

    candychu :
    no’re not slow. i never know about this until u told us so.
    hehez. don’t worry. *slaps my forehead.

    i should rewatch it.

  322. LOL, im so accustomed to scrolling, that clicking and dragging feels awkward. Bless that scrolling wheel. But i just recently learned, that if you push your scrolling wheel (kinda like how you normally mouse click) and then drag the mouse, it scrolls liek SUPERMAN-spiddastically-stupidonculously-FASTTTTT! I swear, if i were sitting on a train that moved at the speed at which it scrolls, Id die from whiplash or something!

    WOAH WOAH! Someones cool enough to own pokemon diamond?! The only awesome game I own thats worth mentioning is Final Fantasy 7….and i’ve only played the first disc, cos everytime i go to put in the second disc, it tells me that my game cant be found. Which ticks me off TO THE EXTREME! But Cloud Strife makes me think of this REALLY buff version of Jaejoong. Speaking of whcih, have you seen those photoshop manipulations, where they put dbsk’s faces onto ff7 characters?

    xD The colours on the fanfic are a bit scary…but like i said, the story is well written. Im not quite sure how to explain the plot of the story, but read the first chappie. Its quite straightforward…at least from what i recall xDD

  323. Ringy:
    Ooo, GOOD LUCK!!! :DDD You have a FOUR month holiday coming up??? LUCKY!!!!
    Lol, I think I’ve mentioned this before in Eunhyuk’s b-day post, but when I first saw him on Full House, I was like “wow….he’d better have a REALLY good personality” XDDDD
    Lol, I’m STILL up to Ep.7, I keep getting sidetracked XDDD
    You NEED to catch up on SJ-M, it’s absolutely necessary: P Then you can spazz with me on how great they all look :P
    Psychology eh……I have a friend who’s majoring in psychology :D I was going to….but then the course coordinator person’s speech mad me fall asleep XDDD
    In the “Bonjour Paris” DVD, Jae said that he wants to live in Paris one day XDDDDD MWAHAHAHAHAHA. Lol. I was going to major in Japanese…but….too many people do it, so I thought I’d be different, and everyone told me that French was “easy” =.= pffffft. As if.
    Haha, Candychu likes Ariel Lin too, but I….don’t :P Imo, she takes the dumb blonde image a little too far, to the point where it’s annoying =.=’’
    Btw, when you finish your exams….do you want to make us a SJ-M banner? *bats eyelashes* pweeeez? :DDD
    Ooo, and I’ve been meaning to ask you, who’s your favourite DBSK/SJ boy? I’ve seen Jae in your avatar before, but now you have Micky…I’m confused :P

    LOL, I spent AGES counting, and I got up to about halfway, then realised that I can actually see the number of comments in the Dashboard XDDDDD Anyway, not including this comment, we have 321 comments on this page  Do you want to let it get up to 350, then make a new page??
    LMAO at you JUST seeing the Changmin -> Micky stare XDDD I saw it the first time I watched it xPPP I found it really funny and cute though, haha.

    Haha, you know me too well :P I’ve been watching Coffe Prince all day, cos I started that LAST year, and I stil haven’t finished XDD I’ve also got “Tatta hitotsu no koi” to finish (highly recommended, btw) and I’m currently following “Destined to love you” as it airs in TW ^——^ I’ve also got a few other ones I need to finish, but they’re the ones I’m concentrating on XDD

    Lol, I love finding out little tech secrets XDD I recently taught someone the Alt+Tab function, and she thought I was really smart XDDDD
    Hehe, I don’t OWN Pokemon Diamond, I’ve just got an R4 with about 40 games on there, cos I’m illegal like that XDD My favourite ones on the DS are probably the Phoenix Wright ones, even though they’re SO hard, so I always have to read the internet walkthroughs XD Oo, and MARIO KART is awesome :DDDD I love the new super Mario brothers, but I don’t know how to save the game, so I ALWAYS have to start from the beginning, which is SO annoying.
    Final Fantasy 7? I’ve read really good reviews on the Final Fantasy games, but I don’t know which one I should start on….any recommendations?? I really want to try it out now, after you said “Buff Jaejoong” XDD Nope, haven’t seen any DBSK+Ff7 faces…I’ve seen my fair share of DBSK female faces though  They still give me nightmares…
    Ok, I’m going to go read the first chapter as soon as I finish this comment ^–^

  324. OMGIMGISJFISDHOASHD, I tried the Alt+Tab function and I hereby declare it to be the coolest function I know. XDDDDDD I’ve always wanted to switch pages without needing to use the mouse, seeing as I go clickity-click 4718418347210848327 times per day. Hehe.

    But anyway, yes, I’m rather technologically-disabled. NO JOKE. IPODS used to baffle me. Even NOW, I still don’t really know what the “hold” button’s for, so I don’t use it. XD YUS, I HAVE SURPASSED ALL LEVELS OF COOLNESS AND MADE MY OWN.

    LOL. It’s okay, Erv – I willingly give you Junsu. I will, however, bust out my heavy-duty bio textbook (clubs are SO passé. XDDDD) for Hyun Joong, seeing as he’s my current obsession. And by obsession, I mean I’ve googled him twice and watched Star King episodes with him as a guest. Other than that though, I’ve been good at keeping my obsession under control. XD

    Kay, I feel like telling you about my day.

    So, I fell asleep randomly last night, which wasn’t good AT ALL, because I hadn’t finished all my homework yet. GO ME. So, I freaked out this morning when I woke up (at half past six. o.O), frantically ran to the computer (LOL, who needs the washroom when you’ve got HOMEWORK to finish?) and started doing my homework, which btw, I DID NOT FINISH. YAY. XDDDDD

    But it’s all good, because it turns out that it wasn’t even due today (YAY FOR KARMA!), it’s not due tomorrow, it’s not even due Wednesday. It’s due FRIDAY. ZOMG.

    And to top it all off, I had a spare this afternoon, so I got to leave school early to study for tomorrow’s math contest. WOOT WOOT. So, I’ve decided that I’m replying to your email tonight before I go crazy from NOT replying. XDDDD <33333


    Ringy, I live about four hours (if you drive really fast) from Toronto … !!!! CHECK THAT OUT, YO. WE LIVE IN THE SAME PROVINCE.

  325. OMG OMG OMG. Okay I have a little investigation I did today that is interesting.
    I was on the Super Junior M thread looking at all the Henry pictures from when he was young. I know he is from Toronto so I was wondering if I have ever seen him.. blah blah blah. Anywho, in one of the pictures his friend’s face is unblurred and I SWEAR I know the guy. I think he is in my university co-ed volleyball team. To check this out I went to his facebook. I thought maybe Henry would be his friend? So it was all locked up (I don’t have an account so I couldn’t friend him) but I look in the school and it is A. Y. Jackson. GUESS WHAT SCHOOL HENRY WENT TO?!?? A. Y. Jackson. I know it is him, 100%. This is not stalker like at all BTW.
    But no really I have had like full length conversations with the guy. Now I just wish volleyball was still on because I would request some information from him! :D =) :O LOL I know it is a little lame but I am really excited. I told my roommate (not into anything Asian) and it was really awkward. But SOO COOL! I mean it was like a prom pictures. BFF! Aka, now a triple BFF! *dreaming*
    I cannot believe you are waiting! I am going to watch it during the summer 100% guarantee, but that takes some strength! Good job!! It is going to be super sweet to see after the wait!
    And about the performance, missing Changmin is… lol! For some reason that is the first thing that I noticed. I missed Yunho tearing up though so I had to recatch that. Junsu voice crack~ no missing. Yoochun as an amazing angel~ LOL no missing.
    I DO!! Lucky in some sense, but I will probably be the house maid and laborer to. =( Plus no caf. at the school makes me a hungry girl eating cookies instead of meals again!
    Urgh, I know I need to catch up. I am so freaking lame here~~ I have seen just small clips. It is like killing me. April 19th is the final day of exams + moving home. April 20th is the Suju-M day. :D I am getting a little tried of the clothing though (lol in what three clips?) I think it is photoshoot clothing over performance. Henry’s is okay, but Kyu’s is a little big.. and as much as I love Hankyung’s crest just seeing the neckline is getting to me. ALL OR NOTHING BABY! :O LMAO But Hankyung in the CF pictures are very satisfying, I must admit. I cannot wait to see!
    I have fallen asleep in psychology um.. just about every day? It is even my longest class so that is not helping.
    It is good to try French as something new at least then. Alot of fangirls know some Japanese, but not many French!
    I would love to make you a banner! Argh, exams interfere with everythinngg. I have to go find ideas though. I kind of have one now but I don’t think they have the amount of pictures together for it~~ we will see.
    Ah, I actually have different avatars all over. Micky here, Jae at forum, Hae at Soompi. LOL I just find a picture I like. The Hae one is awesome, it is from that clip with SNSD where he is all up in the camera like, “Why don’t you film me anymore?” haha Cutie!
    My favourite from DBSK used to be Jaejoong, but I just see him more as I friend I would love. Micky though, he would just make me faint. In Super Junior I would say… Hankyung? I super love Kibum, if only he would show his face. I need his monologue to get my dose. =(
    I always find it hard to say them, because I really am someone who needs to meet the person to know. Even just height wise! haha I would not stop liking them or anything, but I am pretty tall and I just pray Micky is taller!
    At least I know DBSK fans exist close to me now! LOL Nice!!

  326. pinkandsparkly :

    Coffee Prince? wow..yea, it’s a nice series. I finished watching last year.

    Destined to love you?’s not bad too. they were rank number 1 for the past few weeks.

    let me list down the series that i’m currently watching now.

    1) one mum and three dads
    2)who are you
    3)destined to love you
    4) grey’s anatomy season 3
    5) CSI NY season 4
    6) CSI Miami season 6

    u have no idea how busy i am now :) hahahaha.

    hehe. what else can we girls do during hols? of course we’ll spend the time catching up with those dramas. :P

    gotta run and study my SAT> ergh. it’s so soon…

  327. Ahhh, ive only played ff7, cos my cousin has played all the others and told me that FF7 is the only one with a decent plot. But the advert for FFX which aired like 50 gazillion yrs ago, still has its hold on me cos i still wanna playyyyyy!! Dammit! You have no idea how long that took me to find! -__- And please excuse the fact that Jae was manipulated onto a female. Yunho looks pretty good though.

    ZOMG! Mario brothers PWN! But i gotta say, Im a natural mushroom lover, but after playing Super Mario or whatever, it momentarily kills my love for the mushies! -_- Being attacked by demonic mushrooms is painful for a mushroom fan.

