Big Bang

Some Big Bang ♥
Big Bang’s 3rd Mini Album Preview
Who’s your Big Bang boyfriend?

Big Bang Haru Haru MV Subbed
Pajama Party & Haru Haru Parodies
..and they come back with a BIG BANG!!
Oh My Friend MV
Big Bang – Haru Haru MV Part 2

Big Bang Filming No No No Campaign Pics
080908 Big Bang on Sukira
Who’s your Big Bang boyfriend? Part II

Big Bang – Number 1
Big Bang – Number 1 MV
Big Bang Second Album MV Teaser

Preorder Big Bang Vol. 2 “Remember”
Big Bang – Sunset Glow/The Red Sunset MV
Big Bang “Remember” Album Review
Big Bang Edge CF
081114 Big Bang Comeback on Music Bank
Big Bang Baskin Robbins Ice cream Cake CF

Preorder Big Bang – 2008 Global Warning Tour With Taeyang 1st Concert DVD
Vogue feat. Big Bang


BoA – Moon and Sunrise mp3
Is BoA ready to debut AGAIN?
Boa – The Face #1

BoA bullied Ki Bum
A walk into the past.

Ah … Kissing you by BoA. ^____________^
HeyX3 – BoA Sparkling Performance.

Stand Up People… PV?

BoA America
16 minutes in BoA’s shoes

Boa – Eat you up MV [Korean version]
The FACE tour, brought to you by BoA

Youtube Live Tokyo – Just BoA’s part

It’s back to a smaller stage for BoA

Cheon Sang Ji Hee

Lina in February issue of Allure magazine

CSJH on Japan Wave TV MusiG
Pinkandsparkly will LOVE me, not that she doesn’t already. ^^
Friendship Between Girls.
CSJH – Graceful 4 Party Vol.1 <3

I miss CSJH the Grace a lot.

Happy third anniversary to CSJH
5 CM by CSJH the Grace and PICs are double LOVE <<3
They cried, I cried.

Get yourselves HERE!
Summer… is HERE.

Stand Up People… PV?
Manwon Happiness with STEPHANIE is with SUBS now

It is so much a TEASER that it is unbearable.
Graceful four concert official clips. 0_0
Excuse me HERE!

The god had shine on me. lol.
”Stephanie almost killed me,” XD
Yes, I am really NEAR. I am coming.
Here Perf. at Heyx3 and NEAR PV

The Best performance of HERE and it is the full song!
Stand Up People Perf by CSJH the Grace

An early Christmas present?
A bit of Good PV

Dong Bang Shin Ki

What happened during EHB filming breaks with DBSK
EHB Ep.10 subbed + Recap
Random pictures from DBSK’s EHB filming

DBSK will be on new Korean variety shows!!

Goodies Bag #3

Vogue Fashion Pet feat. Yoochun, Donghae, Sungmin & SHINee
DBSK Talks About SHINee

More fancams from SMTown Concert

DBSK on Come to Play
Preorder Mirotic Repackaged C Version
Super Junior & Ara featured in Repackaged “Mirotic”
Preview New Songs from Repackaged “Mirotic”
DBSK – Wrong Number MV
Junho dancing cut fom Star’s Friend
HoMin Preview on The Show Must Go On
081110 Yunho @ YSMM Cuts
DBSK Lovin’ You – Love Situation
DBSK at 29th Blue Dragon Film Award
081121 DBSK Wrong Number on Music Bank
Intimate Note ~ HyukSu cut [Eng]
DBSK Lotte Scans from Special Photo & Album
081122 YooMinSu on Star King
DBSK 2009 Calendar Scans
2U on Crack
Preorder 2009 DBSK Calendars
DBSK on OotChatSa
081130 DBSK on Inki and Musc Japan

DBSK’s HAHAHA Song! All 5 Members!
Preview DBSKs “Bolero” and Preorder links
DBSK makes Takoyaki
[Poll] DBSK’s Suits Galore
DBSK teaches Kids not to watch Porn
2009 DBSK Desk Calendar Photos
DBSK 2009 Wall Calendar Photos
081214 DBSK performs at Open Concert
DBSK Bigeastation 90 – Love Situation
Singles Jan Issue feat. DBSK
DBSK SINGLES Magazine Individual Shots [JaeHo Edition]
Some New DBSK Lotte Promo Pics
DBSK SINGLES Magazine Individual Shots [MinSuChun Edition]
DBSK Bolero Website Photos
The Kim Twins’ Duet

