Posted by: pinkandsparkly | October 5, 2008

DBSK Family Outing Preview

Video: joongiefiedportia33 @ Youtube

Ooooo, this looks fun :D!

I think they’re gonna pretend to be fishermen and go fishing? IDK XDDDD. Family Outing is actually when they go to different country side and rural places to take over and do the chores and work for the residents. Looks like they’ve landed themselves in a fishing place XDD And rofl, those MCs are so much fail at the Mirotic choreography XDD.

I hope some nice person/people will sub this soon *____*


  1. otjweiotjwrio;ghiowrhgikartn;w;oiegj


    I even have – DBSK’s Family outing ….-October 11th+18th on my calendar!!!

    I love the show!!!

    Its so much lols!

    The MCs are just …..hilarious!

  2. DBSJ will be subbing this ^_^
    You’ll be able to find it at
    While you’re there, you can watch the other episodes that have been subbed. It’s a really funny show. I especially like dumb and dumber couple and chunderella ^__________^

  3. ooo that looks interesting.
    Lol was that Hyori who kissed the fish @_@
    Haha the MC’s are hilarious!

  4. Yiyiismeq:
    Lol, I actually had no idea when it was going to be aired XDDDD

    Thanks for the link!!

    I’ve never watched Family Outing, actually XD

    Haha, yup, I think it was Hyori who kissed the fish XD

  5. I am interested…but I feel good reading it from here instead of on other websites
    too much drama

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