    But best playstation game EVAAAAA, has got to be Crash Bandicoot. That demonic doctor guy makes me laugh teehee

  328. Playmeagain:
    LOL, you didn’t know about the Alt+Tab function??? It’s VERY handy, especially when you’re on msn and surfing online. Btw, you know about the msn plus function right? How it groups all your conversations into one window? VERY useful.
    #$^$*($%$#^&$# YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HOLD BUTTON IS FOR???? THE HOLD BUTTON IS AWESOME. When it’s on, the buttons are inactive, so you can throw it in your bag, and and it won’t switch itself on :DDDD Once, I forgot to use it, and the volume went WAY up cos I was rummaging through my bag. Not a happy time.
    Who’s Hyun Joong??? SS501?
    Since you told me about your day, I will tell you about mine.
    Ok, so this morning, I woke up at about 10 (I went to bed at 2am) because my dog was scratching my dog, wanting to come inside. So I let her in, and went back to sleep XDDD Finally got up at around 11am, had a croissant (yummo) and practiced piano for a bit (I’m so COOL). Then decided to start my assignment, but got distracted and youtubed Kim Jung Hoon, instead XD
    Two hours later, I decided that I really really needed to start my assignment, so I started researching about the riots in Tibet, and how the western media brainwashes people. But of course, that meant I had to use Youtube again, which meant SHINY DISTRACTIONS :DDDD. So after an hour of “doing homework” I gave up and went to search for food XDDD
    After dinner, I had a mini mental breakdown (will expand on it in my next email to you) and now I am re-watching Goong and talking to Canned Fruit, on msn :DDD
    Happy time~~

    Even if you hate volleyball, you could always sign up as a cheerleader, yes? :DDD Omg, it still means that you and Henry once BREATHED THE SAME AIR O.O
    Ok, now I’m just being weird xP
    Argh, I’m getting sick of their outfits too =.= That’s why I’m starting the “buy SJ-M new outfits” fund :DDD
    You see Jae as a good friend, and Micky as a bf? Ok, let me share the DBSK boys with you then XDDDD
    It’s SO hard to pick a favourite Suju boy, but I think my top three are: Siwon, Leeteuk, and Heechul :D
    But argh, SNSD MV, I had to watch it with the mute button on =.= (thank goodness this comment is on this page, and not the front page, otherwise I will be bashed by SNSD fans XDD) but I really DO NOT like the music, AT ALL.
    Ooo, you’re tall too? ME TOO. Well, not really, but I am tall for an asian XDD I think I’m 168-169?? Something like that. It’s so tragic though, cos I reckon I’m taller than half the asian male population at my uni XDDDD So yea, if I wear heels….I’ll never be able to find a bf XD

    Haha, I think I’m up to Ep.10? It’s nice :D Lol, my mum is watching it with me XDDD
    I just finished Ep.5 of Destined to love you, that Dylan guy is NICE xP And I love the little dog XDDD Ooo, and, Ethan Ruan is HOT. I have never ever heard of “one mum and three dads” or “who are you”  I don’t watch American dramas ^^;; well, that’s not completely true, I loved Ugly Betty XD
    Hope you had fun with SAT revision~!

    OMG, THAT CHANGMIN CHARACTER IS HOT. I really want to play it now XDDD Except I know that everyone will look different on DS, because DS isn’t 3-D like a PSP ;____;
    Ahahaah, you’re a mushroom lover? I HATE MUSHROOMS XDD – well, actually, I hate most veges XD I love those Mario Bros. type of games, though. I hate those fighting games, cos they make me nervous and scared XDDDD Oo, and racing games are FTW.
    I USED TO LOVE CRASH BANDICOOT, I EVEN HAD A POSTER OF CRASH, ON MY WALL (see, I was cool even back then XD) I’ve never owned a playstation though, cos mum is convinced that gaming consoles are for boys =.= But I used to play Crash every time I went to my friend’s house, and she had the secret codes! WEEEEEE :DDDD

  329. Pinkandsparkly :

    hehe..yea..i actually like Dylan more.Just because Ethan is kinda mean to Xing yi..i think Ep 6 is going to be more and more interesting. Looking forward to it

    Who are you and One mum Three dads are not american dramas. they are korean series. Eugene is in One mum.(:

    I LUV ugly betty. I think cause i like danny. lols.

    when are you going back to NZ?

  330. Pinkandsparkly :
    Woahh, Kevin left XING? :S I just found out. That group is just rotating all over! I hope he ends up doing some solo work. I really enjoy his voice and especially his english lol!! Now you got me hooked on him!! <3
    AND I AM NOT STALKING THAT GUY!! LOL So creepy! He is not even a celebrity so I cannot justify haha. The team ended before December and I still see him sometimes so I am just hoping I see him before school ends! What if he already finished exams!?!?! NOOO! But I think I would be too scared to bring it up anway. “Hey, I saw a picture of you and Henry Lau on the web. Can you give me all the pictures/information/his email? plzkthx” Umm… awkward. But you have breathed the same air as him to! LOL I just hope he comes up to see his family soon. Then I can just happen to be at the airport and ask for an autograph. =) And then ask if he will pack me in his suitcase and take me back to China with him!!!!! :O YES! Must lose weight!
    I will fully donate to your “By SJ-M New Outfits” fund. I remember seeing a picture of a staff member carrying the clothes and I would have just stolen them! LOL I wonder how many copies of the outfits they have though. I do not think they dry clean every day…
    Ahh, sharing is caring! <3 LOL
    Ya picking a favourite in Super Junior is harder. DBSK is 1/5, they are 1/13. I think we are allowed a couple of favourites. Eeteuk is probably my third! I just love him the most whenever he is filming a show and the camera will be near him so he starts making funny faces. So random and happens so much! Actually, there was this once that he was on a cooking show (ah I think I lost the link to so I need to find it) but he does Rokkugo with two guys from Canada! Just LOL. And he is sooo small compared to them!
    OMG I did watched the SNSD MV on mute to! haha There was so many funny moments when he got hit my the candycane and his out of place dancing so it was still worth it. That is not the clip I meant though! This one is one SNSD is training and Donghae and Eunhyuk just kind of burst in:

    I think the subbed one is down but first Donghae is like “You don’t film me anymore? Do you still like me?” and then the camera person says “I like them better!” HAHA Then they are just saying how happy SNSD are to see them so they impersonate them, and then Tiffany walks by and says “Hi” all monotone. LOL
    168-169!!! And you cannot wear heels!! I AM 173-174!!! *dies* I just hattee being tall. My friends say I will not get a bf because I am too tall to even see boys. WTF! But I am not Asian… even if I all my boys are T-T… so I have a little leeway for tallness.

  331. Erv:
    Lol, I really really love the DOG XDDD
    Omg, Ugly Betty *—-* Your favourite is Danny??? Lol, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mark and Amanda XD Omg, I wish my friends were like them XDDD
    Hmm, I don’t think I’m going back to NZ any time soon….cos I don’t have anywhere to live XD Why? Are you thinking about going there for a holiday? It’s good if you like nature and adventure, not so much if you like shopping and eating (like me XDD) :P

    Kevins English is sooooo goooooood *—-*
    You should get that volleyball guy’s autograph XDDD See what he says :P
    But at least you lived in the same city as an SJ-M boy! NO k-pop boy is from Australia ;______;
    Lol, I strongly suspect that they’ve just got the ONE outfit, so I’m pretty sure that it’s pretty mouldy by now XDD
    Omg, I’ve seen that Rokkugo clip!!! IT WAS SO FUNNY, OMG. Those two Canadian guys looked HUGE next to him ^—–^ And he was wearing the traditional Korean outfit, and he looked so CUUUUTE XD
    The Youtube link won’t work for me =.= I think there’s something wrong with my internet connection ^^’’ Lol, from your description, it sounds like the time Leeteuk and Eunhyuk interrupted CSJH’s rehearsal XD They’re such dorks, love them. But, omg, you can tell the SNSD girls apart! Brownie points for you, I think they all look the same XDD I FAIL.
    You’re 173-174???OMG, my mum would LOVE IT if I was as tall as you XD Don’t worry though, there’s a girl in my class who’s 180+ =.= And you can SO get a bf, I know for a fact that all the DBSK boys are 180+ :P Ooo, you’re the first non-asian fan I’ve talked to!! HII :DDD Lol, sorry, I just find it interesting cos all my Caucasian friends think the DBSK/SJ boys looks gay, and they all tell me that it’s “an asian thing” =.=’’’

  332. Hello hihi

    Waaah, it’s been a while since I’ve been here and my sister kept saying “Suju M this…Suju M that..” everytime I got back from work but I hardly got the time to read since I’m too tired. But hey, it’s finally the weekends and I ready to indulge myself in all your posts.

    Yes, I AGREE that Suju M should get new outfits. And I’m still spazzing over Ryeowook’s new hairdo SOMEHOW. Hmmmm..

    And no, you guys didn’t scare with the whole Changmin/Leeteuk thing. Haha! I was laughing when I read your comments. Doesn’t matter which one of you writes the entries, I find it super hilarious with the out-of-this-world comments you guys added in. Keep it up =)

    Been listening to DBSK…falling in love with them as each day passes…HAHAHA!

    Warmest regards,

  333. *GASP* What have you got against veggies?! Is it cos they dont have seeds *throws seeds at you* Alllll the seeds you could want. xD Im kidding! I take it back

    And mushrooms are a fungus (fungi?) Ionno, i remmeber learning that in bio somewhere.

    I swear to gosh, this comment page is awesome, xD Easier to find stuff that i actually care about rather than reading 50 pages of “Jaejoong/Changmin/Yunho/Junsu/Yoochun is SOOO hawt” But Kevin left XING?! Im sure the band can be fine without him….but they’re prolly gonna lose a lot of english speaking fans. Do you know whether hes going solo or not?

  334. pinkandsparkly:

    hehe..the DOG..ji baobei. wakakaka..yeah, it’s cute. it’s so hilarious when the dog was hiding at the corner after it was scolded by Ethan Ruan.

    oh yEAH!! not forgetting that how much i love Mark. lols. he’s funny. i don’t mind having a friend like him, sometimes, they are more sensitive and understanding than girls.

    not going back to NZ cause if you nowhere to live? what happened to your house> XD.
    errr..i like shopping and eating.the shops close at 4pm or 5pm right? same as Aus. lols. i had a hard time adjusting whenever i woke up from my nap and poof, the shops were closed. haha..

    nature and adventure. well. i love taking pictures of scenery, animals (penguins and all that) . by the way, you were born there?

  335. Haha. I’m here to talk about One Tree HIll!!! Whoo!!
    I think by the end of 3rd season? Nathan started getting involved with these bad people who wanted him to throw the championships off for money. But he doesn’t, so he’s walking on the street with Haley and the bad guy comes driving in this car and Haley pushes Nathan out of the way and she gets hit. The car crashes on the side and he runs over and he starts punching the daylights out of the guy. Then, Dan comes to the rescue and makes it seem like he killed the guy, so Nathan could have a future. And he was in jail and stuff. Oh, remember Jamie (Naley’s son) got kidnapped? Well, he came to the rescue again and rescued him. :) Yup. Haha.