FT Island

HongKi on Leetuek’s Love Fighter

080829 Music Bank Comeback FT Island – After Love

F.T Island – Colorful Sensibility Pt 2 Review
Ft Island – Heaven MV

FT Island Arirang Monologues

2PM & F.T Island Idol World Recap


SM’s New Boyband – Shinee
Some more “SHINee” stuff
What colour balloons will SHINee have?
SHINee’s full MV is OUT!
Sample SHINee’s mini album
Pictures from SHINee’s official gallery
SHINEE’s Debut Performance

SHINee singing Rokkugoh
ELLE July Issue Feat. SHINee
SHINee in July issue of Vogue Girl
SHINee Vogue girl photoshoot + ELLE photoshoot + Minho modelling
SHINee on Music Bank
SHINee’s SM Audition
SHINee on SBS Inkigayo performing Run It + Replay

SHINee @ SM Showcase 2008
SHINee on SBS Inkigayo – Mobile Ranking
Suju and SHINee’s M!Countdown interaction
Taemin after school + Mnet M! Countdown
SHINee Special Time
Poor Minho
Onew Fancam on Star King
The *SHINee* Show
Sukira Radio – Onew Phonecall
080710 M!Countdown Ranking
The Contemporary Noona Killers
SM Town Live ‘08 Message
Vogue Fashion Pet feat. Yoochun, Donghae, Sungmin & SHINee
The Singles 8th Edition feat. SHINee
Star Golden Bell Ep191 Subbed
DBSK Talks About SHINee
Sukira Onew & Jonghyun ~ EunTeuks phone call

SHINee Reality Show Ep1

Pictures of SHINee at an event
SHINee for CLR!DE.n
Photoshoot for SHINee’s Reality Show
080812 SHINee Hang Yun Festival ~ Boom Track
SHINee Reality Show Ep2
SHINee First Album Teaser
080719 SHINee on Star Golden Bell
080720 Tablo’s Dreaming Radio ~ SHINee Cut (Subbed)
080724 SHINee on School of Rock
More fancams from SMTown Concert
If you had Onew in between your legs…
Lee Yeon Hee’s message to SHINee
080821 M!Countdown Ranking
SHINee’s “You’re Like Oxygen” mp3
SHINee World Tracklist
SHINee Reality Show Ep3
080824 The SHINee World+Love Like Oxygen Perf
SHINee Say “NO!” to Smoking
Love Like Oxygen MV
Preorder SHINee World Volume 1+2
Preview SHINee World + Love’s Way
SHINee World – Full Tracklisting Preview
080828 SHINee Comeback on MCountdown
Jonghyun and Key singing DBSK’s “Hug”
SHINee Reality Show Ep4
SHINee Reality Show Ep5
SHINee World Album Scans
SHINee promoting hana yori dango Movie
080831 SHINee Love Like Oxygen Live

Replay = Magic Dance + Love like Oxygen Parody
SHINee’s Thank you messages
Lee Hyun Ji ft Onew – Vanilla Love
SHINee pictures from Reality Show Ep 7
SHINee Reality Show Ep6
SHINee – YTN Star Jacket & MV Shooting
SHINee & SuJu H Special Stage
080904 Love like Oxygen & Pajama Party on Mnet
080904 M!Countdown Ranking

