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100728 SHINee @ Sukira

Lucifer – I listened to the whole file (dl’d off SFI and then ripped the audio T_T) before watching the clips off youtube and I didn’t even know they were singing it live HEHE. FLAWLESS ♥!!

Replay – Loool look at them sing/half-dance to Replay with those big guns of theirs HAHA.

Quasimodo – This is how I survive on new SHINee songs until I get my album! Everyone has been going on and on about Quasimodo, so I’m so glad they performed it *_*. I saved this til last because I figured it’d be my favourite performance hehe and I was right. This song is definitely tmth for my heart. HOW BEAUTIFUL IS IT? It’s so sad, I need to go read up on lyrics after this. And everyone’s adlibs at the end omg. SOBBING :(((((.

Electric Heart – The intro reminded me of a song but … I can’t think of it right now. This is a very sexual song HAHA or is it just me? I like the way Onew sings “Electric Heart~” /dead. And then the way Key looked while singing was too much to handle!! Taemin’s voice sounds really pretty here though :).

Jonghyun: Live 1, Live 2 – I am not kidding when I tell you to turn your volume down for the first clip. Jonghyun sings two lines of Obsession and it will burst your eardrums, when he hits those high notes.

Taemin Live – Omg, I am so proud of Taemin!! Haha, his little solo didn’t end up as embarrassing as it did the last time he asked to sing. He’s more confident now, I think (even though he said he was nervous at the start?). And omg his engrish sounds just like Junsu’s !!

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100724 Super Junior @ Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook

Lol Wednesday might be my unofficial catch up on fandom day.

Yesung : It Has To Be You – I LOVE THIS SONG :'((((((. Live pretty much sounds like the studio version keke. Lol @ the fangirls at the end.

Ryeowook : One Fine Spring Day – First time hearing the song because I still haven’t bought the album hehe >_> <_<. The song is so … pleasant? Lol I'm not sure how else to describe it. Ah, Ryeowook has such a clear voice *_*. He should sing me to sleep one day.

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100713 Kyuhyun Cut @ Strong Heart

Shin HyeSung – Ex Mind MV

100711 C.N Blue @ Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate Subbed

100718 Jiyeon & Soyeon “What Should We Finish” @ KJE’S Chocolate

KARA – Mister MV (Jap Ver.)

100727 ETN – SHINee ‘Lucifer’ MV Behind Cut

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SHINee – Up & Down & Lucifer Comeback Performances

Ah, sorry this took so long. Uni started this week for me and I just got a chance to watch their Inki performance last night.

100723 Music Bank – Minho got a heck of a lot of screentime considering he’s just rapping on a chair lmao. But it was definitely a great performance. I read the rehearsal perf was better than the broadcasted one though. And Jonghyun and Onew did seem to be dying near the end but this is seriously a really hard song to sing D; However~ I listened to the MR ver. of this and MuCore’s performance and they were singing throughout the whole song and weren’t off key or anything :D/. So proud of them~

100724 Music Core – MINHO HAS LIKE, A THRONE. Sort of. I think MuCore was my favourite performance. Yes, even better than Inki. But I might have to rewatch again to decide. The choreo was best shown in this performance. Inki, had too many low angles. I like Jonghyun’s back :Q_____.

100725 Inkigayo Comeback – Nggggggh, Onew with eyeliner *_*. After watching their Comeback perfs, I’m wondering when we’ll see all 5 perform this song :(. It looks incomplete, to be honest.

I’ll be sad we won’t see “Up & Down” anymore. I loved Onew’s opening lines *_*. They made my ears very happy.

100727 Traffic Safety Song – I LOVE INKI CAMPAIGN SONGS. Jonghyun as a cop is A+, too.

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SHINee – Lucifer MV

{credit: sment @ youtube}

I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO SAY *___________*. I’m just really really impressed and I think their lives will blow me away. This song is so hard to sing and their choreography is pretty damn intense this time round. Usually I say choreography is amazing and I love it…but this time, amazing would be the ultimate understatement. There are SO many parts I’m in love with, I just, alskjfd cannot form coherent sentences right now. And how good does everyone look? I would not want to run into Key on the streets at night but aklsjdf everyone looks great. Taemin. TAEMIN!!!!!!! He’s just so gorgeous, beautiful, stunning, amazing, flawless, I’m just shaking in my seat watching him have eye sex with the camera :(.

I know I seem pretty calm (this is calm, right?) but that’s only because I’ve spent an hour watching and screencapping the MV and I’m already really exhausted ~_~. Yah, I have no life BUT OH WELL :D ♥!!

Lots more screencaps HERE.

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