  336. Nurulnunu:
    Lol, you MUST catch up on SJ-M; they’re my current obsession *——-*
    I’ve been soooo busy recently, I’m on my two week break, which means I’m even BUSIER than when I have uni =.= (if that makes sense XD) I had to go into uni the day before, to hand up a major assignment, in my TERM BREAK. And I have another due next week =.= Term break also means that I have a busier social life, so…..I’ve been very busy XDD
    I’m starting to like Ryeowook’s new hairdo! Actually, I’m starting to like Ryeowok more, full stop XD
    I’m so glad that you’re getting into DBSK!! They’re my favouritest squishies in the whole entire world *————* Love them.
    Hope everything is going well for you <333

    I don’t have anything against veggies! I’m just a picky eater xPPP
    See, we didn’t learn anything useful in Bio. Except (I don’t know what state you’re in) but over here, we had to write a huuuge biology essay that was worth 20% of our whole grade. And you could pick the topic. I chose “Xenotransplantation” – VERY interesting, and I’m not even being sarcastic XDDD That was probably the funnest thing I did in bio ^^’’’
    LOL, I know what you mean about the 50 pages of very fangirly comments XD I love them (you know I do), but even I get sick of the excess “OMG, HE’S SO HOT” comments. They’re nice in small portions, but I like interesting comments more XD
    I have noooo idea what Kevin’s doing now, but I hope a solo album is in the works! Boy can sing *—-*

    You know that he’s been officially added into the “Cast” list? How awesome is that XDD
    I really really want a gay friend, LOL XD
    Hm, my family moved to Australia, so I don’t have any more relatives in NZ (my other family live in China). So if I go back to NZ, I would be homeless ;___;
    Omg, the opening hours here are SO annoying. I HATE how everything closes at 5, it’s so BOOOORING.
    I am NOT a nature fan XDDD I hate camping, bushwalking, and all that stuff xPP
    Lol, contrary to popular belief, I’m actually NOT an ABC (or NBC), I was born in China and moved to New Zealand when I was seven ^^

    Lol, I reckon we’re the only OTH fans on this blog, everyone else is too loyal to asian dramas XD
    Aha, I haven’t finished Season three yet! I’ve been meaning to, but…no time :P
    Oo, so Dan turned into a nice guy??? What about the Keith murder? I thought a witness finally emerged and told Lucas what happened?? AND, what about the BABY? (Karen’s) Lol, everything is so dramatic on OTH xD

  337. OMG. I LOVE ONE TREE HILL. Of course, my family cancelled our cable, so I don’t even have basic (>.< no joke, I’ve got like four channels MAX), but I LOVED it when I could watch it. AND OMG, I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE THE THEME SONG AND GAVIN DEGRAW.

    And I’m probably where you are right now pinkandsparklyblahblahblah (XD), somewhere in the middle of the third season. AND I CAN’T BELIEVE DAN KILLED KEITH. THAT ARSE. AND I DON’T BELIEVE THAT HE’LL EVER BE GOOD. I refuse to give him benefit of the doubt. XD


    You’ve got four channels? ME TOO. Actually, I think everyone in Australia only has four channels, cos we’re deprived like that XD

    The theme song?? LOL, by the time I got up to season two, I wanted to BLOW UP Gavin Degraw, the song just got SO annoying. Cos I watched the set DVDs, so the song would come on whenever a new episode came on, it was SO annoying =.=

    I also don’t believe that Dan will ever be good, he’s just TOOO evil. Omg, in the later episodes of season 3, him and Karen are friendly again AAAHHH *rips hair out*. But I think that the show really needs him, he adds SO much drama.

    I think I’m up to the episode when they go to Rachel’s family’s cabin and Brooke discovered “the secret drawer” XD Lol, drama drama.


    hey! sorry for the late reply. been very busy with lotsa stuff including helping out with my mum’s website, dealing with those web designers. many things to do!

    no!~ i didn’t know that JIBAOBEI is included in the list. I’ve watched episode 6 already, have you? Gosh, i can’t stand it, one episode a week cause the story is getting more and more interesting and i can’t wait for the chemistry between Jichunxi and Xingyi. lols. Recently, i’ve been watching too many preggers drama and i’ve been having it in my dream. T .T

    no wonder. I thought ur family are still in NZ and u went to Aus alone to further your studies. Yea, i actually wanted to ask you whether you’re from China cause you told me that you’re the only daughter. So are you actually considered Kiwi or Chinese? Do you miss China? I have a cousin from ShangHai (lols, result from the marriage between my aunty to her current husband, who is from ShangHai). and many cuzzies in Hainan Island whom I’ve never seen before. Close cousins but never talk or meet them. sigh

    yea. Malaysia and Singapore sometimes close their shops at 12am during festive seasons such as Christmas. till drop. XD

  340. I am a giant fail! Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I thought I would be less busy with school over, but so not true! T-T
    I come bearing goodies so that may help. =) I tried (keyword is tried) to make the Super Junior M banner. I do not know why I had so much trouble. I tried to put Zhoumi closer to the middle because I know you like him but his pose was to weird for it. In fact Hankyung is in the middle because of his pose, but his clothes are too dark for it! Urghhh. I hope it is okay!! Here it is:

    Just BTW have you been into Epik High at all? Because I have been listening to the new album. Especially “One” and they are just amazing me. =) I have also busted out some MC Mong lately LOL. Summer is a time to experiment.
    I think I will skip on the autograph! LOL No I think he has gone home. I have not seen him in like a month. There is always next year! Or maybe I will run into him during the summer. Doubt it since pretty far away. I guess it is true I get a kpop boy, but I have seen Australian fans on forums and things!!
    EW it cannot be one outfit!! It is even like sweaters so sweat all over!! Urgh. You know what outfit is the most perfect thing in heaven. Donghae during the press conference for the new CF in Thailand. SO SEXY! OMG! Pink or not, that was awesomeness. And it is summer so Super Junior M needs to get rid of the layers. I do not even care if Donghae wears that for 10 years. Loveee.
    I actually cannot tell the SNSD girls apart.. I just read the comments and found out! haha I know Sooyoung from Chunji but that is it.
    Really? Junsu is 180? LOL I have my doubts. I am inclined to believe you because I would be just soo happy!
    I cannot believe I am your first non-asian! :D haha They do not look gay at all! But I get alot of it is an Asian though so I am weird stuff. I think my friends are used to it, but I do not bring it up often. Expect to one of my close friends because she loves making fun of me but actually secretly likes my spazzes I think! Probably not!! I hope more Caucasians start to like them though. I think Jpop-Jrock is pretty common now so it may expand. Maybe Rain & the other artists coming to the U.S. well help.. :S

  341. Erv:

    I’ve been really busy too~~~ Web designer? That sounds fun :DD

    I haven’t watched Ep.6 yet, but I will (hopefully tonight!) :D I love this drama! SO GOOD. It’s the first drama I’ve watched that includes pregnancy, idk, most asian teenage dramas don’t have that in the story line… I looooove Ethan, I think he’s very very very attractive :P Especially when he swims *———-* I love Dylan too, though, he looks GREAT in a suit XDDD And he’s so NIIIIIIIIICE 

    I have a NZ passport, so I guess I’m a Kiwi? Lol, I still say that I’m Chinese, but I associate with NZ more, I think it’s because I’ve lived there longer… I don’t miss China, I can’t even remember what it’s like XD My memory is SO bad, I can’t even remember what I did last week XDDD I’ve gone back a few times, but, because I don’t have any friends there (I’m so lonely~~~) I never have must fun when I go back ;___;

    12am?? I think there are only 2-3 days when Australian shops does that =.= And even then, most stores still close at 9pm cos they can’t be bothered to stay open till 12am =.=

    Lol, I’m on my term break, and I’m WAY more busy than I was when I had school XDDD YAY FOR A SOCIAL LIFE :DDDDD

    THE BANNER LOOKS FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!! I don’t care who you put in the middle, I LOVE THEM ALL :DD Lol, I’ve stoped trying to use Photoshop, I’m way too much fail at it XDDD But that’s ok, BECAUSE I HAVE YOU :DDDD

    Hmm, Epik High…. Well, I like some songs, like “one” and “fan”, but….I don’t really like rap ^^’’’’ especially when I can’t understand it XD But omg, Tablo in the Anyband MVs @#$#%#$^&%$& SO HOT.

    I only know four other Australian fans, and they all read this blog XDD Guess we won’t be having a “bring DBSK to Australia” rally anytime soon :P

    Donghae’s pink shirt? AWWW, he’s adorable <3 I personally LOVE the blue shirt that Yunho wore in one of the S-magazine photoshoots *—-* And I adoooore what Changmin wore in that Music Fair “Beautiful You” performance *—-*

    I only know Tiffany, Sooyoung and Heoyeon, merely because I remember Tiffany as the girl with the long hair extensions, Sooyoung as the one who looks south east asian, and Heoyeon because her hair colour is different to everyone else XDDD I’M SUCH A PRO.

    The DBSK boys are all fairly tall, it’s especially obvious if you look at photos of them standing next to Koda Kumi ;) (I <3 her, but she’s so tiny).

    They DON’T look gay, they’re just METRO, which is totally in right now :P I’ve seen quite a few Caucasian people on forums, who are into J-pop (especially the JE boys – AKANISHI JIN <333!) but not very many K-pop fans  Btw, have you seen that new (?) JE boy? The one who’s half Spanish? HE IS HOT.

  342. HAVE YOU SEEN NEWS – SUMMER TIME PV?!? Up on youtube~~ I saw it from allhertears. I desperately need to spazz. Can be summed by in one word… adorkable. <3 I am like the most biased thing ever but Yamapi on banana phone LOL to death. He was the perfect summer boy. I would just like him wrapped up and shipped here. Best is at 3:21 to 3:54… first is Yamapi photo session. Which just… who the heck poses like that?!? LOL Damsel in distress, Yamapi? Really? HA Then KoyaShige rap (sickkk) and some more Yamapi singing. Okay and Ryo = EPIC FAIL at washing clothes. I do not know how that is laughable, get that kid to use some of his salary to buy a washing machine and not hand wash. Other best moment… Yamapi finding out the camera had no film. SO PISSED. All those poses were for nothing!! Phew done! =) (and replay)
    T-T I am not even busy from a social life. I am stuck in dorm waiting for my roommate and she is literally like the last exam. Everyone else is home already!! WTF?!I did an awesome night though. Ate the quad burger(yes, 4 patties) at BK in 5 minutes and then was allowed to walk around with the BK crown. LOL That is the social life for now.
    I am glad you like the banner! And you do have me! :D If you ever want to learn some photoshop I would be more than glad to help you to! I remember when I was first trying I went on a forum where you rate eachothers, and I was like the biggest dork. They were SUCH bad sigs but everyone tried to help me!
    Ah I love rap I cannot understand LOL! I blame Hyuk. If he sang some of “One” I would just die. Tablo is super awesome!
    Hae always looks like a baby! LOL S-mag was an awesome photoshoot. Yunjae much? <3 I found the hottest Yunho pic I never knew I had the other day from the Shine photobook when he is in the black suit pulling his tie. OMFG Oh man that is killer. Changmin was looking good Beautiful You. I like his hair alot lately. I just think about the dance though. I freaking love it. Micky is really my favourite little fashionista because he is either amazingly hot in something or it is such a peculiar choice you laugh. I have to mention Jae’s tight pants lately to. Airport pics he had the most defined… features ever! LOL
    The amount you know of SNSD pretty impressive. LOL Three times me at least. :P I do not know much about Koda but I did see that performance of Last Angel from her tour and she is really impressive!
    I know Metro is in, I think my Dad is trying for it! LOL I swear he is going to get a man purse one day.
    I need to look into the Spanish boy! I saw him in a sig, I lost his name though…? =(