SHINee + Supy Fancam

SHINee looking snazzy in black
SHINee – CLRIDE.n Photo Shooting
SHINee – Pop Club Asian Interview
080911 M!Countdown Ranking
SHINee Reality Show Ep7
080911 Hyori feat SHINee on Mnet – Mr Big
SHINee to MC M!Countdown
SHINee Sohu Interview
SHINee Cookie News Interview
SHINee on FM Inki Radio 080917
SM “EverySing” Opening Pictures
080918 SHINee win No.1 on MCountdown
SHINee are fit for success
SHINee Reality Show Ep8
SHINee’s MV Dance Versions + Love like Oxygen Magic Dance
080921 SHINee wins Mutizen
Mnet Dr.Wide – SHINee’s shyness cut
080922 SBS Soloman Onew & JH Cut
080918 GoNewsTV – SHINee Interview
080925 M!Countdown Ranking
SHINee Reality Show Ep9
080926 SHINee on Sukira
080925 Mnet Dr.Wide – SHINee Cut

SHINee fun facts
SHINee Reality Show Ep.10
081002 M!Countdown Ranking
081011 ETN Asia Song Festival – SHINee Cut
SHINee singing Mirotic
Minho at Andre Kim’s Fashion Show
SHINee’s Hidden Camera
Preorder SHINee’s Repackage
SHINee ‘Amigo’ Preview
Minho at Ha Sang Baek’s Fashion Show
081026 SHINee – Amigo
SHINee Reality Show – Behind the Scenes 1-27
081030 SHINee on M!Countdown
SHINee Reality Show Ep11 & 12

SHINee M!Countdown Ranking
081013 ETN E Special – SHINee World
081030 SHINee @ Style Icon Awards
Short & Random SHINee clips
SHINee – Amigo MV
081031 UFO Radio & Mnet Wide News – SHINee
SHINee CLR!DE.n Winter Shoot
Making of Amigo MV
081106 SHINee Mcountdown – Amigo & Beethoven Virus Parody
Onew passed College Entrance Exams!!
Onew & Jonghyun on 1000 Songs Challenge
SHINee – Eco-water Song
shineesubs got suspended !!!!!!!!!
081112 Shinee – AMIGO … IN SUITS
081112 SHINee Eco Water Song
081106 SHINee Uniform Shoot
081114 SHINee on Music Bank
Preorder SHINee Vol. 1 – Amigo (Asian Special Edition)
SHINee Mag & CLR!DE.n Photoshoot
SHINee scans from ELLE & Marie Claire
081123 SHINee Amigo @ Inkigayo
SHINee Smart Uniform CF
SHINee Booluh & Peenkuh Line Photos
081128 SHINee on Shim Shim Tapa & Music Bank

Preorder 2009 SHINee Calendar
More SHINee Smart Uniform pics
Buy a CD for a free handshake with SHINee
Lee Hyunji feat. Onew – Vanilla Love MV
081212 Jonghyun – Y Si Fuera Ella @ Music Bank
SHINee spending Christmas in Taiwan
SHINee 2009 Desk Calendar Scans
081213 Mnet Band of Brothers – SHINee Cut
081214 JongHyun – Y Si Fuera Ella on Inkigayo
SHINee Arirang Monologues
081219 SHINee on Music Bank
Where Taemin isn’t a bad boy but Key still likes to nag
081221 SHINee – Amigo


Once upon a time, I was straight. XD – My #2 musing post

Please let it be an april fool joke …
Another MV for the day. – Goodies bag #4
I am back with goodies – Goodies Bag #5
Let’s put on your Headphones
#1 The Mythic Chronicles – They complete ONE ANOTHER, ricdy

Preorder Shinhwa’s 9th Repackaged
Shinhwa’s New Sexy Photos

Shinhwa’s “Destiny of Love” MV Spot
Shinhwa’s new photos + “Destiny of Love” translations
Shinhwa’s “Destiny of Love” MV
Shin Hyesung – Purple Rain
Manwon Happiness with STEPHANIE is with SUBS now
Preorder Dongwan’s 2nd Album – The Secret Between Us Repackaged & Concert News
Shinhwa’s Soul Mates Concert
Preorder JunJin’s Vol 1. Repackaged
Minwoo’s Bday Fanmeeting

Sexy Dance Machine
Eric’s T-Magazine photos

Shinhwa ‘07 Japan & Shanghai Concert Photobook Scans
Dongwan – Gmarket 2D1N Summer camp
Hyesung 3rd Album MV Teaser
Hyesung 3rd Album MV ~ 2nd Teaser
Eric in UGIZ’s eco campaign Let’s Green+up
Preorder Hyesung’s Vol 3. Side 1 Album
080824 Hyesung’s Comeback at Inki