  343. OMG, I JUST WENT AND WATCHED IT. YAMAPIIIIIII <3333!!! I LOVE THAT HAIR ON HIM, OMG. I really didn’t like his hair when I watched Kurosagi =.= but, the hair in that MV is LOOOOVE :DDDDD

    And yes, Ryo should never do laundry by hand =_= He’s one of those people who NEEDS a washing machine, not for convenience, but for the sake of the clothes he washes =.=’’’

    Annnd, Yamapi cam-whoring! <333333333333333333333333333333 I LOVE HIM. I really like the other News boy too, I don’t know his name…but he’s the one who wore that light pink shirt (in the scene with the blender), he has such a cute face, reminds me of Ryeowook ^——^

    FOUR PATTIES??? WHAT. I love BK (Yay, whoppers!) but #$^%#&$* FOUR PATTIES O.O Lol, I always get a whopper junior XDDDD I remember the BK crown, I think the BK in NZ used to give them out when you had a party at BK XD In Australia, BK isn’t called BK, it’s called HUNGRY JACKS (so, HJs) don’t you find that REALLY WEIRD????? All the names of the burgers are still the same, the name of the shop is just different =.=

    Oooohhhh, I’d LOVE to learn how to make a signature to use on forums!!! I want one for Baidu XD Lol, I posted a comment there, with that “we hang out with SJ-M” banner (from Soompi), and go abused by this fan because she thought I was telling ZM and H to “get out” of SJ-M =_=

    I LOVE YUNHO IN SUITS. He can pull off that look SO WELL. Well, at least he could before he let his hair grow into the disaster that it currently is… Changmin has just been shooting up my list lately (lol, I don’t REALLY have a list) I love him with short hair! That ponytail looked soooooo bad :’( Lol, you like the “Beautiful You” dance??? XDDD IT REMINDS ME OF SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER XD’’’’ My favourite Micky hair, is how he had it in the “Rising Sun” MV; hardly anyone liked that hair on him, but I LOVE IT.

    Lol, I’ve actually tried to get into SNSD (keyword here is “tried”), cos I think that it’s always nice to find out more about someone before you decide to hate them :P But…I really don’t like their overall image, reaaaally not my style.

    I don’t like Koda Kumi’s fast songs, or her “sexy” image, but I love her ballads! My favourite song by her is probably “Love story” <333

    Haha, YOU’RE DAD SOUNDS SO COOL :DDDDD Man bags are awesome <333

    I just googled that Spanish guy, I didn’t know his name, and nothing came up until I typed in “Akanishi Jin Spanish friend” XDDD JIN IS SO POPULAR :D Anyway, here’s a picture I found of him: he’s not REALLY my type, but I do think that he’s very attractive :P Ooo, AND, apparently he stole Jin’s girlfriend XD Poor Jin-jin xPPP

  344. GAHHH! I just saw a SMEXY wallpaper and had to share :D

    Ok…first off… you like motorbikes?! *raise hand* COS I SURE AS FLIPPIN MOLIES DOOOOO! When that dbsk Yamaha ad came out i practically died xD

    (you know whats hotter than good looking boys with bikes? Good looking boys with ANIMALS xD I swear an english version of the dbsk doggies fanclub needs to be made….there are some REALLY nifty pictures of Suju with dogs as well)

    Anyhoo, I found this over at soompi, and Jaejoong with a bad-ass-ff7-styled-bike is just SQUEEEEEEEEE-ness

    lalalalala! Wish there were some Cbangmin-bike images out there *sigh*

    But i swear my wallpaper collection isnt healthy x__X I even have this random program that changes my wallpaper automatically every 15 mins or so (cos Im a wacko who enjoys sitting in front of a computer whilst doing maths)

    Curious, but what is your wallie? I think my current one is this funny one of Changmin laughing/about to sneeze. HAHA! (im pretty sure its gonna change any moment now into that Hankyung-fishy-face that you posted a while back)

    xD ……Thanks for reading gummy’s spazz sess
    *goes off to hunt dbsk+animal wallpapers*

  345. O__O I swear to gosh, some of the things you say reflect me……and its REALLLY scary. I originally wanted to become a criminal psychologist as well, but my friend turned me off it so bad, cos she told me the ‘converted’ crims might have some kind of spazz attack and break down….then come try to kill me, because they’ll blame their mental breakdown on me xDD (fab friends)

    But psychology aint the bad…cos you can branch off everywhere! You can end up media…assist in making adverts (aka incorporate subliminal msgs for ppl to buy dbsk stuff)….
    medicine…helping ppl get over traumatic crap

    Does animal psychology exist? xD My friend has a tank full of 7 or so black goldfish, and one lonely orange goldfish…..apparently the lonely orange one, tried to change its colour so that it became like the other black ones. So now the orange fishie is part black, part orange!!! How WOWWWWW is that?!

    OOOoH! Ive seen that pedigree ad!! Hahaha gotta loe dogs! Are you a dog or cat person?

    Im not sure about dogs laughing…but im sure they sneeze…xD animals sneezing crack me up! I want to see a giraffe sneeze SO badly! Just cos when I sneeze i kinda throw my head back….and I want to see how far back a giraffe’s head goes when it sneezes ^^

    Anyways im here for the second time cos i wanted to show this (feel free to delete this comment if you deem it inappropriate)

    But having blown my limit, and currently using dialup, it was SO funny having that image load. Just cos the first 10 seconds loaded Jae’s head and i see him grinning like the adorable dork he is…..then 10 seconds later after the other half of the image loads *gummy is banging on table laughing her ass off*

    OH! And yes I am on holiday, but being in the last yr of high school, holidays arent really holidays ;) (*shakes fist* Stupid exams)

  346. Omg, that wallpaper is HOT *————*

    I love it when they pose with motorbikes, it just makes them look so bad ass XDDD Have you seen the intro to their Rising Sun concert? Where they were all dressed in motorbike riding clothes? SO HOT.

    OMG, BOYS WITH ANIMALS – or just dogs, cos I hate cats XD So cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute.

    Lol, Changmin isn’t bad enough to pose with motorbikes :P He’s too much of a goody-good :P
    What’s your random program called?? It sounds awesome! Lol, I always have my computer on when I’m doing homework, it’s such a shiny distraction, cos I keep giving myself Youtube breaks XDDDD

    This is my current wallpaper: I just really love how it has the calendar on it, lol XD And I also really really like the silhouettes :P

    This page was made for comments like yours, so SPAZZ AWAY :DDD. Haha, I have to thank YOU (and all the other readers) for reading our incoherent spazz posts XDDD

    Btw, what other artists are you into?

  347. Gummydork AGAIN :D
    Lol, sorry, your last comment got caught in the spam filter, so I hadn’t read it when I wrote that ^^^ reply ^^”’

    I used to want to be a psychologist, but you get the WEIRDEST people coming in (duh, lol). My teacher was telling us about this patient of her sister, who believed that she was a duck :|

    Lol, I can’t wait to study advertising, I really want to know how they convince people (like me) to buy the useless stuff they advertise XD (I don’t know if I’ve told you, but I’m a media student) So yea, I can’t waaaiiiiittt :DDD I even wanted to major in psychology for my other degree, but then I decided against it, after I attended the orientation talk XD

    Animal psychology does exist! My old maths teacher used to be an animal psychologist :P YOUR FRIEND’S GOLDFISH SOUNDS SO COOL!!!! As if goldfish has “fitting in” issues XDDD

    I’m DEFINITELY a dog person, cats scare me =.= I once rubbed a cat’s belly, and it scratched me :’( (because it had stiches on it’s belly, which were done too tight XD) My dog sneezes all the time! And she snores and has bad dreams :P

    OMG, THAT PICTURE IS GOLD XDDDD LOOOOOOL. I doubt he did it on purpose though, cos he had such an innocent expression on his face XDD It’s like when he wore the “f-ing my way” top in the Rising Sun MV XDDD

    Ooo, you’re in year 12? So is Candychu ^–^ I was in Year 12 last year….so glad that’s over XDD But you have lots of stuff to look forward to! Like your Year 12 Formal!!! (which imo, is completely overrated, but meh). :DDDD

  348. I just thought I’d let you know that I’ve dl-ed all three of Khalil Fong’s albums. Because he’s that good.

    Yes. HAVE A GREAT DAY TODAY, you social butterfly you … !!!

  349. Lol, I haven’t listened to many Khali Fong’s songs; just the two we had in our pimp post XDDD

    I’m currently going through an “All time low” phase, though :P It’s nice….

    And I told you I’d show you a picture of my new hair, so here it is:
    It’s not that light in real life!! XDD The scanner went funny~~

    Oh, and I’m the one with the light brown hair….but you should know that already XD

  350. You forgot to mention that you’re also the asian-looking one. XD But that’s just my observation. HEHE. I really really really like that colour on you; it goes really well with your skin.

    I’m still au naturel, but I’m thinking of dying my hair before I go off to uni. I’m not sure what colour to dye it though, since my skin’s pretty tanned for an asian (my dad’s malaysian, and his entire family’s REALLY dark and in danger of contracting skin cancer. XD And I’ve been blessed with having darker skin as well – well, more coffee-coloured?), but I’m thinking of “plum purple”, just because plum purple never ends up being purple when your natural hair colour’s black. XD

    YES for ALL TIME LOW. Zomg, I think they’re coming to Montreal this summer (Warp Tour 2008!!!), so hopefully I’ll get to go see them … !!! Tickets aren’t even that expensive for all the alternative/indie bands I’ll get to see, which is uber uber uber EXCITING … !!!

    YO, if you really like them, check out their song “Remembering Sunday”. It’s a duet between the lead singer of ALW (his voice is *SO NICE*) and the lead singer of the band “Automatic Love Letter” (which I HIGHLY recommend. Her voice is soooo unique and SO MUCH LOVE). The song’s a narrative of sorts, and it’s SO.SAD.

  351. LOL, yea, well, I’m the asian looking one :P Lol, my best friend (the other girl in the photo)is half Greek, so she definitely doesn’t look asian XDD

    You’re tanned? Lol, I’m actually pretty tanned too, that machine just makes everything way brighter than it is ^^”’ I’m not “coffee coloured” though :P More milk tea :PPP I’m waayyyy dark compared to most asian girls though =.= But I don’t WANT to be as light as them, cos they remind me of boiled chicken breast XDDDD

    Montreal??? EEE, I’m trying to convince my mum to let me go there. See, I’m trying to decide on a place to go to for student exchange, and mum thinks that France is filled with thieves and racists, and America is filled with violence-addicts =.=”” But Montreal is nice, yes??