Hyesung’s Because of You MV
Eric’s Enlistment News
Dongwan Cool Music Magazine Scans
Dongwan + Younha – “Something Stupid” Perf
Preorder Minwoo’s 4th Album – M Rizing
Dongwan’s Solo Concerts
Minwoo (ft Big Tone) ~ Don’t Trust Men MV
080925 Minwoo’s Comeback on MCountdown
Hyesung’s Antismoking – No no no Song
Shinhwa 10th Anniv. Concert DVD clips

The Countdown begins [8 days to go]
Eric’s Enlistment [7 days to go]
Eric’s Enlistment [6 days to go]
Eric’s Enlistment [5 days to go]
Eric’s Enlistment [4 days to go]
JunJin’s Change Episode (feat Dongwan)
Eric’s Enlistment [3 days to go]
[News] Shinhwa Members All Get Together for Eric
Eric’s Enlistment [2 days to go]
Eric’s Enlistment [1 days to go]
And off he goes..Bye Bye for now, Eric
Kko Kko Tour
Shinhwa’s 10th Anniversary Concert DVD
Dongwan’s enlistment…
Eric – BASSOWICUS F/W2008 Collection
Hyesung – Tetris Together

Dongwan’s Promise Album + MV
081117 Dongwan’s Enlistment + “Cant Forget” MV
Happy Bday Wit Guy!
Oh Hyesung! ROFL


SS501 – Find Perf on M.Bank 080808

Hyunjoong Tony Moly CF
Triple S “I’m your Man” Teaser
SS501 ~ Ur Man Special Mini Album
SS501 ~ Ur Man MV

Super Junior

Happy Birthday Sungmin ♥
HongKi on Leetuek’s Love Fighter
What happened during EHB filming breaks with DBSK
EHB Ep.10 subbed + Recap
Random pictures from DBSK’s EHB filming
EHB Ep11 pictures
Behind the scenes of EHB Ep.11
EHB is ending?
New pictures from EHB Ep.12
Behind the scenes of EHB Ep 12
Behind the scenes of EHB Ep 12

Behind the scenes of EHB Ep.13
EHB Ep.12 is subbed!
Suju’s Unbelievable Outing SUBBED!

Long Live Eunhae
Preorder Super Junior 1st Premium Event in Japan

Hangeng’s speaking part in ZLY’s “First Love”

Suju and SHINee’s M!Countdown interaction
Vogue Fashion Pet feat. Yoochun, Donghae, Sungmin & SHINee
Star Golden Bell Ep191 Subbed
Sukira Onew & Jonghyun ~ EunTeuks phone call

SHINee & SuJu H Special Stage
080904 Love like Oxygen & Pajama Party on Mnet

Simple Manhwa (순정만화) trailer

Super Junior 3rd Anniversary Part~!
Super Junior & Ara featured in Repackaged “Mirotic”
Theme song for Hangeng’s new drama [Preview]
Preorder Suju’s ~ Boys in City Season 2-Tokyo Set
Siwon ver. Photo Story
Intimate Note ~ HyukSu cut [Eng]
Super Show in Shanghai
Siwon & Kyuhyun 12 + CF
Super Junior Shanghai Supershow Sohu Interview

Suju Boys in the City Season 2 Pics and Scans
Kangin to be on We Got Married
We Got Married Ep 39 – Kangin/Yoonji Cut

Super Junior M

Chinese “U” MV, sneak peak

SJM’s debut album announced
SuJu-M Intro Clips
Siwon+Donghae, new SJ-M pictures
SJ-M Group photo
SJ-M individual pictures
Preview the song that SJ-M will be covering
Suju-M Sohu interview
Download SJ-M’s new songs
Suju-M calls Suju every night
Sing Along with SJM!
Preorder Super Junior ME
Suju-M CRI interview – edited with full recap