    Omg, I hope you can go to that music festival!!!!! I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THEM LIVE! And you’re right about that song, it’s SO NICE. I LOVE ACOUSTIC ROCK <3333 And that girl’s voice IS really unique, I think I’m gonna have to listen to it a few more times before I can appreciate it (her voice) cos it’s so DIFFERENT to asian voices, it’s got a really good ROCK edge to it :DDD

    Btw, have you heard of Hawthorne Heights?

    And, you NEED to download the “Umbrella” cover that All time low did. SO GOOD. Ooo, and also their song “coffee shop soundtrack”, is really good :) I love alternative/indie bands ^—^

  352. Hair, body, everything was good for Yamapi there! LOL <3 I am pretty sure you mean Masuda Takahisa, he is just sickingly cute like Ryeo haha.

    OMG I do sound so fat with the four patties LOL. I have a pit. All my friends say I claim to eat alot but don’t… showed them! I like Mc Donalds better then BK.. the toys! But Hungry Jacks?! Why change the name? That is soo weird. :O No crown then?

    I cannot believe you got abused for that. I have seen some pretty sweet SJ-M things. My favourite is an icon with Henry when he is leaning on Ryeo and Shiwon and it says, “Edit me out of THIS, bitch.” LMAO Anywho just come up with an idea and then I can help you figure out how to do it! Then you will just pick up on things and it is easier. I have been trying out SJ-M stuff. Something like this: but I just made a new DBSK sig so I stopped. T-T

    I can see where you come from with SNSD. I am overall bad with female artists. I will like a song or two but there are very few I follow. I couldn’t find Love Story by Koda though. =(

    Yunho needs a haircut so bad.. jut chop that little ponytail right off. THE DANCE IS AWESOME! lol Saturday Night Fever or not it is so cute! I think Yoochun can do it perfectly to so he looks really happy haha. I am not even going to lie, I like everyone of Micky’s styles. haha I just hate it first and slowly justify it. Like, “Oh the blonde makes him look younge!” Rising Sun hair was nice, I think he could have worked it better if they had better clothes and knew more about posing. Way better now.

    MY DAD IS NOT COOL! haha Do not encourage that kind of behaviour! He should be buying purses for me not himself!

    Ah, thank you for the link! I cannot believe he stole Jin’s girlfriend! Owned. I actually know the Spanish guy alittle. Not really but I was going through wikipedias article (my source) and I remember he went to the same high school as Yamapi, and he was Tuxedo Mask. I just found out he was in Hana Kimi to and I do not remember him for the life of me. I need to break out that drama soon for a rewatch and then catch season 2. I always forget people, especially trainees. The trainee I really want to hear more about Han Kyu Wan. I remember he was big way back when everyone thought he was in Super Junior but he was SO hot. Oh my, and awesome voice. SM should send me their trainees (1989 and + though… 1990 pushing it) to review. =) I think I could really help lol, cannot promise I will send them back but whatever.

    I have finally seen Tatta Hitotsu no Koi episode two, did not expect her to find out about him that fast still. I think they could have carried that out a little longer and than I could see how they felt for eachother before the secret came out… I was just not as emotionally attachment so soon. I love the brotherly bond to but this comment on the video I was watching bad me laugh, “how did his brother get down the stairs?” Those where like the steepest things, in fact that entire yard was like a death trap. Oh and I am guessing she is sick, “relapse” from grandmother. That did not come up in episode 1 right? I cannot remember. =( I guess I can forgive her a little for not taking his hand at first. Socially awkward still.

    I hope this is not to long. I always think it is going to be short and then I look and it is long. T-T That is everything I do really, essay limits have no meaning to me!

  353. I found the cute NEWS boy’s name! It’s Tegoshi Yuya :DD He’s so cuuuute ^^

    McDonalds has better fries, but BK has better burgers :P Don’t know who makes better chicken nuggets, though. I shall go investigate….. I think the BK people changed their Australian stores to Hungry Jacks, cos there’s already a small take-away here called Burger King… But yea, why Hungry Jacks… =.=’’’’ You can still get the crown at HJs, though! I love McDonalds happy meals :P

    LOL, I JUST SAW THAT ICON TODAY!!! It’s so coooool XDD Um…I just had a little play around with my Photoshop, and I made this background , except….I really don’t know how to put SJ-M into it, while still being creative XD

    Ooo, I like the bow in your sig. !

    You couldn’t find that Koda Kumi song?? Here, I’ve uploaded it for you :P It’s my favourite song by her ^^ I am VERY picky about my female artists, TOO picky. Lol, Spazzes and I are trying to decide on which female artists to include in our next Chinese music pimp post, but….we’re having the HARDEST time choosing “appropriate” artists XDD

    Lol, speaking of fashionable dads, my friend’s dad went and got his ears pierced, cos her sister and her mum were complaining about how much ear piercing hurts, and he didn’t believe them, so he went to experience it for himself XD

    I’ve only watched one episode of Hanakimi (I FAIL XD) but I THINK he’s the senior? No idea…. He’s really cute though ;) There’s going to be a season two of Hanakimi??? Ooo, I must get around to finishing season one, then XDD I love the main guy, the guy who acted as Hanazawa Rui, in Hana Yori Dango (<333!). Oo, you know that the Hana Yori Dango 3 MOVIE, is coming out in July? EEEE, CAN’T WAIT.

    Who is Han Kyu Wan??? You must give me pictures/videos :P
    And yes, 1990s is pushing it….I would feel weird if I was obsessing over boys way younger than myself (even though I was born in 1989 XD). LOL @ your “cannot promise I will send them back” line XDD DO SHARE THEM WITH ME :P

    I didn’t expect her to find out about him that fast either =.= But, with Japanese dramas, the plot always moves crazy fast O.O Lol, yea their whole HOUSE is a death trap xD.

    I loooove reading long comments! They make me laugh :3 And yes, I know that you mean about word limits; me and word limits do not go together….I normally surpass it by two to three hundred words XDDD In the case of my last assignment, it was 600 words XD (the limit was 600, I wrote 1200, I’M WAY COOL)

  354. okay i’m just new here.. lol i can’t find a “send message” button here. so maybe this is the right place for me to say this XD

    First i’d like to say sorry for not asking permission if i can distribute your posts (but believe me.. I really swear.. i give proper credits to your posts ^^) i know i’m bad.. i hope you could forgive for what have i done

    whew i only had the courage just right now to ask you if i could take your post out of wordpress and share it to my fellow suju lovers (even though i’ve already taken out already some of your posts) (hmm..i’m in a certain forum about SUJU)

    I just want you to know that your posts keep me updated to what’s happening with the boys.. thankful that i’ve found yours ^^

    Again i’m sorry.. you can hate me for that (but i’m beggin’ you don’t hate me. lol) i’m trying to correct my wrong doings (me feeling guilty for just taking your posts out without even your permission)

    sorry. =(

  355. LOL, you’re so CUUUTE :DDD

    Of COURSE i don’t mind! I just get a bit annoyed when people take my posts and modify them =.=”’ or they take lots of posts and re-post them on their own site, without giving proper credit =.=””’

    So yea, as long as you credit “let’s all eat candy”, (and don’t change my posts XD) take away! :DD We need to spread the Suju love <333

    Btw, just out of curiosity, which forum are you from?

  356. Omigod, if you’re thinking of female artists to pimp about, (PLEASE) DO NOT PUT IN RAINIE YANG.

    I listened to Ai Mei, and almost took out my ear when I (violently) pulled my headphones out (OKAY, I ADMIT, I’M NOT SMART ENOUGH TO PAUSE/TURN OFF THE IPOD). She bugs me. An insane amount. I dunno why. XDDD

  357. However, if you feel compelled to put her in, by all means go ahead. Just write in BIG RED LETTERS: PLAYMEAGAIN, REFRAIN FROM READING THIS SECTION OF THE PIMP POST, and I swear, I’ll love you forever. <3 Hehe.

  358. whew that was reaalllyy a relief!!! thanks =D now i can smile..haha

    actually it’s a filipino forum created by my online friends i met because of Suju. It just started last april 5 this year.ONLY13

    (I guess the name is a little bit [should I say controversial-can’t find the right term] but we don’t hate henry and zhoumi it’s just that this forum was already planned before SJM became official.
    yes of course don’t worry i’ll remember that!! XD
    thanks again!! =D
    feelin’ happy today because of you..hahahahahaha

  359. PWHAHAHA! I just CnP’ed your reply into the comment box, and the scroll bar shrunk like it was trying to get away from EunHyuks bad foot smell!!
    But I popped by the blog and saw that Talk.Share has made it onto the “People Liked these most” list! So kudos to that :D

    GAHHH! And I whilst im typing and letting my eyes wander, i saw ‘Rainie Yang’ in capitals, and by golly gosh! I agree with playmeagain x__X If you find a RELATIVELY decent song by her, do let me know :) I was on some random forum and they were like “ZOOMMMGAAHHH! Aw3som3 Raineee sOnG!111!!!!1 WaTch iT on YouTuB3″ ….and i watched it….*cries whilst stuffing face with gummies* Cruel memories. HAHAH! I make her sound EXTREMELY demonic….she isnt that bad, but it kills me how cutesy she acts xO OH THE HORROR!!

    GAH! Sadly i havent bothered to watch any of the dbsk concerts (except for Jae and Min’s singing solos ^^”) my monthly limit cant handle that stuff however apparently theres a cut of the T concert where Yoochun and Min SERIOUSLY get it going on!!

    GAHHH! Leave my min alone! xD Hes a good boy *cough despite the porn* I want him to be my eating buddy someday! And if hes feeling too obese to eat; then we can foodfight with you and jae! OR! Even better, we can double team, and gang up on Yoosu :P Cos everyone lvoes bullying su :P

    My wallpaper changing prgram is called “Wallpaper Master” Its freeware so no cha-ching will be taken from the wallet :D

    Your silhouette wallpaper is awesome!!! My ones pretty dodgy

    Other artists? Erm…thats difficult to answer cos i listen to a variety…then after a week, i get bored of them and find someone else. And then 5 months later I’ll be “HM! Im hungry for some Se7en” (HE POSES IN SOME MADASS PICS WITH A DOG TOOOOO!!) Um, im not sure whether you meant english/non english or both, so shall just name some off the top of me head. Se7en (at first he sounds like a chick…but he seriously grew on me) // Big Bang // Sugarcult (no idea who they are but I like their punk-rock) // NEWS // The TRAX (GAH! Kills me that they don’t get enough recognition!) // Michael buble // Monkey majik // M2M (I grew up with them! So what? Shoot me xDD) OH! AND I cant forget Korn!!