Suju-M “super star” perfomance pictures
“Super star” SJ-M dance battle fancam
Some Henry Love
Zhoumi is *SPECIAL*
SuJu M Performing U
SJ-M performing “The One”
Hangeng was arrested, Shindong takes 17 second showers, and Zhoumi is sad
SJ-M boys pimp UFOTown
SJ-M “Superstar” Youtube+Tudou links
SuJu M “Superstar” Fancam – At least there’s you
SJ-M 越策越开心
Fan Review of ME Album
“ME” Album Pictures
Why SuJu M needs Zhou Mi
More SJ-M album pictures
IMOP’s “ME” Album Review
SuJu M 越策越开心 Part 2

SuJu M to do an interview for Sina
SJ-M on “舞动奇迹[strictly come dancing]”
SuJu M Sina Chat – Pictures + Video Links
SJ-M filming “勇往直前”
SJ-M – making of “U” mv
Fancam – SuJu M Performing A Man in Love

SuJu M Interview in Hong Kong
SJ-M visit Sukira
SJ-M at a charity event
What SJ first thought of Henry…
SuJu M and their talents
SuJu M playing Limbo

SJ-M – UFO Town NGs
Some SJ-M “勇往直前” pics
SJ-M “At least there’s you” performance at ChangChun Film Festival
SJ-M boys strut their stuff on the red carpet
Me Asia Deluxe Edition
SJ-M Semir promo pictures
SJM has a new MV coming out? – edited
The story of Ryeowook’s present
COOL Magazine feat. SuJu M

SuJu M on Star Face to Face
080829 SJ-M Golden Eagle Festival with Zhang li yin
Zhou Mi 101

Hankyung/ZM/Henry Promoting SM Global Auditions
Bravely Going Forward – Siwon and Henry on Boat
SuJu M on Bravely Going Forward (Outdoor)
SJ-M’s “Me” MV Screencaps
Suju M – Me MV
SJ-M @ QingDao Beer Festival
080920 Music Assembly Henry Violin Solo
Suju M & Fino in Thailand

Suju M on ifensi Chat

081025 SJ-M ‘ME’ Performance – Anji China Beautiful Annual Cultural Festival
Stage of Youth – Hangeng filming pics
081103 SJ-M @ 2008 Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards
Super Junior M Show
More Info on Super Junior M Show in HK
Tickets on Sale for SJM Show in HK

‘Stage of Youth’ Preview
Entry Condition for SJM’s Signing Event in HK
081215 SJ-M @ Star Grand Ceremony
Super Junior M Fansigning @ Landmark North – 26/12
Super Junior M Show in HK 28/12 – Part 1
Super Junior M Show in HK 28/12 – Part 2
Super Junior M Show in HK 28/12 – Part 3


Wondergirls & 2am for TB Jeans

Wondergirls Nobody MV Teaser
Wonder Girls ~ Nobody MV
080926 Wonder Girls Comeback on Music Bank



My Obsession

Happy Belated Birthday, Go YounHa ^^

YounHa made a short appearance
Umbrella MV by Epik High feat YounHa

080831 Younha’s Comeback on Inki

Dongwan + Younha – “Something Stupid” Perf
I just LOVE her so much

Gossip Boy MV & Performance

YounHa – A versatile singer

All I want for Christmas is … that mic
Younha singing ‘The Moon represents my Heart’

Zhang Li Yin

Zhang Li Yin – “I will” mp3 download
“I will” 2nd version.
“I will” preview no.3
ZLY’s full MV [EDITED]
DBSK & SuJu Commenting on ZLY’s 1st Album
“I Will” press conference – Hangeng fancam

Hangeng’s speaking part in ZLY’s “First Love”
Zhang Li Yin dancing to “One more try”
Hangeng+ZLY Sohu interview
I need medicine and most probably, ZLY’s newest album
ZLY’s Korean Version of I Will mp3
Just a quick update … before my medicine knocks me out
Album Details Of I WILL
Li Yin ~~~ ah….
Making of ZLY’s “I Will” MV
Magazine Appearance and More Album details
Getting Personal with Li Yin

I need to do some major updating. T.T
I had been waiting for this for AGES

A violin donated for a good cause

080829 SJ-M Golden Eagle Festival with Zhang li yin

ZLY to begin promotion for “Believe in Love”

That girl dances?

A very cool interview of Zhang Li Yin (subbed)
Zhang Li Yin spotted in colour


Mod Post
Really Cool Sushi Cookies

★Happy Chinese New Year★

Let’s mooorrrrrph
C-pop collab. post – part 1

Little boy dancing to “Tell Me” and “Girls Generation”

When Bad Hair Happens To Good People – Part One
Original version of “You’re Like Oxygen”
Mnet 20s Choice Rant

How to recognise voices

Guess Who? #2

Categorising our Categories

Robots dancing to ‘Nobody’

Multiple Artists

Cool Magazine Spread and Something about ….
Weekly Happenings of My Girls

My girls mean LOVE <3

Dream Concert Red Carpet Pics

SMTown Concert
SM Town Concert Tracklist
We Got Married Ep 19 – AnBi cuts
Top five good looking members among the kpop groups
Chinese SM Concert Promo

SM Town Concert 08
Mnet 20s Choice Rant

Lee Bul – 영원 (Forever) MV Teaser
080907 500th Inkigayo Special Stages
080825 Come2Play ~ Old Idols Special Subbed
SMTown Concert in Shanghai
080915 New Generation Star Trot Battle
Arirang – Top 7 Lovable Magnae of Kpop Groups

Asia Song Festival 2008
One More Time, Ok? ????
081023 Mnet MCountdown
081025 Music Core

We Got Married Ep31
081108 Music Core
081109 Love Share Concert
We Got Married Ep32
081115 Music Core
2008 Mnet KM Music Festival Part 1
It is all win for SM this year. ^^
2008 Mnet KM Music Festival Part 2
Mega TV Super Concert
081122 Music Core
081130 Mnet M Super Concert

081205 Music Bank
2008 Golden Disk Awards
081213 One Love Concert
Boys Over Flowers Teaser Trailer
081220 Music Core Christmas Special
081226 Music Bank
081227 Music Core Special
SBS Music Festival

Other Artists

2am & 2pm.
JYP’s Trainees introduction
Wondergirls & 2am for TB Jeans
2PM & F.T Island Idol World Recap

Brown Eyed Girls.
Brown Eyed Girls – My Style MV

Epik High.
Umbrella MV by Epik High feat YounHa
Epik High singing So Hot

Hyori – Hey Mr. BIG MV
080911 Hyori feat SHINee on Mnet – Mr Big

…where candychu likes to trick people ;)
I.O – Improve Oneself 1st Mini Album

Jin Bora.
For ervxiah ^^ – one of my random musings

The loss of a future good girl band
My Most Anticipated Group of Midhalf 08 year


Leehom’s new song – “Heartbeat”
“Heartbeat” MV
LEEHOMISM – Countdown to Heartbeat ♥ 14
LEEHOMISM – Countdown to Heartbeat ♥ 13
LEEHOMISM – Countdown to Heartbeat ♥ 12
LEEHOMISM – Countdown to Heartbeat ♥ 11
LEEHOMISM – Countdown to Heartbeat ♥ 10
LEEHOMISM – Countdown to Heartbeat ♥ 9
LEEHOMISM – Countdown to Heartbeat ♥ 8
LEEHOMISM – Countdown to Heartbeat ♥ 7
LEEHOMISM – Countdown to Heartbeat ♥ 6
LEEHOMISM – Countdown to Heartbeat ♥ 5
LEEHOMISM – Countdown to Heartbeat ♥ 4
LEEHOMISM – Countdown to Heartbeat ♥ 3
LEEHOMISM – Countdown to Heartbeat ♥ 2
LEEHOMISM – Countdown to Heartbeat ♥ 1
Leehom – Heart Beat Album Review

Lee Hyunji.
Lee Hyunji feat. Onew – Vanilla Love MV

SM’s new female artist

SNSD’s Sunny – Finally Now MV

Top Combine.
PAS’ New Love – Top Combine Part 1
TOP Combine … A mere review and most
Top Combine Part 2

U-Kiss – As Long As You Love Me + Not Young MVs

“Xing” pimp post

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