    I only deem them an artist worth listening to if I have over 10 of their songs on my ipod. Which is why im not whole KAMIKAZEEEEE over SuJu. The guys are PURE LOL-TASTIC, and their songs are good, but now ‘WOWWW’ like darkness eyes was. MAN! In future lets see if i can incorporate Darkness eyes into every comment xDD

    WOAH WOAH! You have a spam filter?! Hahaha! Thats awesome to the max! For some reason, i think of a lil virtual jaejoong robot wheeling around madly cos it doesnt know what to do once it finds spam.

    What did they tell you at the psychology orienteering talk? Must’ve been really dodgy if it scared you outta it. LOL, I’d laugh if they threatened you by saying “IF none of you pass, we’ll make you shave your heads!! Then we’ll photograph you and post the pictures to your grandma….WHO KNOWS DBSK” xDDD gawrsh i make no ssense

    Ok! Does this commetn box have a character limit? It weirds me out how much i type and dont get that ‘da donk’ sound cos Im outta typing space

  360. HELLO from Singapore.

    Pinkandsparkly :
    thanks for sharing your, i like the colour of your hair, except that i can’t have light brown. like what you said, i’ll have it dark brown once i start uni without my mum knowing. *evil grinz.
    ya. of course you’ll feel more attached to NZ since you practically grew up there. I wonder what will my baby niece will choose when she grows up as my bro in law is australian, my sis is malaysian and she’s born in Singapore! kekez..
    it’s EP 7 of fated to love you today! gosh. but i can’t watch it cause my bro in law’s laptop is not “capable” of downloading stuff. plus…sniff… pls don’t embed the boys’ clips cause i can’t watch it. :P i dunno what’s wrong with this laptop as i tried downloading flash for so many times but it just can’t work..grrrrr.

    you should come to Singapore and shop!!!! !! you’ll definitely fall in love with the shopping centres here.

  361. I haven’t commented here for a week O_______O
    Lol can I just say something about Rainie Yang?
    I’m not a fan of her but her songs aren’t all that bad! But I’m definitely one that looks at lyrics above all else so that’s why I actually listen to her music *gets bashed by everyone* LOL
    I like 第二個自己 (the second me), 學會 (“learnt”), 可愛 (cute), 左邊 (left side), 找不到 (“can’t find”) and 失眠的睡美人 (sleeping beauty with insomnia) XD BECAUSE THEYRE ALL EMO LOVE SONGS – my favourite <3
    And because once again, I’m procrastinating …
    第二個自己 – About how *she* has to hide from her lover her “other” side and act as a different person just for *him*. THAT IN FACT ISN’T LOVE and makes me very sad.
    學會 – I love the whole song. About letting go and “learning” from *her* experiences.
    可愛 – Sad how *she* is only loved by *him* because he misunderstands the concept of love.
    左邊 – the lyrics are really meaningful. About how *he* only ever holds her with his right hand. However the heart beats on the left side…*wipes a tear*
    找不到 – about *her* inability to find the love which supposedly exists in *their* relationship
    失眠的睡美人 – sleeping beauty with insomnia…doesnt that sound so sad already? Anyway, *she* has insomnia because she is always thinking about *him* – the prince

    Okay, fine I admit … its the lyricists I adore xDDD

  362. *pats Candychu* Its cool ^^ If you like her stuff, then you like it. *tries to hide the baseball bat* But to me, the music matters more. Like Im a wacko…cos when I listen to music, the instruments matter to me more than the vocals, so to me, the vocals become the backup of the song….so thats why whenever i try to tell my friend about a song, i end up going, it goes like this “doot doot doootdidoot” and they look at me like im a mental retard -__-

    But I’ll go look up the translation for the songs you mentioned :D They sounds really interesting already. HAHAH! Have you seen that shirt at Jay Jays with the slogan “Cheer Up Emo Kid”

  363. I am a lurker here already. ^^

  364. gummydork:
    Well the music is important to first catch my attention, I guess. I mean I’m not mando so I don’t necessarily know what the heck Rainie (or others) is singing about until I get my hands on some lyrics but it’s after reading that I actually judge/rate the song.
    But because it is music, vocals also matter. Which is why it drives me insane when good music is given to crap singers…and I’m thinking about that HK “singer” Isabella. I HATE HER lol except she sung a duet with one of my past loves and so I was forced to listen to her whine just so I could hear the sweet voice of Kenny Kwan XD If you’re not into CPop you probs have NO idea what I’m talking about xDDD

    LOL I really do sound emo don’t I? I’m like a high emo kid. If that makes sense…in other words IM JUST CRAZY :DD

    *spots bat*…*slowly backs away*

  365. Ah so it was Tegoshi! I think I am too distracted by Yamapi after. :D I just heard about Last Friends with Ryo Nishikido from NEWS, and apparently he is a abusive boyfriend. I cannot see that at all. I think 3 episodes are subbed but I already so far behind on other things. Need to wait. =(
    McDonalds fries are perfection, love the salt! You need to tell me the result of that investigation haha. Maybe I should conduct it to! And how does Hungary Jacks explain the crowns?!?
    That is an insanely good background!! Now I feel so FAIL when I started!! Um I would say maybe on one of the rooftops. They could even be on different ones. That maybe to small… they could be superheros on the building! Then they can be abnormally big LOL. Not much help eh? I don’t know… make one of them Godzilla and the others are running! :D sweet..
    Thank for you the song!! The melody is so simple and pretty. Had to look up the translation, and so nice! Ah, I love ballads. That sounds like a cool pimp post, I cannot wait to see it! Waiting Akanishi Jin to!! <3
    I just remembered a female artist I love to, Yui! Yes, so good. From the movie Taiyou No Uta (which makes me cry like no tomorrow). Her voice is really cute but can carry emotion well.
    OMG, no he didn’t!! That is so awesome LOL. My dad is terrified of pain, he was with me when I got mine and complained I squeezed his hand to hard.
    Oh mann, oop! No season two of Hana Kimi, I got it missed up with Hana Yori Dango. Then I was reading this and I was like WTF there are two!? T-T I haven’t seen Hana Kimi yet. All downloaded and ready to go. Hana Yori 3 movie in July! YES YES! That will be sweet, I hope it gets translated fast, I cannot watch 2 hours of nothing making sense! But it will be so hard to wait…
    Hanazawa Rui is SO tall. Had to get that out! Love it! Yumm he is so sexy! haha He was in Stand Up too! Actually he has been in alot of dramas, earns his money! haha
    OMG I definitely must. Han Kyu Wan = pure love. Okay pictures in this post:
    Him singing:

    More pictures here (all three pages)but alot are down:
    Best is on pg.3, second last post. SO FINE!
    I wish there was new information on him! I hate not knowing!!
    Ah, I am born in 1989 to! :D AND I WILL SHARE! You need to pay shipping though! haha That is quite far.
    YOU WENT DOUBLE! WAY OVER! lol That was a short essay though, very necessary. My political science was 2,500 and I did 3,000. And then I lied on the word count and made it 2,550. LOL I just always need to add in more. Last out of exams to because I write too much!

  366. Playmeagain:
    Omg, she annoys me SO MUCH. I really don’t like her. Her voice is so WHINY and NASALLY. AND I HATE THE CUTE ACT. The only song by her that I’ve got on my ipod, is “li xiang qing ren” (Perfect valentine), and that’s purely because it was used in the “Devil next to you” drama, and every time I listen to it, I picture Mike He, and I love Mike He, because he is oh-so-beautiful :P It annoys me how he always gets paired up with actresses I can’t stand =.=

    Hmm, any indie bands you recommend?? I’ve been listening to quite a bit of indie stuff lately, just because after awhile, asian pop all sound the same :PPP So in order to still love all my boybands, I have to go off them for awhile XDD (if that makes sense XD). Anyway, here’s a song you should try, it’s by Boys like Girls, and it’s called “Thunder”; it’s an acoustic version, and the lead singer’s voice is SO LOVELY.
    And here’s another one by the same band, it’s called Great Escape,

    Ooo, like the banner :D I think I have that photo somewhere…’s a really touching photo :)

    Glad to know that you don’t partake in Henry/ZhouMi, hating :D

    Lol, I didn’t even notice that it made it onto that list XDDD

    LOL, I LOVE YOUR IMITATION OF A RAINIE FAN XDDDDDDDDDD Haha, I absolutely HATE reading comments written like that, it just looks soooooooooo tacky, and all thse Bratz doll obsessed 15 year olds think it’s “trendy” and “cool” to write like that =.=’’’’ Actually, I was talking to a friend from NZ, and apparently, they’re going to start letting students use “SMS language” in exams O.O
    But yes, I absolutely hate the cute act, she should start acting her age, and get rid of the “jellyfish hair” =_=

    I’ve only watched their “O” concert, and their FITB one, but I didn’t watch the whole thing in one go, I randomly picked songs XD So I probably still haven’t watched the whole concert yet XD


    ILOVE FREEWARE! XDDDD Hmm, I think I used your wallpaper at the start of the year? Some of the pictures from their Shine photobook turned out nice, but I think I still prefer their Bonjour Paris ones….I have this GORGEOUS picture of Jae HE LOOKS SO CUTE, YES?? Hehe, I’m tempted to go to Paris to track down that bench XDDD

    I have….two Se7en songs XD Hmm….I’m not really into Big Bang….Idk, I know that they’re heaps popular in Korea right now, but…..meh, just can’t seem to get into them ^^’’’ You listen to NEWS??? YAMAPI <333333333!!!!!! They’ve got a new single coming out, yup :D I have two songs by the Trax, one is the song that Siwon played the drums for during one performance, and the other is called “Angel”, I think XD. Korn??? Wow, you’re the only person I know who listens to Korn AND NEWS, THEIR MUSIC IS SO DIFFERENT :P. In my comment reply to Playmeagain I included the download link to one of my favourite English songs, do download it :) And here’s another one just for you, it’s by a band called “Fightstar”, it’s a bit harder than the “Boys like Girls” song, but you listen to Korn, so I thought you might like it :D

    The spam filter SUCKS. I have to check it everyday cos it always has unspam comments in there =.=

    Lol, there weren’t any threats at the psychology talk, they just made it sound REALLY BORING. Idk what state your in, but over here, even if you get into Psychology Honours, you still have to do a masters degree before you can practice as a clinical psychologist =_= and the whole course just sounded really really DULL. But if you do psychology, there’s one good thing (apart from all the $$ you’ll earn once you become a psychologist), your exam are all multiple choice questions! I LOVE MULTI-CHOICE QUESTIONS :DDDDD Lol, but Media is even better, TAKE HOME EXAMS :DDDDD (we get to take our exams home for a week, SCORE).

    SJ-M’s “The moment” reminded me of DBSK’s Darkness Eyes, when I listened to it, try it, you might like it :D
    And I have no idea what the word limit is for these comment boxes…..

    Awww, I’m so jealous, it must be really nice and warm over there :( it’s starting to get cold here…booooo…..
    Hehe, my mum wouldn’t let me dye my hair till I graduated highschool ^^ My hair colour isn’t actually as light as it looks in the picture, like I said, it’s like Jae’s colour :P Actually, it may even be a shade or two darker ^^

    I still haven’t watched Ep. Six of Fated to love you :’( It’s all downloaded, I just need to find time to watch it

    I MIGHT be going to Singapore at the end of the year! For like, a day, but still XDD

    You are special ^———-^

    Lol, I NEVER pay attention to the lyrics, mainly because most of the time, I can’t actually hear the lyrics XDD (I have bad listening, ok :P)

    But I do like 失眠的睡美人, I love the tune, but can’t stand her voice =.=’’’


    I can’t see Ryo as an abusive boyfriend, nup, can’t be done. I absolutely LOVED him in “one litre of tears”, he was SO SWEEEEEET <33333 I just googled “Last friends”, and the plot…..doesn’t sound like something I’d be interested in XD I like romantic comedies :P I just downloaded Proposal Daisakusen, and I’ll probably start that tomorrow (Yamapi <3!)

    Your photoshop idea sounds great! I especially like the Godzilla idea :DDD How can I go about doing that though…?

    Lol, I don’t think the pimp posts will be out for another month (at least), they’ll be done before the end of the year, though :PPPP

    I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE HANA YORI DANGO MOVIE! Lol, I’m currently re-watching Hana Yori Dango, seasons one and two, and omg, HANAZAWA RUI <3333333333 imo, the Japanese Hana Yori Dango, is better than the TW one :P

    That SM Trainee is NIIIICE! Lol, at first I thought that you meant the first guy on the Soompi page (the 1993 one) and I was like….um……o.O but then I scrolled down XD Hmm, he reminds me a little of Yesung….and he has a really nice voice, HE NEEDS TO DEBUT NOW. :D

    On a unrelated note, EVERYONE has a Soompi thread, seriously, even Siwon’s ex-girlfriend has her own Soompi thread =.=’’’’’

    Lol, I’m always the first out of exams/tests, idk, I think really fast XD But of course, my handwriting is never actually legible XD

  367. hello hi

    woo..i heard someone’s from singapore here! Guess what, i’m from there too! Haha…and the current weather right now is killing me. So humid in the morning and night. I miss the rainy seasons. Come back rainy days!!!

    Anyhoo,I’ve just watched Part 2 of the Suju M interview. It’s a good thing I took a Mandarin course a few years back, so I understood a bit. I love Kyuhyun’s laughter in 8:10 OMG! Adorable..ok, I better stop drooling over him or my sister will kill me.

    And currently, I’m also watching Hana Yori Season 1 and 2 too!!! I like Rui…nice character..mysterious smile =) Can’t wait for the movie to come out too.

    OH. And my friend pre-ordered Suju M cd. Aaah…can’t wait can’t wait!! I won’t get sick watching their U mv. Hankyung’s just super HOT.

    Ok, i better stop spazzing. I’ve been doing that lately, and today, I took the wrong train back.

    No prize guessing who was on my mind the whole time.

    Hahahaha XD

    Warmest regards,

  368. O.M.G.

    Boys Like Girls IS AMAZING … !!! My friend got me into them a year or so ago, and I’ve been totally hooked ever since. I actually missed out on seeing them last year, which pains me greatly (MY FRIEND WENT THOUGH, AND SHE GOT ONE OF THEIR T-SHIRTS. *seeeething with jealousy*), but yeah, the lead singer’s voice IS love. Actually, if I do listen to any indie music, his is the kind of voice I REALLY like and usually download.

    Thunder is actually my FAVOURITE song by them, with Heels over Head a close second. Their songs are SO catchy; I find myself humming them at inappopriate times. XD

    Um, I’m not into indie music as much as my friends, because I’ve got serious issues downloading anything (my computer is on the verge of exploding. XD), but try Automatic LoveLetter and Rocket Summer. I’ve been meaning to download some Rocket Summer songs at some point, but haven’t gotten round to doing it yet. But yes, my friend let me preview some of their songs on her iPod and seriously, I died while listening. Hehe.

    YO MAN, BOBO IS SOOOOO GOOD. And the members are young too, aren’t they?! 89-ers?! GAH ILUVTHEMMMMM.

    If I’m able to snag tickets for Warp Tour this summer, I’ll definitely check out all the acts and bring back a mother long list of groups/bands to download. And I’ll bug my friend (she’s TOTALLY into indie music. It’s greeeeeeat. I’m always so up to date. XD) for more indie groups.

    Actually, try Jason Mraz (I don’t have much of his music, but I LOVE HIS VOICE. It’s smoother than butter. NO JOKE. It’s like … condensed milk. Hehe), Tristan Prettyman (again, I don’t have much of her music, if any, but her voice is LOVE) and Imogen Heap (her song Goodnight and Go is ridiculously cute. <33333 Click to download, yes? ).

    I’m sorry that I’ve run out of adjectives to describe these songs; sadly, my vocabulary isn’t exactly … extensive. XD

  369. Nurulnunu:
    Ooooo, another Singaporean! :DD
    Yea, my dad’s been to Singapore, and he told me that the weather is really humid there :S
    SJ-M is <33333333333333 they were HILARIOUS in that interview, omg, I still can’t get over Donghae’s walk xDDDDD
    I LOVE RUI!!!!!! Omg, I’m up to the bit in season two, when Makino is in the hospital, and Rui kissed her, EEEEEEEEEEEEEE, IT WAS SO ROMANTIC <3!
    The SJ-M boys are ALL super hot ;)
    Lol, you took the wrong train? Hahahaha, that sounds like something I would do xDDD Cos I’m normally listening to my ipod while I wait for the bus, so I always space out and forget which bus I’m meant to be going on xD



    My other favourite song by them is “Hero/Heroine” <33333!!!!!! I LOVE THE FALSETTOS IN THAT SONG!

    Automatic Loveletter and Rocket Summer? Wow, and I thought asian bands had weird names XD I’ll download them in a bit, I’m currently trying to track down BOBO’s new album (IT’S SO DIFFICULT, I CAN’T FIND IT ANYWHEREEEEE)

    But yes, the member of BOBO are quite young; The cute one with the small eyes (the winner of that competition) is four months older than me, and the other one (the pretty one) is turning 21 this year :) They’ve got some really *cute* songs, but the slow songs I have by them are LOOOOOOOOVE. Omg, have you heard their solos? YOU MUST.
    Jing bo ran (younger one)
    Fu xin bo (older one)
    The songs are covers, but they did them SO WELL.


    My friend looooves indie bands, actually, she’s mainly obsessed with UK bands, so I’ve got quite a few songs by Fightstar, McFly, Son of Dork, Busted, Kids in Glass Houses, etc. Some of them are EXCELLENT. Will definitely send you some songs next time :D

    Hmm, I think you’ve sent me a song by Imogen Heap, before? Was probably a different song, though, cos I don’t recognise this one (but then again, my listening IS really bad XD).

    Your vocabulary isn’t extensive??? Wow, mine must be non-existent then XDDD

  370. Candychu
    Thank gosh you’re not a fan :D Cos I felt a tad guilty for bashing her. But I did look up the translations like i said I would and BOYO, they were MAD difficult to find! (I only found Cute and Left Hand). One of the translators took it a step further, and added in the definition of cute, so I thought I’d share “Cute -definition from oxford or one of the well-known dicts: ugly but adorable)” xDD

    I thought it was pretty interesting that “left hand” one….but I think im just biased against her, cos as i was reading, i thought “But then if he’s holding you with his left hand, that means that you’ll be holding him with YOUR right hand” so the guy’s gonna get all depressed. *sigh* We can never win….UNLESS! She’s holding hands with a mirror ayay xD But now I totally understand what you mean by emo! If the song is as good as the lyrics (well the translations) are, I’ll go have a listen :)

    And cos I couldnt find any of the other songs, I read “The Wolf Is Here” translation, and that was pretty interesting :D PWAHHAHAHA!….For some reason, I just thought of Rainie writing her own songs, and just burst out laughing. But I gotta agree. The lyrics do possess a lot of depth (or mebbe Im just studying too much TS Eliot poetry -who was an INCREDIBLY depressed poet) …..oh dear, does this mean I’m as emo as you are? :P

    ROFL!~ You listened to that Isabella and Kenny song too?! *pats and gives you a special rainbow gummy* Nah, I don’t follow Cpop that much, but I did listen to Boyz (momentarily) and when i heard about Kenny going solo, I thought I’d check it out. It was pretty decent for cpop, cos at the time, I was ‘experimenting’ and listening to Twins….and oh gawrd, Boyz sounded heavenly in comparison (wait I take that back…they LOOK heavenly in comparison, and that prolly messed up my hearing xDDD). But I heard that one with Isabella, and I think that was the last straw…I gave up on finding a female cpop artist after that. Like she wasn’t BADDD BADD, but there were parts where she attempted to ‘harmonize’ whilst Kenny (who is SO lovely) was singing and I just wanted her to SHUT. UP!! (Btw, the green mp3 at the end of the MV looks cool)

  371. Pinky
    xD Im really tempted to abbreviate your name to PAS, but im scared I might accidentally punch in PMS instead. Anyways I do agree on the impact of Bratz on ‘the younger people’. There was this comparison of Bratz to Barbie, and PHWOAR, Bratz pwns in impacting kids negatively. It ticks me off SO badly when I’m browsing Target, and I come across some 7 year old whinging to her mom, about why she’s not allowed to buy a Bratz BRA! What kind of 7 yr old needs a bra?! ….unless its to hide gummies in *cough* Not like I did that when I got my first one. xD Kidding!

    SMS in exams? I think what’s more irksome (yes, im a VERY cranky 16 yr old xD Wait til im 70 and throwing cats at kids walking on my lawn) is how people sms words that are longer than the actual baby=baybeeh , hello = hewoooz, you=yoOh xDD

    Foodwise….do you prefer meat pies or fruitpies? Im thinking fruitpies hurt more if you throw, but hot meatpies are a pain to clean out of clothes…

    WOAHHH! I love that picture of jae (HAHAH! I like how the frenchie with the moustache in the bg is laughing) *rolls head on keyboard some more* (btw, if it doesnt beep, try just laying your head on the keyboard) *squishes him* Its awesomeness!! GAH! There is WAY too much Jae awesomeness today *goes off to perve on Minnie* xD And yes, im bizarro, cos I feel awkward when I favour one over the other. (and just a random fact about me, but i enjoy fantasising about ninja jae fighting it out with firefighter min over cookies. HAHAHA! Can you imagine Changmin with this giant hose and he sprays Jae away…but then Jae does these mad flips and throws ninja stars attached to string at the cookies…then he SPRINGS AWAYYY into the night….with cookies trailing behind him! Cos hes such an awesome stealth ninja lol)

    I had some of your songs playing earlier on my ipod, and it came out INCREDIBLY whiny, which is bizarro, cos on the computer, it sounds great! Im liking Great Escape so far. I have Hero-heroine, on my computer, but didnt listen to it until now, and so far Boys Like Girls are ultimate suaveness :D (suave is used out of context, but im out of words to use) Thanks for that! Im waiting for 99-Fightstar to download through torrent, because the one I downloaded through the link you gave, keeps telling me to install ‘freemp3.exe’ and thats not normal. NEWS is loveee! :D My friend showed me their ‘Tears of the Sun’ MV and I was hooked :D (if only they danced with gloves…. I now have an obsession with gloves after watching this “” ….dont look at the boys or listen to their song…just be entranced by how white the gloves are xDDDDD)

    WOWOOWOWO! Take home exams?! xD Nah, I’d prefer the psycho number of multiple choice for psychology, just cos I’m a massssssssive procrastinator.

    And I said this before, and I’ll say it again… have awesome people skills. I did like ‘This Moment’ but I liked “In My Arms” more (although the echo is starting to annoy me now…Im trying to see if any of my techgeek friends know how to get rid of it xDDDD) but Marry U remains my favourite Suju-M song, despite it being the exact same as the korean ^^”

    And thanks for replying to my comments ^^ One day we shall play Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles together (I wanna be Michael ‘Mikey’ Angelo xD He gets to eat lots! :DDDDDDD)

  372. Gummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmies. GIMME GUMMIES. (a.k.a. Gummydork)

    I’m not pinkandsparkly, but your massive comments are too long to miss. AND THEY’RE SO ENJOYABLE. I rofl like mad while reading them. XDDDDD (Yes, I read them. No, I’m not a stalker; I’m just incredibly bored. XD And it’s a better alternative to studying for exams, cos WHO NEEDS TO STUDY?!?!)

    But yes, NEWS is awesome. Their dances, however, are SO LOL-WORTHY. Omg, if DBSK danced like that, I would NOT be into them at all; I’d actually scratch them off my list of artists to fangirl over, because I’m shallow like that. XD

    AND OMG YOU’RE BECOMING A BOYS LIKE GIRLS LOVER TOOOOOOO. *spazzes* They’re ridiculously good. You HAVE to keep listening to them, because I swear, you’ll fall in love with the lead singer’s voice and every other song you hear after listening to one of their’s just won’t sound as good.

    XDDD I’m sorry, did that last sentence make sense?! AKFKHKJ

    P.S. Omigaaah, let’s call pinkandsparkly PAS together (because I need to find an embarrassing nickname for her, and I’d lol hardcore and refuse to change it if I accidentally typed PMS instead of PAS one day. XDDD ILU PAS)

  373. PAS??? But wouldn’t the abbreviation of Pinkandsparkly, be “PS”, since “and” doesn’t count? :P

    Bratz are eviiiiiiilllllllllllllllllllllllllll. I was never into dolls when I was little, I liked my ninja turtles more xP I also used to give the few Barbie dolls I had “haircuts” (I basically just chopped off all their hair) and break off their heads…so….mum didn’t buy me many dolls XD Bratz dolls are so UGLY, though, like, Barbie was at least pretty (the old ones) but Bratz dolls all look like they had Botox, and their clothes, OMG, SKANKS.

    Lol, my friend and I always whine about how we’re going to become crazy cat ladies with 49 cats and throw them at couples (like the one in Simpsons :P) because we’re the only ones in our group of friends who are still single XD

    I actually really really REALLY hate it when people call me “babe”, it’s SO ANNOYING @#$@%#$^&. But yes, I have no idea why people “shorten” words in SMS to a longer version of a word =.= Isn’t the whole point of SMS-language, to minimize the letter-count? Blaaaah. People these days.

    Hmmmm, foodwise, I’d say meat pies, even though the meat pies in Australia suck. The ones in NZ were so yummy; the pie skin was made of FLAKY PASTRY, and there was a TON of melted cheese in the pie, and omg drooooooooooooooooooooooool *———-* But yea, I reckon fruitpies would hurt more….Lol, a friend of mine and her friends, used to take hamburgers into cinemas and chuck them at people =_= I don’t know WHY, but I’ve never gone to the movies with her (thank goodness) so it’s ok, lol XD

    Ninja Jae and Firefighter Min??? You have a wild imagination =.=’’’’’’ I can’t see Changminnie, as a firefighter, though…..I can see him as…..a secret agent XDDDD or a nerd, LOL XD. And Jae is soooooooooooooo not a stealth ninja; he’s just not sly… all XD My favourite DBSK boy is Jae, but Changmin comes a CLOSE second, very close :P Idk, I always have favourite members from a group…..

    Whiny? Boys like Girls??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. They are sooooooooooooo not whiny ;________; Fightstar’s 99, is one of those songs that people either love or hate, like, my friend and I love it, but her brother absolutely hates it, and he’s a Fighstar fan. Idk, it’s just a reaaally unusual song. Freemp3.exe?? That’s weird…..Mediafire normally doesn’t require that….ah well, the one I uploaded was pretty dodgy, it was a radio preview version, so you can hear this UK guy speaking at the start XD

    I only know three NEWS boys, Yamapi, Tegoshi, and Ryo ^^’’’ Ooo, I like their “Tears of the Sun”, song, it’s nice :DDD I really like “Beautiful Eyes”, too. But their dancing…..XDDDDDDDD Have you seen their latest MV? “Summer Time”, I think it’s called….it’s really cute :DDD

    I watched the white gloves video……….THOSE GLOVES ARE SO DISTRACTING, OMG XD They should’ve brought in fluorescent lights, then the gloves would’ve GLOOOOOOOOOWED :DDDD

    I’m a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge procrastinator, and I LOVE it :DDD I’d probably do the exams the night before it’s due, but I’m just glad that I don’t have to remember anything for those exams, HEHEHEHEHEHE

    YUS, I HAVE PEOPLE SKILLS :DDDD Lol, I should go on Big Brother XD Speaking of BB, have you seen the ads for this year’s contestants? THOSE CONTESTANTS ARE HILARIOUS. There was this 52 year old grandma, who idolised Pauline Hansen, and believed that “religion is the root of all evil”, another guy who has Roswell, tattooed on his arm, cos he strongly believes that “there’s something else out there” and a dwarf who likes to watch old people fall over =_=. I don’t watch BB (I have better things to do with my time, thank you) but omg, those contestants are soooooooooooooo unusual XD OOOO, and there’s this one other Paris Hilton wannabe who had to repeat year 12 twice, and they asked her what she’d to if she doesn’t get into uni, and she went “um….go shopping :DDD” =.=’’’

    Ahh, do tell me when you figure out a way to remove the echo, cos that’s what ruined the song for me…

    I enjoy reading your comments, cos you’re cool like me ;PPP And yes, one day we will do a TMNT, role play together, and I will be Leo, because he is sooooopah cool :DD Lol, in primary, I used to have Leo stationery XD

  374. I want to see Proposal Daisakusen!! I think I even have it downloaded but I have to go find the CD I put it on. T-T I finally finished Unbelievable Outing which I thought was going to kill me of laughter. One scene from episode twelve has Eeteuk kissing (lol okay some passing game but whatever) Yesung and he holds him SO gently. He was in a dog costume at the time to so just cute as heck. I miss that show, it was made for Hyuk.

    I think will you would just have to find the right pictures. I guess the Godzilla one would be bigger and the rest small. You would need to extract the people from the background in the picture.

    Sometimes if the background is one colour you can just click the wand and it will highlight the background so you can delete. Or if it is different you may need to take an eraser around their body to rid of it. Then just resize to your desire, drag to background, and position. Not sure how clear that is.. :S Extracting is really a pain. Make sure to make the image HUGE if you erase and then zoom in so you don’t miss anything. *cough* For example, get the new Anycall promo pictures, get the picture of Yoochun and Yoona… and then extract him out. :DD Okay I am still a little sour. HER HAND WAS ON HIS HEART!!!!!

    End of the year! LOL Okay it will be a good Christmas gift for readers! :P

    I never watched the Taiwan one. My only problem with the series is that it was a little to cheery I think. I read the story about this way before the drama and it was really dark so I don’t think the drama captured that. The story was like this insane emotional rollercoaster.

    NO not the 1993! LOL But ya I need a debut this minute!! I don’t even care if he is an MC or something. There are hot ones (the guy from Jihwaza was hella sexy and funny).

    Oh my gosh do not even bring up Soompi. DBSK thread and the girlfriend debate!?!?! WTF?!!? It is coming up like every other day now. And fifty comments like “ok guys i need to comment”. Just… urgh. I cannot read 500 comments on the same thing. I really use it more of a news source (all my posts have news or fill requests I think) so maybe I am more critical but… =(. Ya and tons of threads! I usually google the name just to find the Soompi thread haha. Some are so really organized to help so I love it.

    First one out!? You need to give me lessons or something!

    Oh and… KIBUM AND HEECHUL FINALLY WITH NO HAIR ON THEIR CHAINS = LOVE. FINNALLY. And Heecuhl + Kangin on Sukira = Finallyyy! Good week. <333


    Unbelievable Outing?? ….. I think I’ve only seen one-two episodes of that XD But now I must watch Ep.12!!!!!!!!

    I WOULD LOVE TO EXTRACT THE SNSD GIRLS OUT OF THE PROMO PICTURES, ESPECIALLY THE JAEHO ONE XDDDD It would just look nicer, ya know what I mean? :P I’m gonna have a go at extracting things this weekend, and we’ll see if everything turns out well XD

    You’ve never watched “Meteor Garden”? Wow, you’re lucky XD Na, it’s not bad, (well, the second one is) Barbie Hsu just can’t act. I don’t think she suited the role of Tsukushi… Lol, I always tend to prefer the Japanese version of dramas, eg. Hanakimi:

    I love Wuzun, but I hate the dramas he acts in =.= Tokyo Juliet – could only watch four episodes, I really can’t stand Ariel Lin; Hanakimi – could only watch seven episodes, cos Ella looked like a boy, and the whole thing was just this massive block of cheese (I bought the book, though :P) and Romantic Princess – Angela Zhang is cute, but…….ugh, girl needs acting lessons, I watched one episode and gave up =.=’’’’’. Lol, I’m SUCH a cow, I’m waayyyyy too picky about actresses XD Ooo, but you know who I really like at the moment, ERIKA TODA <333! She’s pretty AND most importantly, SHE CAN ACT, WOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDD

    I rarely go on Soompi. You have to wad through seven pages of mindless gossip before you can actually find some real NEWS. I prefer Baidu, cos each artist has their own “bar”, and each bar has MILLIONS of threads, so every topic has its own thread. And there are also “Special” threads, which contain important news, new mp3s, pictures, etc. SO ORGANISED, I LOVE IT *—————-*

    Lol, you’re officially the last person to comment on this page, FEEL SPECIAL :DDDDD

    Btw, when you’re not busy, would you mind whipping up a picture for the new Talk.Share page? I’m thinking maybe a big collage of everything…..or maybe just the words “Talk.Share” written on a really cool background?

  376. Please don’t comment on this page anymore. Redirect your comments to our NEW Talk.Share page!

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